Dizzy Kitchen

Posted on October 28th, by Amy in finished quilt. 76 comments

I’ve been dying to share this quilt with all of you, but was asked to keep images off-line until the line is/was released.  Yay – I can finally share!

I was contacted by Blend Fabrics last month, and after a series of emails, fabric landed on my doorstep for a quilt for their booth at Market.

The collection is called Kitchy Kitchen, and I love the bold colors, and graphic prints.  The lemon/lime wedges, kitchen utensils that pop on pink, and all the veggies on navy are so fun!  I enjoyed piecing this one, and look forward to seeing more great prints from Blend.

I used one block, and alternated the colors/fabrics to show off the fabrics, and create the dizzy pattern.  It measures 45″ x 54, and each block finished at 9″.

For the quilting, I took it to Natalia.  We agreed that with all the activity in the fabrics and piecing, an all over quilting would fit it perfectly.  Here’s a better look -

Super cute, and fits the quilt perfectly – thanks Natalia!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you enjoy the Quilt Festival -



76 thoughts on “Dizzy Kitchen

  1. once again, i can’t seem to figure out how to put my post in the festival! i wrote the post on the 24th but didn’t publish it until just now. i tried to change the date and time since you say we can’t use old posts. wish my daughter were here to help me! but since she’s not, i’m hoping you can help me. sorry to be a pain with this. excited to see all the quilts that start coming in today

  2. Gorgeous fabric. Love the pattern you chose to use with these colourful designs. Your quilt looks so vibrant. And the quilting is perfect. Beautiful work!!!

  3. It is a little dizzy-making, isn’t it? Such pretty, fresh prints, it must have been hard to make that first cut! Lovely work from both you and Natalia.

  4. Let me start off with thanking you Amy for hosting another Bloggers’ Quilt Festival. I actually look forward to it!

    You quilt is awesome! I love the colors and so much to see! Natalie’s quilting is so pretty and perfect for this quilt.

  5. I need my sunglasses! What a wild and fun quilt, I’m such it will be a hit a market. Perfect fabrics for tablecloths and aprons and the veggies would make wonderful grocery shopping bags.
    Thanks again.

  6. Lovely quilt! I love the design and it really shows off the fabric; yummy! Oh how exciting to be making a quilt with brand-new fabric! :) Amy, thanks again for this amazing week of exchanging inspiration: BIG XOX 4 U from Cyprus!

  7. What a fantastic, fun and colorful quilt! Those fabrics are so cheerful you can’t help but love looking at the riot of colors and prints. Very cool!

  8. Oh, Amy, it is beautiful! I immediately envisioned using bold prints paired with white…another “quilt to make” to add on the list! Natalia did a fabulous job on the quilting too! Love it all!! Smiles~Beth

  9. Holy Cow! The fabric is darling and your quilt is gorgeous! I love the bold colors and prints! You never cease to amaze me! :)

  10. Great way to show off the fabrics–and such a happy quilt! Fun back too! Thanks again for hosting the quilt festival–it’s fun to see what everyone’s working on!

  11. Wow, great quilt and love love love the fabrics. Thanks for host the quilt festival, I haven’t left my chair most of the day. I’m now filled with all sorts of quilty goodness!

  12. You quilt is tons of fun. Makes me think of limeade and margarittas….day and night… sitting back and drinking lovely fruity drinks.

  13. Just love these fabrics! What a great quilt and with perfect quilting too! This reminds me of a fun tablecloth or a great picinic rug. Hopefully the fabrics won’t be too long in coming to Oz.

  14. It is such a happy and bright quilt Amy. I love all the rich colors and the block is so fun too.
    Thanks for hosting the blog hop- it is bound to be a fun time for all who come and visit.

  15. Don’t think i told you how much i love your vibrant quilt. Those fabrics are just plain fun and you’ve out them together in such a nice way. Thanks again for hosting this inspiring festival! Have a great day

  16. Amy, thank you for putting this together for us. I know it takes time, and know how, and it just seems to get easier and easier with each festival. Thank you for sharing your talents to help us get exposure, and to help us share our passions. Beautiful quilt! I love the quilting, the mixing of flowers and apples.

  17. Thanks for hosting the festival Amy. I’m going to be spending a lot of time blog hopping this month! I really like the way you did the backing on your gorgeous quilt.

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