Sewing A to Z with Nancy Zieman :: Review & Giveaway

Posted on August 20th, by Amy in give away, review. 153 comments

Nancy’s new book Sewing A to Z is a treasure trove of sewing techniques and tips for sewists of all skill levels!

Nancy shares techniques used for general sewing, and quilting alike.  Basics like swiftly using your seam ripper, identifying tension problems, and then fixing them.  Or more specific techniques like pintucks, piping, using a double needle, and serger stitches.  The book is organized alphabetically, making it simple to use, and Nancy has included personal notes often, giving insight into her methods, and favorite products for the task at hand.  This book brings Nancy to your sewing space, whenever you need her expertise!

There are over 100 techniques included making this an invaluable resource for any sewist!

Sewing A to Z is available for sale – here.

You can watch Nancy work through some of the techniques in a recent episode of Sewing with Nancy – here.

Would you like to win a copy of Sewing A – Z?

Leave me a comment, telling me what area of sewing you would most like to improve.

Winner will be selected, and announced Wednesday, August 24th.


Nancy is also hosting a generous giveaway on her blog – visit her here, and scroll all the way down to add your comment to enter to win this amazing prize package -

Thanks for reading and happy sewing ~ Amy

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153 thoughts on “Sewing A to Z with Nancy Zieman :: Review & Giveaway

  1. I have never successfully made a piece of clothing so I guess that would be a great place for improvement. LOL Quilting is my only thing!

  2. I never have had any real sewing lessons beyond what I learned in a home ecc class in the 5th grade. I am pretty much self-taught, picking up tips here and there. I used to be able to watch Nancy’s show on tv, but now it looks like her show is no longer carried in my area. (deep sigh) That being said, I have a little business featuring items I have made! Now my daughter is having a baby, and I would so love to create and make baby items. Nancy’s teaching style is so clear and concise – perfect for someone like me who knows a little but is dying to see what else she can do!

  3. My mom taught me a lot about sewing and she and I watched Sewing with Nancy together. Nancy is one smart lady! I remain fairly intimidated by zippers and would love to gain confidence in that area.

  4. Wow! Thanks for the opportunity! I would LOVE to get mt hands on this book! I need serious help in creating any item of clothing. Lol.

  5. As of right now, my projects generally consist of quilts, bags and pouches. I would love to try clothing or maybe something for the home. I really need some new curtains, I would like to make them but I’m not sure how to use grommets. This book looks amazing and would be a great resource! Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. I need help sewing clothing. I would like to make clothes for my grandchildren. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of this book.

  7. Every time I have tension problems it takes me practically hours to fix, or I end up dragging my machine down to the local shop. And I have been sewing for four years, so I guess I need improvement there!

  8. This is great! I am glad that I found you. My daughter (6) loves dresses, so I try to make them for her. I love the idea of “embellishing” (re-working) patterns like taking the straight bodice and making scallops instead. It looks like so much fun.

  9. I’ve been quilting for many years, but now would like to learn more tips and tricks for garment sewing, both for myself and for grandkids. Nancy’s new book looks like it would be a wonderful teaching tool!

  10. i am a new sewer and would like to learn alot!! i have been viewing tutorials and i am grateful to all the blogger’s out there willing to share the skills. i really would like to have a book for a handy reference. thanks for the giveaway!!

  11. I have so many places I need to improve. I’ve been sewing for 40 yrs, but have only been quilting for about 12 yrs. I’m always working on improving my quilting, but think I would like to improve my piecing skills more than the rest at the moment : ^)

  12. I would use the book as a reference tool. Most of my sewing is quilts although I do dabble in some home decor items now and then (pillow covers, window treatments….). Thank you!

  13. I’ve been sewing for decades, but there is always something new to learn, or a technique to perfect. I think collars are always a challenge.

  14. I also have been sewing for ages, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still have a lot to learn! I guess my least favorite part of sewing (probably where I need to learn more) is zippers. I avoid them like the plague!

