Giveaway Day!

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Welcome all of those stopping by from Sew, Mama, Sew!  If you haven’t been by before, feel free to poke around and get to know me better!

Giveaway Day!

My handmade offering is this sweet doll quilt, from Quilting From Little Things, by Sarah Fielke.

I made it a few weeks ago, and feel the need to share with one of you!  It measures 15″ square, complete with hand quilting,  and a hand-stitched binding.

To win, answer one simple question:

How many gifts have you managed to make this year?

And don’t feel bad if the answer is none – that’d be my answer!

I’ll select a winner by random number generator, on Friday, December 16, 2011.

Thanks for stopping by ~


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504 thoughts on “Giveaway Day!

  1. I’ve completed 7 handknit or crocheted gifts (mostly scarves, some hats, a pair of fingerless mittens) and still need to finish two. I started in September!

  2. So far I have made – 3 appliqued aprons, 2 appliqued drawstring bags and I have 3 more drawstring bags to make. I have 2 quilts that I made for my boys last year also to quilt, but think that they might now be Birthday Pressies lol

  3. What a lovely mini quilt!
    I’ve made 4 quilts, 2 double and 2 lap size, for Christmas gifts and some cushions for last moment gifts so not too bad. I had intended to make more than that but you know what it’s like – time got away from me!

  4. I’ve finished stockings for the kids (which they don’t really count as a gift, but I do!). I think I might actually finish a quilt for my sister also. Here’s hoping!

  5. I’ve been pretty industrious. I made 4 drawstring backpacks, 4 “crunchy” taggie blankets, 3 shirt/pant outfits, and about a dozen bracelets.

  6. I ended up making 15 gifts! I started in Feb. though. Tried to give myself plenty of time.

  7. I’ve amazed myself this year – I managed to hand make every single gift for everyone outside of my son and husband! it’s definitely a first, and was only possible because I hadn’t figured out what to do with several finished projects from throughout the year. But hey, i did it! :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. I’m in the process of making some cute scallop tote bags…hoping I have time to finish them before Christmas!

  9. I haven’t made a single gift this year – life is too busy with a newborn :) I may make a couple mug rugs or place mats yet though…we’ll see.

  10. So far I have made 5 homemade gifts this year:
    2x pillows for secret santa exchanges
    a table runner and napkin set for my stepmom
    a 3-years in the making afghan for my mom
    knit socks for a friend
    Hopefully I’ll get some aprons and ornaments made up too!

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  12. This would be perfect for one of my daughter’s American Girl dolls! I am waiting for some vintage banadanas to make their way to my house in the next few days so I can put it in a frame along with a dry erase marker for a DIY marker board for my in laws. :)

  13. So far I’ve made only a few – but I still have two weeks! So I’m not giving up. By the time Christmas gifts have gone out, I will have made (or arranged the making of!) about 20 gifts. :)

  14. I have made none! I have got 6 projects cut up and ready to sew, but my sewing machine decided to break. Just got it back from the shop, so hopefully I can finish before Christmas!

  15. I crocheted quite a few star ornaments to attach to gifts. I also crocheted four hats and two scarves! I wish I could have done more but I ran out of time! Thanks for the chance to win this little quilt, it is gorgeous!

  16. I haven’t made a single one! I did get a couple pinterest inspired crafts done with my kiddos so I don’t feel too bad. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  17. What an adorable quilt! I make most of my gifts every year. It’s just something I enjoy doing. This year I made homemade jam to go with sets of potholders and screen printed tea towels. I still have one last gift to make: a set of Angry Birds for my niece.

  18. What a cute quilt, I know a little girl who’d love it for Christmas. Well, would you count 3 elf costumes and hats for my teenage sons friends? Last year I made 2 outfits for their Tuba Christmas performance and Will and his friend stole the show. This year he asked me if I could make 3 more so the 5 tuba players could match! Being a doting mum with 24 hours notice, I did – thank goodness for felt! That’s it so far.

  19. I had very good intentions on making both my mother and mother-in-law quilts, my kids floor cushions, and my daughter a kitchen using and old tv stand! So far I have neither completed or started for that matter anything!!

  20. So far i’ve only made 2. I have about 15 to go…. Hoping they all get done :) my husband has been out of town working, & my 2 year old is sick. Off to the sewing room…..
    Loooooove the doll quilt!!

  21. I love that quilt. It’s so pretty!

    This year I have made… Well, I guess I’m just making one present. It’s a wall hanging and has the binding attached but not finished. I really need to get on that… I still have to ship it.

