Doll Quilt Swap 9 Inspiration!

Posted on June 10th, by Amy in Doll Quilt Swap. 11 comments

I’m excited to be in the next round of Doll Quilt Swaps on Flickr!  This is a great swap and so much fun to participate in.  Last weekend I learned that I was included, and this next weekend we should be getting partner information.  This swap is secret, which makes it even more fun – you never know where your quilt is coming from, or which one in the pool will be yours!

With that in mind, I made a mosaic to narrow down some of my favorites, and include some older ones, for my partner :)

1. rectangles with attitude, 2. Randomwork embroidery, 3. Poppy, 4. Aunt Millie’s Block Two, 5. 1/6 of a zipper quilt, 6. Aunt Millie’s Garden – Block 6, 7. Bricolage &Butter Bee – March, 8. DQS#8 from Isabel., 9. Doll Quilt Rec’d by TagEButt, 10. “285″, 11. YIP 365.184:: Zen squares pillow, 12. Wedges!, 13. triptych, 14. Stained Glass Quilt, 15. Aunt Millie’s Block One

Created with fd’s Flickr Toys

Some of these I like for the pattern, others the colors, prints and solids are welcome, easy to intricate!  Really, I’m very easy to please :)  So, dear partner, just have fun creating!

I can’t wait to start stalking my partner!!

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11 thoughts on “Doll Quilt Swap 9 Inspiration!

  1. I saw you on the list :)
    this will be my second DQS, I'm excited to find out who my partner is and figure out something really cute to make. I've got to make an inspiration mosaic, too :)

  2. How fun is that! I haven't done a Flickr swap, but I think I've done just about every other swap out there, and the beginnings and the ends are my absolute favorite bits! I love the beginning – the excitement and anticipation, the shopping… it's all great!

  3. Sounds like a lot of FUN!! I want to participate in a swap sometime…seems like I always miss the "sign-ups". Have fun and enjoy the rest of your day :o).

  4. Sounds like fun. There are so many interesting and creative things happening in Blogland–you never know what you'll stumble onto next. Have fun creating!

  5. Nice mosaic! I love the stalking part, too. I hope I get an active flickr user/blogger for a partner…way more ideas that way. I'm with you on all the reds – gorgeous

  6. I'd love to know more about the swap. How can I join? Where do I find instructions? It sounds like a great way to create and make new friends. Any info you could pass on would be great, thanks!

  7. Hey Sooz! There's a link in the first sentence to the group – the sign ups are closed right now, but you can watch the group and get in on the next round!

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