AccuQuilt – Go! Cutter Giveaway!

Posted on June 7th, by Amy in give away. 1,326 comments

Hi Friends!  I’m still working to wrap up details from the Festival, but I’m so excited to give one of these cutters away – I couldn’t wait anymore!  

You have seen mine in action, how do you think it would work in your sewing room?  Pretty sure some of my future designs will purposefully include the sizes and shapes of dies that I have on hand. :)

Here’s what you could win - 
To win - 
***Must do - 
- Visit AccuQuilt look through all the dies and come back to tell me your three favorite, and why you would love a Go! Cutter!
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Please leave a comment for each entry, all entries must be made in the form of a comment, not an email – Thank you!  Please be sure to include your email address if it is not available in your blogger profile.
Best of luck to all of you!  I will select a winner on Monday, June 14th.

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1,326 thoughts on “AccuQuilt – Go! Cutter Giveaway!

  1. The dies I would choose would be the rag quilt die, the 5 inch square, and the 2.5" strip. There are so many fun ones it would be hard to narrow it down to three :) Plus, all the news coming out soon too.

  2. I would get the strip die cut, and the 12" finished block set, and the Go die set Vol. 2. It's got a lot of what I use.

  3. hey amy such a good give away!!!! my fav 3 was so hard to pin down so rather than choose helpful ones i choose fun ones !!!! so here goes!!! sunbonnet sue jumbo… applique collection – spring jumbo… Xmas ornament #4 as for why i would love this nifty tool in my sewing room… well it would save time and fear of little ones wandering hands plus the hours of fun had using it and choosing new cutters!!! :))))

  4. this is not a entry but i put a link on two of my crafting…. & quilting class/shop friends on facebook too xx

  5. What fun that looks like! There are many I like so I've tried to narrow it down. The strips, rectangle and squares, and geometric wavy border!!! The accuracy would be awesome and I wouldn't be slicing my fingers using the rotary cutter!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  6. I love the geometric dies – but would say my top three would be GO! Blazing Star, GO! Circle and GO! Parallelogram.

  7. Oh man just three dies would be hard! I think the Fall dies could really help with the Oak Reel quilt my husband likes. The tumbler die is awesome (I can't wait to see your quilt!) and the 2 1/2 strip cutter. Hello making my own jelly rolls!

  8. My Favorite dies are the 3.5" Go Strip Cutter, the 6.5" Tumbler and the 3.5" Square. I would love a Go Cutter as it would make an excellent addition to my craft room, Making it possible to create awesome quilts in little time, which fits great in my busy lifestyle, I love to quilt but often don't get alot accomplished because it takes so long to cut!!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these awesome machines!!

  9. I love the idea of being able to design your own dies and have them custom made. The animals like the bear are totally cute, but if I had to buy dies, I probably would buy something I could use over and over again, like the diamonds, hexies, circles and ovals. I also like the idea of easy strip cutting and just love the border designs.. I have 3 in there now don't I? Lol! Thanks for organising this giveaway!

  10. I am a fan on facebook (I think.. I don't see a become a fan button so that must mean I have done it.. so totally don't understand facebook…)

  11. Oh wow – well, first of all I love the strip dies…those would be great for bindings and I also love the drunkard's path and the tumblers – so fun! It would save so much time too!

  12. I'd choose the drunkard's path, apple core, and circle dies. And why wouldn't I love one! I admit to being not the most accurate when it comes to cutting – this could help me a bunch.

  13. I think I'd go for the diamonds and hexagons as these are the trickiest to manage by hand.
    Thanks for the chance.
    Andi :-)

  14. Oh, so many cool dies! I love the ricrac and primitive stars! And the strip cutter would be brilliant to have. I just recently learned about the accu cutter and think it's a fabulous tool. How fun it would be to win one!

  15. I am a fan of Accuquilt on facebook….once again, if you would give my entry to Brooke of disconnected stitches.

  16. Are you kidding? Of course one of these would be great. No more sore wrists from cutting, no slipping rulers. Fast & accurate. Cutting is my least favourite part of quilting – I just want to sew! :) I would love the 2.5" stripper, the wedding quilt cutter & the 8" block. But how could I stop there? If I won, I would have to buy a heck of a lot more – ooooh bank balance will suffer!

  17. 3 favorite dies – 2.5 inch strip cutter, apple core, rag quilt square. It's hard to stick with 3! I want them all.

  18. My list of dies change so don't cross check Barb's giveaway. 2 1/2 inch strip, tumbler and the basket one.

  19. Following your blog. Forgot to mention why I want a GO! so I can teach my boys to quilt without worrying about them cutting their fingers.

  20. This is awesome. What a time saver for unique cuts…and accurate too…I want it! My favorite 3 are definitely the drunkard's path, circle and tumbler.

  21. I would love to win this because I work full time and this would save me much time. I would love the circles, tumblers and diamonds. Thank you for the chance

  22. Wow, you get to give away the most fantastic prizes.!

    The 3 dies I would choose would be the 12 inch set, the 2.5 inch strip and the circle set. However it would be hard not to purchase more later.

    I'm starting to go through so many rotary cutter blades and need a new mat, so the Acuquilt cutter would be so useful to me.

  23. Wow, I have never even heard of a die cutter for quilting – what a fantastic idea!

    I like the drunkards path die – I think you can do a lot with them.

    I like the circles applique die, and

    I like the 2 1/2" strip die.

    Actually, I like a whole lot more than those three ;-)

    claire (at) matchingpegs (dot) com

  24. I would love the hexagons die, the 2.5" strip cutter and am quite taken with the Fall Medley die. I think I would have to share my Go! Cutter if I won. I've started a small craft group in my village and we have three quilters (and a lot of other things going on). It would be cool to have cutting bees!
    Thanks for the chances to win.

  25. I think I would definitely use the strip cutters and the Rose of Sharon. I get excited just thinking about it!

  26. I blogged about the giveaway. Tried using the button thing but it didn't work so I just blogged with a link to you.

  27. Will do a blog post after I send this. The 3 dies I'd want are: the 5-inch square cutter, the 2 1/2 inch strip cutter and mat, and the tumbler die. I am a follower here AND on your Facebook page….and I also am a Fan of AccuQuilt's Facebook page. I have signed up for AccuQuilt's newsletter last week from their page. Okay…let me go add your giveaway to my blog and then I should have completed all the ways you gave to enter!!! Thanks!!!

  28. Did I have to make separate comments here for every item I "fulfilled" on your list of how to enter? I mentioned them all in my one comment above…if I need to do separate ones, please let me know and I'll come back and do that….thanks!

  29. AWESOME.
    I checked out the dies and while I love all the fun shapes like the apple cores and tumblers, I think the basics are the best: the strip sets and squares. I would love to have a GO cutter because I love to sew but hate to cut!! I often stall at the cutting stage because I get bored and frustrated. The GO would get me through that stage faster for a lot of projects!
    Thanks for the chance at the giveaway.

  30. The 3 dies I could not live without are the 2.5" strip, the 5" square and the Funky Flowers. There are so many more that I would want! Cutting out fabric really is a chore for me.