  22. Home made gifts…..not necessarily for Christmas giving

    3 baby quilts
    3 Christmas throws
    3 twin size quilts
    8 snap bags

    And I’m half way through a scarf.

    I love your mini. It is a great use of the little birds.

  23. Do birthdays count? If we include those then I have made 6 gifts total. I kept my Christmas gifts this year to a minimal because I wanted to really enjoy the season.

  24. I haven’t stopped to count, but I had a week off from work last week, and know I made at least 20 gifts during that time! Your little quilt is so pretty!

  25. I’ve lost count of how many gifts I’ve made this year (most of them in the last month). They’ve mostly been fairly small (crochet ornaments and mug rugs) but the number in the 30-40 range. That doll quilt is adorable and I’d love to win it! Thanks for the sweet giveaway!

  26. I have sewn ZERO, but you should see the pile next to my sewing machine! Maybe ask again next week at this time ;-)

    Tammy ~@~

  27. well i’m still going!, but i’ve made, teatowels 6, heatpacks 3 and some of jeni’s drawstring pouches!

  28. I’m really quite embarrassed to say….none….this year. I have vowed to start in January this next year so I’ll be prepared for next Christmas. My favorite Christmas of gift giving is when I made a Christmas decoration each month for each of our 8 children. It was so fun to see the bins filling up each month with Santas, angels, reindeer, aprons, Baby Jesus, pillows, garlands and more.

  29. I am in awe of your quilt-so beautiful!
    So far this year I have 3 half finished projects. I am determined to finish one this evening! (determined should be underlined and bolded!)

  30. I have managed to make around 10 handmade gifts so far and I am still working on them. I will probably be working on them right up until Christmas eve the way it looks. Thanks and good luck to all.

  31. Yes, I totally want this! Um lets see… My initial plan was to make everybody a handmade gift this year. That didn’t quite work out. I think I only made 2 or 3. Oh well, next year I’ll get started six months in advance! haha

  32. I am in awe of your quilt-so beautiful!
    So far this year I have 3 half finished projects. I am determined to finish one this evening (determined should be underlined and bolded!)

  33. Well I managed a wall hanging for a friends fortieth and a naming day gift – but as for Christmas it is merely a pile of WIP’s (and a couple of Still-in-My-Head’s!)

  34. I am absolutely smitten with those lovely birds. This year I have only made one gift so far, but I am working on some fun holiday cards with my girls. We are sewing cut out hearts onto blank whiet cards, so cute.

  35. Let’s see, how many have I planned to make or how many have I actually made? :) I planned to make a couple for my daughter and they are still sitting, waiting to be made. Hopefully this week!

  36. I made four sets of placemats and a baby quilt. And I am DONE! Thank goodness. The doll quilt is adorable!!

  37. I have been busy in my new woodshop (consisting of a sander, scroll saw, patience, and scavenged wood) to make wooden toy cars for my new son. I hope he likes them as much as I’ve enjoyed making them. thanks for the chance to enter.

  38. If we are talking about Xmas gifts, I’ve done 5 but I still have one quilt to finish…. so many things and so little time.
    Terrific giveaway, love the quilt!

  39. I’ve managed to make quite a few gifts, but I started a couple months ago. My kids are getting new outfits, hats, pillowcases, pjs, etc. Friends and teachers are getting felt broaches, fabric button necklaces, appliqued shirts, clutches, homemade lip balm, etc. It’s been a lot of work, but fun!

  40. I have finished one and 1/4 Christmas gifts. But I should be able to finish that one and another before Christmas

  41. so far, i’ve finished a soft toy house. i’ve (almost) finished a quilt all but the binding, and a sweater aside from 1/2 of a sleeve and the front button placket. :-)

    i would love to win this gorgeous quilt. thank you for the chance!

  42. all of them but my son wants a few games for his DS..
    we will see. With 6 kiddos I have to make everything or it
    would be too much in this economy. Also it means so much
    to know mom made these for you.
    Have a great holiday and thank you for considering us.

  43. I have only made gifts for my soon to arrive nephew! All other handmade gifts I had in mind went to the back burner! I am hoping one day to make gifts throughout the year and not try to get them done between Thanksgiving and Christmas!

  44. Oh what a beautiful quilt! Thank you for sharing! I have made so many gifts that i can’t count … this year all the presents have been hand made!

