Bloggers’ Quilt Festival :: Spring 2011

Posted on May 13th, by Amy in Bloggers Quilt Festival. 652 comments

Welcome to the Festival!  I hope that you have a quilt to share with everyone!  Everyone is welcome to join in the fun, and encouraged to enter a quilt.  No matter your skill level or how many quilts you have completed, there’s no judging in our festival.  So join the fun, make some new friends, and be inspired!

***I know that many of you blogging with blogger, are not able to post due to the outage.  I’m so sorry for your frustration, and I’m trusting that you will be able to post before the week is up.

I must begin by thanking our sponsors!  Thank you all!!  They have been generous and great to work with in the weeks leading up to today.  Please take time to visit each of the shops and find a little something special for yourself.

While you hop through the list, let me know if you see a quilter you would like to have featured on my Friday, Festival Feature.  I’m always in need of more Featured Quilters!

Ready to share your quilt?

Here’s what you need to do to participate:  (Please read carefully)

  1. Write a new post (old posts will be deleted).  Share one quilt, and it’s story.  Why you made it, why it is special to you, what you learned about quilting/yourself while making it.  The quilt doesn’t have to be brand new, never seen before on your blog – show what you like!  Also, please respect my efforts and the efforts of the event sponsors, and do not offer giveaways in your Quilt Festival post.
  2. In your post, link back to the festival.  You can do this with a button, just copy and paste the code into your post, if  all else fails.
  3. Share a permalink to your post, in the linky.  Right click on your post title to copy link address, then paste it in the linky.
  4. Leave me a comment to be entered in the giveaways.
  5. Visit all the other quilters sharing their quilts and be inspired!
  6. If you are on flickr, consider adding your entry to the Group Pool, it’s great to see all the quilts in the gallery!

About our Sponsors –

Back Porch Design is offering a $20 gift certificate!

Canton Village Quilt Works is offering 2 – $20 gift certificates!

Fabric Shoppe is offering a 1/2 yard bundle of Ty Penningtons Impressions in the persimmon and ice color way!

FabricWorm is offering a set of 9 organic fat quarters from the Beach Mod Collection by Monaluna!

Fat Quarter Shop is offering Remix fat quarter packs, your choice of Delight or Happy bundle!

Vicki Welsh is offering assortment of 6 hand dyed fat quarters!

Jillily Studio is offering  1 Appli-Glue, a can of Poke-A-Dots, and a copy of Jill’s recent book book, “Stitched Together!

Lizzie B Cre8ive is offering ”Quiltin’ Happy” with 10 hip and easy quilts and a  bundle of our their new fabric Hip Happy!

Pink Chalk Fabrics is offering 5 – $20 gift certificates!

This n that Creations is offering 5 – $10 gift certificates!

Wish Upon a Quilt is offering a hand selected, by QuiltDad, fat quarter pack used in the most recent Fat Quarterly Issue!

1Choice 4 Quilting is offering a Layer Cake or Jelly Roll of your choice!

Candied Fabrics is offering a collection of 18 hand-dyed fat quarters!

Dawn’s Quilt Corner is offering 5 – 1/2 yard cuts of your choice!

Dewberry Lane is offering 2 – $25 gift certificates!

I Have A Notion is offering a pair of GrabARoo’s- great for free motion quilting and a package of Mistyfuse!

Marmalade Fabrics is offering a $25 gift certificate!

Pat Sloan is offering a quilt kit in her new fabric line – Tribute!

Patchwork Trails is offering your choice of either of these fantastic Patchwork Chair Pads!

Piece N Quilt is offering your choice of 3 quilt patterns!

Prairie Moon Quilts is offering a Cowboy Blessing Mini Quilt kit!

Road Home Quilting is offering 3 Grandmother’s Garden Tote patterns!

Sew Fresh Fabrics is offering a $25 gift certificate!

So Fun Fabrics is offering a $25 gift certificate!

The Quilt Ladies Book Collection is offering a $20 gift certificate!

The Quilted Fish is offering a $50 gift certificate!

Wondrous Woven Fabrics is offering a Jelly Roll in Warm Memories!

After the Festival is over I will announce and contact winners!


Bloggers\’ Quilt Festival – Spring 2011

(Collection closed)
Link tool by

Enter your link and don’t forget to leave a comment!  I hope you have a comfortable spot to enjoy the show from!  If you have a question, please email me directly, as questions in the comments will not be quickly answered, and I will do my best to help.

Enjoy the show!!



652 thoughts on “Bloggers’ Quilt Festival :: Spring 2011

  1. Just to let you know – is down right now for maintenance. Looks like they’re experiencing some more serious problems … so it might take a little while before bloggers with a address can access their dashboards again (therefore – I can’t post my quilt right now … I just hope that the draft will be waiting for me when I can access it again!) Anyway, thanks for hosting this Festival – can’t wait to visit all those lovely quilts!

  2. Blogger is down for maintenance at the moment, figures this happens on the day we’ve all been waiting for! As soon as it’s up and running again I will post my entry. Fingers crossed it’s soon!

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  5. I hope the Blogger people are able to get their quilts posted soon. I made my cup of coffee and am excited to see some new quilts!

  6. Amy, I could not figure out how to get your button in my post so I just linked to your BQF post. I will keep trying and update my post if I am successful. Thanks for this wonderful Festival. It’s a big reason I started blogging!

