Thanks and a Calendar Review

Posted on November 14th, by Amy in review. 5 comments

It’s been so fun reading your comments on the Modern Blocks giveaway!  Thanks to everyone that has entered so far, and it’s not to late if you would like to enter to win.  I’m always amazed at everyone’s color choices when I look through blogs, and those comments are as varied as each of you!  Love it!

This year, I got to January 1 and I didn’t have a calendar to put up – gasp – I love a fresh new calendar, how could that happen!  I’ve been determined to not let that happen again, because I never ended up buying one, I just kept everything on my phone.  Which works, but then the rest of the family had to rely on me and my phone, instead of looking at the calendar for themselves.

10 months later…

Here I am today with a new calendar for 2012, complete with quilt patterns!  Each quilt featured has a pattern, all nicely printed in a pull-out booklet so you can use it all year long, and long after as well. That Patchwork Place Quilt Calendar 2012 is loaded with features and ready to inspire!

Don’t let the cover fool you, it’s full of bright, beautiful quilts, and lots of room to write too!  Here’s a few of my favorites :

This is July – “Hot!” by Sue Hunt from her book House Party.

This is “For the Birds” by Vicki Bellino, from her book Bloom Creek Quilts.

This is “Batik Addiction” by Sara Diepersloot from her book Simple Style.

As a quilter I love the inspiration that comes with each month, and thought you might too!  Even if they aren’t my usual style, they do make me pause and think about what I’m creating.

Do you have your calendar for 2012 yet?  If not, I hope That Patchwork Place Quilt Calendar 2012 makes it to your list!

Blessings ~



5 thoughts on “Thanks and a Calendar Review

  1. No calendar yet…I always get the “Planet Mom” calendar so each person in the family has their own line for each day & then I write their activies in different colors so it’s easy to know who has what. Your new quilt calendar is lovely though! Smiles~Beth

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