I’ve felt a little absent this week…seems I have needed a little time off the computer.  Big surprise there!  I guess I feel a bit of a let down after the big push for the Festival – I’m glad every week isn’t like that, but it is fun when it comes around :)

Did you add your quilt from the Festival to the flickr pool?  It’s nice to see them all in one spot, but I’m still planning to get around and read all of your stories that go with them.  I made a mosaic of just a few of the submissions to the Festival last week.

1. Flower Power, 2. 100_3808_edited, 3. my sister’s quilt, 4. Scrappy Log Cabin, 5. Zen Mini Quilt, 6. It’s done! Community Gardens, 7. the storyteller, 8. Alex’s quilt, 9. Turtle quilt, 10. Wheels Quilt Front, 11. Roots, 12. Fortune Cookie Quilt, 13. 9x9x9, 14. Old Friends are the Best, 15. “Hope Grows” quilt @ lovely bud, 16. Bloggers Quilt Festival – Pixelated Colourwheel, 17. lantern festival w beanie, 18. whimsical garden, 19. Close up of Matryoshka Quilt, 20. “Sea Glass” — front, 21. Shoofly, 22. Star Bright Top, 23. Dude, Where’s My Quilt, 24. Out of Line quilt front

Created with fd’s Flickr Toys

It’s amazing to see them all together like that!  If you are on flickr and didn’t add your quilt yet, you still can – I just added mine yesterday.

**Also!  I will be selecting new winners for the people I haven’t heard from yet – you snooze you loose!  Our sponsors are anxious to ship their wares, and I need to get things all wrapped up.  Sorry!  Look for a post later today with that exciting info.

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