  7. Thanks for doing this again Amy ! I enjoy joining since you are one of the online help and inspiration that I can make quilts ! I appreciate all of your work you do , tutorials , and festivals ! I love your book and am working on my 2nd quilt from it . Thanks to all the sponsors for the WONDERFUL prizes !!

  8. Looking forward to another great festival….as soon as Blogger gets their act together and I can actually post my entry :S
    Thanks Amy, as always!
    Andi x

  9. Amy I am having the same difficulty as mentioned. I cannot access my dashboard, and my post from yesterday is gone. I hope only temporarily, as I wrote my QF post yesterday morning. Thanks for hosting again. Hope to be back online soon.

  10. Wow, you have lined up some totally amazing sponsors this time around. And I can’t wait to get a chance to sit down and look at all the quilts!

  11. Thanks for doing this for us yet again, Amy! It’s disappointing that blogger is taking so long to solve their problem. If it’s not done soon, I won’t have a chance to post until tomorrow. But, at least I can get this comment in for my entry!

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  13. Amy,

    Thanks for the chance at the giveaways. I have never won a single thing! Maybe this will be the one. Thanks for your blog. It has inspired me quite a few times.


  14. Oh my! How intense is this?! :) Hopefully blogger will get their act together before we leave for market!! Thanks for all you do Amy, looking forward to meeting in person this weekend!

  15. UG! Blogger is still not working. How unfortunate. Thanks Amy for putting this all together again! Can’t wait for the flood of quilts! :)

  16. Blogger— ah phooey!!! Patience right. I did the Flickr thing for now though:) I have my post all written out ready to go. You are awesome for putting this all together Amy!! My FIRST time doing it–looking forward to it:):):):)

  17. Thanks for hosting this again Amy, even while you are at Market! Hope you are having a blast. Can’t wait to look at all the quilts and post myself once blogger is up.

  18. The day I’ve waited for since fall, and blogger goes down – arrrrgh! Amy, thanks so much for hosting this, it’s my favorite thing – I can’t wait to get my post done!

  19. Hi Amy! Second time entering a quilt in BQF, first one was a year ago (a cheater quilt) so I am happy to enter a “real” quilt for the first time! Thanks for putting together this wonderful event!

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  21. Come on blogger! I want to write my BQF post and then sit down with a cuppa and look at everyones gorgeous quilts.
    Oh well the later it gets the more likely it is that that cuppa might change to a glass of vino (its already 5pm in the UK)

  22. This is my first time for Blogger’s festival. How cool is this? I just wish Blogger wasn’t down so I could actually put in my link. Sigh…hopefully they’ll get it working soon!

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  24. Yay! I’m so glad Blogger is back in action. Thanks again for hosting, Amy. I’m so excited to check out the other entries, and the prizes are incredible!

  25. Wow! Yay for you, Amy, for gathering all of these great quilters, bloggers, and sponsors. Almost makes me want to start a blog of my own, just to join in the fun. Thanks for all the behind-the-scenes effort I am sure went into this.

  26. I finally managed to upload my festival entry! Phew! Blogger really decided to celebrate Friday the 13th, huh? Haha!

    Amy, thanks once again for hosting this amazing festival and all the hard work you put into it :) Can’t wait to see all the great quilts on display!

  27. Thanks for all the behind-the-scenes effort that I’m sure goes into bringing together such a great group of bloggers, quilters, and sponsors!

  28. wow you are off to another great start to another fantastic quilt festival. I enjoy these so much. I just hope I can steal some minutes (more like hours) to go through all the entries! Right now I am off to sew! good luck and thanks wonderful sponsors

  29. Wow, Amy I’m sure this is proof how very organized you are. To be off at Quilt Market and still coordinate another wonderful Bloggers Quilt Festival. Love it.

    BTW – I’m #54 and was able to upload but no text under my entry. Not urgent, but not sure if I can fix it on my end, or if it matters.

    Have fun at Quilt Market!


  30. Hooray, now that Blogger is back The Bloggers’ Quilt Festival can take off in a big way! I’ve posted my quilt and added my link and wish us all a wonderful Spring 2011 festival, massive thanks Amy for all your wonderful work, and to the sponsors, what lovely goodies. Off to look at quilts now….

  31. THE DAY IS FINALLY HERE!!! So fun to see everyone’s quilts!! This is the best way I’ve found to find new blogging friends. Thank you Amy!!

  32. Amy, Once again thank you for a wonderful show! I heard it from V that you did a wonderful job at Market. Now only if I would have been there too. Have fun!!

  33. Hi Amy, thanks for hosting another quilt festival! I always have such fun here! It took a while for us ‘blogger bloggers’ to get going today, but it looks like we are all piling in now!

  34. Hi Amy!
    I’ve made my post and can enjoy looking at all the beautiful quilts! It’s so much fun and always full of inspiration.
    Thanks for all your work with the festival!
    :) Jessica

  35. Oh my. I can tell how I’ll be spending my day…first blog I chose (Greenleaf Goods) turned out to be one of those “kindred spirits” blogs, immediately going onto my list of favorites. What are the chances I’ll find a few more of those along the way? Thank you, Amy, for the introduction!

  36. Yay, this year I managed to join the Quilt Festival! I’m running now to look through all the submissions – so many wonderful quilts :)

  37. yay finally managed to upload my post. The quilts i’ve looked at so far have been amazing, can’t wait to see more. Thanks for hosting this great festival

  38. Thank you so much for organizing this event. I really enjoy seeing all the quilts. This is my third year joining! Thank you too to all the sponsors.

