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Owen was treated to a pile of Pirate fabrics, which clearly he loved, just not enough to smile for a stranger for – haha!  He spotted the pirate ships, and skulls in the bolts at Riley Blake, and claimed the floor space just in front of them while I chatted about Sewing Summit with Jina and Cindy.  I’m told these rambunctious fabrics, are nearly sold out – if you want some, better hunt now!

Owen enjoyed pulling out all the fat quarters and finding the matches.  Then selecting the fabrics for his new scooter bag!

He likes to carry his matchbox cars outside and take them for a ride, and the left over birthday goodie bag he had been using was shredded.  A new bag seemed like the perfect solution, especially with skull fabric!

Owen sat next to me at the sewing machine while I quickly made handles, and whipped up the bag.  The only natural thing to do after that, was load it up with cars and take it for a spin!

He is loving his new bag!  A special thanks to Jina and Cindy, those fabrics made his day!  We’ll figure out what to do with the rest of the fq’s after the Sewing Summit, and fill you in then.

Did you notice the fall colors in the first picture?  Fall has hit here in the mountains, I love this time of year!

Blessings ~


8 thoughts on “Pirates

  1. 1
    randi says:

    what a cute bag for a handsome guy! too fun!

  2. 2

    What a gorgeous setting to live in!
    Love the little bag! What a sweet little boy you have!

  3. 3
    Cindy Sharp says:

    What a handsome boy and beautiful place to live. Great bag. Tell him that this past Monday was national Talk Like a Pirate Day! Aaargh

  4. 4
    jodi meenan says:

    Did Owen know that last Monday was National Pirate’s Day? Ha! Never heard of such a thing! What fun!

  5. 5

    Jealous of your color already. It’s still 100 degrees here. Ok, so WHEN did he get so big?! He looks like he loves his bag :)

  6. 6

    Hey Amy, I was at a quilting/knitting store up here in Fairbanks and as I wandered about I saw your book! Very Cool!


  7. 7
    BJ is Quilting! says:

    A beautiful son!

  8. 8
    CitricSugar says:

    Cute bag! I just ordered a bunch of the Pirate fabrics to make something (have no idea what) for my wee nephew for Christmas…

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