  31. I spend hours cutting for my quilts, this would be such a timesaver and would be so accurate. I really liked the Round Flower, 2 1/2" strip and the 4" half square triangle dies.

  32. The 3 dies that I'd want are the 2.5" strip, the 5" square, and the feathers. So much you could do with all of those! You have no idea how much I drool over one of these!!!

  33. I have posted about this great giveaway with your link even though I don't want to give anyone else a heads up!

  34. My 3 favorites would definitely be the ones I'd find most difficult to cut myself – I didn't find clamshell so I'd say apple core, double wedding ring, and tumbler (for those awesome corners!).

  35. I visited your Facebook page and wrote a comment, although I'm not sure if I signed up to be a fan properly!

  36. I think I'd choose the drunkard's path, apple core and one of the strip dies. Or maybe one of the applique dies. It would be hard to choose.

  37. Enter me please. What a FANTASTIC give away !! I like the strips, squares and rectangles.. can you tell I am a traditional quilter.

  38. Accu Quilt would speed up the prep for my favorite quilts of the moment. Hexagons,Tumbler and 2.5' Stripsare my 3 favorites.

    Thanks for hosting the give away.

  39. Okay…was tired after not getting much sleep and didn't see that I need to comment separately. So…I already commented on the dies….THIS comment is to tell you I follow your blog.

  40. I posted your giveaway on my blog and put it on the sidebar so it will be easily visible while the giveaway is running.

  41. I like the apple core, circles, and all of the 1/2 triangles. I think that this would help me cut accurately for quilts.

  42. I struggle with accurate cutting, so this would be amazing to have! I love the tumbler, the circle, and the 5" square.

  43. I think I would love the strip dies, triangle dies and diamonds and haxagons. I know that is more than 3 but it is really hard to choose.

  44. That think is the coolest thing ever. I would love love love it because no matter how hard I try I can never cut my blocks right. I would want the 12in finished block set, the critter and flower set.

  45. Very cool giveaway! I love the geometric dies. The half-square triangle, circles, and hexagons are my favorite. I'm not very good at cutting (lack of patience?), so I know this would add some accuracy to my projects.

  46. What a great giveaway!! I have been drooling over these for a while now and would love to have one of my very own to love and pet and …. ahem…now then

    my 3 favorite dies are the 2 1/2" strips, the drunkards path, and the apple core.

  47. I would love the Drunkard's Path (I love the look, but cutting those curves…yuck!), the Critters (fun, fun, fun for baby quitls) and the Arabesque #2 (so classy!) cutters. Why do I want a Go cutter? Well, who wouldn't? It will save time, cut down on scraps and make my mom oh-so-jealous besides! Thanks for a chance to win!

  48. SO fun! I love the "arabesque #3", the "Rose of Sharon" and the "finished block set" dies…I would love to win one of these because (among other reasons) I cannot cut a straight line to save my life :P

  49. I have used Accut products for years…..I am a teacher and we have accut at school, for paper. It would be so nice to have accut to cut fabric. The basic squares, triangles, and circles would be awesome but the apple core would be fun!!

  50. I would have to start with the basics = the 2.5 strip cutter template, the qtr sq 4" finished triangle, the half sq 3" finished triange.
    Wow – I can see getting a lot more templates!

  51. I would love to win this AccuQuilt because cutting is my least favorite part of quilting and sewing! This would make the process so much more fun. I think strips are probably easy enough, but it would be nice to have a die cut for the ovals and circles, the squares and triangles, and the diamonds and hexagons. Thanks for the chances!

  52. I would love to win one of these and my favourite dies are
    Circle 3"
    Round Flower as I love applique and this would make things sooooo much easier.

  53. Wow…what a generous give away! I love the dies to cut 2.5" strips and the Geometric dies. It will be so much fun to be able to cut those 2.5" strips in no time at all…more time to make more quilts. Just imagine how fast I can make a scrap string quilt then.
    Thank you so much for entering.

  54. Amy, I am now also a follower of your blog…your quilts are beautiful! Thanks for a second chance to win.
    Have a great day.

  55. The 2.5" strips, 12" finished die set. and the the tumbler, because I adore my tumblers! I want an Accu-go because I'm a klutz and have cut my fingers a few times, and the fabric wrong many times.

  56. The dies I would love to have are the 5 in square, the 2.5 in strip and the drunkards path. The 2.5in strip would be great for quick work on the quilt binding and it seems like a lot of quilts use or start out with 5 in squares and the drunkards path looks great to help me make wheels on the cars quilt block I am trying to design without having to use applique.

  57. What a great giveaway!

    I'd probably pick the 2 1/2" stripper, the 5" square and the 2",3",5" circles, because those are what I'd use the most. As to why I would want one – I'm really not that good with the rotary cutter so it'd save me time and re-cutting.

  58. Wow! What a great opportunity! I'd love the 2 1/2" strip cutter, the circle, and the feathers! Thanks so much for a chance!

  59. Too many favorites to pick! SOME favs: tumbler, drunkards path, holiday and round flowers for applique…

  60. Wow! How fun is this! I love the dies that are offered and these would make a great starter pack – Strips, Circle, and 1/2 square triangles.

  61. My three favorite dies are the strip cutter, tumbler block, and alphabet. I would love to have this cutter because I have so many baby quilts to make my head is spinning (the trouble/the love of with being from an Irish family)and a shortcut would be great!!

    ♥ Pick me Mr. Random Number Picker!!♥

  62. Thanks for such a great giveaway! I really hope I win this one! I would pick the 2.5" strip die, the 3.5" square and the 6.5" tumbler. But that's if I would only get to pick 3. There's so much more that looks so useful.

  63. Personnaly this product is not for me. It is actually for my wife. She has been doing more and more quilts for friends and family and I would like to get her something that she could use that would help her. She goes for very traditional patterns some I'd swear look like my grandmothers. I like the Quilters basic set plus dies, the Top selling Die Set and the ribbon twist. I know she would get a lot of use out of the tool


  64. I would love to win this as it would save so much time and my wrists from all of the cutting. It's tough to choose just three, but guess it would have to be Drunkard's Path, Apple Core and Weddung Ring.

  65. I L-O-V-E the hexagon dies, the 3 1/2" squares, and the circles! I am an engineering graduate student and am often limited on time…but a GO! cutter would let me do so much more quilting :)

  66. I would love a Go! Cutter! because I am really bad at cutting fabrics. My three favorite dies are Go! Applique, Go! Strip cutters, for sure, and Go! geometric.


  67. wow there is so many different dies!I love the Feathers, the 1.5 inch strip and 2.5inch strip. Thanks for a great chance to win and an amazing blog!

  68. I would like the 2 1/2 inch strips, the 5 inch square and the holiday, because it looks so fun. It's hard to pick when there are so many, but these basics would be a good start.

  69. My 3 favorites would be the 3 1/2 inch strip cutter the 6 1/2 square and the 3 inch finished triangle.

  70. I'd definitely go for the 2" and 2.5" strip cutters, and probably one of the squares…maybe 5", maybe 3.5" – who knows? If I do 5" then I'd have a lot less time cutting squares for HST blocks and baby quilts…I love scrappy, chunky baby quilts! And the strips…binding would be so much easier to make!

