Introducing: Modern Basics

Posted on September 8th, by Amy in books. 53 comments

Yesterday, I was looking around Martingale’s website, I figured my book would be listed soon.  All the final details had come together last month, it was just a matter of time!  My patience paid off, look:

That’s it, my book!  If you click on the cover, you can sign up for an email when it releases, I did, and read more about it!

We still have a couple of months until all is revealed, but it feels so great to share this with you!


53 thoughts on “Introducing: Modern Basics

  1. I love Love LOVE the quilt on the cover. This is so exciting. How can you stand it? Gee wiz~how did you do it? Really? That is a story in itself.So tell us more about it

  2. Congratulations Amy! That is awesome! I can not wait to get my copy! i can only image how you must feel to have your own book! I have been published a few times in a book, and a magazine, and a newspaper, but never my own book! what a high you must be on!

  3. How exciting!!! I went right over and put my e-mail address on the list. I can’t wait to see all of your creations. So happy for you…congrats!!

  4. Woo Hoo, Amy!!!!! How proud you must feel!!!! I have loved your simple style since following your blog! Now more people can enjoy it! Congratulations!!! Karen

  5. Way to go!!

    And thanks for the quilt shop tips for our July trip. We got led astray to a shop in Bountiful. We did our part. Then they led us further astray by introducing us to Neilsen’s Frozen Custard. Then it all went downhill from there and we became custard junkies . . .

  6. How exciting !! congratulations – so you’re kind of having another baby, just this one will not need diapers ;-)) I love your modern, easy-going quilting style.

  7. HOW NEAT !!!!! LOOKS GREAT !!!! CONGRATS !!!! I haven’t been online , and , am getting caught up and see this !!! WOW . can’t wait …………………..

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  9. Must add my congrats as your mom! Yes, I feel like my daughter is having another baby! Grandma took down all the info and loved your appliqued flowers! Loved the pics inside! Dad and I try not to brag too much! To God be the glory! Love you bunches!

  10. Congratulations on the book– that is so cool. Utah quilters rule! Hope to see you at HMQS next spring, I will be there appraising again and will have another antique quilt display (you posted a picture of my brown hexagon antique quilt from this year’s show).
    Sandra in Moab

  11. Major CONGRATULATIONS! What a fantastic achievement! I came over to view the blogger’s quilt festival and came across the news about your new book. Thanks for hosting the quilt festival and I’ll look for your book in my local quilt shop.

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