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Posted on February 16th, by Amy in give away. 413 comments

I recently “met” Cara.  She emailed me about Calypso Swing, and we struck up a conversation.  One thing led to another and I recieved a pile of fat quarters in the mail! The best part? She sent an extra set, to share with one of you!

Calypso Swing is the brain child of Mark Cesarik, and Free Spirit produced this line of fabric.  Cara is Mark’s wife, and is the crafty, quilter blogger, sharing her projects with Mark’s fabric!  I asked Mark a few questions so we could get to know him better :

Calypso Swing is your first foray into fabric, what made you decide to put your art onto fabric?
Calypso Swing is my first fabric collection with Free Spirit, however, I have been designing fabrics under the SewBettie Moniker for the last 4 years. My background is in Fine Art & Design and my wife is very big into quilting/crafting. I suppose it was just a perfect storm for creating our own independent fabric business, which obviously has led me to Calypso Swing.

Was there any particular inspiration to the line?
The foundation for me in this line were the colors. Obviously I had some sketches and ideas that I was working with but the cohesion of the line is formed by the colors and the mood. I wanted this line to be very happy and celebratory and I think the design elements fit with the colors quite well. There’s a lot of movement, a lot of “swing” so to speak. And obviously the name “calypso” comes from Greek Mythology.

What’s next?  More fabric!?
My next fabric line from Free Spirit is called “Morning Tides.” I’m in love with this collection as well and I think you will see it sometime this spring. I will be at the Spring Quilt Market in Salt Lake City this May and hopefully will have quite a few finished products with both lines to show. This is my first Quilt Market and I can’t wait for the experience. Hopefully this will be the first of many!

What do you think?  Want to win some fabric?

- Leave me a comment

- Follow or add Cara’s blog to your reader, and leave me a comment letting me know

I will select a winner on Monday, February 21.

Good luck to all of you, and if you want to purchase Calypso Swing, check out this page for more information!


413 thoughts on “Calypso Swing — Giveaway!

  1. I really like these fat quarters. For people who like to use all one line of fabric, there is good light, medium and dark value. Plus I like the mixture of graphic design + floral. How generous to share!

  2. This is such a pretty line of fabric – pink is not my favorite color, but I love the way this works with the black, grey and white! Very cool and contemporary looking!!

  3. What Beautiful fabric. They sure grabbed my attention when the picture came up. WOW
    Sorry, don’t have a blog, but maybe I need to start one :)

  4. What beautiful fabric – pinks, greys, blacks & whites – absolutely amazing!!! Gets those create juices flowing…. Hum…. Thanks!

  5. I have added Cara’s (new to me) Blog to my ever-growing list of Google Reader blogs. Absolutely love Calypso Swing and the pink/black colour way is to die for!

  6. I love this combination of colours – what a great fabric line! I would be thrilled to win the bundle of fat quarters – thank you so much for the opportunity.

  7. I am new to quilting and love your site! Thanks for the tips and ideas. I would love to win these fabrics, my daughter would love a quilt of this material. She is 4.5 years old and she saw the pictures and she said I want them!!! LOL! Thanks for the opportunity!

  8. So pretty! Girly without being childish…this could be the perfect line to do a quilt for my niece’s birthday. She’ll only be five, but I am so afraid of fabrics that won’t grow with her!

  9. I usually don’t like pink, Amy, but when I checked your blog and saw the photo of this fabric, I am amazed. It is so beautiful!

  10. These are wonderful fabrics. I am getting fonder and fonder? is that proper english? of the light silver gray with other fabrics, it is great in this line.

  11. I love the colors and the designs. Who knew such bold prints could go together so well!

  12. Wow, I am totally loving on the pink/gray combo, so pretty! It would make a fabulous quilt for my little girl :)

  13. I am now following Cara! Can’t wait to see the new line! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  14. This fabric line is spectacular! So Clean! So Crisp! And so ‘Free Spirit’! Went to her blog and signed up and just gushed over their new ‘Valentine’. Thank you for showcasing them.

  15. Lovely! My daughter is all about some pink. I love the combination with the black and white. Going to check out Cara’s blog now!

  16. Very retro and very cool. Not my normal style but I need to sometimes be kicked into trying something new. This would be a great opportunity for that!

  17. these fabrics would fill a hole in my stash for sure! ntohing like there in my collection, what a lovely group of fabrics.

