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Today is the day – off to school!  Yesterday we went and got new shoes for each of the girls, happy smiles all around.  Shortly after school ended in June, Ella and I talked about a new bag for her.  She decided that she wanted a messenger bag, and I asked if we should make it.  Being my assistant and seamstress in training she was happy to accept!

Of course I left it until the week before school.  Of course!

I gave her some Oz yardage, and had her cut out some flowers and leaves.  I had been saving a link to a messenger bag tutorial, so that was easy.  I love it when other’s do the math for me!

She’s quite happy with the outcome!  The only change I made to the tutorial is the strap – I cut it twice as wide and folded it to the center.  I detest turning tubes around, it’s just a little extra fabric, and a sturdier strap in my opinion.

The exterior is linen, to show off the applique, but the interior is happy yellow floral.

I’m actually tempted to keep it as my own, but I know that Ella will take good care of it and really enjoy using it.  The appliqué there on the flap, is simply flowers from a large scale print.  I zig-zag appliquéd them into place after we starched them a number of times, per Natalia’s suggestion.  Ella’s had fun showing her friends here in the neighborhood her new bag, and excited to go to school today!

Sneak Peek::

My next quilt project in progress –

I’m a bit further since I took this picture…I love chain piecing!

I hope you are well and blessed today ~


PS – I found Oz fabrics available still here, here, and here.

24 thoughts on “Back to School – Messenger Bag

  1. What a cool bag! How nice the she has a totally original bag for school. I still have a tote bag my mom made me a twenty-five years ago and I love it even more now.

    You turned me on to chain piecing in the sampler quilt instructions and I can’t believe I wasn’t doing it as much before. Now my quilts will be flying off my sewing machine! (in my dreams anyways … ).

  2. Can you share the link to the messenger bag tutorial? I’ve been looking and haven’t found one as great as this one. That would be so great. Thanks!

  3. I have used that tutorial before…for a sweet 8-year girl we know…she loved it (and so did I)! I love that you used the large flowers for the applique’. I have quite a bit of Oz fabric, hmmmm (there is another project to add to the list!). Hope your girls have a wonderful first day at school!

    p.s. I got my new Janome yesterday…yippee!! Still trying to figure it all out but I LOVE it so far. Thank you for the recommendation :o)

  4. Oh Ella! You are one lucky girl!! What an awesome school bag! Great Job on the bag, it sounds like it was a fun Mother/Daughter project for you both!

    I love the fabric in your sneak peek! I can’t wait to see what it is!

  5. I love the messenger bag! The applique just makes it super cute! She is one lucky girl!!! Now back to your busy routine of driving the kids to school!!! :)

  6. Amy… what a beautiful bag!!! How lucky your daughter is to have such a talented mama! You will treasure this memory some day. Now that my kids are all grown, I miss the “back to school” ritual. I guess I will have to wait until I have grandkids to enjoy it once again! Take care!

  7. What a cute bag–she looks really pleased with it. The flowers on the front really make it fantastic! How fun to have a daughter who enjoys sewing with you! I detest turning tubes, too…I almost always end up in utter frustration.

  8. I just love the messenger bag and hope that it doesn’t get tooo trashed as the year progresses. Beware she could put in a request for a “Holiday” one and then a “Spring” one so she can ring the changes and keep the wear even! Just love your ideas.

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