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Posted on May 7th, by Amy in Blog Info. 24 comments

Do you get overwhelmed with the number of posts in your reader?  I sure do!  You all write a lot!  I learned from my friend Amy a great tip, and I thought I would share with you :)

From google reader you can add a little bookmark, when clicked it takes you to your next unread post in your reader!  I love this because, I often avoid my reader and the 1000+ posts that ALWAYS seem to be waiting for me there – it’s just too much to keep up with!  You need to have your bookmark bar visible, if you don’t check your bookmark settings.  I use google chrome, firefox is also a great browser.

 In your reader, go to settings, which is in the top right corner.
 Click on the little arrow, to drop the menu.
 Click “Reader Settings”
 Click “goodies”
 Scroll down to this section of the screen, and  click and drag the “Next >” to your bookmark bar.
You can also add a “Subscribe” button to your bookmark bar, to quickly add any feed to your list :)

I love this – I love to read on the blogs instead of in the reader anyway – it’s easier to leave comments, and take in the ambiance!

What do you think?  Are you going to give it a try?

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24 thoughts on “Google Reader Tip!

  1. why yes! yes i am! I have some tag/folder specific buttons so I can just go through my daily reads or friends blogs if I want. love it! especially good when nursing and only have one hand!!

  2. I really want to do this — and did try, but whenever I drag the "next" to the bookmark bar, it connects it to Flickr. Every time I hit next I go to a photo on Flickr. I think I need the remedial course….

  3. I LOVE the next button – it's how I read all the blogs now…while reading my coffee in the morning – and it's always fun to see what pops up next!

  4. Yes!! Thanks for the tip. Your blog is set to only show part of the blog in the reader. When I got behind in reading, I must confess that I would skip blogs that I had to go to the actual blog to read. This will let me read the entire post!

  5. I do this too! I love being able to see the actual blog. I only wish it would start from the oldest unread post rather than the newest…

  6. I love the NEXT button. It's so much nicer to view posts at their actual blog than in the plain-looking reader!

  7. Hmmm, I guess I don't follow enough blogs to use google reader. I just have my "blogs you follow" on my blogger dashboard. A thousand Amy? That's in sane! I feel overwhelmed when I haven't read 7 or 8 :D

  8. i use feedly, a free site that you register your google reader account with – and which is a way of using google reader that just formats and puts in categories so much better, and allows you too bookmark, email, do so much so much more easily than reader's interface! so all of the goodness, none of the pressure:)

    The quilting category i setup is my fave;)

  9. What a great idea. While I love Google Reader, it is so nice to actually read the blogs instead of what is in the Reader.

  10. Hm – well, I use Reader, but have all my blogs grouped in folders. For all the blogs I comment on regularly, they're in the "reply" folder, so I can quick read just those if I'm in a hurry. Um, I have over 400 blogs in my reader… I an addict?

  11. Thanks for the tip! I've been trying out the next post button this morning and it's really handy.

  12. This is AWESOME!! And anytime you have a free minute or you're relaxing in front of the tv, you can just keep clicking next and keep being inspired!

  13. Thanks for the tip! I love my reader, but I love reading the blogs on the blog itself, too. You miss so much without it.

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