  15. I would most like to improve my hand sewing. I am new to sewing and just started machine quilting, but I have no idea how to hand sew. Actually, there are a lot of areas where I know I can improve, so this book would be awesome! Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. I would like to improve on my alterations and ZIPPER skills. This would be an awesome go to guide for most any sewing need. Nancy Zieman is talented.

  17. I just love Nancy Z – she has so many good lessons and tips and would love to win this book – it would help me in all aspects of my sewing and improve my craft. Thank you.

  18. I would love to win this book – it would help learn garment sewing techniques! Thank you!

  19. I’d like to be improve my cutting. Sounds kinda silly but it seems like my straight edges are crooked and my curves wobble. I use a rotary cutter where I can but I would love to have straighter edges when I cut out a pattern. I know I am usually in too much of hurry while cutting so I do know I need to slow down, which I am sure will help.

  20. Sewing the perfect 1/4″ seam each time would be great. Mine end up so many different widths? How is that even possible?

  21. I love quilting, but I would love to start sewing some clothing for the little bambinos. I’m too scared currently to ruin it.

  22. I have the stupid habit of getting in a hurry right at the ends of sewing, oh say blocks or strips together and tend to get my seam to wide or too narrow at that point. I think it is more of a “slow down and pay attention old gal” thing more then anything. I need to improve my pattern reading skills, I really have to pay attention and try not to rush ahead thinking I know what is coming next. I have never been a take your time person, everything at full tilt in my life. Thanks for a great review.

  23. Setting in seams and working with curves, had to do it recently and it still gives me fits after all these years.

  24. Oh yes, I need to improve my sewing skills in all aspects, really. But the one thing that I really want to get good at is garment making. I have a few patterns to sew men’s pants and shirts that have collars, and well that’s all new to me. I’m sure this book will prove very useful in helping me learn lots of techniques to become a good seamstress. I’ve heard wonders about it. Thank you both for the amazing book giveaway!

  25. I could definitely use more help in the general sewing department. I’m a longtime quilter, but my last real sewing project was in 7th grade Home Ec. class!

  26. I’d love to improve my quilting and garment making skills.
    Thanks for offering the book.

  27. I’d like to improve my cutting. I think that’s why my corners never match up. Thanks for the review and giveaway.

  28. I could use directions and instructions in all aspects of sewing. I learned to sew in a home ec class in high school which was just the basics. This book looks like it would be extremely helpful in many different areas. thanks for the giveaway!

  29. I am now working part time from home and need any and all suggestions and tips of how to better organize my sewing time. I am not as good at sewing as I once was so all sewing takes longer than expected. Brushing up on the basics is what I need. Thank goodness for Nancy’s new book so that we can find tips and help all in one place!

  30. I’d really like help in my machine embroidery. I own a Viking Rose. The shop owner has advanced onto bigger, better machines and doesn’t even remember how to run the 3D version I have. I am at a loss. Viking is not very friendly. Nancy personally added a note to my comment about being frustrated with this, she said to call the Viking customer service, but I can’t even find any place that gives me information to contact them. I wish there was a place online that dealt with the 3D computer software. I have all this money invested in my Rose, the software and many embroidery cards. I wish there were a way to get instructions. The computer scares me more than the sewing. Thanks for letting me air my frustrations.

  31. There are so many areas that I could use help with. I really want advice on invisable zippers, setting sleaves ,and fit. I love your show and watch episodes on line. Sewing is my therapy.Thank you for the ideas and inspiration!

  32. I’ve only been sewing for about 6 months, so i need to improve all of my skills lol. I’ve been trying to join QAL’s and follow tutorials to learn how to make things :)

  33. This is pretty subjective, but I need help in choosing the right fabric for a project–the right quality, color, weight, etc. I spend hours in the fabric stores and on my own I’m pretty much helpless. With help in fabric selection, I’ve made some quilts that have turned out very well.

  34. I need improvement everywhere! Lol. Really, my finishing skills on garments need a boost. I learned the basics from my grams and my mom, but I am self-taught past that. My mother gets so frustrated with me because I will explain how I want to make something, but it’s not the “right” way (she is so helpful though). I never learned the “right” way, so I wing it. :)

  35. I have trouble picking out the right sewing machine needle size for the home dec or quilting project I am working on, universal, sharp, 80/12,70/10, 65/9?