  71. I think the cutter is ingenious, and I would use lots of the dies….top 3? Rag block cutters (either size); Tumblers; and Hexagons. If a strip cutter came along for the ride, I'd be happy, but the irregular shapes are the ones that are hardest to cut by hand without a lot of waste.

  72. Anyone would be lucky to win a GO cutter. I have just heard about this and it is the neatest thing. ANd would make anyones sewing a bit easier. I am a follower and FB fan of Accuquilt and now a follower and FB fan of Amyscreativeside. As for the dies I like the Diamonds 4"x4", Dunkards Path, and Rag Square 5 1/4". I would get the most use out of these die sets. Hopefully I can win the luck of the draw. Good Luck to everyone.

  73. I have been eyeing one of these babies for such a long time. I think it would be such a time-saver! Plus, I would really like to do more interesting designs with special cutting, which I shy away from right now. Anyway, I like these dies: Strip Cutter-2 1/2", Tumbler-6 1/2", Half Square-4" Finished Triangle

  74. I'm very curious about this go cutter!
    I would like the strip cutter die because I think that would be an excellent tool to get my strips perfect. The applique and squared triangles dies look very good too!

  75. I would love to have a Go to use in cutting up all my scraps into useable pieces. So I think the 2.5 in strips, the 5 inch square, and the apple core dies would work to start. :-) There are many more I'd want to add too! I've always wanted to make an apple core quilt but the cutting is what kept me from it. Thanks for the chance!

  76. my favorite dies would be the newest ones, the flowers or swirls…then again i like them all, rag die as well

  77. AccuQuilt Go! you are welcome to my home anytime. I would like the Go! Circle, the Go! Rag Square (5.25), and the Go! Fall Medley.

  78. I would make lots of use of the strip cutting die. It would be great to never find that bend in a cut strip again! I use strips as the basis of many of my quilts.
    The next two I would choose are the Hearts and the Drunkard's Path. This wonderful tool would be great to use when introducing children to quilting!

  79. Anyone would love to win the Accuquilt Go Cutter ! ! I love the diamonds, 4×4, Dunkards Path and Rag Square 5 1/4. The Accuquilt Go cutter would make cutting sew much easier for me. Good luck to everyone.

  80. I love the applique, strip and geometric cutters. I would love a Go! Cutter – with speedy cutting I can make a lot more quilts.

  81. Favorite dies would have to be – Applecore, Drunkards Path, and Triangle in a Square. I love the old-fashioned patterns, My all time favorite is the 54-40 (Triangle in a Sq). Having Go would make cutting the curved pieces a breeze, and save on the headaches.

  82. My favorite dies are the Diamonds, the Circles and the Hexagons….I'd love to have this cutter because sometimes I don't get started on a quilt I'd like to make because I dread the cutting part. Hopefully this would help with that! :)

  83. Oh, look how many of us would dearly win this wonderful, wonderful GO!
    I love the 5 1/4 inch rag, tumbler, and drunkards path. How great to own these dies. That is of course after I win the AccuQuilt GO!

  84. Sunbonnet Sue is a classic! More practically: The circles and parallelograms! I'd love to be able to cut out perfect circles.

  85. Thanks for the giveaway–saw it on Audrey's blog! I think my choices of dies would be the fall ones (I love the leaves, especially), and the parallelograms and diamond-shaped dies. I've not done anything with those because I'm leery of the bias edges and getting them out of shape.

  86. My favorite is the double wedding ring die set! I have wanted to make one but havent had the time to invest! Thanks for the chance – tracyleemann @ gmail

  87. As a new quilter, this would be so great in aiding my cutting. I love the strip cutters. I generally get all hung up on cutting the long pieces!

  88. I like the 2 1/2" Strip, the 8 1/2" Rag Square and the 4" Finished half-square Triangles. The reason I would like to win one is because I have Spinal Stenosis, causing me chronic pain over most of my body, and I can only cut or sew for a few minutes at a time. This would give me more time with sewing by 'cutting down' my cutting time. Thanks for the chance to win! 8-)

  89. i love the animal dies, the flower dies, and the basic triangle dies (I hate having to cut triangles and HOPE they're correct!)
    Here's hoping!!!

  90. I would say my favorites are Rose of Sharon, Bountiful Baskets, Circles, and because I couldn't just choose 3, tumbler. I want to get back into applique and I think the Go Cutter could really help with that.

  91. What a great giveaway! My three favorite dies are the square, circle, and the critters. This would be so nice to have for quilting and I would love the critters dies for doing appliques!
    jenlea2000 at hotmail dot com

  92. Oh my I would so love to win one of these! It would help enormously with my t-shirts! I love the Go Critters die, the hearts and stars. I also found myself wondering if the dies for thestudio could be used with the Go as I love their alphabets dies, they would be awesome for my t-shirts! Not even sure if I qualify for this as I live in Australia.

  93. Oh my I would so love to win one of these! It would help enormously with my t-shirts! I love the Go Critters die, the hearts and stars. I also found myself wondering if the dies for thestudio could be used with the Go as I love their alphabets dies, they would be awesome for my t-shirts! Not even sure if I qualify for this as I live in Australia.

  94. Oh my I would so love to win one of these! It would help enormously with my t-shirts! I love the Go Critters die, the hearts and stars. I also found myself wondering if the dies for thestudio could be used with the Go as I love their alphabets dies, they would be awesome for my t-shirts! Not even sure if I qualify for this as I live in Australia.

  95. I can only pick 3…that's not going to be easy! The 2.5" strip would be a must for binding. The circles because they are so much fun (it reminds me of blowing bubbles)and either the 6.5" square or the tumbler…i can't decide!!! The GO! Cutter would help me keep my creative juices going while still being able to maintain my busy life taking care of 3 VERY energetic boys!! Cutting can be so time consuming, this would be so helpful :o). Thanks to you and the people @ AccuQuilt!

  96. i love alot of them. :) my favorite three would be the apple applique, dresden plate, tumbler.
    Thanks for the giveaway!! love your blog.

  97. If by some miracle I was able to win this fabulous tool. I would like the 2 1/2" strip, the thimble, and the circle dies. Thanks Amy.

  98. Hi Amy, I would love the chance to win the accuquilt Go! I enjoy strip piecing, so would like the 2 1/2" cutter, love applique, so would like the feathers, and the Arabeque#2! thanks for the "possibility!" Sandy

  99. I would have to choose the Apple core, the tumbler and the circle. They are all pieces that I am scared to cut myself!!

  100. The 3 dies I would choose would be the 12 inch set, the 2.5 inch strip and the circle set. But there are so many great choices! ^_^

  101. Too many to choose from, but I'd say the apple core, the circles, and a tie between the hexes and the finished half square triangles!
    Thanks for the chance!

  102. I follow your blog and have been a big fan though for a short time :P.

    This is a great gadget to have around. I thought of getting one a couple of months ago but the price tag took me by surprise.

  103. Love your blog and I am so excited that you are giving away the Accquilt. The only die that I don't think that I would want is the RagDies. But I want all the others! I love them all! My cutting of fabric is not always the most accurate and I am sure this Accuquilt would make my cutting perfect. Thanks for doing this even if I don't win it will be fun to follow this.

