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Posted on April 18th, by Amy in Inspiration. 10 comments

I took a tons of pictures in Washington while we were visiting over Christmas.  Looking through them again, I came across a few that I thought I would share!  Check out this texture :

I think I feel a mossy green quilt coming soon, just need to find a way to add texture like some of these!

Any ideas?

Happy quilting ~ Amy

10 thoughts on “Inspiration :: Texture

  1. You could always use different fabrics. When I see the short thick moss, I always think of velvet, because that’s how it feels. The leafy, white moss in the next to last picture, you could use a paper-y feeling fabric. :) That’s what I’d do. I know that lots of people say you shouldn’t mix fabrics in a quilt, however, did our great gramma’s think of that when they used scraps of clothes to make one?

  2. I saw an interesting idea recently which would work for the bottom photo–white stringy stuff. The artist used a needle-felt attachment on her machine to punch/fuse organza fabric to her piece. I don’t think they make the attachment for all machines but it can also be done manually.

  3. You could alway use applique’ or maybe get the textured look by the the way you quilt it…just thoughts. Whatever you do I am sure it will be fabulous! Have fun figuring it out :)

  4. Those are beautiful pictures- you’re right about the textures. It would be interesting to play with different textures of fabric even within the same color spectrum.

  5. The fun thing it there are so many, fabric out there that visually give texture throught there prints you just choose carefully . I’m sure whatever you choose will good fine, you seem to have a good eye for putting things together.

  6. Oh yum yum – what gorgeous texture! Art quilt or cuddle quilt? Maybe you could dye some chenille green for moss….that would be good for a cuddle quilt. For an art quilt, I’d go NUTS with different fibers….yarns, etc.

  7. Are you thinking an art quilt? Appliqué? Wool felting certainly comes to mind. Silver and apple green…? Could be lovely! Saw you taking those pics; wondered when I’d see them!

  8. I am having fun Blog Hopping this am. Amy I am enjoying your blog. Waiting to see if I am a lucky winner or if I just need to add What A Novel Idea to my shopping list. I will add Strawberry/Angel Food Cake Trifle to my dessert list. Yummy is right!

  9. Hey Ms. Amy, I just love your site ;o) I’ve been receiving your post by e-mail for awhile now. I’ve really enjoyed them. Thanks so much for taking the time. Now onto the reason for my posting a comment…the greens here in these pictures! Today I went to a shop that I had came across in the on line shop hop and low and behold there’s a jelly roll of fabric that so made me think of remark about greens and textures :o) It’s a batik by a company call Island Batik. Here’s a link should you want to look at yourself.

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