Bloggers’ Quilt Festival :: Fall 2011

Posted on October 28th, by Amy in Bloggers Quilt Festival. 672 comments

Welcome to the Festival!  Each fall and spring when we gather online to share quilts, I’m so inspired, and even more encouraged by this fantastic community of quilters!  Thank you all for sharing your quilts, and their stories, for me each story is just as important, as the work put into the quilts.  The story is where we get a sense of you, the maker, and the love put into each stitch.

Please know that your skill level, or style of quilts are not in question – everyone is welcome to participate.  Join in the fun!  Make some new friends while you browse the show, and be inspired!

First up, a big THANK YOU to our sponsors!  They have generously donated prizes for all of you to win.  Be sure to stop by their shops, browse our vendor mall, while taking in all the quilts.  They love being the suppliers for all your fabric and sewing needs!

Next, as you make your way through all the quilts, email me if you find a quilter that you think would make a great feature here (or your friend, that needs a boost!).  I’m always looking for more Featured Quilters!

Finally, be sure to leave a comment on this post, to be entered to win one of the fabulous giveaways.  Good Luck!

Ready to share your quilt?

Here’s what you need to do to participate:  (Please read carefully)

  1. Write a new post (old posts will be deleted).  Share one quilt, and it’s story.  Why you made it, why it is special to you, what you learned about quilting/yourself while making it.  The quilt doesn’t have to be brand new, never seen before on your blog – show what you like!  Also, please respect my efforts and the efforts of the event sponsors, and do not offer giveaways in your Quilt Festival post.
  2. In your post, link back to the festival.  You can do this with a button, just copy and paste the code into your post, if  all else fails.
  3. Share a permalink to your post, in the linky.  Right click on your post title to copy link address, then paste it in the linky.
  4. Leave me a comment to be entered in the giveaways.
  5. Visit all the other quilters sharing their quilts and be inspired!
  6. If you are on flickr, consider adding your entry to the group pool, it’s great to see all the quilts in the gallery!
About our Sponsors - 


Add your post to the linky, and leave a comment to be entered to win!  The red X is only seen on your computer, it gives you the option to edit/delete your link if necessary.  Pull up a comfy chair and enjoy the show!  If you have a question, please email me directly, as questions in the comments will not be answered quickly, I will do my best to help.



672 thoughts on “Bloggers’ Quilt Festival :: Fall 2011

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  2. I’m really excited to join in the fun this time round, I’ve got a little bit of pottering around and cleaning but the afternoon is free to sit and have a read and get some much needed inspiration!
    Thank you Amy!

  3. Thanks for hosting another Festival and all the work you put into it every time! It sure is a lot of fun for all of us who participate, and the others.
    I have linked up and hope to start viewing the show this evening.

  4. Delighted to be part of the festival again! There is always so much eye candy and inspiration here and I always make new friends. Thanks Amy!

  5. I’m so excited to be participating this time! Thank you so much, Amy for all the work you do for this Festival! I can’t wait to browse through all the amazing quilts and hear their stories!

  6. Thanks , Amy, for this wonderful way to share so many quilts. I love it each time the festival comes around. I am looking forward to seeing all the quilts!!

  7. Hi Amy!
    Thank you so much again for hosting the Quilt Festival. I really look forward to your festivals. It’s fun to see all the beautiful quilts. Thank you also to the wonderful sponsors!!

  8. There’s some wonderful quilts here! It’s just so interesting to see so many lovely quilts in such a variety of designs and colours. Thanks for organising this!

  9. Oh Amy, I always took forward to this time of the year. I find so many new blog friends, and see so much eye candy, that I dream of it until the next blog hop. Thanks so much for all your work. And thanks the the wonderful sponsors who have been very generous. You all rock!!

  10. Yay! It’s Quilt Festival time again!!! Thanks so much Amy for organizing this again. I look forward to this each spring and fall and always find so much inspiration and a ton of new blogs to follow. You rock!

