Posted on June 29th, by Amy in Doll Quilt Swap. 13 comments

I have a to do list, including a throw quilt, twin quilt and doll quilt…the trouble seems to be starting! (I have all the fabric, I’ve been focused on the quilt-along so far)  So today I’m going to start on the doll quilt :)  I had been thinking new york beauties, but I’m chickening out – I’m going to make some dresden plated with these Happy fabrics!

Keep me accountable – okay!?  I need to share some progress here really soon, so I can work on the rest of the list.
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13 thoughts on “Starting

  1. 1
    Natalia from Piece N Quilt says:

    It'll be darling from Happy!
    P.S. YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!
    Thank you!

  2. 2
    Cheryl Arkison says:

    Don't be afraid of the New York Beauty. Yes, they take time, but they aren't hard at all! Hmm, I haven't made one in a long time.

  3. 3
    Cheryl Arkison says:

    Don't be afraid of the New York Beauty. Yes, they take time, but they aren't hard at all! Hmm, I haven't made one in a long time.

  4. 4
    Mimi says:

    You are right on…..New York beauties are NOT for doll quilts… something simple and let the fabric do the work…. it is going to be loved by some doll and her mommy….

  5. 5
    Lindsay says:

    I will show you mine if you show me yours…lol…I have a to do list as well, which doesnt get worked on because i am afraid if i change the thread in my machine to something other then red you might post some new blocks!…lol…this morning, i changed it to blue, so that I can work on my pin cushion this afternoon.

    So Amy, I will show you my progress this afternoon/evening, if you show me yours!

  6. 6
    sewmeow says:

    Love the title to this post…that's what my to do list is all about. lol.

  7. 7
    Melissa says:

    I love the Happy fabric. It will be adorable for a doll quilt!

  8. 8
    Amy - Park City Girl says:

    DEAL Lindsay! You better get to work :)

  9. 9
    Blue Is Bleu says:

    I always have trouble starting projects too… then halfway through I wonder what the fuss was all about hehe Can't wait to see your doll quilt with the Happy fabrics! :)

  10. 10
    Lis says:

    I have a to do list but I never look at it!

  11. 11
    Grey Cat says:

    Here, I'll second Cheryl in saying, "Don't be afraid of New York Beauties!" They're not nearly as hard as they look, and they're so worth the effort.

    Nevertheless, I'm sure those adorably happy prints will look awesome in Dresden Plates (a favorite of mine).

  12. 12
    Carol says:

    good luck. The Happy fabric is really pretty.

  13. 13
    Barb says:

    Oh, dresdens will be beautiful in your fabric choices :D

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