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Posted on July 27th, by Amy in Challenge Week. 47 comments

ETA:  The winner is Katie! Great job on all of your finishes everyone, I love how motivating a little challenge is!

How was your week?  Did you meet your goal?  I was so happy to see so many of you respond with a goal, and motivated by my challenge!  Today is the day for you to link up and show off, your met goal!

Go post about the challenge, and your goal.  There’s a button in the sidebar, that should be working.

Come back and put your permalink (grab the link to your post) in the linky here –

One Thing Participants

1. Carla Louise
2. Jenna
3. Melissa Corry
4. Brittany
5. Adrienne
6. Lindsay
7. Jillio
8. Elena @ Breakfast for Dinner
9. Mama Mel
10. Trudi
11. Jeanne W.
12. Dusty
13. Michelle @ Dresden Quilter
14. Felicity
15. Linda in Calif
16. Grey Cat Quilts
17. webmailaddress2 (D)
18. Carla @ Sew It Up!
19. Emily @ mommy’s nap time
20. Katie
21. Vicki @ Sew Inspired
22. Lucy
23. Becky
24. Barb in MI
25. Robin
26. Quiet Quilter
27. Mary Ann
28. Sarah Craig – 2nd quilt in post
29. Crystal Hendrix
30. Melanie
31. Dawn
32. Amber

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Please only link up if you posted a goal in the comments last week.

As for me?  I did get my Dresden Plates quilted, I even attached the binding, but I stopped there, still need to tack it down.  What do you think?

I’m super excited about it, and can’t wait to send it off to my partner.  Deadline is in September, so I have plenty of time.

You have 24 hours to include your link, tomorrow I will up date this post with the winner of the beautiful charm pack, from Piece N Quilt!

Thanks so much for playing with me, we will do the same thing again next month.


47 thoughts on “One Thing, One Week Challenge :: 1 Link Up

  1. Hi Amy! Love your colorful Dresden! So unique! I love all the colors. I finished my challenge. The quilt top is finished and ready to go to the quilter if I choose to send it out to be quilted. Do you know a good quilter?

    Thanks for the challenge! I appreciate it!

  2. Yay! I finished cutting out all the pieces needed for my quilt-top. Thanks for this challenge! I work best under some moderate pressure : )

  3. Hi ! Your Dresden Plate is really nice ; LOVE the bright colors ! I did meet my challenge ; I am caught up on YOUR quilt along AND I did start a quilt top and it’s actually almost done , just need to play around with the final square layout !! Thanks for the inspiration ; I don’t have a blog to link to , however I will post some pictures on flickr tomorrow !! when I finish the top , I already have another challeng to complete some gowns I started !

  4. I’ve got mine linked, but my blog is doing something weird and not allowing me to permalink it right now. So, I just had to link my blog. Hopefully it will fix soon. Your dresden looks so nice and colorful!

  5. Love the Dresden!

    I lugged all 5 boys to the fabric store yesterday to get more quilt batting so I am happy to say that I completed the challenge. The top and back are all put together and quilted…hooray! Thanks so much for offering this challenge, it really motivated me! I don’t have a blog so I won’t be able to link you to the pics, would like for me to post them on FB and tag you?

  6. I tried adding your button to my blog and it does not work for me. I love your Dresden for DQS9. I wish I had listed red and purple in my likes… LOL

  7. Great Challenge this week Amy! I was able to complete my challenge of finishing my Mini Margaret Purse! I have started on another goal, getting the top of my doll quilt done! While I am not in any swap for it, I want to complete it to put on my kitchen table!! Thanks for the challenge and the chance to win a charm pack!!

  8. Thanks for the focus Amy, I not only got my quilt top pieced but got it quilted and the binding sewn on too! I love your dresden plates, it’s wonderful!

  9. I just love your dresden plate it is such beautiful colors and so different from any I have seen. I am sure your partner will love it I would.I did start a little bag I have wanted to do and I just have to put handle on but I am not entering the contest because I don’t have a blog to link to.

  10. I met my goal for week one…hooray! I needed this little kick in the pants to finish up the hand quilting on this quilt for our grandson, Nolan, who is due next month! I love how it turned out…lots of work but worth it! Thanks, Amy, for this “Challenge Week”!

  11. Your dresden plate is beautiful!

    I met my goal – finishing that little skirt. I didn’t have a lot left, but I had pretty much zero motivation!

  12. Guess I got in on this too late in the week. I only just posted two days ago, and I didn’t even look at my project. I’ll post again next week to meet my challenge. I like this game.

    Your quilt is gorgeous.

  13. I had a blast finishing piecing this quilt and I’m linked up. I didn’t want to sew as my mom-in-law is visiting. But I did anyway. I sewed at the dining room table while she sat and ate (she is a very slow eater) Who knew eating and sewing could be so much fun! Your project is just beautiful Amy. Thanks for the give-a-way. (Sure hope I win!)

  14. Thanks for the little extra motivation to get into my sewing room this week! The weather has been so warm, I avoid the upstairs when I can, which means the sewing room…

  15. Wow, I love how this quilt turned out. It is sad that you can’t keep it. It would be awesome if you could just look at it and touch it everyday because I think it would make you smile.

  16. The Dresden plate is beautiful! I actually did meet my goal for the week, so thanks for the motivation. I especially needed it this past week. :)

  17. Amy, thank you so much for this challenge – it sure got me going! And I hope to be back next month (though it may collide with my vacation, we’ll see)!
    I absolutely love your Dresden Plate: the colors & setting are beautiful.

  18. Your Dresden quilt looks so bright and happy! Great job on meeting your goal! I’m happy to say that I actually met my goal too, and am feeling extra proud of myself. There are now prairie points attached to my project. Woot!

  19. I got so close! I actually got as far as you did with your dresden plates :) Alas, my goal was to have it totally finished, so I fell just shy of it. There’s always next month!

  20. Oh no! I wasn’t receiving feed from your new site properly and missed the entry deadline (although for the record – I did complete my project on Saturday). However – the good news is that I did complete my quilt top – yeah for me! And thank you so much for the insporation to do so. Can’t wait to play again.

    p.s. You can see this lovely top at my blog: :)

  21. Must’ve missed the linky…my kids came home from 2 weeks with their grandparents yesterday, so no internet time for me:) I did complete my goals though. Thanks for the inspiration.

  22. I didn’t reach my goal…:(. Everything always takes me so much longer than I want it to! I wanted to put together a quilt top–I got half of it cut out. It’s been a productive week, but just not so much for my quilt.
    Lots of people finished so many things!!

  23. Can’t bleieve I forgot to link up my stuff! grr! It’s ok because the challegned inspired me to finish up getting caught up and work on my sons quilt which I did both!
    Good luck to whoever wins the charm pack.

  24. Okay, I think I’m through pinching myself so I can use my fingers to type and say THANK YOU! I honestly took this challenge to get myself motivated, never believing for one second I’d win anything (I rarely do…), but I did! This is my second charm pack win this year – maybe things are turning around for me? (Or maybe I should just take the win and be quiet and hope fate doesn’t notice?)

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