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With fall just around the corner, and my girls starting school this week – I decided it’s time for a new fall bag, for myself!

I spent a few hours over the weekend, cutting and prepping all the pieces for a Sweet Harmony Tote, by Amy Butler.

The hard part is done; now to find the time to sew it!

Have you made anything for yourself lately?


19 thoughts on “Pieces

  1. Isn’t it funny. So may quilters don’t have a quilt on their own bed….most don’t take the time to do something for themselves.

  2. New bags are fun, especially this time of year when life transitions from summer to back-to-school. I’m making a new zipper pouch to hold my sketchbook and drawing tools.

  3. The quilt I did for the Bloggers’ Festival was supposed to be for me. Unfortunately, my third son commandeered it! I am hoping my newest project (a Hawaiian quilt pillow) stays in my studio. But not counting on it!

  4. I sewed my first big bag this summer, the birdie sling! It’s huge & I love it, but it did sit cut out till I had time to sew it. Cutting all those pieces was a job in itself! I’d love to sew a fall/winter bag. Can’t wait to see yours!

  5. Good for you for making something for yourself! I have yet to make a bag, but it is on my growing “to do” list. I love Amy Butler’s patterns and can’t wait to see your finished bag.

  6. Made myself a Birdie Sling for the summer, and have just loved it. I’ve been looking for a bag that would work as a diaper bag. Loving this pattern, might have to buy. Let us know who it works out.!

  7. Ugh! I’m supposed to be finishing up a new bag for my sister. She’s been begging since Easter, I suppose I should probably put the lining and binding on it.

  8. Wow! You have been busy! It’s so nice to see you doing something special for yourself. We get so wrapped up in all our other projects and forget to treat ourselves, don’t we? I have sewed a little make-up bag for myself recently. It even had a zipper, which I had not done in years. Brings back frightful memories….

    Please show us your finished bag, I’d love to see it!

  9. Yes. I’m working on an Asian inspired bag for myself. However, the next step is to quilt the fabric. I really need a walking foot before I can try that. My walking foot died a couple of years ago and I have missed it.

  10. Its a small thing, but I did make myself a coaster for myself last week. I just needed to do something for ME, and didn’t want to take the time to make even a purse right now.

  11. I’ve always loved that pattern and hope to try it “someday”!! I got a little bit done on my Single Girl quilt this weekend…but nothing else lately. I feel the need for a new bag, too!

  12. What a darling bag. I can’t figure out from your pictures but it looks like different material in yours? It’s definitely beautiful fabric. I’m impatiently waiting for a bag pattern that will utilize my batik stash and may make for my dd and dil but mine comes first is time! Couldn’t sew for about a month because of back problems so am super anxious to get going again

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  14. Greetings from Tunisia! Just wanted to say that I liked your interview with Annie Smith and I’ve been enjoying your blog–such fun projects and cute fabrics.
    best, nadia

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