One Thing, One Week Challenge :: 5

Posted on November 22nd, by Amy in Challenge Week. 69 comments

Hi there!  I know that for us in the states, it is a holiday week, but I also know that we just have a month until Christmas.  I know I need a challenge, how about you?

What will you challenge yourself with this week?

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I don’t want you to be stressed out about this challenge, but I do hope to MOTIVATE you.  Finish something, start something, just don’t be overwhelmed by everything – One Thing!

You decide, what’s reasonable for you to get done in a weeks time, and tell me your goal in the commentsNext Monday, I will have a linky and you can link to your blog/flickr post, and show off your met goal!


My goal for the week, is to design and cut out 9 or 10 table runners.  I think they will mostly be the same, but a couple need something a little extra!  I’ll show you my cut piles next week.


For those of you that meet your goal, you will be entered to win a Dream On charm pack!

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Motivate your friends too!

Have a productive week~


69 thoughts on “One Thing, One Week Challenge :: 5

  1. greetings all ! my goal for the week is to finish a quilt top and the back ( it will be pieced old cut up blue jeans ) and get it to the quilter by tomorrow ! AND to make 3 table runners for Christmas gifts ( these will be my first table runners ever!) . Thanks for the extra encouragement Amy !

  2. What a great idea Amy… My goal is not too big…. I want to finish the crochet edging for a baby blanket and cut out burp cloths and flannel wraps…. getting ready for new grandie next year…

  3. I shudder to think what I have to get done over the next few weeks, so I guess it’s a pretty good idea to commit to something this week. Let’s see… about I’ll finish 2 big clutches I’ve been promising someone? Let’s get to work, ladies!

  4. My goals (its Christmas time so I have to get more than one done!!!) this week are:

    milkee pillowcases – 6
    additional 10 mini stockings for work
    owl quilt DONE
    three jewelry kits sent out – to include an apron in each

    Whew – that should keep me busy!


  5. Ohhh, I am so glad you are doing this. I have a quilt top and Back ready to be quilted, and bound. So that is my goal for this week. The hardest part will be driving to the store for thread to match :) If all goes as planned, I will have another Christmas present knocked off the list by Sunday.

  6. I will try this again now that I know the “rules”. I will try to remember to post my blog post Monday night instead of Tuesday morning (which is my crafty day). At the very least, I’ll accomplish a goal or two even if I don’t make the “deadline”. :-D

    My goal for this week is to 1) start and finish making block 2 for the Layer Cake quilt along (> and 2) cut and sew on borders for the Maxine quilt.

  7. My goal is to make the 3 winter skirts for Alison (before it’s not winter anymore!) and to design a Christmas Stocking pattern!
    Thanks for the challenge! Now that it’s in writing for everyone to see, I HAVE to do it!

  8. My goal is to complete all my bee blocks and get them off my sewing table.

    My other goal is to try and find an advent calendar I’d like to do for my grandson.

    I’ll take any suggestions!

  9. I needed some motivation this week. My goal is to get the binding done on my Christmas table runner so I can put it on my table next week when I start decorating for the holidays! I’d also like to get the binding done on a Christmas present I’m making. I’m afraid if I wait, I’ll be binding and binding Christmas Eve!

  10. My goal for this week is to quilt my Falling Waters quilt. I have been putting it off for oh, months! It’s huge by my standards–about 80 X 80, and I need to quilt it on my sewing machine. I really want it done so I can use it this winter! Like the YMCA, it’s so much better when you have a “buddy” to answer to! Thanks for being my buddy!

  11. What fun! I just found you via AmyLouWho’s blog! I haven’t decided yet, but I will either be making my Holiday Gift Exchange mug rugs (2) or my Advent calendar. My goal is to have one of those two projects finished.

  12. I am in and setting my goal low this week, since we will be out of town for the majority of the week! My goal is to create the sandwich of my advent calender quilt…aka the top is pieced, I have the batting, I just need to finish the pieced backing and then baste the sandwich together (I hand baste, don’t use safety pins!) Oh and P.S. I HATE THIS PART of quilting! Wish me luck!

  13. My goal for this week, is to finish two mug rugs that will be Christmas gifts. I started one during FNSI, but I think I will use it as practice run, and re-work it a bit.

    ~ Meagan

  14. My goal for this challenge will be to finish my family Christmas gifts. I have 9 to finish. They are a stitchery. I need to finish them and get them into frames. Good luck to everyone.

  15. Well since my sewing machine is at the repair shop I thinks I’ll try to get the design done for a crib quilt for my son. I have the design done for a twin size quilt for his older brother so I just have to make a smaller version.

  16. Thanks for the challenge Amy. I need to cut all of my fabric for making the holiday wall hanging that I will be making for my boss’s holiday present. I have been procrastinating on this. So I vow to get that done this week!