  11. thank you so much for hosting this festival AGAIN !! I love to see the wonderful quilts from all over the world – and I met so many great people during the last festivals I would never have met otherwise. Thank you !!

  12. Good Morning Amy. :o)
    Oh I am so excited to be here today!! This is my very first quilt festival to participate in. I have admired each one as you have so kindly hosted. :o) Thank you so much for the time and energy that you place into such special times like this! I can hardly wait to visit all the other participants!!
    Have a wonderful day.
    hugs. Trish

  13. Hooray! I love to see Bloggers’ Quilt Festival roll around again!! It takes the sting out of not being able to go to Market…. No really, it’s such a great thing, and thanks for hosting, Amy! I’m off now to check out all the eye candy….. ;-)

  14. YAY! love the quilt festival, thanks for hosting again! I’m bummed I didn’t get my quilt back from the quilter in time for this round. But I’ll certainly enjoy looking at everyone elses quiltS!

  15. Thank you so much for hosting another Blogger’s Quilt Festival! This is such a fun event and I have made many new blog friends because of it…not to mention being inspired again and again. Linky worked perfectly. Thanks again!

  16. Amy, thank you for once again hosting the Bloggers Quilt Festival. It is always a delight to visit quilters from all over the world. I’m looking forward to meeting up with old friends and making new ones.

  17. Thank you Amy for the opportunity to join in the show. It is really fun to see all the different work done by quilters, and gives some great inspiration fot the future.

  18. YAY! My favorite time of the year! Amy’s Quilt Festival! Looking forward to browsing through lots of beautiful creative quilts in the days ahead :-)

    Tammy ~@~

  19. The coffee is poured and sitting on its mugmat, I’m wrapped in one of my many quilts, and I’ve already started making the rounds! Thanks, Amy…your site is so lovely to join and so easy to navigate now. I love all of the ideas and the wonderful supporters who showcase their talents and products!

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  21. Oh yea! It’s Blogger’s festival time again! I’m so excited. I’d really hoped to finish my red and white for this one but I didn’t so I’ll have to wait and post it in the next one! I’ll just post another one!

  22. I am all linked up! I look forward to being inspired over the next week while looking at all of these beautiful quilts. Thanks for hosting, Amy!! Hope your weekend is full of laughter. Smiles~beth

  23. Thanks Amy for all your hard work with these festivals. I love looking at all of the amazing quilts that everyone makes (and finding yet more blogs to read!) I linked up!

  24. I LOVE the Bloggers’ Quilt Festival. There is so much talent out there, and so many beautiful quilts waiting to be discovered. Thank you so much for hosting this event. I’m going to love having a lazy Saturday to go and look at all the gorgeous quilts, read their stories, and find some interesting new blogs!



  25. I am so excited to be part of this virtual quilt show. It is a wonderful opportunity for all of us bloggers to show the quilts we make. thank you Amy for your extraordinary efforts to make this possible.

  26. What a fabulous collection of quilts. I never cease to be amazed at how talented quilters can be. It is events like this that inspire quilters and non-quilters alike. This craft needs to be nurtured and maintained for future generations. Thank you for hosting this Amy.

  27. Wow, Amy! I’ve just had way too much fun looking at all these amazing quilts! I want to spend hours seeing everything… but I have to work! :) Sadly, the pages don’t write themselves. I’ll stop by later in the day, though!

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  29. As always, I am looking forward to lots of quilty inspiration as i look at all of the festival entries. Thanks for hosting this wonderful display and for the chance at a great prize!

  30. What timing, I have the day off and get to look at all these beauties!! Thanks for hosting Amy! This is my second time participating. I think I might start planning for Spring :)

  31. I’m so excited to put my link up in the festival this year! I love this community of quilters so much. I can’t think of a better way to spend my day off today than looking at all these glorious quilts.

  32. Amy, Thank you thank you thank you for hosting again. I just love perusing everyone’s creations. Being the only quilter in my family and circle of friends…you get a little lonely!!!!