  39. Thanks for hosting this again! I have added my link above and would love to be entered into the giveaways!
    So thankful that Blogger decided to cooperate :)
    Blessings on all you do!!

  40. Thanks for hosting this, I’ve never been to market and probably never will but it’s great to see some beautiful quilts!

  41. Since I discovered the fantastic Bloggers Quilt Festival last Fall I was waiting to participate. I’m rally happy to be part of it.
    Thank you Amy for your effort. :)

  42. What a fabulous event this is. My daughter just went down for her nap and I can’t wait to check out some of these beautiful quilts while I eat my lunch –so many talented people!

    I hope you’re well Amy! I’ll be at market tomorrow, maybe we’ll run into each other ;)

    Oh, and thanks to all the sponsors!!! I can’t believe all the fabulous prizes! Woot, woot!!

  43. Wow…I had a heck of a time getting that button on…my mistake, but it’s there now! Funny when I started to prepare my post…there were only about 5 entries…now there are almost 90!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love this festival!!

  44. I’ve added my link. Hopefully I did it correctly, although I see I don’t have a name or number below my link (?!) Maybe it will show up later. Thanks for hosting this fabulous party, Amy.

  45. Thanks for hosting the Online Quilt Festival again. The timing is especially great for those of us who aren’t at Market in SLC. I have posted and Linked back to here as instructed…

  46. This is my first time entering, and looking at all the other fabulous quilts. Thank you so much for hosting this wonderful event. It is so fun to see what everyone else is doing.

  47. Yay for blogger finally working!! Thanks so much Amy for hosting this, I just entered for the first time ever. Now I’m off to look at all of the beauties!

  48. Thanks so much for hosting this festival, Amy! This is my first time doing it. I always enjoy when you feature other festival bloggers on your blog. There is SO much talent out there!

  49. What an amazing lineup, as always. Well done, Amy, I can’t wait to browse through all these lovely blogs and the sponsors’ websites. Thanks you for organizing this again.

  50. Thanks Amy for hosting the Quilt Festival. This is an awesome thing you do and you have a great line up this year of participants and sponsors.

    Thanks again and have a great Festival!


  51. Ha ha, now that Blogger is working again I can’t keep up with the quilts being posted in the festival. Time for bed in Uk so I’ll be back in the morning, great one Amy :)

  52. Dear Amy, I do my best to link my Quilt for the Festival :-)
    And I hope that blogger will run for the next days!
    Greatings from Germany and many thanks for the festival

    Kerstin from Kerstins bunte Welt

  53. Hooray! Thank you so much, Amy, for hosting yet another fabulous Blogger’s Quilt Festival. Not even Blogger could keep me away. :) And such beautiful quilts!!

  54. I think I panicked a bit when blogger was down, but all is good. Thanks for putting in the time and effort for this fabulous forum to see all the wonderful variety in the blogger’s quilting world!

  55. Amy, thanks so much for another fab time viewing all the quilts in the BQF Spring 2011.

    And thank you for having me on your site as the Featured Quilter for Monday, May 9th. After our interview, I sort of forgot about it — and even though you reminded me in an email last week, I forgot again! (Now that I qualify for AARP I guess I can truly call it a ‘senior moment.’ :) )

    Anyways, I was amazed to see the traffic on my blog, Artelicious, spike, especially in older posts, like “My First Quilt.” Ah-ha! I looked at Blogger’s “audience” stat and saw my name! :) Thank you for giving me such a thrill.
    Hugs, Tina in San Diego

  56. Thanks for hosting this again, I enjoy it so much!! I love that you show thumbnails of the quilts here too, having the preview is so inspiring.

  57. There is no better way to kick off a new blog by sharing in the quilty goodness! I have shared my quilt and look forward to seeing everyone else’s hard work as well! Thank you for putting this together!

  58. Just posted my quilt for your Quilt Festival!! Thanks so much for doing this. I enjoy seeing all the great quilts. What an easy way to see a quilt show!

  59. I;ve never taken part in anything like this. I never thought I was good enough but thanks to all the lovely comments I got on Flickr, it finally gave me the courage to post my quilt. Thanks for doing this. Its so wonderful to see all the talent people so kindly share. :-)

  60. Yeah, it´s Bloggers Quilt Festival again! Everytime it is so inspiring and interesting. Thank you for doing this, Amy! :-)
    I had problems to send this, so I hope it worked. Sorry if this is double now!

  61. Thank you so very much for hosting this wonderful event again. This is the 3rd time I’ve joined in the festival and I LOVE it!! Now to go and look at lot’s of other amazing quilts :-)

  62. thank you so much for hosting this quilt festival for the bloggers! I am a fan of quilt shows, so much inspiration from so many talented quilters, I am happy to be a part of it! It’s my first year, but I hope not the last!

  63. Always an exciting time to see all the quilts. Good work ladies I will enjoy watching more as quilts are added.

  64. Oh my…I’m #169…I’d better get busy reading all those 168 before me! Thank you so much for hosting this again. I get such fantastic inspiration and find some great new blogs every time.

  65. Amy,

    Thank you so much for doing this! I just started my blog last week and I am really excited to be a part of the festival!

    Bless you!


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  67. Thanks for creating this festival, Amy! It made me rediscover one of my quilts hiding away in a brown paper grocery bag & let her shine again. Yay!

  68. This is so much fun! Finally got my post done and linky in… too bad I have to go grocery shopping before sitting down to click on all the fabulous entries above me. So many I look forward to checking out! Thanks, Amy, for this wonderful armchair festival!