    Hopefully with the cutting out of the way, I will love the sewing part! LOL

    Have a great week!
    carla louise

  17. Okay, I’ll play. This week I need to bind, wash/dry, mail two table runners. I would also like to make at least ONE upcycled sweater pillow.

    I have a really long list but with my kids coming home, Thanksgiving to prepare and partake I think I will keep the ONE THING Challenge to actually those ‘three’ things. :D

  18. My goal is to finish the top and back for a quilt I am making for a 17year old girl for a charity tree. And to work out how to post the results – I am just learning to to all the online stuff and I REFUSE to ask my know-it-all teenage sons! They think they are superior as it is!

  19. My goal is to finish the standing Christmas decorations that I’ve started – I have a whole bundle of legs, bodys and ears that are stuffed and just need to be finished and sewn together!

  20. Hmmm…..I think this week I’ll try to get teachers gifts at least cut out. They’re all going to be the same pattern so it’ll just be assembly line!

  21. Thank you Amy for sponsoring this. I find it really helps me get things done. This week I want to finish at least one of the table runners that I’m working on. Wish me luck, I also hosting Thanksgiving and family craft day (Friday) and attending my brothers 50th wedding anniversary party (Saturday).

  22. Hi all! This is my first time commenting, but Amy, I check your blog every day, I love it! (and I bought the dresden ruler after you posted about it and I LOVE IT!! My table square and the placemats both use it!)

    My goal for this week is to quilt a 24×24 table square, I already have it pieced, and to piece 6 placemats that are a christmas gift to my sister. I’d really like to get them finished 100% but I’m not sure that’s feasible with how my week is looking. So, my goal is to finish the table square and piece the placemats. Thanks for the challenge Amy!

  23. I think you can read my mind! I know you schedule these challenges ahead of time, but it seems they’re always timed just right to give me the kick in the pants I need. I’m challenging myself to finish 5 keychain wallets that will be “stuffed” with niece-appropriate gift cards for Christmas this year.

  24. With a long road trip coming this week, I plan to finish two baby quilts. They are simple, whole cloth quilts, so I should be able to get them basted and quilted before we leave. Then I’ll have plenty of hours in the car to stitch the binding down. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  25. I’m making Christmas ornaments for some presents this year. So my goal this week is to get all my ornaments for my co-workers complete (30 total).

  26. I want to join in the Challenge again. It sure helped motivate me last time!!! Thanks for having it again!

    Hmmmm… many things to get done…..

    Well, my main goal for the week will be to get 12 Christmas blocks cut out and sewn. They will all be out if the same fabric and a fairly easy pattern, so I SHOULD be able to get them done.

    Wish me luck!!

  27. Well, that didn’t last long…..I changed my mind! I really, really need to get an advent calendar done and sent home with my DD and SIL this weekend. I’m not that excited about making it, but IT NEEDS TO GET DONE! So, now I have a definate plan! Thanks again, Amy.

  28. Oh good, I need a challenge. I plan to complete my table runner for a Secret Santa swap, and make at least one, (maybe 2) mug rugs. Thanks for the challenge!

  29. committing to finish my 9-patch quilt this week! binding is made… about 16 (sigh) more straight lines of quilting and 2 free motion passes and the quilting will be done.

  30. My goal is to finish the quilt I’ve been working on since September! I’ve just been stuck with it and maybe need to put it aside for a couple of days. But I’ll set a goal of getting the arrows and feathers done this week.

  31. I’m a day late…but my goal is to start & finish my sister’s camera strap cover and get at LEAST half of an apron I’ve been working on done. Hope I make the deadline! :)

  32. I am gonna get some more clothes done…can you see it sucking me in? LOL Having a good sewing machine makes the entire experience so much nicer :)

  33. alright, I am joining up this time. I want to get teh top done for my hubbys quilt, and I just decided to applique one bart on, so that’s manageable. Ijust need to run to JoAnns tomorrow or Fri!

  34. Yay for your challenges, Amy! It is going to be a busy week, but I really hope to get a good start on some holiday crafting. Specifically, I want to get a fabric basket made and a mug rug started. Here’s hopin’! :)

  35. I got a new to me sewing machine with a cabinet on Saturday! I’m so excited I can’t hardly stand it, but now I need to reorganize my craft room and make room for the sewing machine cabinet. A daunting task, but a very worth while one.

  36. I’ve needed to make myself some more breast milk pads for the last two months as I only have 2 pair. Not really glamorous, but I think this challenge will actually make me do it!

  37. Ack! I just heard about this through amylouwho’s blog – I hope it’s not too late to add my goal!

    My goal this week is to finish an advent calendar I’m making for my sister’s bday. So far I have all 24 ornaments made, now I just need to go sew 24 little white buttons on a felt tree and add the binding!

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