  33. I love your quilt festivals! So glad it is that time again! Thanks for hosting. I will spend many hours over the next few days admiring all the many different quilts.

  34. this is one of my favorite things to do! i find so many next blog buddies! and so many neat quilts!thanks for all your hard work!

    this is my first time playing!

  35. I enjoyed browsing through the links last year. And now I get to do it again. Thanks Amy for putting this fall festival together.

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  37. Congratulations to this Bloggers Quilt Festival. I am very lucky to be part of it! It´s my third time and I am looking forward to the next days and all these wonderful quilts which I can see :-)
    LG Kerstin

  38. Amy, thank you so much for hosting this Festival once again. There are some amazing quilts and stories, and I’m going to thoroughly enjoy visiting all the blogs over the next few days to check them all out. And a round of applause to your sponsors. Another successful Festival with a slew of wonderful prizes. Way to go everyone!

  39. I love the Blogger’s Quilt Festival. I guess I nearly missed it this year. I haven’t been paying close enough attention. Maybe I’ll go post something and link up. Either way, I definitely want a chance to win your lovely prizes! Thanks for hosting another Festival!

  40. I am so glad to be able to take part again in the big Blogger’s Quilt Festival. Thanks for organising it again Amy. So many beautiful quilts to look at and thanks to the sponsors for the giveaways.

  41. Thanks so much for hosting this great festival. I am a relative new blogger and quilter so this is the first time I joined. I’m having a ball surfing the blogs :)

  42. I’m glad you are doing this again…it’s such fun to enter AND to see all the other entries! Thanks for all the time and effort you put into this.

  43. Thank you Amy for your generousity and heart to host this festival of quilting. It was your blog and this festival that inspired be to be brave, walk out of lurkdom and start my wee blog. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your festval.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  44. I just added my link! It is the first time I have participated, and I am quite excited about being part of this wonderful event. Thank you, Amy, for organizing it. It is so inspirational to see all the quilts, read the stories and to discover new blogs.

  45. Dear Amy!
    Thank you for the opportunity. I like to quilt festival. In Hungary, no widespread activity. I like to look at the works of international bloggers! I learned a lot from U.S. blog

  46. Thank you for hosting the Bloggers Quilt Festival. I spend a lot of time visiting all the quilts on their blogs and always add a few to my favorites to visit often.

  47. Thank you for hosting the Bloggers Quilt Festival. It is always fun to visit the blogs to read about the quilts. I always add a few to my favoties to visit often.

  48. This is my first chance to enter the Bloggers Quilt Festival as I just started my blog in September. I love the inspiration and creativity that this event is know for. Thanks for hosting.

  49. It’s the first time I’m join in this wonderful festival!
    Thank you Amy, for this opportunity!
    Lots of hugs from Brazil!

  50. Thank you so much!! I just linked up with my Halloween Quilt! Your Quilt Fest a year ago was a huge revelation for me! I’ve been a fan ever since! Thanks (again)!

  51. Thank you for doing this! I just love looking through all the wonderful quilts and reading their stories… As a new quilter this is a treasure of ideas about colors and great patterns.

    Just love it!

  52. Hi Amy,
    thank you so much, what at great idea.
    So many beautiful quilts, thats amasing!
    I´m happy to participate as number 178
    in this Quilt Festival.

  53. Amy, thanks for the chance to enter a quilt. I very much enjoyed participating in the spring and loved the comments and traffic your show drove to my blog PLUS all the new quilt blogs I discovered. thanks for pulling this together.

  54. Last year I was disappointed that I hadn’t participated, so this year, I’ve added an older quilt of mine. Next year I will plan something just for this! Thanks for hosting the quilt festival!

  55. OK I can’t enter until after Halloween. I still have four costumes to make and it is Friday afternoon. I will be back on Monday way late, but I am coming back I promise.

  56. Each Bloggers’ Quilt Festival is more exciting and inspiring than the last. Good job, Amy, and many thanks!

    Betsy in MA

  57. This is my first time to join in on this Quilt Festival though I have spent a lot of time looking at the entries in the past and have several favorites already for this one. Thanks for putting this together Amy it is so fun to see others work.

