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Just barely, but they are done!

You know how you think you know how a day will go, then, everything goes differently?

That was my day yesterday.  Joe’s truck needed work and he was stranded a half-hour away…off we go…Emmalie came home from school with a worse cough than she went with – thankfully I went with my gut and made a quick appointment before the long weekend…she has pneumonia.  : (  So we spent today, resting up, and hanging out at home.  Just what I’ve needed too!

1 Hullabaloo Charm Pack = 3 place mats for my girls and 3 mug rugs

1 Mini Curio Charm Pack = 1 place mat for me

A few Crossweave strips = 1 place mat for Owen

A couple of RK Quilter’s Linen fat quarters = 1 place mat for Joe

Now to decide what to work on next!  I have some new fabrics, or batting to finish a top that’s been waiting…what would you do??

Hope you are having a great weekend!


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18 thoughts on “Finished!!

  1. Some days you just never know what will happen when you have little ones–yes indeed! Hope your daughter feels MUCH better real soon.

    Zigzag patterns are so fun;)

  2. I couldn’t pick which one I like best — they are all great!!

    Hope Emmalie is feeling better very soon. Give yourself a pat on the back–pnemonia is nothing to take lightly. Good call on the Drs. visit!

  3. Love your placemats! After all that finishing work, I’d definitely break out the fabric for a new quilt. Finishing another project can wait :)

  4. Sorry to hear your little one is poorly – hope she bounces back soon! Lovely placemats & mugrugs – smaller projects can be so satisfying. I’m a better starter than finisher so I would probably be looking at the new fabrics and imagining all sorts of fun things to do with them. But you can’t beat the satisfaction of getting stuff finished. Jxo

  5. Choices, choices….

    Which takes more thought and how many distractions are there around you right now? *grin*

    I always have a pile of projects going at the same time. DH doesn’t get that some things are “mindless” and can be done in the middle of absolute chaos, but others need quiet contemplation…..

    Curious to know which way you went

  6. Dang girl – that’s not the way to spend your day at all! So glad you got her to the dr. Your placemats and mug rugs are gorgeous. I think I would take a month or two off after making all that, lol!

  7. Babies come first and don’t you love it when you follow your instincts…always pays in great dividends! Heres wishing your baby a speedy recovery.
    All these are gorgeous! My favorite is the group of mug rugs! Great work..


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