  45. I would love to win this! Right now I am working on a lunch tote for my BF! I’m a beginner, so hopefully it turns out nice lol!

  46. This year is a handmade holiday for me. I have been unable to find a good job since moving up north to live with my sister. (she has Ovarian Cancer) Unfortunately shopping is not an option this year…Most of my friends and family will be receiving handmade gifts..(table runners, coasters, potholders and even a few quilts..)The move has been very humbling, but I treasure each moment spent with my family!

  47. Do you count half completed gifts? I have finished one pillow, have 4 pairs of pants halfway done, and much more in the works. oh, I also made a coffee sleeve and a couple coasters for a gift exchange this weekend (and cocoa in a jar)…. that makes 5 completed projects and just as many unfinished ones.

  48. I have made about 20 gifts this year as they are all small. About 12 pillowcases and 8 zipper bags. I made also one wall hanging. DIdn’t get everything done that I wanted to but at least made a dent. Thanks for the chance to win that beautiful little quilt. Love the birds on it.

  49. I have completed three gifts and working on number 4.
    One gift was a big one for me ‘quilt with matching pillow case and throw pillows’ so glad to have that one finished!

  50. None – but only because I’m busy trying to keep my house clean because we’re trying to sell it. Actually, I haven’t done any Christmas preparation – eeek!!! Love your quilt.

  51. I’ve made dozens of mosaic-covered boxes and pencil holders, which I give filled with chocolates.

  52. The biggest gift this year is a puff for my nephew! Appart from that I made some xmas cards, and all my family will get homemade olives and almonds this year!
    I love this quilt!

  53. None! I’m hoping to take a pieced top and get the quilt done to give to my grandma. That would need to be done in 2 nights, before vacation starts on Friday. Can I do it? Only if the bipolar express is on an “up swing” one of these nights!

  54. I’m currently impressed with myself since I have 4 gifts made (usually I’d have about 10 partly done at this point) and only 3 more to go. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

  55. So far I’ve made six gifts. This is more than last year or any other year so far. WOO-HOO!

    Your mini quilt is just darling, thanks for the chance to win.

  56. Well, I made my baby a quilt before he was born, and I made my daughters some stuffy toys as a ‘just because’ present. So that makes it a grand total of three. Not impressive I know, but three is better than none!

  57. Somehow this year I managed to make at least one handmade thing for everyone in my family…. it only took me starting in August to get it done!
    Thanks for the chance!

  58. Oh goodness. I made 4 things for birthdays, but so far nothing is finished for Christmas. I want to make 4 more things, at least… with time ticking down. Love your quilt, I hope I win!

  59. What a cute quilt!

    I made three gifts this year, but only because I started in July. :P

    We decided we were going to refocus the holiday, and go gift-free for the most part. We sent out postcards to family in November, and invited them to play along with us. It takes so much of the pressure off, and gives us enough slack in the budget that we can actually go and visit relatives in person. I think that’s better than a physical gift, for the most part. :)

    Good luck on your contest! I hope you get a million comments.

  60. Gorgeous mini quilt! Love the colors you combined!

    I’ve made about 10 gifts– the most unique has got to be for my mother-in-law though! It’s a purse with a compartment for her handgun! She has a conceal-carry permit and wanted a hidden/easy access compartment for the gun. Very unusual for me to sew something with firearms in mind! Oye!

  61. The biggie for me is that all 5 pairs of pajama bottoms and matching rice packs are done for my kids. The rest that I get done will just be the icing on the cake.

  62. Ha! Great question. I don’t think I’ve made any yet. Though I have probably at least 6 I need to make. How many days do I have still? ;)

    Love your mini! It’s perfect!

    I’m giving stuff away too! Feel free to stop by! from blank pages…

  63. I’ve made about 6 gifts so far but I have plans to make closer to 10. If you want to see them I have them on my blog. I love making stuff!! And this quilt is so cute :)

  64. Lovely website! I’ve made quite a few soy tea cup candles and if good intentions are anything – the kids and I are going to make rudolph gingerbread cookies for my nieces and nephews!

  65. Sadly, I have made ZERO gifts this year, though planning on doing some baking for teacher gifts.

  66. I would have to say just one…I have made a pretty sweet ornament wreath for the holidays!

  67. I’m half-way through 3 gifts and hoping to get them done! One’s a quilted tote-bag, one is a sock-monkey hat, and one a crocheted koala.