  104. Hello Amy… I'm still skeptical about the GO cutter system. I have been looking for a while now at all of the dies that they have and finally decided that IF I were to ever get one, I'd get the 12" block set because most of my blocks are 12", the circle set because I do a lot of circles and finally the round flower set because my mom does a lot of flowers and I always have to do the cutting for her. :)
    Take care

  105. Wow! Thanks for the chance to win. I'd love the Go with the 2.5" strip, Drunkard's path and butterfly dies. Good luck everyone!

  106. I also subscribe to your blog, and I'd love the cutter because it would be a timesaver, not to mention a barrel of fun to use.

  107. I would love to get this great giveaway. The die sets I would like are the 12" block, Rose of Sharon and Tumbler. I would love to get Go Cutter because it would make it easier for me to cut my quilts out and they would be more accurate. I love your blog daily and follow you on facebook. You have posted a lot of great information and look forward to reading you every day.

  108. I think my favorite dies, the ones that would get the most use in my house would be the 5" square, 4" diamonds & and the circles!

  109. Hi I love the apple core, tumbler and the hexagon die cuts. These are all classic piecing shapes. I've made mini quilts with the tumbler shape and the hexagon shape and I'd love to try to make something with the apple core shape.

  110. I follow your blog on my google reader account. I really think the supper long 2 1/2 strip cutter would be handy, I like the pattern blocks and half square cutters as well. I think these would be great basics to get me started. Thanks!

  111. I got so exicited I forgot to say why I'd love an AccuQuilt Go! I HATE cutting, it's the worst part about quilting, and it takes forever, looks like AccuQuilt would make cutting way more fun and save tons of time!!

    I'm an AccuQuilt fan on Facebook!

  112. Amy, I have looking at the Accuquilt Go for a while now. My 3favorite dies are Go!Applecore, Go!Tumbler, and the Go!Drunkards Path. Having an Accuquilt Go would be a blessing as I can not use the rotary cutter or scissors as much because of arthritis. Thanks for the opportunity. Robin

  113. I love the circle, funky flowers, and the parallelogram dies. The go cutter seems like it would be awesome to have because it would make cutting unusual shapes easier!

  114. I tried the Go Cutter at a quilt show this past weekend and LOVED it! I was so impressed! Told the nice lady that I would have to save my pennies for it, but it would be way better to win one!! I like the Rick Rack 1 1/2 inch, Feathers, and Funky Flowers. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  115. That is one amazing machine! I can't believe it. I'd like the strip cutters in a few sizes and the 12" quilting set.

  116. Oh, so awesome giveaway! I would love to win! For my favorite dies I don't know if you mean sets but that would be the one I would use the most. I love the 12" finished block set, the Drunkard's Path #2, and the Rob Peter to Pay Paul set. Thanks for the giveaway!

  117. Thank you for hosting this giveaway….what a wonderful one it is.

    I love the triangles and the strip cutters….wonderful.

  118. Love everything Go! It would be difficult to mention only the ones I covet, but here goes: 4 1/2 " square, 5 1/2" square, and the 2 1/2" strip cutter. Those can combine into some interesting configurations. Thanks, Amy, for all you do to inspire.


  119. I follow you on FB, I follow Accuquilt on FB, I subscribed to the newsletter, I follow this blog – I do it all.

    My favorite dies – #1 would be the strip cutter – it's such a tedious job and having a tool to do it for me would be wonderful.

  120. I would choose the apple core, the fall medley and the 2 1/2" strip cutter… I'm a big fan of scrap quilts and have always wanted to try the apple core and the log cabin! Since cutting is my very least favorite part of the process, to win would make me ridiculously happy! Thanks for the chance!!!

  121. #2 – would have to be the basic shapes – I love modern looking quilts and what would be better than to use the perfect squares and the circles?

  122. Great giveaway! I love the funky flowers, the circles, and the octagon dies!

    I love to applique – and there are time when cutting all those strips just gets tiring! LOL

    Thank you!

  123. Great giveaway! I love the funky flowers, the circles, and the octagon dies!

    I love to applique – and there are time when cutting all those strips just gets tiring! LOL

    Thank you!

  124. I love the Rose of Sharon set, the 4" finished triangle set, and the Drunkard's Path set … I mean, seriously – how stinkin' easy would it be to finish a quilt if the hard part (at least for me – cutting) was done?

  125. I'd love one of these because no matter how hard I try I'm not the best at cutting fabric. I'd probably say the 5 inch square or 2 1/2 strip would be my favortite die.

  126. I would love to win this…

    I like the
    3 1/2 inch square
    2 1/2 inch strip

    These would make loads of different quilt patterns…

  127. I love the strips, the 5" square and the parallegram….why, might you say? because I have a hard time cutting a striaght line!! seriously even against a ruler on cutting paper on the line…don't know what is wrong with me! I would love to get the cutter and I would use it religiously!!

  128. I'm boring- my 3 favorites are the circles, blazing star and the hexagon dies! This thing is amazing! What an awesome giveaway!

  129. I love the 12" Finished Block Die Set, the 2 1/2" Strip Cutter, and the 4" Half Square Finished Triangle. Actually, I love them all. Having the Go! Cutter would save so much time for me to spend making more quilts!

  130. Great news, Amy! I'd love a chance to win one of these. The 2 1/2 strip cutter, the 3 1/2" square, and the tumbler die are my favories. Thanks for the chance to win.

  131. ok…can't for the life of me figure out how to get your button on my blog. for the festival my daughter got the button on there for me!!

  132. The three dies I would love to have is for sure the circles, the 2 1/2 inch strip set, and probably the feathers. I can see a wonderful pillow made with the feathers.
    I would love to have the cutter because I am horrible at cutting in a straight line, they always come out wonky somehow and would love some help from a professional (machine)

  133. I'd love to have the 2-1/2" square, the 6-1/2" tumbler and the 3-1/2" square. I'm dreaming but why not! Thanks for a chance!

  134. The Go Cutter would make such a difference for me. I dread the cutting stage. I'm developing arthritis in my hands, and it's SO hard to be accurate. I would choose the 3 1/2 strip, the circle die and the basket die.

  135. What a brilliant givaway. I would love to have a Go! cutter to be able to make precise cuts of those so difficult timeconsuming cuts. I would choose the drunkard's path, apple core, and circle dies

  136. I'd love to win one! Saving time and playing with a cool gadget all at once. :-) I think I'd start with the 2.5" strip, the 4" half square finished triangle and the 4" quarter square finished triangle dies. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  137. Alrighty, Amy, I just can't pass up this giveaway!

    ***Must do –
    - Visit AccuQuilt

    The dies I would love to have:
    – GO! Drunkard's Path
    – GO! Strip Cutter-2 1/2"
    – 12" Finished Block Die Set
    I am a sucker for circles, and the other two have all the basic shapes you would need to create lots of blocks :) And why would love a Go! Cutter!, well, I really despise cutting fabric sometimes :) This would make it so much easier!