  58. Thanks for once again setting up the Bloggers Quilt Festival! I’ve just linked up mine and I’m looking forward to sitting by my computer with a cup of coffee over the weekend and browsing all the wonderful quilts.

  59. Thanks Amy! I’ve participated in all of the festivals that you have hosted and I love looking at all the creative juices of fellow quilters! Thank you for hosting this fabulous event.

  60. Thank you, Amy, for once again hosting a great Blogger’s Quilt Festival. Though I have no good reason to be starting any new projects, I’ve only been through a few entries and am already itching to start cutting into new fabrics and making more quilts. We’ll see how long the links keep me away from the sewing room!

  61. This is such fun! Thanks for hosting this, Amy! I’m headed off to see the other entries! Thanks for the chance to win, and a big thank you to all of the wonderful sponsors!

  62. What fun! Please add me to the quilt festival. I made a new post on my blog, linked up with Mr. Linky, joined the group on flickr, and posted pictures there as well.

    I’ve also linked to your page on my blog about my quilt and posted your button on my sidebar.

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  64. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in your Bloggers’ Quilt Festival! This is the first time I’ve done so. I enjoyed “a trip down memory lane” as I recalled the places I went and processes I experienced to create my “Snowflake Medallion” quilt.

  65. Sorry, I can’t tell you about a quilt I’ve never made. I a wantobe quilter. I wanted to get started on one, but with all the holidays and trying to make things for them. I won’t get time until after Christmas. Hope to get some done them. Love your blog. Also all the ideas and help you give us. Would love to be able to enter, but alas. I love seeing everyone’s quilts and blogs. Thanks.

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  67. I made this quilt for the local quilt show. IT is made from a kit but I found it quilte challenging. I couldn’t decide what motif to place in the center of the blank square. Some of the fabrics had circles on it so that meant pebbles would be ok to add. I love feathers and so I was set. I drafted the design, markded my top and I was off to the races. I think it turned out ok. I learned that problems can cause you to grow if you stop complaining and look at it from a different angle.

  68. Yay! My doctor just put me on bed rest until my twins are born. I’m glad I will have something to occupy me for a few days. I plan to read each and every post! AND I just joined pinterest! Bring on the inspiration!

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  70. Thank%20you%20for%20hosting%20the%20festival%2C%20what%20an%20exciting%20opportunity%20to%20display%20my%20work%20and%20to%20be%20inspired%20by%20others!

  71. I recently stumbled upon your blog and was looking forward to seeing the quilts in the Quilt Festival. I’m at a loss for words. They are all so very beautiful and inspirational. Very well done to all who entered.

  72. Thank you so much for hosting this amazing and fun event – I`m off round the exhibit halls now to take in the beautiful creations and see what`s on sale. Living somewhere where there are no quilt shows, this means so much to me. Thanks again!

  73. I can’t believe I didn’t know about this before today! I just stumbled upon you, and decided to come play! I linked up my sister’s wedding quilt that I made back in May. This is like Christmas for yours truly! Thanks for hosting this!

  74. Wow, so many beautiful quilts to see and read about already! I can tell you where my weekend will disappear to. :)

    Thank you once again, Amy and all the sponsors for hosting such a great event.

  75. Wow, what a great collection of quilts! Thank Amy for organizing this, and Thank you to all the quilters that shared their wonderful quilts!

  76. Amy – I’m so glad you host this festival every year – it’s such a treat to have direct links to so many awesome quilts. THANK YOU!

  77. Amy I’m so glad you host this festival every year – it’s such a treat to have direct links to so many awesome quilts. THANK YOU!

  78. I love Bloggers’ Quilt Festival! I did not realize it was this weekend and was feeling kinda blue cuz I can’t be in Houston… this is the perfect pick-me-up and I so appreciate it and all the beautiful quilts that people are posting. I don’t have a blog, or you can be sure that I would be all over it! Thanks again for all of your efforts.

