Hi there!  My college roommate and friend, Amy has taken on a new project and she needs help!  I asked her to share a little bit about it here so we can help out.

. . . providing blankets and onesies to children worldwide.

*Tell us about your new project.

It is a new ministry whose goal is to provide receiving blankets and onesies for those in need worldwide.  We only currently have 2 locations to send them but our hope is that as word spreads and our volunteer base increases we will become aware of more needs that we can help meet.

*What prompted you to start this ministry?

I was sitting in church last Sunday and the Pastor’s daughter shared with us the needs of a ministry in South Sudan called In Deed and Truth.  We all had a list of needs in our bulletins but the need for onesies and receiving blankets stuck out to me.  Babies are being sent home from the clinic wrapped in nothing more than a sheet.  It broke my heart.  Then, a missionary from South Sudan shared the message and it was about being called by God.  He presented the question “Are you answering God’s calling or are you still making excuses?”.  I know I can’t go into the mission field right now but that doesn’t mean there is nothing for me to do.  SO I shared it with my husband after church and we all jumped on board.  I am very excited to watch this grow.

*What is your top priority right now?

Our top priority right now is 200 blankets and onesies by Saturday, October 23.  A team is leaving for South Sudan and collecting items on October 24. Its an easy way to get the items to the clinic.  After that initial deadline is passed we will continue in our efforts so that we can provide the same items to orphanages in Haiti.

*Finally, how can we be of help?

Volunteers can help in a variety of ways and for details you can visit our blog but for a quick run down…

We are looking for volunteers to sew blankets, purchase and ship fabric to sewing volunteers, or send gift cards to us for the purchase of fabric or ready made items.  We will also take your gently used onesies or blankets.  We just ask that they are not stained or damaged.

Are you in?  Find some fabric in your stash you no longer love, these babe will cherish it, and sew up a blanket.  or two, or three!  I have a couple blankets to sew up myself.  Amy has details for where to send,  and links to tutorials making it super easy to help out.

Thanks Amy, for sharing and hopefully the blankets and onesies start rolling in soon!