  68. I have made 2 twin sized quilts, 1 full sized quilt, a small Christmas quilt (not done yet), 4 skirts, 4 matching hairbows, 5 notebook/crayon holders, a HUGE beanbag, and a few wood projects. I started before Halloween to get it all done. I lvoe making things this year!

  69. The last two years I made all our gifts, but this year has been so terrible because of all the earthquakes, so I brought things that other people made and that has been fun. I am making an explorers bag for our 9 year old which we are filling with things like binoculars, magnifying glass, compass etc and I’m making a pile of mattresses for a doll bed that I thrifted for the Princess and the Pea for our 2 year old! Seems achievable!

  70. What a charming mini-quilt!

    I hate to say it, but the answer is none. I had been having inspiration block lately, but late this year I started having tons of ideas and created some new quilts for me. (It seems that I don’t have any for myself!) Somehow the time just got away from me and now its almost Christmas.

  71. What a cute little quilt! I’m ashamed to say that my answer would be “none”, but if you ask me again this time next year I hope the answer will be quite different. ;o)


  72. Beautiful quilt!! Can I count gifts made even if they weren’t for Christmas??!!! I usually make all of my children’s friends’ birthday gifts…they tend to get done on time, whereas my family Christmas gifts are given out between Christmas and New Year’s!! HA! Thanks for the chance..have fun with your giveaway!!

  73. Only 2! A coaster set and a pillow. Sad but true. Thank you for the wonderful give away chance. Happy Holidays!

  74. I am always making gifts for family and friends… I can’t begin to count them all but I would average it out to say one a month. Thanks for the chance this sweet little quilt is very pretty and I must tell you that I have a ‘thing’ for birds!!! (hint, hint)

  75. I don’t think I’ve managed to make any this year – partly because we have a 9 month old and so my craft time is limited. I did make him some baby legs and I made his brother a bow-tie. And I did just recently make my friend a taggy blanket for her new baby. :)

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  76. What a beautiful quilt!! I haven’t made anything for Christmas, but there were a few things I made during the year for birthdays. Thanks for the giveaway!

  77. Oh my goodness! That is just so beautiful. Thanks for the opportunity to win it.
    I was very productive this year. I had no excuse not to be….retired!
    I made about 10 projects!

  78. Hi! I’ve made about a dozen gifts over the course of the year. It’s fun to make and give away, isn’t it? Thanks for the giveaway.

  79. I have made 9 and have 2 more in the works. After that I’m calling it good! Thanks for the chance to win your mini. I would look fab hanging in my sewing area!

  80. managed to already make and deliver only two. still working on two.
    I have allowed myself to not make as much this year as usually because we are moving this week! aggggh!

  81. I’ve made none :( but am getting my knitting needles and sewing machine for Christmas so next year will be a different story :)

  82. Well, I hate to say this, but since it never dawns on me that we need Christmas presents until…December…I don’t usually make any for that year. I am giving a couple of things that I made last year though! :)

  83. Hmmm, I have tons of ideas of stuff still to do. I will say though, I have made a total of 50 contact paper sun catchers to give to a nursing home with my Brownie troop this weekend. I am also in the process of making 50 salt dough ornaments for them to paint for our party this weekend as well.

  84. So far I have managed to make nothing! Shameful. I’ve been very busy at work, but I hope to get a couple of little things made by Christmas. Thank you for the giveaway!

  85. Only 1 made so far but hopefully 5 or more by the end of our Christmas celebrations – 2 scarves, stuffed dragon, felt food, and a tie blanket.

  86. you ask about how many are done – I am absolutely amazed by a finished “what-to-make-for-whom”-list. well I did 1 so far.

  87. None, sadly. I have a baby and haven’t recovered my crafting mojo yet! Thanks so much for the chance–did I mention I LOVE birds?

  88. I’ve finished 7 quilts and have 5 more tops waiting for quilting.
    p.s. I love your binding tutorial. I used it for my last 3 quilts – so easy.

  89. I have to say, this quilt is gorgeous! It would match my little lady’s bedroom perfectly! :) As for handmade Christmas gifts; I have completed just 1! I have 6 more that I *hope* to complete! I guess I should be sewing instead of entering giveaway, eh? ;)

    daydreambelievershop {at} gmail {dot} com

  90. None! I do feel a little bad, but I have kids’ and that’s my excuse! Thanks for the chance, I loooove birds. :)

  91. So far…ONE! lol – cross-stitched the bib on a DMC ready-made ‘stitch-a-teddie’ kit stuffed animal kit – Sombunny to Love – for my 2-yr old great niece! Have 2 half-finished holiday gifts that with any luck will make it for 2012 gifting!