    *Optional additional entries -
    - Post about this giveaway on your blog (

    - I subscribe and follow your blog :)
    - Became a Facebook fan of my blog (as Heidi Roberts Elliott),
    - Became a Facebook fan of AccuQuilt (as Heidi Roberts Elliott)
    - Subscribed to the AccuQuilt newsletter.

    Phew! Love getting those extra entries :)

  138. My favorite three dies would be the 2 1/2 strip cutter, the 5 inch square and the fall applique shapes. Thanks for the giveaway.

  139. The three dies I would pick are 1) GO! Circle; 2) GO! Hexagon; and 3) GO! Applecore. I also really like the tumbler die. I would LOVE a GO! Cutter because it would save so much cutting time, which means more sewing time :) A hexagon quilt is high on my list of quilts I want to make, as well as a falling dots quilt, and the dies I picked would be so helpful.

  140. I would love to have a Go! Cutter! I produce a lot of quilts for both donations and sale. My favorite dies are diamond, hst and apple core. I followed and participated in your quilt festival too. You're on my blog reader and i'll be putting this giveaway on my blog.
    thanks for offering this.

  141. I like the drunkards path die cut and the apple core. Becasue they are difficult to cut by hand.! I think the squares that cut into triangles would be super useful.
    I bet your glad you didn't have to pick the first batch. It really hard to decide what whould be the most useful

  142. I follow your blog and became a fan on facebook of you and the GO! Thanks for the opportunity to win one! My favorite GO! blocks are the apple core, the drunkard's path, and the alphabet. Those are one's that I would never attempt to cut out myself to make a quilt, but would be fantastic quilts! Thanks,


  143. I love the AccuQuilt Drunkard's Path Die, the 2.5 Strip Cutter Die, and the Eleanor Burns Blazinf Star Die.

  144. Amy, would love the half square triangles, the quarter square triangles and the flower appliques, bcs this would keep me busy with quilts forever! thanks for the opportunity, karen

  145. I would love, love, love the hexagons! Then maybe the circles and some standard squares or the flowers. I would love one of these because I simply hate cutting!

  146. I'd choose the drunkards path, the apple core & the blazing star – mainly because I think they are harder to cut!
    Oh how I would love to be the winner here!

  147. I have been intrigued with the AccuQuilt cutter for a long time – I would choose the 2/12" strip cutter, the 2" squares, and the circle cutter since these are the shapes I cut most often.
    Anything to help me with my most dreaded feature of quilting (cutting) would be a dream come true!

  148. Only 3 dies!!! Hmm… I'd have to say the GO! Circle Die, Go Hexagon, any of the Go Rag Die cutters! How these would save me time cutting and snipping. Good Luck Everyone

  149. I really like the GO! Quarter Square-4" Finished Triangle, The strip cutters (1.5 and 2.5") and the GO! Square-5", but really, who wouldn't love any of them?

  150. I would love the AccuQuilt go cutter, because cutting is difficult for my arthritic hands. I would ike the tumbler, rag square, and circle.

  151. 4 – I would love to have a strip die, the half square triangle square dies, and some flowers…I would absolutely love to have one.

  152. I would love to have a GO! cutter to cut down on the amount of time it takes to cut out a quilt. I love the sewing part and find it therapeutic, but sometimes get stressed by the amount of time it takes to prep the fabric for sewing. The three dies I would use the most are the GO! Strip Cutter-2 1/2", GO! Strip Cutter-2 1/2", and GO! Square-5". Thanks for the opportunity!

  153. I love both the Arabesques! So fun! I think the blazing start would be pretty neat and I would probably go with the Parallelogram or the Quater Square – 4" Finished triangled. So many options to love!

  154. I posted this yesterday but it didn't show up… instead my second post is there twice! What a messy situation but I looked because I'd really love to win the Go Cutter. I live in rural Labrador, in Canada. We have a very small quilt store with limited supply of fabric. I buy everything online or away from home at other LQS's. The Go cutter would allow me to challenge myself and because I'm new to quilting this will be something that I use for years and years to come!

    My three favourite dies are the 8" rag squares, the tumblers and the apple cores!

  155. I love the hexi's, feathers, and circles. I am making a hexi quilt and it is taking so long to cut each of the hexi's and the Go Cutter would make it so much easier to cut them so I would have more time to sew them I might just get finished with the quilt. Which will be a King size when finished. At the same time I could use the circles for a yoyo quilt that I have plans to start. Must cut all those circles first!Help I do need a Go Cutter.

  156. I like the apple core, tumbler & any of the geometric dyes – can always use something to cut triangles & squares!

  157. what a great give away :) I'm fair new to quilting and this will be a great help.

    It's hard to choose only three, but my fav. so far are the rag quilt, 2.5" strip and the geometric border.

    Thanks for the chance to win it!!!

  158. I would get the hearts die because I volunteer with the AMerican Heart Association in their fight against heart disease. I work with a local Sweetheart program. I think it would be fun to cut hearts and applique them to many different things! …. I'd also like the 2.5 strip die to make my strips more accurate! It looks like fun!

  159. I like the drunkards path, quarter square finished triangle, and bountiful baskets. I also love the strips. I'd love a cutter because my sister loves sewing quilts and I'd give it to her. Then she could get to making them as fast as she'd like because this would cut down on her cutting time.

  160. Oh, how exciting! I found 3 Go! dies that I liked, then saw the Studio dies too – decisions, decisions! I'm going to say, the Circle, Feathers, and the 6.5" square.

  161. I love the circles, the 2.5" strips and the 5" squares – This way I can make my own charm packs and Jelly Rolls and use my stash!!

  162. I love the circles, the 2.5" strips and the 5" squares – This way I can make my own charm packs and Jelly Rolls and use my stash!!

  163. My top three dies would be the Tumbler, the 2/5" strips and the 5" charm squares. What a neat new product. I would love to use it to make scrappy quilts from my left over scraps. Cutting them all to a standard size would take forever without this!

  164. My 3 favorites are the baby set, the critter set and the fall set (for applique). I actually sort of enjoy cutting out square and rectangular blocks (the ones that are easy to do with a rotary cutter), but I HATE cutting things out with scissors!

  165. Oh boy, I would LOVE a 2 1/2" strip cutter. I use that size for binding and sashing and that would make my life SO much easier! I also love the 12" finished block die set and the Go! Baby Go! Die set. So handy!

  166. For the first dies, I'd choose the circle, the HST, and the quarter square triangle cause I use those so much and they are easy to do inaccurately.

  167. And would love to win this Go! Cutter! I dont own it! my favs are baby set, the circle, stripes and squers! It would be so much easy for me! Hugs,Moni

  168. If I could afford the 12" Finished Block Die Set for this great invention…life would be complete! LOL

  169. I would love love to win this. I like the 2.5 strip cutter template,GO! Parallelogram- 3 3/4" x 3 1/2" ,Double Wedding Ring #2 (5-Die Set), and i also love the tumbler. i know this is more than 3 but a girl can dream!

