Madison Bag & a Big Birthday

Posted on May 13th, by Amy in Celebrations, sewing. 16 comments

It’s been such a full week!  Thanks so much for your response to my first pattern, and the Blogger’s Quilt Festival! In the mean time, I finished my Madison Bag for myself – and almost forgot to show you.

I love the finished product!  Getting there, was a little sketchy, but the size and shape are so right.

The construction methods were a little frustrating.  This is how I had to maneuver the machine to be able to attach the handles….I plan to try another pattern and see how more recent instructions finish the bag.  I wouldn’t suggest this pattern for a first time bag maker, but it’s so cute.  Don’t you think!?

Today is Ella’s birthday – she’s 10. 10!  My first baby, now 10!  She’s been counting down for the last three months, not one second letting us forget that she is SO excited to move into double digits.  Lasagna and cheesecake are on the menu tonight – I bought the cheesecake, but the lasagna will be homemade.  

What are you up to today?

PS – my manuscript arrived yesterday, time to edit :)
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16 thoughts on “Madison Bag & a Big Birthday

  1. today I will be shopping for food for the Graduation Party Saturday… my last child will graduate from HS on Sunday… YIKES! I will be an empty nester and look forward to maybe traveling with hubby this summer…(not exciting stuff, he travels for work)

  2. Nice fabric selection of the bag Amy, I love how the flap looks fussy cut. I've been looking at Janomes but wish they had open arms…

  3. Pretty bag! My Juki doesn't have an open arm, I do all this kind of sewing inside out, meaning I turn the bag inside out and all the extra fabric is up in the air parallel to the head of the sewing machine. If this makes no sense to you, I'll take a picture sometime!

  4. Happy Birthday Ella!
    I'm on the cusp of having a double digit girl myself! today is also my hubby's bday! May is quite the month for birthdays in our family!

    Enjoy the Lasagna!

  5. Happy Birthday to Ella! My oldest son will be 10 next month…where did the time go?! Enjoy the day and have fun editing :o).

  6. My Janome does have an open arm – this was super tight, thus the over the edge of the table :)

  7. Bag looks great, and now your daughter is 10, she'll be a teenager in a blink of an eye and suddenly my eldest is 15 1/2 16 at Christmas! treasure the moments with her.

  8. Great bag, and I have machine envy! Best princess wishes to Ella on turning 10! My oldest just turned 45 in April, and it seems like only yesterday that he was born and I was 18. When did we get so old?

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