  79. This is amazing! All the quilts are breath-taking! What a wonderful blogger festival! Thank you for hosting it! :) I added my quilt

    P.S. My comment didn’t post the first time so hopefully this won’t double post

  80. You’re such a dear for hosting this! You must be exhausted with this coming on the heels of the Sewing Summit! Thank you for giving us a place to gather and share and be inspired! This is my first time participating and I’m so excited! Looking forward to ‘meeting’ new quilting friends and adding to my list of ‘must make’ quilts!

  81. Thanks Amy! can’t wait till the kids are in bed tonight so that i can browse thru all these quilts!! I dont think my quilt would have gotten done without the incentive of this fun festival!!

  82. I can’t believe I’m linking to the Blogger’s Quilt Festival (I’ve had my blog for only two weeks). So excited!
    Thanks to all the quilting blogging community that inspire and teaches me daily!

  83. Amy, thank you for hosting this festival again. It’s the first time I’ve had a finished quilt – well, one that I’ve done all the work on from start to finish – so I’m all linked up this time. I’m loving looking at all the other quilts and reading their stories.

  84. Hi Amy ! This is my first time participating in your BLOGGER”S QUILT FESTIVAL ! HOW FUN ! I have just posted my GOOD FORTUNE QUILT .

    I am looking forward to seeing all of the quilts !

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  86. Hi Amy! Just got my blog post linked up. Thank you so much for all the hard work and time you put into doing this fabulous quilt show! I can’t wait to start cruisin’ through the quilts!

  87. Thanks for organizing this great event time and again. So wonderful to see all those fantastic quilts. It’s a inspiration jolt for the quilters all around I’m sure

  88. Thank you so much for sponsoring another quilt festival. I find it so much fun to find new quilters. I have become cyber-friends with several.

    I have linked to this site.

  89. Thanks for letting me enter the Fall festival. I started this quilt 2 years ago when I was inspired by the beautiful fall fabric from Moda by Sandy Gervais. In the mean time I moved and found it again a few weeks ago and knew I had to have it for my fall decorating. I quilted it on the long arm using a pantograph with leaves and swirls. Thanks for letting me share.

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  91. First time entrant into your festival. I LOVE this – so much talent and so many quilts. I made this with one of YOUR patterns and would have never thought you would see the end result. Who knew? Thanks Amy!

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  94. Thanks so much Amy for hosting this wonderful event once again!! This is my second time participating and I am really enjoying seeing others wonderful quilts!!

  95. Thank you so much for hosting this! This is my first Quilt Festival, I just finished my first quilt this September. I hope to have more quilts to share in the spring!

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  97. Amy, thank you so much for hosting these Festivals! They’re so much fun and I meet so many wonderful quilters through them. (I tried to comment a moment ago on this post and it wouldn’t go through)

  98. Thanks for the opportunity to not only join in the Bloggers Festival but to see all these fabulous quilts that I might not have seen otherwise. Love it!

  99. Amy, thanks for hosting the Festival, this is going to be fun checking out all the fabulous quilters sites. Also a big thanks to the vendors for the fabulous giveaways.

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  101. I am so thrilled to go through all of the beautiful quilts! I am a new blogger and think I will work on a post for one of my favorite quilts I made and enter! Thanks for providing this exciting quilt festival! I hope to get a post up tonight…

  102. I%20am%20so%20thrilled%20to%20go%20through%20all%20of%20the%20beautiful%20quilts!%20I%20am%20a%20new%20blogger%20and%20think%20I%20will%20work%20on%20a%20post%20for%20one%20of%20my%20favorite%20quilts%20I%20made%20and%20enter!%20Thanks%20for%20providing%20this%20exciting%20quilt%20festival!%20I%20hope%20to%20get%20a%20post%20up%20tonight…

  103. Amy, once again you have brought fellow quilters together in a way that brings out all of our wonderful creativity. I don’t know how, but it gets better every time. Thank you! :)

  104. Wow – I am still a bit speechless at the simply beautiful array of quilts that are shown here, I could browse these photos for many happy hours…

  105. Whew, finished and entered. Now I just have to look at 300 quilts ahead of me, which actually sounds like fun. A quilt show from the comforts of home. Thanks for doing this again!