  69. Thanks for hosting this again Amy, it is so fabulous to see all the quilts – I just end up so inspired! My quilt is linked and added to the Flickr group, now I’m off to drool!

  70. You did a great job again. I have a love/hate relationship with the thumbnail part of registration, but after the third time I finally got it right.

  71. Thank you for doing this, Amy, and making it so easy and rewarding. I am so excited to share one of the first quilts I ever did free motion quilting on. It is a little one, for my grandson’s bedroom wall, but it is special to me! It was part of his Christmas present in this past year.

  72. Thanks for doing this again! I tried to link up tonight but while it shows my photo, it also shows a red x under it. I should be #188 if this worked and if not, I’ll be back and try again tomorrow.

    Thank you again, your time and efforts are much appreciated b/c I love seeing all these other quilts and being inspired by so much creative genious out there.

  73. Amy, I’ve only just discovered your Bloggers’ Quilt Festival, and I think it’s brilliant! I’ve entered my quilt, please enter me in the giveaways. Thanks heaps!

  74. This is fantastic. There is so much to be inspired by. Thank you everyone for sharing your talents and love of creativity.

  75. How fabulous! This is my first time joining the Festival, and I’m inspired already! Can’t wait to see what other quilts are posted! Thanks so much for hosting the festival!

  76. Whew! Finally done – thanks blogger :) Not. Thanks (definitely!) to you Amy for organising this – I found so many lovely blogs to subscribe to last time :)

  77. Amy, thanks for hosting this fun festival again! I’m looking forward to seeing all the quilts. What wonderful prizes….thank you for the chance to win. (Bless you blogger, for finally letting me post!)

  78. Good Afternoon Amy, thank you for hosting the Festival for this year…and to the sponsors as well…..sheer inspiration and a joy to see everyone’s work…

  79. Thank you for hosting this glorious collection again! It really is such a great way to find more quilters and inspiration. I’m just glad blogger came back so I could create my post.

    Many thanks too to the sponsors for all their lovely prizes!

  80. Thanks, Amy, for welcoming quilting newcomers to participate. It’s very exciting to join in with all the fun the online quilting world seems to have! I’m enjoying this festival of quilts and am learning lots!

  81. Ooo I nearly forgot to leave a comment here because I was off looking at lovely quilts as soon as I linked up. Thanks for organising this wonderful festival Amy!! And thanks to all the generous sponsers!

  82. Ooo%20I%20nearly%20forgot%20to%20leave%20a%20comment%20here%20because%20I%20was%20off%20looking%20at%20lovely%20quilts%20as%20soon%20as%20I%20linked%20up.%20Thanks%20for%20organising%20this%20wonderful%20festival%20Amy!!%20And%20thanks%20to%20all%20the%20generous%20sponsers!

  83. Thank you once again Amy for such a wonderful quilt festival. It is such a pleasure to be able to see so many talented quilters presenting their work. Congratulations!

  84. Hey Amy,
    Thanks for another FUN Blogger’s Quilt Festival.
    This is my third time!
    What a great way to see what everyone else has been up to, as well as share my own work.
    Always a thrilling experience.
    Wishing you continued success in all you do,
    LuAnn in Oregon

  85. My eyes are dazzling from all the beautiful quilts seen. Blessings upon you for this wonderful online festival. Love it!

  86. Thank you Amy for hosting such an uplifting festival. I have enjoyed looking at everyones beautiful masterpieces. I decided to place my newly finished P2 solids quilt-a-long project in the e-Festival. I really enjoyed doing it and I loved the finished quilt. The orange would be my favourite colour in the quilt.

  87. This is my first time in the BQF! What a great idea, thanks so much for hosting. All the beauties. I just hope I can get off the computer and get some sewing done. I think I’m going to browsing for a while!!

  88. I have no finished quilt to share but I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at other people’s work and adding new blogs to my reading list. Thank you, Amy.

  89. so%20glad%20to%20be%20apart%20of%20the%20bloggers%20quilt%20festival%20once%20again.%20%20It’s%20great%20seeing%20all%20of%20the%20awesome%20quilts.

  90. I’m having blogger issues and am not sure if my last comment worked.
    I love being apart of the bloggers quilt festival and looking at all of the awesome quilts out there.

  91. Ohmygosh, Amy…I am so glad to participate in this again. I am in awe of all of the quilts…nothing else is getting done while I travel around blogworld looking at them! {grin}

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  93. Thanks again for hosting Amy!

    My computer shut down in the middle of my linking so I came back and did it again – you may have two links because of that – if so, please just delete the first instance as I wasn’t able to choose a picture for the link.

    Looking forward to seeing the festival. Thanks again!


  94. Thanks Amy for hosting the festival! This is my second entry! It is sew much fun to visit all (or as many as I can) of the quilty talent and have their links in one place. And thanks to all the great sponsors!

  95. Amy, Congratulations for yet another Festival! I am so happy to be able to take part again this spring. I have already visited quite a few participants and I am enjoying it tremendously! Thanks again for putting this together, with love, Valentina in Cyprus

  96. So much eye candy! So much talent! This is bookmarked as one of my inspiration stops. Thanks so much for the virtual quilt show. Simply beautiful!

  97. Oh how much fun is this festival, I only wish I’d first found it when I was having my morning coffee……I’ll have to come back many more times to enjoy the whole show!
    Thank you making it possible for so many of us to share our work and Passion!!!

  98. Dear Amy,

    thanks for hosting the festival again. I had to wait for blogger to work to post my entry, but it seems that I am on the right track now – huh! I am relieved :-)

    Now I am going to see all (or lots of) the wonderful quilts collected here!


