Psst – I’m over here!

Posted on July 6th, by Amy in guest post. 20 comments

I’ve posted over at Stash Manicure today!  Check out my post there – I even posted a little tutorial for making Dresden plates :)

Check out what Ella made yesterday -

She’s so excited!

Go check out my guest post – Thanks!
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20 thoughts on “Psst – I’m over here!

  1. I really liked your tutorial for making the dresden plates, I think I will have to get one of those rulers!

  2. Many congratulations Ella, your quilt top is delightfully colourful.
    Best wishes,
    (I'm writing from the UK which is why my spelling looks all wrong.)

  3. It's lovely! Nice work Ella!

    It's my dream that my girls want to craft/quilt/create with mama someday (they're 2 & 3 so I have some time to wait) but I don't want to push so they rebel against it instead – any tips?

  4. Way to go, Ella!!! Your fabrics are beautiful and fun!! And your seams look like they match up perfectly :) You should be sooo proud!!!

  5. Ella is darling and her quilt is just as cute. Congratulations to her!
    Amy… Thanks for being our guest author on Stash Manicure today. It was absolutely FABULOUS!

  6. Great guest post. I've never read that blog before, but I will probably spend the rest of the afternoon browsing over there. :)

  7. Way to bust your mom's stash Ella!! What a great summer day…your quilt is awesome. Are you going to tie it?

  8. That was a cool post! So glad you shared the dresden tute too cuz I need to start using up some of my scrap stash, and I LOVE dresdens. Love love Ella's project – she must be so proud!

  9. So exciting to give kids something to create with and see where they go! Nice job on that quilt!

    I just checked out your dresden plate tutorial over at Stash Manicure. Thanks so much for sharing that! This is one of the many blocks I have never had the confidence to even try, but after looking at your tutorial, I'm pretty sure I could handle it!

    Yours are lovely, by the way!


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