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I have to say, I’m not at all ready to send my girls back to school.  But, I do LOVE school supplies!  I don’t even have to buy them for our girls (so far) but I will browse the aisle anyway.  Over the weekend I found my latest find -

It’s a simple, $3.49, expanding file.  I have been collecting images, from magazines, online, catalogs – everywhere!  Inspiration is everywhere right?  Now it’s not a scattered mess, where ever I can stash it.  So far it’s all in one pocket, but I hope to organize things a bit more soon.  This and my sketch book are my inspiration tools – what do you do with your inspirations?



8 thoughts on “Inspiration Tools

  1. I have an inspiration journal which I cut and paste things into. I made it a few years ago, the photo is here ( ) incase you want to see what it looks like, its pretty full now and I think I need to make a new one, but this time I think it will be a binder instead of a sketch book as over time I have found that some inspiration doesn’t inspire me any more and I would like to change it out!

  2. I keep my computer graphics on the computer saved and then I carefully choose what things to keep from magzines in the binder. When it comes to sketching out ideas I’m a graph paper girl.

  3. I’m bad about keeping ideas in my head and never writing them down. Having a little pocket folder like that would be an excellent idea. Most of time I mark a page in a magazine with a post it and put the magazine in my sewing room.

  4. I keep a 3 ring binder with clear page protectors in it. When I find a cute idea, tip or pattern, I just slip it in the binder! I love flipping through it. I always find things I forgot I had! :)

  5. My favorites tab on my computer is carefully organized so that I can find things I’ve seen online plus I have a file folder for print things – color combinations, etc. I love Coldwater Creek’s catalog for color inspiration – they’ve almost always got at least one thing I cut out and save for future inspiration!!

  6. One of my favorite parts of homeschooling was buying school supplies, lol! I still can’t resist a fresh notebook and newly sharpened pencil!

  7. I do the same thing, I have different files for different projects that I cut out of magazines or get off the internet, then I file them in a special box where I keep all my files.

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