  106. Thanks once again for hosting this wonderful event! I only discovered it last spring, but have been inspired many times over by everything I have seen here. I have also met many other “quilty” bloggers through your festival.

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  108. Hi Amy,
    As always, you have another great fall show going on- I just put up my story and quilts – I hope you are having a great time viewing all the beautiful quilts. Thanks for hosting such a fun event.
    Warmest regards,

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  110. I love seeing all the gorgeous fabric art being created all over the world. Thank you, Amy, and all the wonderful sponsores that make this happen.

  111. Thanks so much for hosting this great festival. It’s especially fun for all of us who aren’t at Houston- we still get our dose of great quilts.

    Thanks too to all the sponsors!

  112. Thanks so much for hosting such a fun event! I love looking at all the quilts. Every time I log in there are more to view. I appreciate all your hard work and efforts with this. Its so much fun and inspiring to see what everyone is working on.


  113. Wow, what great inspiration these quilt posts provide! Makes me want to get my first ever quilt finished and maybe think about participating in the next festival…

  114. (not sure if my last comment was posted or not.. so i’ll try again)

    THANK YOU Amy! for hosting this fabulous blogger’s quilt festival! So great seeing all those quilts out in blogland! Who needs Houston?! haha (well, i’d love to go someday!)

  115. Hi Amy!
    What a wonderful post of contributors you have here!! Awesome!
    I’ve entered my Summer Logs quilt. Don’t know if I did the link-in properly, but my photo does shoe up. Not my name though…?
    Do please enter me in your giveaways please.
    Happy stitching!

  116. What a bunch of great quilts! Lots of eye candy. I’m enjoying reading all the stories. Great event Amy.


  117. I’ve linked up – the Festival is so much fun. Thanks so much Amy for hosting us all. It’s like a massive party all at your place!

  118. So many lovely quilts! I had in mind to visit each one – but with hundreds already and more being added – don’t think I’ll be able to. Thanks Amy!

  119. In the huge expanse of the Internet having events like these is great – as a new blogger it is so inspiring to see what others do – and how prolific so many people are – also to know that there are people as passionate about their hobby as I am.


  120. What a wonderful collection of quilts and stories!! Remarkable, and such a variety of patterns, colors – you truly bring the world together with this Festival! Thank you for hosting!

  121. What a wonderful collection of quilts and stories!! Remarkable, and such a variety of patterns and colors – you truly bring the world together with this Festival!!
    Thanks so much for hosting – I’ll be looking at it for weeks!

  122. Hi Amy! Thanks for pulling this festival together again, so fun! And your giveaways are wonderful. Hoping to get myself together and post a quilt before it’s too late. Fabulous event!

  123. Amy: This is so much fun. What a wonderful show of quilt projects…a true feast for the eyes! (No calories, either!)So glad I could be a part of it!


  124. Oh, wow! I found your bloggers quilt show through my friend Jean who linked to it from her blog, and I’m having the best time looking at all the quilts! I don’t have a blog or a website, and haven’t quilted in a while, but this is going to help inspire me to get started again. Thanks!

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  126. So excited to be participating again this year. I love the bloggers’ quilt festival. It’s so fun to read all the different stories and see the beautiful quilts. As always, thanks for hosting Amy!

  127. Another great festival. I’ve just checked out a few amazing quilts, looks like I’ll be camping in front of the computer for the week. Thanks for organising and hosting.

  128. What a wonderful way to share our work. Thank you, Amy, for putting this together. This is the first time I’ve participated and it definitely won’t be the last. Wonderful!

  129. What a wonderful way to share our work and be inspired by others! Thank you for hosting this, Amy! This is the first time that I’ve participated, but it won’t be the last. Wonderful!