  92. I have painted a dog portrait for my in-laws who have absolutely everything..but my dog portrait of their little Lucky, of course! Love your blog!

  93. I started early this year and have made 2 knitted softies, 1 little wallet, 2 sets of solstice jammies, 2 knitted hats, 1 pair of fingerless mitts and a few other things that I’ve already forgotten! Lovely giveaway. My girl is getting her first doll this Christmas and the doll quilt would be perfect for it!

  94. I’ve made 2 Christmas gifts so far, 3 more to do. I’ve also made 4 birthday gifts in the last couple on months so feeling pleased with myself! Love the wee birdie quilt thank you for the chance to win.

  95. Hello and thanks for this opportunity. I love the bird fabric. I have made four birthday quilts and three halloween quilts and 2 Christmas quilts; all gifts to family members.

  96. This year I think only 1 present is handmade. Last year probably 50% of them were…guess I just didn’t plan ahead as much this Christmas.
    Love the little quilt by the way!

  97. What a gorgeous little quilt. I’ve made several gifts this year, but not quite as many as I would have liked.

  98. I’ve made a couple of little eye-spy quilts and finished up a couple of WIP quilts. I keep getting more ideas and will probably be working well into Chirstmas Eve night. Thanks for the chance at your lovely quilt.

  99. What a lovely and bright little mini quilt!
    This year I’ve made 5 gifts, and hopefully will have four more done by year’s end.

  100. I am a recent mum and a working girl so my time is very limited!
    But i managed to do two presents por this Christmas!

  101. Oooh that quilt is so pretty! So far I have made three gifts, an apron for my little cousin, dress up bird wings costume for my eldest daughter and a felt board for my youngest daughter.

  102. What a lovely quilt! It’d go great with the Waldorf style doll I’m making for my daughter for Christmas!

    I’ve made several gifts throughout the year. For Christmas I’m attempting two full-sized quilts, two stuffed robots and a Waldorf doll. EEP! Why am I entering giveaways when I need to be sewing?!?


  103. I am making one gift this year. But I started it in Feb and it’s almost finished. It because a Christmas gift because it has taken me so long! It was supposed to be a birthday gift but that’s long past. :) Thank you for the giveaway, the quilt is lovely!

  104. I have made two quilts and one table runner as gifts for Christmas and have more planned. so much to do and so little time.

  105. I absolutely love this quilt. Not only would I enjoy it, but my best friend would love it as well. Sadly, I have not made any homemade gifts this year. But, there are still several weeks left… :)

  106. Not ONE!! I did so good last year, starting right after Christmas and working all year long and I had beautiful quilts, purses, pillows and wall hangings for each family member and a cute new dress for my granddaughter. This year? I bought all of my fabrics, had it all mapped out… and they are covering the top of my machine. So sad. But if I start in 2 weeks, maybe there’s hope for next year?

  107. I think I’m up to about 15? But that’s gonna come to a stand still pretty soon here…possibly even, today. Thanks for the giveaway!

  108. My sister and I have started a tradition between our two families to exchange only handmade gifts. It is challening but so rewarding! I am currently working on my third one.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  109. Please hold while I consult my spreadsheet…I have made 7 gifts, and I have 5 left to make. Thanks for the giveaway! robyn(dot)geddes(at)gmail(dot)com

  110. Everyone is getting something handmade, so…6 grandchildren, 4 children, three DIL & SILs, friends, family, the dogs, and their friends. The answer is eleventy-hundred!

  111. Um… I’d have to count…. 15? I think I might be forgetting some. I’ve been sewing like a crazy person — but all projects I enjoy so it’s not really work!

  112. I’ve made about 4 gifts!! Little necklaces, so easy, inexpensive but very pretty!! This is the first year that I have made such nice gifts that were actually gift worthy!!!

  113. I think I’m at about 5. I also have made gifts have yet to give them to their owner. I don’t know how that happens because usually you procrastinate in doing the project…

  114. so lovely! my daughter would flip for that… and so would her dolls! beautiful blog too. handmade this year? bunches & bunches… i do my best to only give handmade gifts year-round. that’s one of the reasons i love giveaway day so much – always fantastic inspiration! thanks for the chance!