  36. Does the book cover patience? :) I guess I’d like to work on my hand sewing, especially since I’ve never tried it! Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. I’m very timid about adding zippers; need to build confidence in this area! By all accounts this book is a great resource, thanks for the chance to win!

  38. I love to sew but I can never find a pattern that fits me or if I do, I have to make adjustments and I do not know how to do that…I know Nancy knows since I have seen it on one of her shows…this looks like a very informative book…thanks for the giveaway..

  39. I’ve watched Nancy for years and would love to have a copy of this book. Hand sewing is always a challenge for me and I would love some tips on making it better.

  40. I need some advice on thread and tension issues with my sewing machine. Sometimes it seems like my thread is always breaking, and sometimes it doesn’t!

  41. I would just love to win this book and trust me, I NEED all the help I can get. I’m working on the knowledge I’m scraping from the recesses of my mind from high school home ec classes and not to give away my age BUT, that was probably about 1975. ACK. After having three boys and raising them and a few husbands since that time, my brain has forgotten much more than I can remember. LOL I buy all these patterns and the fabric and have these grand plans of making gorgeous things and I end up with somehthing people would look at in a garage sale and say OH THIS would be perfect for the dog’s bed. HAHA So yea, garment construction is totally my weak point although I did manage to make an extremely cute little outfit for my Granddaughter so far and only messed up two spots on that. I now have a Grandson due on Aug 30th so I think I’ll be needing to really brush up on knowledge consideringg sewing for little boys is a bit harder than for little girls in my opinion.
    Thank you Amy for the chance of winning what appears to be an awesome book.

  42. I’ve been trying to improve my technique with clothing for children as well as myself. Much harder than quilting or making a blanket for me. Nancy’s book caught my attention because she addresses tension issues. Something I struggle with off and on. Never sure what to do.

  43. I really want to improve in quilting. I am terrible with exact measurements and cutting. :(

  44. Geeze… I could use help in a lot of areas. I’ve been sewing for about 40+ years but for the life of me I can’t make garments that fit. I don’t know how to do it. It was always just luck if something I made fit my granddaughter.
    I’ve made one quilt and it was very hard to quilt on my machine but now I want to try it again. I don’t know how to hand-quilt.
    I just keep winging it all these years,
    One time I quit sewing for many years but am back at it now.

    I sure would like to have Nancy’s book.

    Thanks for a chance to win.


  45. I would like to improve making toodler clothing. I make them for my grandson, but have a heard time with the length from waist to crouch on pants, and inserting sleeves.

    Thank you for this opportunity

  46. I think I am a fairly good quilter. I love it, it’s therapeutic. However, I lack a lot of basic sewing skills for sewing up things like bags or clothes. Would love this book to help me out and give me a few tips!

  47. I would love to get better at altering clothes to have a more fitted look and to take an existing pattern and alter it so that it really does fit me, especially pants!

  48. I have to alter all the clothing patterns I use. I really enjoy making my own clothing, but often get intimidated by the amount of alteration requirements for some pieces. I would like to learn more about creating my own patterns or discover a better way to alter the patterns I use. Thanks for the giveaway, lady!

  49. I used to sew a lot of clothes, but haven’t for about 20 years. I would like to get my confidence back about clothes making.

  50. I have been a loyal viewer and admirer of Nancy Zieman for over twenty years, whew! One of the areas in which I still struggle is constructing neat, finished waistbands, particular those with zippers. Thanks for the give-a-way!

  51. I really red to work on modding patterns to fit my chest vs waist, but I like reading technique books about anything to refresh my memory/improve my existing skills!

    Thanks for the review and opportunity.

  52. I would love to be able to make clothes for my kids. And cushions. And be better at quilting. And bags… everything really :)

  53. I would like to figure out how to adjust patterns so that when I make something for me or my grand-daughter, it would FIT.

