Finished Quilt Tops!

Posted on March 17th, by Amy in Modern Basics, work in progress. 18 comments

I should probably share these on different days, but I’m too excited!

I have two tops from Modern Basics again – first, Posie Patch:

Posie Patch was made for my local quilt shop, Seasons of Home in Midway.  The shop is making kits available for a class that I get to teach, and HMQS coming in May!  We also set up a trunk show for the entire month of April, complete with a Open House/Book Signing on April 9, 2-5 pm.

The class will be split into two evenings so that we can work on basic piecing, and later appliqué together.  I can put you in touch with the shop if you are interested in signing up – just leave a comment!

I also pieced Basic Puzzle in Calypso Swing:

This one is smaller than what is made in the book,  I had the fat quarters from Mark and Cara and thought this pattern was a great fit.  I love it in prints just as much as the solids!

That’s what I’ve been up to!

I started a flickr group for Modern Basics.  If you have my book and make a quilt from it – share it!

Can’t wait to see -



18 thoughts on “Finished Quilt Tops!

  1. 1
    Suzanne says:

    I’m really enjoying all the different versions of the quilts from your book.

  2. 2
    Mimi says:

    Thanks for sharing… they are beautiful and I would show them off too!!

  3. 3
    Terriaw says:

    Love seeing your quilts in a variety of fabrics and colors! How fun to have the Posie Patch made into quilts for a class. Sounds like a perfect arrangement – piecing in one session and applique in another.

  4. 4
    amylouwho says:

    Love them! And that calypso swing is so cool.

  5. 5
    Lisa says:

    I LOVE your pink and brown quilt top, what a great combo of colors and prints. Your work is always so inspiring!

  6. 6
    Sonia says:

    Thanks for sharing your lovely quilts, they are so beautiful.

  7. 7
    Miss Nancy says:

    Love these quilts especially the first one shown. Great work, well done. Thank you for sharing.

    Have a super great sewing day.

  8. 8
    karenkay says:

    So beautiful….I really like the calypso swing!

  9. 9
    Becky says:

    Cute, Cute, Cute! I seriously love the pink and black combo.

  10. 10

    love them both !! when I make one of them I will add it !

  11. 11
    Allie says:

    Amy they’re gorgeous!!!!

  12. 12
    Pam says:

    Hi Amy,
    love the quilt! I purchased some calypso and really love the fabric; however, haven’t had a chance to cut it yet….maybe it’s too pretty to cut! I love what you’ve done with yours…nice!


  13. 13
    Elise says:

    Love the pink and black. It is so surprising! The appliqué is too too fun!

  14. 14
    kathy harris says:

    THe quilts are great. I especially love the pink and gray one. I am starting to see this color combination every once and a while and I like it a lot.

  15. 15
    Tove Leggett says:

    You have such a good eye and sew so quickly. Could you write your next book on managing my time better so I have time to sew!!!!!!!!!

  16. 16
    Deborah in Atlanta says:

    My eyes keep going back to the 2nd photo in this post. The middle flower almost looks as though it has a face…look below the large circle. You see one eye wide open and the other one is “winking” at you, the nose is the small rosebud and the mouth/smile is the leaves. The large circle could almost be a hat, and the blue dropping down beside it could be a lock of hair. It just jumped right off the screen at me, and I’m surprised more people haven’t seen it. Am I just crazy??? dmj53(at)hotmail(dot)com

  17. 17
    Amy says:

    I LOVE Posie Patch…I need to get your book. Hopefully I get paid this week ;)

  18. 18
    vicki says:

    Gorgeous, Amy!

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