  170. I would love to have one of these! I have only been on the quilting scene for about a year and am still learning all the in's and out's I have heard of the AccuQuilt-Go! but I had not really looked into it until now. Thanks for the challenge! LOL
    If I had this I would like to have the GO! Rag Square -51/4" (item 55033) as it would make my blanket for my daughters easier to make – I am using all their receiving blankets and put them together.
    Then I think that i would like GO! Apple Core-61/4" (item 55036) because it just looks fun! I want to try something curvey and this looks easy enough…am I niave?
    And lastly…I would get…well, I would probably go with the 12" Finished Block Die Set (item 55902) as it looks like you get a lot for your money.
    Wow! could you imagine all the fun you could have with those!?!?!

  171. The hexagon, half square, and strip would really be welcome. Thanks to you and Go Cutter people for the give-away.

  172. Amy, I "manage" carpal tunnel syndrome which was aggravated by cutting quilting fabrics. SO, this thing would really help me be more productive. I'd use 2.5 inch strips all the time (binding as well as strip piecing) and squares – 3.5 inch or 5 inch, or both.

  173. Hola, Amy! Me gustan Feather # 2 de Appliqué, 12" Finished Block Set y Strip Cutter 3 1/2" (Super Giant)! Pero hay tanta variedad, es muy difícil elegir! Me gustaría tenerlo porque hace un año comencé a hacer patchwork de modo autodidacta, ya que en mi país no es aún muy común y en mi región no existen instructores. Creo que me ayudaría con mis trabajos de principiante y además conozco a una amiga que lo compró cuando vivía en EE.UU. y dice que es magnífico! Gracias Ud. por darnos la chance de obtener uno! Un fuerte abrazo!

  174. I like the circles, the strips and the drunkard's path (love that pattern). I have a chronic problem that affects my wrists, so lots of cutting is always hard for me. This would make it so much easier!


  175. I love the round flower applique, the hexagons, and the critter appliques. I could definitely use ALL of these and more for my daughter's room redecorating project!

  176. 3 favorite:
    2.5 inch strip cutter
    3 1/2 inch square
    5 inch square

    I really want an Accuquilt Go because then I would have NO reason not to make my daughter a new quilt!

  177. Oh I would love to win a Go Cutter. I'm a busy mom of three boys, and I barely have time to do any crafts let alone cut out for quilts. I still wee moments here are there when I can. Plus my mum, who is, my partner in most crafting adventures would love to share this with me. The three dies that I think would be the best for us would be the 5" square, the 6.5" square, and the 2" strip. Here's keeping my fingers crossed. Cheers!

  178. I would love to have the funky flowers, any size strip, and the drunkard's path (just because it sounds funny!). I would love to applique the funky flowers.

  179. My favorite dies are the 2 1/2" strips, flowers and apple core. Of course, it would be awesome to have all of them. Thank you for a fun blog.

  180. I'm loving this machine! I want any the strip set die – I pull my hair out trying to rotary cut strips! Drunkard's path is great and Arabesque #3 is on my wish list too. And can I just say that whoever thought to trim the dog ears on triangles for you on the die is BRILLIANT!

  181. I'm loving this machine! I want any the strip set die – I pull my hair out trying to rotary cut strips! Drunkard's path is great and Arabesque #3 is on my wish list too. And can I just say that whoever thought to trim the dog ears on triangles for you on the die is BRILLIANT!

  182. I like the funky flowers, tumblers and holiday medley! I would l.o.v.e to own one of these as I have a problem with my wrists and cutting fabric exacerbates it so I think one of these would really help!

  183. 5” square
    Because it is perfect to fit with Charm packs.

    Drunkards Path and Apple core
    Because Go will make a accurate cut

  184. I can't resist putting my name in the mix. I would really like to win this one! My 3 favorite are: drunkards path, 12" finished block set and Rose of Sharon. The main reason I would like one is to save time. Having a little one at home means time is at a premium. I would also love to win one because it won't fit in my budget to buy one for myself.

  185. my three favs would be the hexagons, as i am doing a hexie quilt right now and am hand cutting everything. the hearts as i like this and the circles as i have been wanting to make a circle quilt.

  186. Oh, I like all the dies, but I really like the strip cutters. I'd probably use the 2 inch or 2 1/2 inch the most. I'd use it the most when my friends and I get together and have quilting marathons. So much fun and I'd be sharing too.

  187. WOW so many entries into this contest… is there even a little chance of winning, of course there is so here goes…. from the accuquilt site, I like the circles, rag and triangle dies, well I like them all but those are the first three

  188. Well, a new quilter, I need the basics! I would love hte 10" finished block set! I would love to have this because I a new to quilt making and it would take lots of stress out of making a quilt!

  189. I listed this on my Southern Style blog the other one is my Nanbon's Corner Giveaway site

  190. What a great opportunity! Thank you. If I were to win, I would choose the 3 1/2 square, the hexagons, and the circle. The first I use a lot, the hexes and circles are more difficult and time consuming to do well.

  191. My top three favorite Dies, since I am only supposed to pick 3, in order…

    1. The drunkard's path! Omigosh totally in love!

    2. The Go Circle set. How awesome is that?

    3. and of course the 12" Finished Block Die Set.

  192. The three dies I would choose are the Drunkards Path, the 1 1/2" strip cutter, and the 12" block set (if that's a choice). Otherwise, the Bountiful Baskets (?).

    The main reason I'd love a Go cutter is that I have severe arthritis in my hands. I've had several surgeries to fuse finger and thumb joints, and one of them (actually four surgeries)has left my right thumb extremely sensitive to pressure.

    I have a quilt that I designed that has a zillion 2" squares. I had actually talked to a shop about what they would charge to cut all those squares for me! It's a two color quilt, and I'm waiting until (1) I see the right fabrics and (2) I can afford to buy the fabric. I prefer to make bed-sized quilts, esp. oversized queen, so it takes a lot of yardage!

    In addition, I'm working to make quilts based on Louisa Smith's "Strips and Curves" (total of three books), so need to cut a billion 1 1/2" strips. I'd really recommend people check out her work if you want to see some exciting possibilities. Alderwood Quilts ( carries all of her books and the templates that go with the books (there are copies in the books, so you don't have to buy the templates, but the plexi templates are much better than cardboard (home made) templates.


  193. I have been looking at a Go! Cutter for a while but haven't been able to justify buying one. My three favorites dies are the Circles, Heaxgons and Bountiful Basket.

  194. I would choose the following dies:
    strips, squares and rectangles and triangles. A Go!Cutter would certainly help me use up my stash!

  195. WOW!
    I have a FEW die cuts that interest me:

    Apple Core
    8 Point Star
    Dresden Plate
    and Signature Block

    I'm into scrappy quilts lately and the above dies would be wonderful. I like the jumbo sizes because these are all techniques I'd like to try, but want to get a project finished up relatively quickly and the larger sizes would aid in that aspect.

    One die I don't think would be advantageous is the strip cutter. It seems like I could cut strips quicker and longer with my rotary cutter.

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  196. Each time I look at the GO my list of desired cuts changes. Today it is the 2.5 inch strip, hexagon, and diamond. mlwright29 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  197. I am already a fan of AccuQuilt on facebook. My mother and I can share the machine and get lots of shapes cut for our quilting. mlwright29 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  198. I would love to have this. My favorite dies are the dresden plate, the circle cutter and the drunkards path. Thanks for the chance to win.

