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Posted on August 30th, by Amy in Challenge Week. 38 comments

How was your week?  Did you meet your goal?  I was so happy to see so many of you respond with a goal, and motivated by my challenge!  Today is the day for you to link up and show off, your met goal!

Go post about the challenge, and your goal.  There’s a button in the sidebar.

Come back and put your permalink (grab the link to your post) in the linky here –

Please only link up if you posted a goal in the comments last week.

As for me? I made a lot of progress…my blocks are complete, but not in a top.  I cannot believe how busy our back to school week was!  I’m quite happy with what I did get done in spite of it all!  Here’s what I’m working with -

You have 24 hours to include your link, tomorrow I will up date this post with the winner of the beautiful charm pack, from Piece N Quilt!

Thanks so much for participating – we will do this challenge again next month!


38 thoughts on “One Thing, One Week Challenge :: 2 Link up

  1. I did it! and even got started on piecing them together! Thanks for another great Challenge Week Amy!

    I love the fabrics you have for your project, I can’t wait to see what develops with them!

  2. Hello Amy! I did it! After weeks and weeks of no quilting, I finally finished my project, and am ready to move on to my next. Thanks again for the little puch in the right direction.-)

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  4. Woot! I finished my crib bed skirt! So happy to check one more thing off my nursery checklist. Thanks so much for the challenge – it really helped keep me motivated to finish it this weekend. :)


  5. Hi Amy. Thanks for the motivation to finish my tutorial. It is my first! Now I just need to figure out how to take the tutorial from the website and make a PDF file for it so people can download the PDF if they want to!

    This is all a learning experience for me (only blogging since July 2010) and I admit I have learned a lot! But I also know I have so much more to learn!!!

  6. I linked up, but I’m not sure if it is linking correctly. :( I hope I can still be entered for the giveaway. Thanks again for helping to get me motivated! :)

  7. I finished and then some! I got the fabric for the center cut, pieced and trimmed into blocks – it’s all ready to assemble. I still need to cut the borders, but I’m in good shape!

  8. I completed my challenge. I needed to finish binding on my quilt Kitty Chaos. I seemed to have problems right and left, did a lot of ripping but did finish it. Yippee!!!

  9. Thanks for continuing this challenge. And my GS will thank you too, after he gets the pillowcase. It is good to finish something that has been laying around for so long.

  10. Well, life happened and I didn’t get my goal accomplished – five needs for the quilt ministry came up and that consumed my time. But thanks for doing this again, anyway! I hope to do better next time….

  11. This is my first time posting to One Thing One Week Challenge. Thanks for setting this up, Amy. It got me going on a project that has been sitting for a long time.

  12. Great job to everyone for completing their personal challenge! Thanks to you, Amy, for keeping me on track!!! Can’t wait to see more of what you are doing with that Dream On fabric! Have a fun day!

  13. After the summer chaos, my goal last week was to get back into a routine, and work my quilting time back into it, and to start working on my unfinished projects. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Thank you Amy.

  14. I didn’t quite finish but I made so much progress that I linked up anyway. I have to finish by Thursday evening and I feel that is more than doable. Thank you for sponsoring this challenge, things like this always help! Good luck on your quilt top. I can’t wait to see you on Moda Bake Shop.

  15. The challenge proved to be just what I needed to get to work on my Christmas quilts. The first flimsy is completed (my goal) and I ordered the fabric to finish the next one on my list. Thank you Amy for hosting the challenge!

  16. I did it and then some, I started cutting and finished my 4 Christmas Blocks and I even sewed 1 of the blocks so I am ahead of the game! Thanks for kick starting me again!!! Lucy

  17. I finished the rest of my blocks and even managed to get the blocks all sewn together for my mother-in-law’s Christmas present. Thank you for helping me complete this before I had to go back to work.

  18. I just linked up and my blog post is a bit on the harpy negative side, but I did have a great time with the challenge, and thanks so much Amy for getting me started on a task that I don’t like that much! I needed that kick to get the ball rolling! Everyone else’s projects look great! To another productive week…

  19. I DOUBLED my goal – instead of cutting up 100 fabrics, I got through 200. Thank you for getting me focused. So I decided that given next weekend is a long weekend I should double this goal again – trying to get another 200 fabrics cut. And then shipped off to a couple friends. They don’t have collections the size of mine so they will love getting fabric swatches!
    Thank you again!!!!

  20. I was really hoping to finish up tonight, but a crisis of sorts came up. I wanted to put my whole quilt top together by tonight. I’ve decided that the quilt is going to be for my friend who just had a a mastectomy today. So I will finish it soon!!

  21. My quilt is in one piece now, AND I sewed the binding to the front! The challenge is very effective in pushing me to work on my project.

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