  115. That bird print is one of my all time favourites!! So pretty – being sick for last 3 weeks so no sewing going on round here – having withdrawals!

  116. I will say three and a half . . . and I really need to get that last one finished! It is an important one . . .

  117. I’ve finished 3 (small ones), two bird ornaments for the teachers and a covered notebook for my mom. There’s still time, I’d like to sneak in a few more!

    Love your bird quilt! Thanks for the chance to win. :)

  118. I’ve made quilts and pillowcases for my niece and nephew, a baby quilt for a friend and probably a few more that I can’t remember!

  119. Unfortunately, none. I am a crafter wannabe! Thank goodness there are other people out there who are willing to sell their beautiful crafts to me for gift giving!

  120. I had all these ideas and got none of them done. I have three young kids I chase around. Good excuse I think.

  121. Well -
    1 gift is finished and about 10 left in progress. Need to get busy!

    Thanks for the great giveaway! The quilt is adorable!

  122. Gorgeous!! I have made about 6 gifts so far and about 10 more on the list! I must get going!!

  123. so far i have managed to make 4 homemade gifts this year and am in the process of making 4 more :)

  124. I have made a ton of gifts, just none for Christmas. I think if I had to guess somewhere between 10-20 (many of my friends had babies this year, thus a lot of baby quilts). I love your doll quilt, the colors are stunning!

  125. I have made the vast majority of my gifts..knitted, sewn and crocheted! Still more to make!

  126. So far…none. But I do have 3 sewing projects (stocking, drawstring bag, and car seat canopy) to attend to before the 25th. I have no idea if I’ll be able to finish them before Christmas.

  127. I finished up my ORB hexagon quilt for my niece. Still hoping to make a few pouches though….Thanks for the giveaway!

  128. I have made about 10 gifts which I will not list because I just don;t have the time.

  129. Hmm, let me see: I made two quilts for my grandsons just for being alive, change mats for both of them, and a cushion (pillow) for my sister for Christmas. And I’m in the process of making curtains for my grandson’s bedroom – that’s a gift of tiem and saved money for my DD!

  130. Wow! I just went thru my photo files and counted close to 20 quilts made (mostly completed)to be given away this year. I also made set of potholders, 2 pleated pouches, I neck scarf, and a set of drapes for my daughter’s salon.I give away what I make and then forget what I did. I really did accomplish alot this year.

  131. I’ve managed to complete about 8 gifts so far this year and still have a couple left to make. I’m just waiting for sock monkey socks to arrive by mail…and they’re taking forever!

    That is a beautiful little quilt. I can’t believe you’re willing to part with it. I sure hope it finds its way to my house!

  132. None for Christmas yet if say for the entire year have made about six smaller quilts – baby quilts, charity lap quilts, and one for my Mom. I also helped my Mom with an oversized deer quilt (to be bound) for my niece’s husband as a Christmas gift.

  133. Wow I love the birds!!!
    I have made a ton of gifts…jam for everyone on my list, 3 quilts, pillows for boyyh my daughter’s teachers, and several sets of pillowcases. Plus homemade dog biscuits for all the dog lovers I know.

  134. I don’t do christmas…but I can tell you that this year I have made 6 gifts for teachers, and 5 other gifts for babies and thank you’s or just because gifts!

  135. So far I’ve made 8 items for Christmas. I have a couple more on my list, but don’t know if I’ll get to them :)

    The doll quilt is beautiful!

  136. I’ve only finished one, but i have big plans, lol! Thanks for the chance to win, it is lovely and I love anything with birds on it!
    okiedokiemama at yahoo dot com

  137. Love it, love it, love it!
    This Christmas I have made 6 casserole carriers. I did glass etching on the dishes. I also made 2 small quilts as gifts.
    Oh, I also made some dog treat bags for my dog owning friends.

  138. So far this year? I’ve managed to cut out my daughter’s pj’s I wanted to give her for Christmas.

    Christmas is less than 2 weeks away, huh?

  139. Lots of gifts I have made this year, but I didn’t keep track. Surely do stay busy though.
    Trying to learn to be discerning and that it is OK to say no every once in a while.
    LOVE the birds and the tiny quilt. Surely do hope I win it – since I am a “Byrd”.
    Cathy Byrd

  140. I have knitted 4 scarves, 6 birdseed wreaths and made truckloads of cookies and candies to send to family and friends. I’m done.