  199. 3 Dies…Applique Animals, Letters and Strip Cutters. Somehow they never seem to be as straight as I would like them…

  200. 3 Dies…Applique Animals, Letters and Strip Cutters. Somehow they never seem to be as straight as I would like them…

  201. Perhaps a 18 month old doesn't help the cutting process when he is grabbing you legs and such! Otherwise, I would love a cutter!

  202. Perhaps a 18 month old doesn't help the cutting process when he is grabbing you legs and such! Otherwise, I would love a cutter!

  203. I would love the 2 1/2" strip,the 3" finished trinagle, the hexagon cutters. I would be able to use them on almost every quilt that I make. Making exact cuts is the most tedious part of quilting. I would love to just know all my cuts are exact.
    Who am I kidding, I am sure that I would soon add the funky flowers, the critters, and the holiday applique dies to my collection too!

  204. I follow your blog and just LOVE IT! I posted your button on my blog. I would love the 2" strip cutter, the 1" strip cutter and the Drunkard's path die! WOW! What a great giveaway and oh so many things to sew and create!

  205. I love the blazing start but would have to also say that the 2.5" strip cutter and the quarter square – 4" finished triangle cutters would be life savers.

    Why would I want something like this? I really can't seem to cut things in a straight line to save my soul. My sewing tends to be what save how things look. XD

    Thanks for the chance at this! :)

  206. I think I would get the most out of the 2 1/2" strip, rag square, and 5" square and would LOVE to win one! Thanks!

  207. Three favorite patterns??? Probably the funky flowers (they remind me of growing up in the 60's); the cat (for my cat Smokey); and the Scottie Dog…. for my BFF Judie.

  208. Woo Hooo! I've subscribed to your site by email. I'd happily blog about you but don't have one! I've don't my next best thing by emailing friends about you. Fingers crossed. This would really help with my essential tremours.

  209. I would love a Go Cutter because I think it would be a huge timesaver. The three dies I would choose would be the drunkards path, half square triangle and the strip cutter-2 1/2". thanks for the chance to win, what a great giveaway.

  210. I would love a die cut so I could make more quilts. I have very limited time and being able to cut things fast would truly help.

    My 3 favorite dies are…

    GO! Hexagon-2", 3", 5"

    GO! Half Square-3" Finished Triangle

    GO! Triangles in Square-3" Finished

  211. I would pick the 2.5in strip cutter, arabesque 3, and rose of sharon. I am a good candidate to win the accuquilt because I'm not very good at cutting precisely yet!

  212. OMG!!! This is the best giveaway ever! Cutting is what stops me from starting projects!

    If I had to choose just 3 dies, it would be the basics to start: 5" charm square, half-square triangles, and one of the strip cutters.

  213. Wow!! Please sign me up – I would so love to have an AccuQuilt Go.I only get to have 3 favorites??? That is almost imposible to do – there are so many neat ones. My favorite dies are the round flowers,circles & hearts. I think these are pretty basic and I could do a lot with these shapes. Of course if I win – I would be buying many more!!

  214. I so want to win this! I want the dresden plate 3 (the pointy one)
    the Greek 6" alphabet and the applique winter collection. Oh my goodness this is such an awesome tool, I love it.

  215. I like the funky flowers, critters, and feathers! I would love the Go! I'm fairly new to quilting and applique and it would make it so fun to attempt it more!

  216. Hi Amy,

    MY choice if die is easy. The Studio strip cutter 2 1/2" (Super long cut). IT would make life so much easy than using the ol' rotary cutter and swearing as the ruler slips!

    Have become a face book fan of your site and signed up for the accuquilt newsletter, and face book group for them too.

  217. I would like the basic dies, and would probably pick the 2.5" strip, a 5" square and one of the triangles. So many to pick from, but I mostly cut triangles and squares it seems:) Would love this!

    I don't have a blog, but I'm an avid follower!

  218. I'm a bit confused…Do the Studio Dies work with the Go Cutter or just the Studio Cutter? If it's just the Go Dies that work in the Go Cutter, I'd want the 2 1/2" strip dies, the holiday medley and the 5" square. Those seem to be what I would use the most right away at least.

  219. Well my absolute favorite die set is the Go! Feathers.. so much you can do. Next is Strip Cutter 2 1/2" for bindings!!! and third is GO! Circles, because every quilt looks good with a circle :-).

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  220. Hey the die's I would like are the butterfly #1 (it is just so cute, I think my husband would get sick of all the stuff I would make with it), The Sumer Bouquet, this one reminds me of Hawaiian quilts which are amazing, and the Square one, who can quilt without cutting our a few million squares. Quilting would be fun again instead of dreading the cutting out part before I can put them together. (I have a very limited amount of time in which to quilt.)

  221. Wow, what a fabulous giveaway!! I love the idea of the 2.5' strip cutter, and the tumbler (I've cut those from a template before and it takes forever! and of course the hexagon!
    Thanks for the chance

  222. Favorites:
    Scalloped Square
    Sacalloped Circle
    Arabesque 1 and 2

    I would love to use the accu cutter to help spice up some of my projects and give a more finished look to my applique.


  223. Great give away!!

    I like:
    Cat #2 (Jumbo)
    Strip Cutter-2 1/2" (Super Long Cut)

    Circles-Penny Rug (Large)

    Thank you!


  224. I would choose my favorite go to quilt shapes, 5" square, 2.5" strips, and the 5"x6" isosceles for fun.

  225. I would love a Go cutter because it would help save me lots of time cutting out my blocks and strips! Anything to save time is wonderful by me.

    I would love the English paper piecing hexagon #1 die cuts (who has the patience to cut out those?), the 2 1/2" strip cutter super giant, and the tumbler block #2

    Sandy A

  226. I like the apple core, the hexagons, and the circles–all shapes I wouldn't want to attempt with out a cutter! I'm so new to sewing–just since January–and cutting is my worst skill. I'm just not that great at it. I'd love one of these! Thanks for the giveaway!

  227. What a difficult choice to make …but I would choose the 2.5 strip cutter, Blazing Star and the parallelogram.

    The precision the GO! would give my quilting would be amazing. Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  228. I'd love the 2" finished squares, the 2 1/2" strips and the 2", 3", and 5" circles. A Go! would simply be a fantastic addition to my small sewing room – easy to put away, easy to use, easy to take with me to the craft nights I host at our church. Thanks for the opportunity!

  229. I 'liked' your page on Facebook, under my real name! and I forgot to include my e-mail address before: sweetmummyof3 at gmail dot com.

  230. I love the strip cutters, the tumbler, & the funky flower applique cutting dies! A huge benefit to having this cutting system would be loaning it out to my grandma who loves to quilt, but has gotten impatient with cutting. :)

  231. I'm already subscribed to Accuquilt newsletter and I 'like' their page on Facebook already too… so I don't guess those ones count, eh? LOL!

  232. …AND I subscribed via e-mail to your blog feed. :)

    My mom-in-love, and my husband's Mimi will both love getting to share this with me. Oh, that would be SO fun!!!!