  130. I just about decided to sit this one out, but when I started to see all the quilts and the BGF badge, I got all excited and entered! Thanks, Amy, for hosting this again. I do enjoy getting around to see all the quilts and reading new blogs (helps me escape my own blog reading rut!)

  131. Hi! I posted my link and picture of finished quilt and new post. I could not figure out how to add your button, but put a pic there with the link. Hope that is ok. Thanks for the contest!

  132. (I posted a comment… and it never showed up, so my apologies if there are 2)
    I am so looking forward to looking at at the quilts and reading the stories. One of the thing I miss the most living in South Africa, is quilt shows and festivals. So I will enjoy some coffee and lovely quilts over the next few days. Thanks AMY!

  133. What fun to cruise around the ‘net & check out all the fab quilts.Sort of compensates for not being at Houston Festival and no airfare or hotel expenses and we can shop our our jammies!

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  136. Thanks for hosting the Fall 2011 edition of Bloggers Quilt Festival. It been amazing to see this grow over the years, to see such amazing quilts and read such wonderful stories.

  137. Thanks for hosting the fall 2011 Bloggers Quilt Festival. it’s been great to see this show grow over the years and see such wonderful quilts and talented quilters.

  138. Thank you, Amy, for organizing this yet again. I so enjoy the inspiration of the stories and of the quilts. Too many quilts, too little time. But such a delight to play with fabric.

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  140. This is the first time I’ve linked to your festival, having seen other bloggers do this in the past. There’s so much to see here. Thanks for letting me join in

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  142. Dear Amy!
    This is my first time joining in with Amy’s Blogger’s Quilt Festival! I love this amazing Idea. Thank you for all of your kind work in it. I hope you’ll enjoy the new participants web sites :o).
    Thank you for this lovely giveaway too. Hugs Györgyi from Hungary

  143. Thanks Amy for hosting such a wonderful festival again. I love seeing all the quilts. It’s fun to get inspiration from all the talented quilters out there. Thanks to the sponsors as well.


  144. Amy – thank you, THANK YOU for hosting this awesome festival again. It is truly wonderful to be able to share among such great quilters. Good luck on the festival and thank you again :)

  145. I always look so forward to the BQF – thanks, Amy! I may have to cancel all that I was going to do today… I sense there’s about 12 hours of blog surfing in my immediate future!

    PS, sorry for my duplicate submissions, and I hope I got it fixed.

  146. Thank you so much for hosting another bloggers’ quilt festival. I know it is a ton of work and I really appreciate all the inspiration and new discoveries that each time brings.

  147. Yay! I’m so excited that I have a quilt to enter! I loved looking at all the quilts last time you did this, and LOVE all the quilts that have already been entered this time! :) Thank you so much for hosting this! and for all the generous sponsors!

  148. Thanks Amy for organizing once again a great blogger’s quilt fest. The quilts are amazing…the ones I been able to visit so far. Will be visiting for a while there are so many! :D

  149. Thanks Amy for once again organizing a great blogger’s quilt festival. The quilts are amazing…the ones I have been able to visit so far…it will take a while to visit…there are so many! :D

  150. I love the quilt festival! It takes me several months to get through all of the linkies, but it’s fun to see everyone’s submission. Thanks Amy!

  151. I love the quilt festival! It takes me several months to get through all of the linkies, but it’s fun to see everyone’s submissions. Thanks Amy!

  152. I tried to comment earlier but I am pretty sure it didn’t come through. Thanks for this opportunity to join this quilt festival – so much fun to see everyone’s creations!

  153. Thank you Amy for making and organizing this amazing festival! This is my second entry and third festival during my blogging! I sit all the evenings (nights) visiting all those lovely quilting people and enjoying their fantastic works!
    Sunny wishes from Teje & Nero

  154. Thank you Amy for organizing this fantastic quilt show! This my second entry and I’m so happy to join all those talented, lovely quilters!
    Sunny wishes! xxx Teje

  155. Thank you Amy. I’ve added my entry (rather late) and am now going to spend the evening looking at all the wonderful quilts that so many talented people have created.