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  100. I was all ready to post yesterday and blogger was down, happy to be here today! All the quilts look so great I can’t wait to check them all out.

  101. I’m super happy to be participating again this year. Thanks for all the work you put in to hosting such a great festival. It’s wonderful to be able to read other peoples stories and check out so many blogs I am unfamiliar with.

  102. Amy,
    Thank you so much for hosting this awesome gallery of inspiration for all us quilters!! We may not be at Quilt Market drooling over all the new fabrics and quilt designs, but there is soooooo much right here to keep us all excited and inspired!

  103. Wow…I’m so glad I came across this! What amazingly talented women. Thanks to you for providing a forum so I can se all this cool stuff!!

    Marti in San DIego

  104. I am all linked and blogged! Thank you Amy for hosting this more than wonderful event! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to pour a fresh glass of tea and spend the rest of the afternoon perusing everyone’s entries!!! Love this part : )

  105. Finally, I had a quilt I could link up and blog. I’m so happy to participate! Thanks for doing this, Amy, it’s so wonderful. I can’t wait to visit everyone else’s blogs.

  106. Thank you for hosting this great festival:) It’s the first time I’m participating:) I can’t wait to read all those quilt stories!!!

  107. Thank you for hosting this INSPIRING festival! It’s the first time I’m participating and I’m so excited!! I just can’t wait to see all those quilts and read their stories:)

  108. Amy thanks for letting us participate and share our quilts throughout the world.It is exciting to know other people who share the same sewing madness!

  109. Maybe this is where I am supposed to comment. I am unsure about the linky thing you posted in your requirement. This is all new to me. I was refered to your sight by a friend. I am still learning as always.
    Any way this is my quilt that I have had in a challenge with a quilt guild a few years ago. I won. But really so did all who participated.
    Thank you for allowing us to share with like minded .

  110. Amy, this is my first online quilt festival to participate in(if I am successful at all the links I am more computer literate than I thought). Thank you and your sponsers for hosting it. Now I need to get a cup of coffee and start browsing quilts.

  111. Hi Amy,

    Thanks for doing this (again) and also thanks to all the wonderful sponsors for their generous donations. Love seeing all the beautimous quilts!! LOL

  112. Thank you, Amy, for continuing to organize this Online Quilt Show each year. After each Festival, I find myself thinking about which quilt to finish so that I can post it for the next Quilt Festival. I love visiting the other blogs to view the spectacular quilts. It is a great way to discover new blogs and quilters. Again, THANK YOU!

    The Quilting Booklady

  113. Hi Amy, I added a quilt to your Festival. I am so impressed by what I’ve seen so far, and I look forward to visiting new blogs and seeing more beautiful quilts. Thanks so much.

  114. Thanks Amy for getting this all together. I am looking forward to a happy afternoon looking at all the entries. Actually I think it may be a few afternoons!

  115. It’s always a pleasure to participate in the Blogger’s Quilt Festival. Thank you again for hosting and creating it. I believe each time I check in, there are more and more people participating. That is great! I’m really enjoy this.

    Thank you again!

  116. Cannot believe the amazing sponsors! I am sure you are all having a blast. I just started my blog as I have been so inspired by so many other quilt bloggers. I appreciate the chance to get in on the goodies – but love seeing all the news from SLC!

  117. Thanks for hosting this again! It’s always great fun to browse other people’s quilts and find new quilting blogs to follow.

  118. Well, for a quilter on a rainy dreary cold day in Chicago, it doesn’t get much better than this. What a wonderful site. Amy, thank you so much for your time and vision for this wonderful compilation of creativity.

    Jan at

  119. Amy, Thank you for continuing this fun event, I always look forward to it and enjoy visiting and reading the stories. If you weren’t feeling motivated you will after this virtual show!

  120. Wow! This is the first time I’ve heard about the Bloggers Quilt Festival! This will be fun to visit all the entries. Can’t wait.
    And your sponsers are very generous. I’m glad I found out about this

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  122. Hi Amy. What a wonderful idea – thanks so much for organising. This is my first entry and loving the opportunity to see the creativity of others. Cant help but smile.

  123. I love the Blogger Quilt Festival! Thank you for hosting this great event. Its wonderfull to see all this great quilts and find exiting new blogs.

    Hugs Nicole

  124. Thanks again Amy for hosting another wonderful Bloggers’ Quilt Festival event. I’ve been in every one of this and really enjoy viewing everyone quilts – Hugs Nat

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  126. Amy, thanks again for hosting this. I can’t wait to grab a cup of coffee, sit down and go to the show :)!!!!!

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  128. Thanks so much for hosting again Amy – this is a wonderful endeavour! I really look forward to seeing everyone’s posts – what an incredible pool of creativity and talent there is here. Amazing.

  129. Hi I have entered a quilt in Blogger’s Quilt Festival. It’s the first time I have entered anything and was a little nervous. I have only been quilting since last August and am in awe of the fabulous quilts I have seen. Since entering I have had some lovely comments from people so even if I do not win any giveaways I am happy with the positive response. So if any newbies out there are hesitating to enter – do it – I am glad I did. Thank you for hosting this Festival. Linda x

  130. Hi Amy,
    it´s the first time I´m paticipating and sharing one of my quilts with all the other Quilters and all these beautiful quilts and works. Finally I knew what I habe to do…Thank you for giving all of us the possibility to have this exibition.
    Have a good time and bye, bye from Germany.