  54. I believe you can always improve every area. But if I had to choose, it would be creating softies or making bags. Mine never have that polished look.

  55. I would most like to improve my skills in draping – I know that’s pre-actual-sewing. In actual sewing I would really like to improve my free-motion abilities.

  56. I would love to learn how to use my sewing machine better. I still get tangled up sometimes when I use fabrics I don’t sew with often, it can get frustrating!

  57. Thanks for the chance to win Nancy’s book. I am a self-taught sewer so I can use professional advice on every front. I would most like to learn up-to-date quilting techniques.

  58. What a fantastic give away. As I have said before, I am a self-taught sewer so I can use professional help on all fronts. I would especially like to learn up to date quilting techniques. Thanks for the chance.

  59. Would love to have this book. Want to see Nancy’s tips on sewing with a double needle.

  60. Well I too am a self taught sewist. I would most like to improve my tailoring skills. I shy away from any project that has arm holes or pleats. (That’s mostly everything! LOL) I do quilting, hemming and some doll dresses but only if they have no arms. My mother was self taught but she is a genius. Although she has tried to explain things,she doesn’t necessarily follow the patterns so I can never follow her. I love watching Sewing With Nancy. She was the very first person besides my Mom who I learned techniques from.

  61. I used to sew clothes for my daughters until they got too old to appreciate it (or, rather, didn’t want it anymore, LOL.) Maybe this book would encourage me to get into clothes sewing again. This time for myself!!

  62. There is so much I would like to improve, but probably most, I would like to improve seams and hems. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy! This book looks amazing!

  63. Right now I am making baby quilts from my stash. I can not get them made fast enought before They are all gone

  64. hmm I would like to improve on alterations. I love to sew something for myself but getting everything to fit just right is still a fantasy for me. Thanks for the chance on the giveaway

  65. I would love to have Nancy’s tips for sewing clothing better. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  66. Nancy’s show is full of tips. I would enjoy learning best practices for machine sewing (not serger) most everything on a garment, including the hem and edge finishes. In other words, the look that would like is more professional and less cobbled together homemade. Thanks for the chance.

  67. I think that I’d just like to improve or increase the amount of time I spend sewing. I enjoy sewing/quilting, but spend more time looking online at inspirational photos and less time at the sewing machine. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  68. Everyone is being so generous! I am such a beginner that there is probably nothing in this book that wouldn’t help me! I don’t the difference between a whip stich and..well.. I don’t know what a whip stich is anyway :) I have done a little piecing and quilting, but I could use a lot of help.

  69. Zippers and finishing techniques would be most helpful to me. Thanks for the chance to win!

  70. I could use some practice with zippers. I’m sure there are a lot of projects I don’t do because they have zippers. lol

  71. i’d want to learn how to make my zippers look better and some different buttonhole techniques

  72. I would love to know more tips and tricks to making quilts come together easier!!! Thank you for sponsoring a giveaway!

  73. I would love to know any little secrets about making sunbursts. I’m not really sure if that is the name. I’m forgetting the name but I think they are also called some kind of star. I started one years ago but it was not coming out correct. The pattern I used was not paper pieced. Maybe I should go back and check my seams? Thank you for a great giveaway and a chance to win.

  74. As a newish quilter who has never sewn before I would SO love to win a copy of Nancy’s book as I really need help with all of the basics, I love quilting but find that my skills are not quite there. Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  75. I just ordered my copy! I can’t wait to have this as a sewing resource, thanks Nancy!

  76. I’d like to branch out from quilting. I shy away from anything that will be worn, played with, used to tote things around…

  77. This sounds liike a great book to have. I’ve been sewing all my life, but can always use help on a new technique or reteaching myself on something I haven’t done for awhile.

  78. I do lots of quilting. I would like to get my piecing more precise. You know where the points meet, etc. And I ditto the zippers comments.

  79. I would love this book. There are probably tons of tips to help with my sewing.

  80. I´ll love to sew my own clothes, i ´m making my first steps withmy litlle girl, thanks

  81. I would love to win this book from one of my long-time heroes. Thanks for the chance.

  82. Thanks for the chance to win. I mostly work on quilts so I would like to improve my applique skills and try more quilts that have it on them.

