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Posted on June 7th, by Amy in work in progress. 41 comments

I showed you my stash of Wonderland fabrics, just one week ago.  I got to work and stayed up late sewing – then showed you the start of my project here.  It felt really good to stay up late and sew, just because, not because I was trying to meet a deadline!  Over the weekend I spent hours sewing – I added another round:

And finished up the blocks :

There’s a total of 40 blocks and they are 16″!  I was having so much fun making the blocks I didn’t stop to think how big it was getting to be!  I added Kona, Bella, and Crossweave fabrics that I’ve had on hand and I thought combined well.

While these blocks might be considered finished, I’m planning to chop them up into quarters, and put them back together again!

What do you think?

Wonky quarters, or even quarters?

I’m still thinking it through and would love your input!

I hope you are having a great day ~ Amy

41 thoughts on “Wonderland Blocks

  1. You could do a double sided quilt with one side as they are and the other side with them cut up. No matter your choice, I’m sure it will be great.

  2. Adding on to Suzanne’s comment, you could also do the blocks in the center wonky but leave the outside border of blocks regular. Then you could reverse it on the other side.

  3. They’re so fun, and you had fun making them…so that seems like a wonky kind of a thing. Have fun with it!
    (However, personally I’d probably do even quarters just because I’m way to matchy and symmetrical!…something I think I might need to work on!)

    The finished quilt will be great!

  4. I feel all-over wonky blocks would add chaos to the quilt, which is already busy. Really liked the idea by Melinda – wonky in the middle and even square on the outside – best of both worlds -this will be a wonderful quilt. Judy C

  5. I agree that the wonky cut might create too much chaos; however, the wonky cut would eliminate the need to match seams. lol

  6. Hey Amy!
    Nice looking blocks there. I’m voting for wonky…just love those slightly or even wildly askew blocks. No matter what you do to these gorgeous blocks, you end with a wonderful quilt! You CANNOT go wrong.


  7. Are you sewing each block back to its other partners? Or mixing them up? Try the Stack and slash method if mixing them up. So much easier if you want the wonky.
    Everything is so busy that I’m not sure it matters which way you do it.

  8. Much as I love wonky I think I’d go for straight this time. Whichever you choose it’s going to look as fantastic as always!

  9. I vote even quarters. The center block will anchor them somewhat and add a sense of balance to what is already somewhat chaotic with so many fun fabrics mixed up.

  10. You’ve got enough blocks, do one with wonky and one with straight. I like the big blocks not cut up too. There are so many possibilities! I was wondering what it would look like if you cut each into four triangles and make a windmill. It might be too crazy if you had two blocks mixed together, but maybe adding some solids? They’d make cute pillow covers too. I’m sure whatever you come up with will be lovely. Take care.

  11. Hello Amy! All those blocks are really wonderful! But what an exiting idea to cut them again … I would go for even squares because the fabrics are ‘busy’ and colourful. Anyway you’ll do it, it’s going to be fantastic quilt!

  12. I vote for wonky….that’s the kind of mood I’ve been in lately. The blocks and quilt turned out so great. I’ve tried to put lots of fabrics together like this and they never look so good.

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  14. I think the even quarters will contain some of the other wonkiness is just the perfect way. Whatever you come up with will surely be great though.

  15. I think even quarters because your blocks are already pretty busy with a lot of different size strips and prints. They are very energetic with all of the color!!! Good luck and Kudos to you for being so industrious!!

  16. You are really gifted with your color choices! Hey Amy! I vote even quarters, too. I think even quarters because your blocks are already pretty busy with a lot of different size strips and prints.

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