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Posted on November 9th, by Amy in finished quilt. 34 comments

Much earlier in the year, as I was working on my Doll Quilt Swap, I made a bunch of disappearing 9-patch blocks.  I was considering them for the background to the dresden plates, but decided on the plainer background, because the plates were lost on this busy background.  I put it aside and didn’t really even share it here.  I wasn’t sure how I wanted to finish it…but did begin collecting perle cottons for appliqué maybe, and hand quilting.  I decided last week (inspired by the Festival) that hand quilting circles was my plan!

I used a variety of colors, from the colorful top, and a variety of circles from the kitchen.  I learned how to properly hide knots, and really enjoyed the process!

Do you hand quilt at all?  I’m curious to know if it’s an addiction…seems like it could be!

I had a lot of fun working on this, but I’m not sold on hand quilting anything larger yet.  This one measures 17″ x 22″, and my fingers were very sore afterward.

Today I hope to hear from the rest of the winners and finish up my Festival duties.  The Sewing Summit, is moving forward – we signed our venue contract last week, and got more details up on the site!

Happy Quilting,


34 thoughts on “Doll Quilt Finish

  1. this is so cute!! i want to make a doll quilt to match alison’s quilt. I’ve done a bit of handquilting when i was much younger at my grandma’s. i think i might enjoy the slowness of it now. i didn’t fully appreciate it then.

  2. I love your disappearing nine patch it beautiful! I love the colors! As for hand quilting that’s all I used to do until my hand and arm said no more. Hand quilting is hard all on ones tendons(sp) tendenitis and carpal tunnel are the two favorites that hand quilting can cause. Particularly is one already has a tenanacy toward them. But if it weren’t for those little annoying and painful problems hand quilting would be my life. I loved the time and energy I put in and the extra personal touch that it adds to a quilt. I have found that machine quilting my projects myself is impowering in a different way. I love them both.

  3. What a pretty doll quilt! I love doing disappearing 9-patches. Great block for these sweet fabrics. Now those hand quilted circles – they are so fun on this quilt! I have done a little bit of hand quilting, but it was hard on my hands so it probably won’t become an obsession for me. I would rather sew hexagons or knit.

  4. yes, I do hand quilt, because I cannot machine quilt, it gets all plucky and wrong. I would love to learn machine quilting… but I also love hand quilting in the evenings snuggled under my the quilt I am working on :-)

  5. Lovely! I like to hand quilt small things, but then sometimes they sit for a while. I hand quilted part of a baby quilt for one of my nieces and I really really don’t want to hand quilt anything larger–it would take forever!

  6. Lovely! I just finished quilting a baby quilt by hand and I loved it…although I had a few issues with some knots here and there. Any tips?

    By the way, love the circles! That is the design I had picked out for my next baby quilt quilting.

  7. Gorgeous little quilt.
    I love having some hand quilting to do for those times when I’m not with my sewing machine.
    It’s especially lovely in the colder weather when you have the quilt over our knees to keep warm!

  8. Gorgeous little quilt.
    I love having some hand quilting to do for those times when I’m not with my sewing machine.
    It’s especially lovely in the colder weather when you have the quilt over our knees to keep warm!

  9. Amy it’s just darling! I love hand quilting, and there are a few tricks to make it easier. I use a leather thimble, it’s just an adhesive dot that sticks and can be re-used time after time. And for pulling the needle through, I use a finger cot – from the office supply store – really helps with the tugging. I like to hand quilt LARGE quilts!

  10. I love the fabrics! I have a bunch of “Happy” charm squares, they are a fun line! :) Love your quilt! I don’t hand quilt, in fact, I don’t know how to do any hand quilting, or anything more than tying a quilt, really, because I’m so new, but I’m looking forward to learning! :)

  11. very cute amy! I havent tried hand quilting anything yet, but i love your circles! I would imagine though if you only quilted and did a lot of traveling you could get a bunch of hand quilting done. Perhaps i will try it next time we go on a trip when I can’t bring my machine. i like the look of handquilting though, it looks so whimsical.

  12. Hand quilting can become an addiction!! I quilted at least 3 hours almost every night for about 20 years–loved every minute of it. I found it to be most relaxing and rewarding. But–I had carpel tunnel surgery last Friday on my right wrist and will have it on the left in a few weeks!! Now most of my quilting is done on my sewing machine, if it is a small project or by someone with a long arm. At 81, the carpel tunnel and arthritis make hand quilting almost impossible.

  13. Love the quilt and the bright colours! and the circles for the quilting are brilliant. I’m just learning machine quilting. My dream studio set up (outside of quilting all the time, instead of having to go to work to pay for fabric…and the rest of life) would be 1 large project on the quilt frame to do in bits and pieces – cause I can’t do more than an hour at a time, and other projects on the go – making tops and machine quilting. I would like to keep the handquilting for special one of a kind projects.

  14. Your quilt looks great! Yes, hand quilting is addicting. I make small wall-hanging size quilts just so I can hand quilt them. (I would never have the patience to hand quilt a large bed size quilt.)

  15. I love using pearl cottons on wall hangings because you can be so graphic. On a flag quilt I quilted words on the strips in large block letters. I did spirls on a kaleidescope wall hanging.

  16. I learned by hand piecing and quilting. I would hand quilt everything I did if there were 48 hours in a day. I LOVE hand quilting. Such control! Such possibility! If I were really smart I’d figure out how to design a machine that quilts with the same control and satisfaction as one can do by hand… I love what you’ve done, btw. best…Susan

  17. I think if the pearl cotton stitching were on a bigger quilt it would be what my mother called “toe catchers”. No offence to your quilting, your stitches are even. I like the circles on the D9P.

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