  131. I’m thankful one of my followers reminded me of the latest quilt festival! One can get so behind on blog reading when on vacation!
    I’m looking forward to all the quilty inspiration here. Thanks for hosting, Amy!

  132. Thanks again for holding this festival – each year is bigger and better – I hope my link works and next year I’ve got a problem deciding which quilt to enter

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  134. Hi Amy,
    I hope I did everything alright with the links in my post and so on.
    This is so cool, I have never entered but I hope, even though my quilt isn´t extremly nice it is o.k. to enter.
    Thank you for hosting this…I cannot believe how many wonderful quilts I have seen today.
    Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday.
    Greetings from Germany Kirsten

  135. I entered your quilt blog festival for the first time (#349). This is actually the first show that I have ever had a quilt in and I am loving it. Thank you for hosting this great festival and give away!

  136. Hi Amy, I just found you because so many people were talking about the Bloggers quilt festival! What a cool idea! I have entered my little quilt and am off to get inspired by some of the others who have entered – thanks for hosting!

  137. First time in the Festival, Amy! Thanks so much, I really look forward to visiting everyone’s blogs and seeing what they’re up to!

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  139. Thanks so much for hosting this event~! It’s wonderful. I am a new blogger (only a year) and I just learned about the Festival.

  140. Thanks Amy for hosting this wonderful quilt festival! I love getting to see all the beautiful quilts and reading the stories behind them!

  141. I love the quilt festival. It gives us all a wonderful opportunity to share. It is a wonderful addition this time that you have the thumbnails – so much easier to preview the quilts.

  142. HI Amy,
    Thanks for hosting another wonderful Blogging festival. I finally got my entry up this evening. I think I did all the steps right.
    I am off to read about some of the other beautiful quilts. Thanks for celebrating the work of quilters around the globe. There are always some wonderful quilts to see and stories to read.

  143. I finished my first quilt last fall, the day before your Fall 2010 quilt festival, and now I’m happy to enter again! Love seeing all the quilts!!

  144. I finished my first quilt the day before your Fall 2010 festival, and I’m so happy to have a quilt finished for another one! I love seeing all the quilts entered!

  145. Great Festival! I am totally enjoying seeing everyone’s beautiful quilts! Thanks for hosting! This is my first time entering a quilt. How fun!

  146. There are some fabulous quilts out there… Thanks for giving newbies like me a platform to show off what I am making…
    Cheers from India

  147. Thank you for this spring blogger’s quilt festival – it’s fun! I blogged about the festival on my quilting blog, tweeted, liked and posted to my fb page!

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  149. Thanks again Amy for hosting the wonderful Bloggers’ Quilt Festival! I’m a little late to the party-wow! I’m no. 414! What a wonderful group of quilters and their beautiful quilts.

  150. Oh my…this is fantastic!! I am going to visit each and every site on here…but I have to get back to work right quilts are gorgeous….beautiful work and so inspiring….

  151. Thanks so much for hosting this. So many times I just make a quilt, be happy it’s finished and move on. It’s nice to really think about what you’ve learned and sort of re-live the process!

  152. Thank you for offering a place to see “real-life” quilters. Truly inspiring to see what other normal, real people are doing….and know that I can do that too!

  153. Thank%20you%20for%20offering%20a%20place%20to%20see%20%22real-life%22%20quilters.%20Truly%20inspiring%20to%20see%20what%20other%20normal%2C%20real%20people%20are%20doing….and%20know%20that%20I%20can%20do%20that%20too!

  154. There are not enough space in the “website” field for the entire website address, so have used a “tiny url” instead. I’ve never seen your site before or heard of an online quilt festival – my thanks to my daughter-in-law ( for sharing this lovely site!

  155. WOW!! I am so impressed!!! The quilt I posted is my first quilt. It took me a year and a half to complete (due to procrastination from lack of confidence!!) and I just finished it last week!! The quilts posted are lovely and definitely something to aspire to one day.

  156. WOW!!%20I%20am%20so%20impressed!!!%20The%20quilt%20I%20posted%20is%20my%20first%20quilt.%20It%20took%20me%20a%20year%20and%20a%20half%20to%20complete%20(due%20to%20procrastination%20from%20lack%20of%20confidence!!)%20and%20I%20just%20finished%20it%20last%20week!!%20The%20quilts%20posted%20are%20lovely%20and%20definitely%20something%20to%20aspire%20to%20one%20day.

  157. Thanks for taking the time and energy to put this together again! I love checking out the amazing quilts! I always add a few more quilts to my “to do” list!!

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  159. Wow! I’m number 438!! Thanks for putting this festival together. I’m enjoying all the quilts. Would somebody come make my family dinner??

  160. Great to be a part of BQF again! I find it a little ironic that the girl who started BQF frro those who couldn’t get to Quilt Market is now a part of Quilt Market herself…

  161. I love the Blogger’s Quilt Festival, it’s so inspiring to see everyone’s work. My stash is a bit out of control & I don’t have the courage to count actual yardage as I’m sure the final number would be a bit scary & make me feel slightly guilty.

  162. Thanks for organizing the quilt festival. It’s such an amazing exhibit! I’m having a wonderful time looking at all the quilts!

  163. Thanks so much AMY for an AMAZING event!!! Im having such a blast looking through each of the quilts! There is so much inspiration. xx Im off to keep browsing…xx

  164. I waited till today to post my quilt, because not only is today exactly one year since I started quilting, it is also my 400th post. The opportunity to have all three occur on the same day seemed too good to pass up.