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  157. I have been back time and again viewing the festival. Love having all these ideas in one place. Thanks so much for coordinating the festival.

  158. Thanks for hosting the bloggers’ quilt festival. It is so much fun to look at all the great projects. I hope that I win one of the prizes.

  159. This looks wonderful. I haven’t seen an online quilt festival before but can’t wait to discover some new (to me) quilty blogs. My blog roll is in need of some more material. :) Thank you for hosting this.

  160. Thanks Amy for hosting this fabulous event. Such a great opportunity to see and share with all the clever, creative quilters around the world. Happy Days. Chrisb

  161. What a wonderful festival! The quilts are spectacular! I am trying to participate but not having any luck linking up. However, I will keep trying and keep promoting the festival on my blog…a little late to the party, but still having fun!

  162. Whew! I made it. I just discovered Bloggers’ Quilt Festival the other day and feel like I’ve gone to heaven. All these brilliant blogs and quilts in one place! I am so glad I found you. Thanks a million.

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  164. Sadly I don’t have a quilt to submit. I just learned the skill and I have been having fun quilting. I am motivated to make more especially with designs I have seen here today. I had fun visiting and thank you for the ideas.

  165. Bloggers Quilt Festival

    This is my entry for the Bloggers Quilt Festival . I was so inspired by all the wonderful quilts on display, I know I’m going to have lots of fun reading over the next few days.
    This is a quilt that I finished just as I began my blog in January. A friend gave me the pattern for this quilt back in 1996, I think. It is a Karen K. Stone pattern called Indian Orange Peel. I kept putting the pattern aside as it looked just too complicated. Finally I felt I should try it before I was too old to comprehend the directions. [Image] Indian Orange Peel
    [Image] Backing I started the quilt in late November and was finished with the top before Christmas in 2009. It took another year for the courage to quilt it. All in all the worst thing about making the quilt was cutting out around all the paper piecing patterns. Ant the best thing is that now I have a fall quilt to hang in the dining room.[Image]
    Labels: Bloggers Quilt Festival

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  168. I think I forgot to add a comment…and I certainly want to be in the running for these great prizes! I’m taking my time and enjoying the show…it will take me at least a month to visit them all…something to look forward to everyday. Thanks so much for hosting this event.

  169. I’ve always wanted to participate in this festival! Here is my entry for the giveaway and check out my blog for my latest quilt. :) Thanks Amy for hosting this!

  170. I am so trying to post my blog…I have made one and posted you Amy as the link. Can’t wait to start looking at everyone elses.L

  171. Thank you Amy! This is my very first time participating in this festival and I am thrilled to be part of it! The quilts are amazing here and I could spend all day at each person’s site reviewing their entries. In fact, that sounds like a good thing for tomorrow morning. Can’t wait to sit down and get inspired by each of you! Thanks!!

  172. This is my first entry as I’m a blogging newbie, but I am so excited! Thanks for all your hard work for putting this together, I really look forward to it and I know a lot of other people do too. It is so much and I am so excited to be able to participate this time!

  173. Thanks so much for hosting this once again! I love it. The perfect motivation to finish up a quilt. (finished mine last night!) Thanks again for all the time spent organizing this festival.

  174. well, I nearly didn’t make the deadline! But I did manage to get the post put together, with some half-way decent photos :-) Thank you so much for putting this together for all of us, Amy!

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  176. 618 quilts. Amazing work, too. I love them all. I am a new quilter and am so inspired by all of these quilts and all of you quilters. Thank you so much for sharing your inspiration with the rest of the world. You all rock!!!

  177. Ack! I forgot to leave a comment! Guess I didn’t read very carefully, did I? :)

    Thanks for hosting again, Amy. This is always a lot of fun!

  178. While I am fairly new to quilting and have much to learn, I appreciate so very much all if the talented quilters who willingly share their knowledge.

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