  83. I would love to feel more comfortable making clothes. And I could use some help with my free motion quilting. I’m improving slowly on both, but could always use tips to make life simpler.

  84. I need to improve my cutting fabric WOF without getting that pesky wavy cut. Love to watch Nancy, she is so informative.

  85. I would love to improve the appearance of corners when I turn my projects right side out. I love Nancy’s tips and her instructions are so easy to follow. Thank you for the giveaway!

  86. This looks like a great reference book. I’ve been sewing for 40+ years, garments and quilting. I would like new up-to-date ideas for adding zippers.

  87. I would like to enhance my finishing skills–hems, seam finishes, buttonholes, and the like.

  88. I’m only a basic sewer, so any help improving would be great. I think mostly i’d like to learn how to use my machine in a more thorough way.

  89. I haven’t made garments in years and I really want to get back to that- I just need a little help with altering patterns to fit! And I always need tips on how to fix tension problems.

  90. It’s much easier to Comment here on your BLOG! THANKS FOR THAT! I think this would be a great reference book to have. I have a grand-daughter who wants to learn to sew! I could use this to help teach her.

  91. I love watching Nancy on the PBS channel. I hope I win her book! It would be so awesome

  92. I just got a sewing machine and could use help just about everywhere! I am working on a few quilts, so anything to help me keep corners square would be appreciated.

  93. I need to improve my accruacy. I tend to get in a hurry and take shortcuts. My stitches are tighter and more attractive when I take the time to do it the right way. This book would be a great desk reference to remind me of the proper methods for great finished pieces.

  94. If I could improve any one area of my sewing it would be my accuracy! I simply lack the patience to be truly accurate and I’m afraid to say that it shows in my finished work.

  95. Thanks for a chance to win. Need help with tension and garment sewing. Little tips here and there are are the uh huh moment!

  96. I would like to learn how to sew curved seams. I am scared to try anything other than a straight seam, and that is quite limiting!

  97. I think I would most like to improve my pattern fitting ability. I have made enough strange-fitting shorts for one lifetime! I want Nancy’s book SOOOOOO bad! I never miss her show, either! -Happy Sewing – Jessie

  98. I can’t figure out clothing/dress making very well. And I never remember all the terminology. There are often things I need to look up, it would be nice to have it at my fingertips in a book.
    I can’t wait to see this book!

  99. Cute blog! Found it through Nancy’s and now I will follow through Reader! I’d like to gain just a little more patience when I’m sewing. I get so eager to finish a project, that I make unnecessary mistakes! :-) I need to learn to slow down and enjoy the process as well!

  100. I’ve sewn children’s clothing but I’m not so sure of myself when sewing for adults! This looks like it might be a good guidebook with lots of info that would help.

  101. I am a fairly new quilter, and eagerly devour everything I can find about quilting. I am addicted!

  102. Great review! I would love to improve my bias tape/binding skills, they are less than stellar!

  103. Thanks for the book review. Just started sewing and been admiring quilts. Glad I found your website and bookmarked for the future!

  104. I want to improve my construction skills in general. I long for the day when I can sketch something like they do one project runway and then just go sew it for myself. Soon. . . I just need a few more tricks up my sleeves first.

  105. ooh, this book looks fabulous!

    i’ve sorely neglected garment sewing in favour of quilting this past year, and i’d love to get back to it. i’ve been sewing clothes for about 20 years (okay, now i feel old!) and i’d love to learn more about fitting, but in a MODERN way. it seems like all the resources i come across in books show how to fit super high waisted 80s pants!

  106. I need to improve in all areas of sewing. I am a beginner and need to learn everything I can.

  107. I need to improve my confidence and my binding skills. I can sew basic stuff but would love to learn to do more like blind seams, invisible zips.

  108. I would like to be able to sew something – anything! — that is not flat! I would love to be able to sew simple clothing that fits!

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