  165. I love BQF! I’m taking advantage of a quiet minute to finally get my post up. You have been SUPER busy this month! Congrats again on all your recent successes! You are amazing!

  166. i uploaded a quilt to the flickr pool. everyone is so creative and talented. lots of pretty eye candy. thank you for hosting.

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  168. I’ve just completed my first quilt and coincided with the Bloggers’ Quilt Festival, so I thought I’ll join in all the fun and festivities. Thank you for organising such a fab event.

  169. OK I fixed it I removed the two quilts and entered a new one I am now number 467. Thanks for hosting the party it has been fun checking out everyone’s quilts and hard work.

  170. This is my second time entering the festival and it’s always a blast! I’m making it a goal to try and visit every one who entered! Thanks for hosting such an amazing event!

  171. Thank you for all you hard work putting this quilt festival together. I’m so thrilled to be participating for my first time and I love all the quilt candy!

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  173. Hi Amy…looking forward to checking out all the quilts….Thanks for organizing the fabulous festival!!! It was so great to meet you at quilt market…. xoxoxoxo

  174. I’ve looked at only half of the quilts so far and I’m so in awe of all the talent! I was a bit embarrassed to enter my little quilt but the design is just so adorable and it is the cutest one I’ve made so far, so I just went for it! (Not my own design, by the way, hope that is ok!)

  175. I just found this wonderful festival and entered one of my old favorites. Next year I will have to plan ahead so I have something wonderful to contribute. So many beautiful quilts!
    Thanks for hosting.

  176. Thanks so much Amy for hosting the festival! So far I’ve seen a lot of the entries and they’re just amazing. Always so great to hear the progress of them also. Have a great day

  177. Thanks so much Amy for hosting this wonderful festival again. We all appreciate having a place to share our work and to see the beauty that others have created. Have a great day

  178. thanks amy!! what a wonderful thing this is twice a year. fantastic to be able to share our pieces and to see what others have created. so inspiring. have a great day

  179. I am thinking a lot on signing this festival. For two reasons, one that I do not consider myself a skilled in sewing quilts, the other reason was that the blanket, what I prefer to introduce, is not complete yet. My friend encouragement eventually send it to you.

    Thank you, and I congratulate everyone

  180. Hi Amy :-) One of your participants had linked up to Sumo’s Sweet Stuff’s Market Yourself Monday. I followed the link to her blog, and then her link to your party.

    I have always had this thing for quilts! And now thanks to you I have an easy way to view LOTS of them. Thanks! :-D

    I had hoped to link up the quilt I made last spring for our grand daughter, but you very clearly stated new postings only. Aw well.
    If you personally would like to see it, you can find it here –>

    While I am not participating in your party, I did do a posting promoting it. ;->

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  182. I do believe I almost missed entering a quilt for the spring festival. I have been out of town – I’m so glad I got a chance. Now I need to get busy and look at all of the beautiful quilts – thanks for doing this once again Amy and for all of your wonderful sponsors.

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  185. Wow! Look at all the beautiful quilts! I finally got mine done and linked up just in time. I pulled it out of the dryer just one hour ago!

  186. Thanks for hosting this Amy – I’ve been looking forward to it since last Fall :)

    I just uploaded my quilt and can’t wait to start checking out everyone else’s!

  187. This is awesome! It’s my first time participating in something like this. I hope I do it right! LOL Thank you so much for hosting such an awesome event!

  188. Thanks for the opportunity to show off my quilts and the chance to look at sooooo many beautiful quilts. It is amazing how many talented ladies blog. Thank you again for all the hard work YOU did to organize this event so well.

  189. (Looks like you have a lot of track-backs up there in the comments area.)

    Thanks for doing this blogger’s festival again. I appreciate the time you take to host us all. I’ve already added about 10 people to my Google Reader from posts I’ve found today. So many great ideas and it’s quite fun to read lots of blogs (so I’m slow at getting around). Very cool Quilt Show!

  190. ok…am trying again. just want to let you know how much all your efforts are appreciated. so fun to see the creativity of everyone. thanks again!!

  191. It’s not a new quilt but I finally got a post up! Thanks so much for hosting the BQF. I appreciate all you the time you spend getting everything ready for us :)

  192. Thank you again Amy for all of your hard work with the Festival. I love seeing all of the beautiful quilts out there! It was so great to finally meet you in person this weekend at IQF too!

  193. Yippee Skippee for Blogger’s Quilt Festival!!! Thank you for the motivation I needed to pull out an old quilt top and finish it up :) I am so excited for the hours of surfing this is going to provide :)

  194. What a wonderful festival of quilts – I sure hope I can get to all the blogs. I have added my story and thank you so much Amy for orchestrating all of this wonderful. Judy C

  195. Thank you so much for this fun event! I found you from Liz @Living My Sweet Life! I don’t pretend to be in the same category as these amazingly beautiful quilts! But I’m happy to share my T Shirt Quilt that I made for my daughter who is graduating from high school next week!

  196. Amy – Thanks so much for hosting such an awesome festival. I enjoy browsing all the blogs and seeing all the beautiful quilts. I’m so happy I entered one myself this time! Thanks again.

  197. Hi again Amy :-)
    yesterday I commented that I wouldn’t be linking up the quilt that I had made for my grand daughter, seeings how only new postings were allowed. Others then encouraged mt to again feature it (in a new posting) and link it up, so I did.

    the thing is, even though I have linked it, and deleted it, and again linked it, ten times total I think, I can not get the name to show up. I also do not know how to just ‘refresh’ it.