  233. You blog it , I win it, I "GO" it , I quilt it, I LOVE it. My 3 top choices would be : Circles (Jumbo), circle-Scalloped-11.5" Giant, Hexagons #5 (Giant).

  234. I would love the tumbler, hexagon, and half square triangle dies! This cutter would make quilting so much easier! Thanks for the giveaway!

  235. I would love the Go! Cutter! because I am a fairly new quilter so I need all the help I can get with accurate cutting and a working mom needs to save time any way I can! I would go with the basics 5" charm, strip cutter, triangles..oh or circles so I could do a circle quilt I've been eying. oh the possibilities!

  236. My 3 favorits are Alpha Baby, Circles and christmas melody. I would use these the most in my quilting so they would be must haves for me. Go Cutter Go! I would love to win…have…own this great tool!

  237. Hi Great site I'm here from Barb and she was saying your have a greta givaway. Seeing I was one of the loser I though I would check you out. I will start followering you becasue I did like your site. I don't do much bloggin yself of Twitter or facebook Just plain old follow. So I hope this is Ok with you

  238. I would love a go cutter. I have hand injuries and arthritis and find it hard to cut for long, now. My favorites are the circles, half square 3" and the tumblers.


  239. Who wouldn't want an Accuquilt! It'll save time on the cutting and it's more accurate. I like the hexagons, the circles and the Ricky Tims dies.

  240. I like the 12" block die set, the baby die set and the flower appliques! I would have so many different options with these die sets!

  241. Wow, look at all the comments, Amy! You are one popular blogger :D
    I would choose 3 of the applique dies: circles, fall medley and round flower. I love the look that applique brings to a quilt. If I had the GO! and these dies, I could create more of what I like best. Cutting straight lines with a rotary cutter is easy, curves not so much. Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  242. I have looked at the dies so much I think I have them memorized. I think I would like the 2 1/2 strip cutter, the 8 1/2 rag cutter and the dunkards path.

  243. I like these dies: feathers because they are just so cute, hearts because who doesn't like a little love, and Holiday Medley because I love anything to do with Christmas!

  244. Hi, I'm a follower. I decided I don't want an AccuQuilt cutter – I just don't think I'd use it enough to justify the amount of work it is to try to win one :) But please give my entry to Brooke as her partner Greg could really use it.

  245. And I am a facebook fan of Accuquilt. I'm not going to pick three dies for obvious reasons. Hopefully you'll give my two entries to Brooke anyway.

  246. Cutting is my absolute least favorite part, so I'd love something to make it accurate and do it for me without any worry.

    I want the hexagon die like crazy, and the diamond and maybe the circles would be useful.

  247. My favorite dies as the quarter-square 4" finished triangle, parallelogram (3-3/4" x 3-1/2"), and the 6-1/2" tumbler. Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway!

  248. I also just blogged about your giveaway here! By the way, I forgot to say in my comment about which dies I like that I would love to win the Go! Cutter because I am a beginning quilter and have been hesitant to try anything but blocks with squares.

    Thanks again for the giveaway!

  249. I like the 2 1/2 inch strip (yep, I'm addicted to Jelly rolls), the 12 inch finished block set and the tumbler block. I could really make a dent in my stash with these!

  250. The accuquilt looks amazing and when I went to their site, I couldn't believe the many shapes it would cut. Circles! Apple cores! and rag squares! 3 of the quilts I am spending hours cutting shapes for. What a time-saver! Thanks for the giveaway.

  251. love the Go Baby Go , studio Alphabet and studio Animal dies! These with the Accuquilt Go Cutter would make sewing baby quilts a cinch!

  252. I think my 3 favorites are the 2.5" strip, the 5" square and the hexagons. I have problems with my hands from carpal tunnel syndrome plus I have a hurt left wrist (clumsy-I fell) and a sore right arm so I have problems cutting fabrics-which is why I buy so many precuts. I'd love to be able to use something like this to make my own precuts.

  253. Wow! What a lot of entries! I probably have no hope of winning, but if I did I would love the 'Funky Flowers' as they looks cute; the 'Apple Core' as I saw a great review of it on a blog somewhere (can't remember whose); and the 'Tumbler'. Though in all honesty, I'd probably only have a play with it then give it to my Nana as she would use it all the time!

  254. OOOH the 2.5 strip die for sure and the rag cutter and the charm square size..just for starters.


  255. Good Morning – What an awesome give-away! You will probably break the online record for entries with this prize…lol
    For my first entry, I think I get 1 for being a follower of your blog thru MyYahoo…another entry to come
    Smiles, DianeM

  256. It's me again with entry #3…the dies that I would die for least 1 of the small circles, the small flower is definitely on the list too & last would be one of the English paper piecing sets. Of course those would just be a start!
    Smiles, DianeM :)

  257. What a cool giveaway! I love the basic squares, but the hexagons, circles and tumble blocks seem like they would save a lot of time! Thanks for a wonderful giveaway. *Crossing my fingers!*

  258. The dies I would chose are the 2.5" die, the 5" charm die and the tumbler die since I want to make a tumbler quilt. Thanks for holding this great give-away!

  259. I follow your blog, and I fan in facebook. I think that it'is very interesant AccuQuilt.
    I will wish:
    -2 1/2 inch strips
    – GO! Square-5"
    GO! Tumbler-6 1/2"

    Thank you Amy

  260. that's easy! I would love the strips for binding, tumbler for a mini quilt I want to make for a friend, and drunkard's path just for fun!

  261. Went to their site – love the hexi, circle, and regular ole square dies. This is an amazing giveaway thank you so much!!

  262. Thanks for the great quilt show. My favorite Go dyes are the circle, the drunkards path and of course the triangles. Mary Jo Larson

  263. I really like the tumbler, circle and rag square dies. The rag squares would be perfect for my mom to use- she loves to sew and makes rag quilts for all my cousins, nieces and nephews, but she has advanced rheumatoid arthritis that makes it hard for her to clip the seams. In fact, she can't rotary cut at all anymore, so I've been wishing I could afford this system for her so she can quilt more easily. (Although my favorite part of quilting is cutting, so I am more than happy to help her cut when necessary!)

  264. I am a new quilter and this the cutter would be great to help me get more quilts done. What a great giveaway. thanks.
    I like the apple core, alpha baby set and hexagons.

  265. My favorite dies are rick rack borders, go funky flowers and go critters. I would love to win a Go Cutter because I think inaccurate cutting is where a lot of my mistakes come from. Thank you for the chance to win..

  266. I love applique so my favorite three cutters would be the Alpha Baby (oh the things I could do) the Critters and the Round Flower.

  267. I would love to win this giveaway because I am just starting to get into quilting, and this would give me the boost I need to quickly assemble some of the quilts I have drooling over.
    My favorite dies = any and all of them. lol. I like any of the circle ones, the Star-Primitive large, and the Winding Ways #2 Giant.
    Thanks for doing this giveaway. You rock. :)

  268. wow, amazing giveaway! I would love an accuquilt ;o) My fave dies are the 6.5" square, the Go Circles, and the 2.5" strips.

  269. i like the squares and rectangles
    the circles and ovals
    and stars and strips

    this giveaway is so great i wish wish wish to win