Modern Basics Blog Tour :: Day 13

Posted on March 5th, by Amy in Modern Basics. 6 comments

Today is the last day of the tour…all good things must come to an end!

We are off to visit Amy aka amylouwho!

Go visit Amy to read her thoughts about Modern Basics and enter to win a copy, one last time.

Quick List of links to visit:



Old Red Barn Co.

Terriā€™s Notebook

Crazy Mom Quilts

The Wildcards


Jolly Jabber

One Shabby Chic

Canton Village Quilt Works

Diary of a Quilter

Fat Quarterly

Have a great weekend ~


6 thoughts on “Modern Basics Blog Tour :: Day 13

  1. Amy, Congratulations on you FABULOUS new’s GORGEOUS as are all your AMAZING quilt designs. A delight to behold and truly inspiring!!
    i’ve just entered two giveaways..fingers crossed :)) cheers, Marian

  2. Oooh, Amy, I’m so excited – I won a copy of your book on Natalia’s blog today!! I’ve had this book on my Amazon wishlist since you announced it was coming out (which my husband totally ignored!) and can’t wait to make up some of the beautiful quilts I’ve seen on the blog hop!! Woohoo!!

  3. I almost wish they’d gone with the quote on the multi background. Not only for the parade of I-Me-I-Me-O going on… but because it’s a convoluted and stupid sentence. Who talks like this? And of course, it’s important to Him, therefore it’s important to you the proles. Yay gay people! You have achieved true equality: first because President Double Bogey says it, so now it is so; second because you get to be just as much of a prop to His ego and reelection as the rest of your fellow Americans.

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