Doll Quilts

Posted on December 31st, by Amy in finished project, finished quilt. 17 comments

Hi there!  To round out the dozen Christmas gifts I made this year, are three doll quilts!  Nieces and my cousin’s daughter were the happy recipients.

Sophia helped me with the pictures before Christmas -

Diamond in a square alternated with squares, in It’s a Hoot fabrics, and quilted on a diagonal.

This one is random size strips of Freebird, and quilted with random diagonals.

Diamond in a square alternated with squares again, in Sweet Divinity, and quilted on the diagonals.  I cut both of these on my Go! Cutter, and have been thinking I could cut kits if any of you are interested in making your own.  They would be different fabrics some more scrappy like the first, and others more planned like the second.  What do you think?

The girls all loved them, and were excited to get them home to their baby dolls.  Sophia got a little silly after taking a bunch of pictures with me -

Her sisters came home while we were in the middle of it, and were adding to the sillyness!

Happy New Years~


17 thoughts on “Doll Quilts

  1. So precious! I especially love the diamonds and squares. I’m sure you made some lucky dollies very happy!
    I am interested in your thoughts on the Go Cutter. I am very tempted to get one myself, but it would be a rather significant investment for a “noob” quilter! Do you love it, can’t live without it?
    PS. Your daughter is adorable! Mine is 20 now, and while it is fun having a “grown up” to pal around with, I sure do miss having a girl that age!

  2. Amy!
    Wow! I think I need to invest in a go cutter! Those doll quilts are quite lovely. All of them; and your niece is a real cutie! lol. There’s nothing wrong with a little silliness while we work or play? Sewing is so much fun and if you can get them when they’re young, it really changes their lives forever!
    SEW ON! you ROCK!



  3. I would have LOVED a quilted doll blanket when I was young. I played dolls with my best friend every day until we were like 10!
    They are beautiful (and so is your helper!) Hope you have a fun bringing in the New Year!

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  5. These doll quilts are so adorable! How wonderful to be able to give these as gifts. I especially love that diamond in a square pattern, so I would be interested in a kit! Happy New Year to you Amy!

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