  18. There are so many good things about this new line, and I agree with other comments that it’s got a good mix of lights, meds & darks. That always refreshing and appreciated!

  19. OMG, more grays!!! That is one color I do not have much of, and I am loving the pink and gray combination. I want to start making some mug rugs and I think those colors would be great in some of my friends’ kitchens.

    Love reading the blog and seeing all the new ideas.

  20. Thanks Amy, I am following Cara and Mark, and thanks for think to the site to purchase the fabrics…i am sure i’ll need more very soon!

  21. I love this color combination. So different and fun looking. Thanks for the chance to win in your giveaway.

  22. I love this fabric. I’m learning to make mug rugs, and these patterns would make them so cute.

  23. Love the colors and patterns in this line. It’s so cool mod. Can’t wait to see your finished products.

  24. I LOVE/ADORE this fabric line although the purples are my favorites but they are all just beautiful. Mark has done an amazing job designing this line. The minute I saw this today I emailed my husband warning him I WILL be spending a lot of money for this fabric the second I am paid next month. ugh. I have to wait an entire MONTH!!!!!! :( Maybe I’ll be super lucky to win some to play with until then.

    Thank you for the giveaway. I’ll be sitting here with fingers crossed and toes too.

  25. I am now a follower of Mark’s blog and posted there as well. (I’m assuming you meant his when you said Cara’s? since the link went to his)

    I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next. If it’s anything like Calypso I can see that I’ll be his best customer. LOL

  26. Oh my this fabric is so lovely. It’s been a while since I’ve seen fabric that I absolutely HAD to HAVE, but this is it. I HAVE to get me some of this, it’s beautiful!

  27. What a fantastic line of fabrics. I’m completely in love. It looks girlie but not too girlie and I believe even my husband could live with it in the bedroom :-)
    What a great giveaway!

  28. Lots of possibilities with the wonderful fabrics.
    I am finding myself thinking more in terms of what can I make with the fabrics, instead of what fabrics do I need for a project.


  29. LOVE the designs in the fabrics. it’s great to get to know something about who designed them! thanks for the wonderful opportunity and have a great day

  30. signed up to follow cara–just love those fabrics, especially the ones with purple in them, but the graphics are all so fantastic!!

  31. This line looks very interesting. Can’t wait to see what morning tides will look like.
    Have a great day!

  32. Wow! What a striking fabric line! So many possibilities! Thanks for the opportunity of winning some of it.

  33. I love this line for clothing. The subtle palette is more my style than the ultra bright colors I use for my grands’ skirts and dresses.

  34. Absolutely love Calypso Swing–Gray is my favorite color and is very hard to find in the fabric stores.

  35. More grey! Although I have not been a fan in the past there have been a lot of nice uses and combos of the color lately, including this one.

  36. I think this is such a pretty, pretty line. I love this combination of colors. I work with ornamental iron, and this line reminds me of beautiful ornamental, lacy scroll work! :)

  37. Oh, I know just what I’d do with this – make one of Lily Quilts Moda Bakeshop hexagon quilts! In fact, if I don’t win? I think I’ll buy some and make one!

  38. What a beautiful collection!! Thanks for showing it to us and giving us this opportunity!

  39. Hi Amy I love the calypso Swing material I have never seen it before. I live in a very small little town where we have to drive over an hour to get to any thing grocery stores, material, or even a mcdonalds. May be that is why i have never heard of it lol, I LOVE IT> Thanks so much for alowing me to be able to see the fabrics that I would not see with out your blog. I am also a follower of Cara’s blog she has some beautiful pics of the material. Once again thank you very much Karen

  40. WOW, What more is there to say? Just love the looks of this fabric. Can’t wait to get started making a bag, apron or even a cute little dress for my favorite granddaughter.

  41. I love these fabrics, can’t wait to see the next lot too. Thanks for opportunity to win some.

  42. What a lovely fabric line. The MC01 reminds me of cloisonne beads before they start filling in the enamel, I absolutely adore it.

  43. I am in love with this fabric. I love the pink, gray and black colors together. I can see a lap quilt made just for me with this fabric.

  44. I love the collection, especially the grays. I’m on the lookout for grays for a new quilt I’m planning.

  45. Oh, these are WONDERFUL! My favorite color combination too! Would love to have some in my stash. ‘)
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  46. Absolutely wonderful designs and the colors are perfect with each other. I wouldn’t mind winning.