  141. I had such grand plans– And then I shattered my wrist in October :( I’ve just been able to start sewing a bit in the last couple of weeks, but needless to say there won’t be many handmade gifts this year. I do hope to finish a few outfits for my daughters’ and niece’s American Girl dolls though!

  142. I’ve made a few: a quilt for my daughter, another for my brother-in-law and his wife, scarves for my two older daughters, and soft blocks and a small play quilt for my nieces.

    Thanks for the giveaway — it’s a darling quilt!

  143. I have managed to make one gift this year. it was a painting for my school’s PTA’s silent auction. Love the bird quilt!!
    -Heather Herbay

  144. This year I haven’t made that many because our family has gone on a trip over seas but last year I made close to 24. This year it’s more like 6… 2 for each of my kids…hehe

    xo Steph

  145. I made a rag quilt for my sister and a quilted wall hanging for my stepmother, and all the men are getting fudge. My husband wants a pair of pajamas, but I don’t know if I’ll have time.

  146. Oh I have lost count. I’ve made ornaments and little gifts. A set of place mats and I’m still not done. I think I put too much on my plate and end up stressing!

  147. I am in LOVE with that little quilt. I love all things birds this year.

    I have only made 1 thing for someone this year. I hope to make more, I just need to find the time. :)

  148. I’m in the process of making 6 pillowcases as gifts for the kids on my Christmas list… So when I’m done my # will be 6. Thanks for a chance to win this cute quilt! :)

  149. By the time Christmas rolls around, I’ll have made over 50 gifts to give this year. That’s not counting the after Christmas gift exchange I have with online friends who (like me) just can’t get it all done before the big day.

  150. I have made 3 gifts so far. Hoping to make a couple of more after school gets out for break. Your quilt is adorable & my daughter would love to use it with her dollies. :o)

  151. I have 2 in progress and 2 more lined up. Maybe they’ll be “welcome to the New Year” gifts! Thanks for the beautiful giveaway!

  152. That is darling! It would go on my wall. Hmm, how many gifts have I made? So far, not many. But, I plan to make 4. We’ll see how it goes.
    aliben7 (at) gmail (dot) com

  153. Unfortunately I have made none. That really stinks. Your giveaway is beautiful. Thanks for participating.

  154. I am a teacher & have made all of my teacher friends a little treat, (a small bag filled with peanut butter kiss cookies–hmmm…) Thanks for the great giveaway!

  155. Well, you can count this little quilt as a gift. I have made zero gifts myself, but I’m hoping to start on a quilt (!) tomorrow to be ready by Christmas day.

  156. A crocheted angel for a Christmas treetop. A quilt for my granddaughter and a knitted sweater also.
    Thank you for the chance at your wonderful giveaway.

  157. Honestly, I’ve sorta lost track. We’ve all learned to crochet (my little girls and I) so we’ve been doing that. Plus I’ve been sewing aprons…

  158. i love your hand quilting. i have not yet finished any handmade gifts, but i’m delusional enough to still think that i’m going to get atleast 4 done.

  159. Love the doll quilt! let’s see, I did a king size quilt on commision & 6 Christmas stockings for the same woman, also on commision, so that cut down on my gift making considerably. But I did manage to do 5 baby quilts, a wedding quilt, and have made 3 more Christmas stockings for family, just have one more quilt to put binding on for Christmas gift. So I guess all in all that I got a LOT done for gifts this year.

  160. So far I’ve made about 25 fabric luggage tags for lots of friends who are going travelling, and I’m about to start on some knitted sushi for my mad Japanese Aunt. Oh, I also knitted my brother a beard beanie for his birthday!

  161. I’m doing pretty well this year and have managed to handmake something for evryone on my list! Love the quilt!

  162. Your mini quilt is wonderful! I love those fabrics. Thanks for such a generous homemade giveaway opportunity. How many gifts have I made for this holiday? Let’s see, as of now, about 6 mug rugs, 8+ journal covers and fabric covered notepads (still making more) and six tissue cozies/small cell phone holders. But Im nowhere near done!

  163. So far, I’ve managed to make a grand total of zero Christmas presents.
    I’ve almost finished a teddybear that I intend to give to my mum (she collects bears), but right now I’m not sure I can bear to let him go after all! I’m planning on making a little something for my friends too, but so far, I haven’t even started on their gifts. I’m hoping that trusty old last minute panic will give me enough of a boost to get everything I want to get done, done. :)

  164. I have been a very busy bee this year – I have made all my nearest and dearest a crocheted decoration for their tree instead of giving generic Christmas cards – so far they have been very well appreciated and I think a lot more personal and thoughtful. I would love your quilt to hang up on my wall as I think it needs to be showcased!

