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Posted on May 2nd, by Amy in photographs, work in progress. 21 comments

I go back and forth.  Sometimes I quilt my own quilts, sometimes I take them to Natalia.

I always LOVE the results when Natalia has been involved.  This is the back of a quilt, that I cannot show entirely yet, but really wanted to share the fabulous quilting!

What do you think?  Have you had many quilts professionally quilted?

I find the size of my machine is restricting my imagination, when it comes to quilting, especially when it comes to quilting larger quilts.  Maybe I just need to be more imaginative, in a different way…something to think on!

Hope you are blessed today-


PS – It’s May already!?  My to do list has a serious deadline…

21 thoughts on “Professional Quilting

  1. I’ve never had a quilt professionally quilted but I think that there are lots of times when their eyes and hands can enhance a quilt. Way to go!

  2. Cool quilting. I discovered a fabulous long arm quilter in 2008 and she has done the majority of my quilting since. Twenty one quilts and wallhangings in total. I just don’t have confidence or space to do my larger quilts. Now I just have to get busy and finish their bindings!!!

  3. I love my long-arm quilter. I’ll do quick straight-line baby & lap quilts myself, but I don’t have the skill for FMQ. I’ve practiced, sometimes daily for weeks, and I just don’t have it. On the other hand, I’m type-A enough to be a really good piecer.

  4. I’ve just had one charity quilt quilted by Angela from She did a great, amazing job! I’ve quilted all my other quilts myself, so far. Someday… maybe a longarm for me. :0)

  5. I haven’t had the nerve to send anything out. I’m still at the point where I need improvement with my piecing, etc. I know how picky some pros can be. So I do my own.

    Last month I learned a method to do my own without a lot of bulk. I haven’t tried it yet. Learned it from a quilt lecture I attended. It involves cutting the batting into sections and re-attaching it with fusible batting tape. This enables you to get closer to the center of a large quilt without miles and miles of fabric and batting!

  6. I have done about 50-50, meaning 50% quilted myself and 50% quilted by a friend who owns her own professional quilting business. I like the results I get from her, but she has a tendency to want to get a little too fancy with the quilting. I really like simple free motion or straight line quilting, so it’s nice to have the option to do a few myself. Love that quilting on the purple back!

  7. My best friend is a long arm quilter. She has had a quilting machine for about 6 years. Before then, I would try to quilt my own quilts, if they were baby quilts or wallhangings, and, if they were larger quilts, I would take them to a quilter that did pantograms. Pantograms serve a purpose, but I love it that my friend does free motion quilting (no pantograms), and she does it without a computer. I could never make my quilts look as pretty as she makes them, so I just take everything to her; big or small.

    Natalia does such beautiful quilting. I can’t wait to see the rest of your quilt.

  8. I have sent several quilts out over the last few years – usually they are the larger-than-lap-size quilts that I just can’t handle very well with my machine. Also, as far as machine-quilting goes, I only straight-line well. ie. still perfecting my skills with free-motion. So if I want something other than straight-line, I’ll send it out.

  9. This post is so timely. I just posted last night about my frustration over machine quilting my own quilts. I recently discovered Natalia’s talented. She has recently quilted for me too.

  10. I take all my quilts out to be quilted but I would really like to quilt my own and save some money (for more fabric). However, I don’t have much of an imagination to make up my own designs, I seem to wrinkle up the back when trying to pull all of it through the machine or even put a little pleat in the top where 2 quilting lines cross each other. I become quite frustrated each time I try and promise never NEVER NEVER try it again….but I do….just to become frustrated again!

  11. I’ve never gotten a quilt done professionally. The ones I’ve seen done look amazing, but reality is I can’t afford it. And I like to do the whole process myself, even if the quilting design is sometimes limited by my small machine or time if I’m hand quilting. But you can’t argue with how awesome a quilt can be when with a pro quilter.

  12. That is some beautiful stitching! So far I have quilted all my own quilts. They aren’t great, but they are “me.” I seriously considered sending out my “Blockapalooza” quilt. I was so in love with it, and I didn’t want to wreck it with my amateur work. I love looking at a beautiful quilt that has the work of a real longarm artist on it, but I just can’t get over the feeling that if I send it out it would no longer be something that I made myself. Does that make sense? Anyway, I quilted that quilt on my own. Not perfect, but it still feels like “me!”

  13. I love to send my larger quilts out to be quilted and would send more out for quilting, but cost is an issue for me. I feel confident quilting lap size and smaller, so I think twice about make big quilts.

  14. Gorgeous quilting. I’ve never taken my quilts to a professional quilter but I have been considering it lately as my free motion skills aren’t up to snuff.

  15. I’ve only had one quilt professionally quilted so far. I know there will be more as soon as I can afford it. I can’t seem to get the hang of free motion quilting, and a few people suggested that it might be my machine. I’ve tried a fancy machine, and I’d have to say it was much, much easier. However, the long arm quilter I went to had a lovely, lovely set up with a top of the line Gammil machine. It quilts everything perfectly–almost too perfectly to be honest. It turns out beautiful but almost too sterile for my taste. It’s a bit of a conundrum of what to do.

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