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I have the beginnings of a commissioned quilt…just haven’t had the chance to open the fabric quite yet!

Actually, I just opened it.  I brought it with me to the couch to inspire my post and couldn’t resist any longer!  The Lily & Will prints are so sweet, and soft.  I love the double polka dot and the bunnies.  Be looking for more of this project in progress,  I hope to get started right away!

What are you working on??


PS – as I write this there just 4 Easy Dresden rulers left in the shop!

22 thoughts on “Beginnings

  1. Now in my craft room – a toddler quilt which just needs to hand sew the binding down. A twin size quilt waiting to be quilted – just straight lines. And another twin size quilt – the top just needs to be sewn together (its already pinned).

    The sad thing – last weekend somehow I got a stiffed neck. I ruined it all by attending for a few minutes of my weekly body combat class. For two days my neck and shoulders are paining and I think I will be taking at least a two week break from crafting and enjoying Dan Brown’s THE LOST SYMBOL.

  2. I loved working with Lily and Will for the MBS. It is such adorable fabric!! I can’t wait to see what you are making with it. I am working on my JoAnn Quilt Contest quilt. Hopefully just a day or 2 more and I will have the top done :)

  3. Today I’m ripping out part of the quilting on a super simple quilt & hoping to sandwich a few mini quilts. Your work is inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Do you get creative license on the pattern for the quilt?

    I’m not working on anything. We have to get our house in order (kitchen reno is almost complete) to have family over for Thanksgiving. Oh yeah, and I’m doing 2 weddings this weekend & next. I am super busy!

  5. I’m never just working on one thing, but my primary project right now is a baby quilt of hexagons. We’ll see if it ends up a stroller size or a crib quilt. All that hand stitching makes me think stroller!

  6. I just had to leave a comment…I am working on a “Lilly and Will” quilt! I enjoy reading your blog and want to thank you for all of your work on the Blogger’s quilt festival as well as your tutorials. I am new to blogging and don’t know how to put one of my quilts online. Hopefully by the time you have your next one (?) I will have learned!

  7. I am also working a a commissioned quilt! It is a signature quilt that the names are embroidered on with embroidered roses. It will be a Christmas quilt for the family’s mother. I have just one more name to embroider and then I can started squareing up the blocks and sewing them together with half square triangles framing the blocks. It will be fast putting it together then!
    I can’t wait to see what you are making with that nice fabric!

  8. I am just starting new new triangle quilt. Scrappy. And since I’m off today all the boring stuff too, like laundry, yard clean up, a few odds and ends. Can’t wait to get back into my sewing room as soon as the sun goes down!

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  10. This fabric line is new to me but it looks very pretty!

    Today I’m working on Make a Boob, a breast cancer art theraphy and awareness project. I’d never thought I would be known as the boob collector, but there you go.-)

  11. I can’t wait to see what you are working on Amy! I love the Lily and Will prints! Today, I am working on getting my blocks ready for my machine quilting class that I am taking on Saturday. I am also working more on my quilt that I designed, I am hoping to get at least 4 more blocks completed by the end of the weekend. its nice today because Chris and I have the day off from the restaurant, so we are able to do a few things at home today!

  12. That line is so precious. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

    I am working on a long list of all kinds of stuff! I really need to stick to making just a few different things…maybe after the holidays.

  13. Today I made the quilt sandwiches for two memory quilt tops that a lady commissioned me to quilt and bind. These are the two full size tops; then there’s a twin size top to do too. But I think I’m going to get these two quilted, then start working on the small one. Can’t wait to see that Lilli & Will quilt!

  14. This is super random but I’ve just been coming across blogs written by Amy’. Its amazing how many I’ve found. We should start a collective! Bloggers named Amy. The name is negotiable. hehe

  15. Machine quilting a client’s Carpenter’s Star quilt that she started in a class I taught last month. Beautiful! When I need a break from the machine, I have about six little projects–apron, pincushion, pillow, a couple of table runners and four quilt blocks for a sampler that I am working on simultaneously. I think I have quilter’s A.D.D. :)

  16. Hi! I hang my head in shame to admit to you that I did not get to participate in the Festival this year. Waaaa…. I haven’t even gone over to look. Bummer. Not here, however, to confess but to join in and tell you that I am working on a new stashbuster log cabin that Jodi is hosting over at Pleasant Home. I have been having so much fun! About two weeks ago I made two tops, one crazy one of all my colors in 2.5″ squares and then a pastel one alternated with white 2.5″ squares. Now, with the log cabins, I just don’t see a dent in my scraps! It is amazing though how far scraps will go. Really! I need to post on the latest top but haven’t but the 2.5″ ones are up. Hope you come by. Thanks for putting this festival on every year. Really!

  17. Just received 6 quilts back from the quilter now I must do the bindings on them before Christmas….where to find the time?? Thanks for your inspiration – keeps me sewing. Many Blessings!

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