Fabric Therapy

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Hi there! I hadn’t meant to not post yesterday…just had a day full of running here and there. I had volunteered to help with Quilt Fest in the morning, however Owen and I ended up not being needed (good problem!). So we enjoyed the show before we had to get back to pick up Sophia!  Of course I forgot the camera in my efforts to get out the door in a timely manner…but if you are local check it out!  It was $3 to get in the quilt show/vendor area.  Parent/Teacher conferences and errands filled the afternoon, and left me exhausted!

Imagine my smile as I checked the mail -

These solids were really all I needed… but these charms, jumped in my cart!

I had so much fun working with charms here, I thought I would challenge myself to do it again, in a creative way.  Now to get to the sewing machine!

What are you up to?


Fabrics are Bella Solids, It’s A Hoot, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s – all from Fat Quarter Shop!

12 thoughts on “Fabric Therapy

  1. got my much needed Kona Ash today so I’ve started cutting into my Hope Valley stack! Why is it that the first cut in fabric I l o v e is always so nerve racking?!
    Love the charm packs, looking forward to see what you make with them!

  2. I’ll be starting a baby quilt. Taking my machine outside and enjoying the wonderful Autumn weather.

    I love how the charms just jump into the cart… they do that with me, also. What’s up with that????

  3. I’m working on a “whimsical” quilt needed for the quilt ministry, for a young woman facing some serious surgery – it’s a little out of my comfort range, but I’m having a blast! I should have pics posted by next week…..

  4. Getting fabric in the mail always makes me smile. Have fun with them! I am finishing a Halloween shirt for the 4-year and making a bag for my SIL today. Happy to finally get some time at the sewing machine this week! Smiles…

  5. ugh, i think my morning/day is shot. It all started with my daughter in a whiny mood (“that” kind of day) and then my car wouldn’t start. I figured it just needed a jump but it didn’t even make it to the end of the block. So now I’m waiting for the tow truck. We’ll see how the rest of the day goes :(

    Wish I was playing with my sewing machine this morning!

  6. I’m staring and drooling at my stack of Innocent Crush FQ’s that came in the mail yesterday. Dreaming up all the possibilities of that stack… and cleaning the house before work! lol.

  7. I started a new project today with fabric I won! And a sneaky trip to the LQS meant some fabric jumped into my hands and begged me to take it home! LOL

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