    So-o, my quilt is the unnumbered, unnamed one, in slot #537. the title is suppose to be ‘my thrifty quilt’. And this is the link to it –

    I have started my process of working my way through each and every linked up quilt. What a beautiful task I have taken on ;-> Thanks for making it available for my viewing pleasure. Such inspiration!!

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  199. HI Amy

    I was scared to enter- did not think I would get all the links right. In the end it was not difficult at all and I am glad to be at nr503 also in the quilt show. Thanks for haosting us- and you can surely see it is popular. In this one day I have also draw some new people to mt blog- and that I like!

  200. Thanks, Amy, for the wonderful opportunity to share and be inspired. I always look forward to the Blogger’s Quilt Festivals – is it any wonder why? Look at all the amazing quilts! Wow!

  201. Apologies if I am commenting twice but I think my original comment didn’t go through? Anyway this is AWESOME. So many beautiful and inspiring quilts–what a lovely community. Thank you to Amy for hosting and to all for sharing!

    (Also, I am 425–not sure if my name is shoping under tha thumbnail or if it’s b/c I am using Explorer. Oy!)

  202. Thanks so much for organizing this! How fun to get to share special quilts with so many other quilters and also enjoy their work too! Wonderful! I’m excited to say that I just created my post and I’m number 549 :-)

  203. Thanks for putting this festival together Amy! I was so excited to enter (#484) that I forgot to leave a comment to enter the giveaway! It just hit me as I was looking at the new entries! It’s wonderful to see everyone’s quilts!

  204. I love this fesitval every year!! It is so funt o look at all the quilts. Thanks for all your hard work.


  205. Such awesome quilts once again in the Festival! Thanks so much for hosting Amy. I’ve put up the link to “Ingrid” this go round.

    And big thanks to your sponsors again this year. I was so lucky to win a great bundle of fabric last time.

  206. Thanks for doing this! I had so much fun looking at peoples beautiful quilts-it made me want to go buy more fabric… but, instead I decided to join in! Thanks again!

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  209. I guess I might be one of the last quilts up, i took photos yesterday but they were terrible, so I had to go back today. I felt a bit funny hanging my quilt in the middle of what used to be the busiest street in Christchurch. It was the closest I’ve been to the worst of the devastation and just unbelieveable. I’ve been hanging my quilts on earthquake fences for a while now to photograph, and I guess I’ll be doing it for a whole lot longer, there are a lot of fences in Christchurch… anyway just wanted to say thanks for the motivation to get out there and also to admire possibly the nicest quilt I’ve made. It makes me happy to look at, and we have to hold onto happiness don’t we??
    deb xx

  210. This was a great opportunity to see others quilts and to show off my treasured quilt as well. Thanks for letting me share with you and your quilt festival attendee’s and participants.

  211. Awwww, wish I had a quilt to enter this time around, but alas, my sewing machine has been quiet! I’d love to be entered in your giveaway though as you have awesome sponsors as always, Amy :-) Can’t wait to do some browsing through all the talented quilters from around the world!

    Tammy ~@~

  212. I just realised i forgot to leave a comment. thanks for organising, great quilts, great sponsors! off to take in another bunch of quilts with a cuppa

  213. Wow, that is a lot of participants this round, looking forward to many weeks of browsing. Thanks to the sponsors for the great prizes too!

  214. Hi Amy! I finally did it! I entered the Bloggers’ Quilt Festival!! Please enter me in the giveaways. You are so awesome to take this one each time. I admire your work alot. Keep it up! Jenn

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  216. This is the second time I participate the Blogger’s Quilt Festival. The first time was in Fall 2009. My friend, Nina remind me about this event last week. I’m honored to be here. So many beautiful quilts and inspirations here :) Thank a lot, Amy !!

  217. It has rained here since Blogger was back up. i was waiting for some fresh pictures! God gave me sunshine just in time!!

    Thanks for all your work!!

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  219. Thanks so much for hosting this again Amy! I can’t imagine all the work that goes into it. I have wanted to participate for several years–thank goodness I am sneaking in this year. Yay! I love blogland and all the inspiration from fellow quilters. Thanks everyone!

  220. I am thoroughly enjoying seeing everyone’s contribution. I keep seeing the Festival all over the blogs that I frequent. It is fun to join in all of the quilt love!

  221. I have just posted my contribution to the Quilt Festival. The main part of the post is in Danish but there is also a description in English. :-)

  222. I finally added my quilt to the collection of lovely quilts in the festival! Thanks again so much for putting this together! Now I have to start looking through all the other entries! Wow… this could take a while! :)

  223. I’m so excited to participate again – life has been so hectic I almost missed it, but squeezed in at the last minute. As always, thank you for hosting and organizing this – I love it every time! :)

  224. I just made it in! Thanks for hosting – I am glad I get your feed and the reminder. I hope I have some time to look at all the great quilts submitted.

  225. Thanks so much for putting this together again! I posted my quilt early in the festival but I don’t think I remembered to comment until today. It has been such fun seeing a wide variety of projects.

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  227. Hi Amy,
    I found this blog today while browsing the Diary of a Quilter blog and thought I would participate in the bloggers quilt festival. Thank you for the opportunity to view so many amazing projects in one place! What beautiful work and the colors are so inspiring.

  228. I am quilt #610–WOW! That’s an amazing number of beautiful quilts to look at! I’ve been clicking links for a while already but just got a chance to blog today.