  47. I’m now following via blogger
    and via Google Friend Connect Lauralee Hensley
    lfhpueblo at msn dot com

  48. I just love the colors and the designs. Gray is such a great color and I love it paired with pink. Hope I can win!!!!!!!

  49. I love the colors and the design. Gray is such a cool color and I love it paired with pink. Hope I win.

  50. OH MY GOODNESS! I was just picking this collection out to use in her daughters new snuggle blankie! How wonderful it would be to win this to use in my gift to her!

  51. Hi Amy,
    Thank you for turning me on to this wonderful designer! Yes, I am now following their blog. They’re making wonderfully designed fabric! Awesome!


  52. “Calipso Swing” reminds me of a Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers movie: classic, timeless, stylish, lovely. I’d love to spend some time making a quilt with this beautiful fabric.

  53. “Calipso Swing” reminds me of a Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers movie: classic. stylish, timeless, lovely. It would be wonderful to spend time with this fabric, making a lovely quilt. Thanks for sharing!

  54. I love the colors and prints! They all work so great together!!
    Pick me!! I would love to put something together and share w/ all!

  55. Thanks for hosting the giveaway. I like the whole line of CS…but especially love MC04….that would be looking grand as my new cushion covers….they are all so yummy…


  56. This%20fabric%20is%20so%20cool.I%20can%20already%20see%20lots%20of%20new%20projects%20with%20this%20fabric%20line

  57. I’m following their blog! Interested to see what else his lovely brain comes up with in fabric. The colourways are stunning.

  58. Pingback: My Link List – For You! | Amy's Creative Side

  59. OM! What a lovely bundle!! I loove pink, I’m a “pinkish” girl for sure. Mostly with those yummy grey & black combinations! Tks, xoxo

  60. When I was in high school I made all my own clothes. Many of them were pink & grey. My friends called me freaky. I love pink & grey together to this day! Great fabric!

  61. Calypso Swing — the sense of motion in the fabric pattern reflects the name of the collection. Sweet – I want some – Thanks to you and Cara for this swinging giveaway.

  62. I love any color combination that includes soft grey – pretty, pretty, pretty!
    Thanks for including your readers in this fun new line!

  63. Always ready to add new fabrics to my ever-growing stash mountain!!
    nettecan at hotmail dot com

  64. Thank you for the opportunity to own this beautiful fabric – conveys movement in the pattern – just like the name Calypso Swing. Please enter me into the draw.

  65. WOW! What a great blog and site I just discovered it!
    So-o-o inspiring!
    Maybe I’ll win some Calypso Swing?
    Thanks I’m off to read one thing one week Challenge.

  66. I follow cara thru blogger (follow button in the header) at markcesarik.blogspot
    Thanks for the chance to win this lovely fabric.

  67. Oh so pretty! I love that pink with the neutrals. Thanks for giving some away! Wow! Someone is going to have a great day!

  68. This is my first time seeing these fabrics – I am so excited because they are right in line with what my friend wants for her wedding quilt! Yay! Thanks for the chance to enter!

  69. Wow , that is beautiful fabric! Very different then the stuff that is out now, which is great.. I love pink and gray together. i love that you are able to share all this neat stuff with us , Thanks Amy!

  70. I am following cara’s blogs, it really nice.
    I don’t know if you noticed mine is abandon, not really I have just been so busy and then I went in to update it and I have been locked out do to conflict with my computer so, my little baby blog it on hold it I fix the problem..

  71. Very Pretty Fabric – absolutely love the black & white flower one! Thanks for a chance to win! :)

  72. I am loving this gray and pink. If had asked me if I liked that color combination I would have told you no but now I am rethinking it. He did a great job.

  73. Love this fabric. Thanks for sharing it with us. I also really like your bog. It has been in my favorites list for quite awhile. Thanks again and have fun with your new fabric.

  74. Love%20this%20fabric.%20%20Thanks%20for%20sharing%20it%20with%20us.%20%20I%20also%20really%20like%20your%20bog.%20%20It%20has%20been%20in%20my%20favorites%20list%20for%20quite%20awhile.%20%20Thanks%20again%20and%20have%20fun%20with%20your%20new%20fabric.

  75. Wow! I hadn’t seen this yet, but it’s lovely! Grey is such a versatile colour, and it looks great with all the blush tones here.

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