  165. What an adorable quilt! Please pick me….Please! Regretfully, no gifts have been handcrafted this year due to my lack of realization that some things take longer with 2 small kids at home! Lol!

  166. I have made several but not as many as I would have liked – seems like life just gets in the way!!

  167. Finished making? None. But three in progress. Yikes, that sounds scary this close to Christmas!

  168. So far I have made 8 gifts, working on #9 right now. I live in NC and my family is in OH, so I try to make something that won’t cost a fortune to ship. All of my sisters, and nieces are getting a breadwarmer with napkin (coordinating fabric on both sides). Last year I made my mother some “adult bibs” to give to her friends at the Assisted Living place she is living – they all loved it. May have to make some more of those. Love the quilt you posted!

  169. I think I’ve managed to finish 1 gift so far, but have about 20 in progress–got to get busy if I hope to get them done! Thanks for the great giveaway–would love to win your cute doll quilt!

  170. By Christmas I will have made4 gifts. I usually make much more, but this year we made all of our decorations and purchased gifts instead.

  171. Nothing is finished! I only have about eight projects to finish and a full time job and my son plays basketball. Looks like I’m taking some time off from work to get crackin’.

  172. So far, none. But the year isn’t over yet. I plan on making food gifts for people. The hot chocolate on a stick recipe making the rounds on Pinterest sounds delicious!

  173. I’ve made & given away a lot of meals this year. We have a lot of company coming in and out of our doors. And then most Saturdays we invite the children home for pizza. So, I’ve made a lot of pizza and given it away. Unfortunately there is nothing left to show you.

  174. Love the hand quilting on the doll quilt. I have made 5 Christmas gifts. Two table runners and 3 doll quilts.

  175. Thanks for the opportunity to win! Beautiful quilt! I have made three quilts, two placemats, and two scarves as gifts this Christmas.

  176. Hum, tricky question ! I made at least 2 gifts, one for each SMS giveaway ! And one shawl originally made for me ended as a gift to someone I really appreciate. I’ve not been very generous this year, I knitted a lot for me (which is not that usual !)

  177. I have made 3 quilts and 3 pillows so far. I need to make 3 more pillows and I will be finished the Christmas crafts!

  178. Since I’m just starting to sew again, my answer is 0 right now. But that might possibly change before Christmas! I have a new grandbaby on the way and would love to win this sweet doll quilt.

  179. Uh, none? The real answer is I don’t remember!! I’m a professional procrastinator! Actually, I had a lot of work stuff I had to deal with this year and had to put off a lot of my crafting time to get them done. I plan to do better next year!

  180. I made one gift this year. I LOVE making gifts. I LOVE receiving handmade gifts. Starting a new business has made it hard to make gifts this year. I’ll try for more for next year! Thanks for the giveaway. Too cute!

  181. I have made 12 vanilla extracts, some vanilla sugar that I am not sure how I will package, and I still need to make the kids gifts….but these were easy and serious low time commitment!

  182. I’ve managed several meals for all the baby makers, and several jars of jam, but no knit or sewn goodies this year. I did finally finish my daughter’s stocking that I started five years ago though! Too bad I’ve had two children since then, I detest that pattern!

  183. Cute quilt! I am only making 1 gift this year, it’s almost done, just need to finish hand stitching the binding down..hopefully it will be done on time :)

  184. I have made 3 this year- all hand knits. Had intended to have a quilt for my DD, but I think that she will have it by NEXT year. LOVE your quilt. I loved this fabric too! Thanks for the chance!

  185. I’ve made 2 stockings and a table runner…with two quilts and four table runners underway. Wish me luck. Must get back to the sewing machine. Thanks for sharing the handmade goodness.

  186. I think about 10 or so. That doesn’t count custom orders.
    And I’ve got lots more to do!!!
    Clunsford at gmail dot com

  187. 8 jars of jam and 5 placemat sets. I kinda cheat because I make the jam in the summer with the fresh berries and then squirrel them away until now. What a cute little quilt, thanks for the chance of the great giveaway. :-)

  188. I have managed to complete one lonely gift!! Thanks for the giveaway! Amy @ gasudimack(at)sbcglobal(dot)net

  189. I’m in the process of making Zippy Strippy bags for my carpool mates and several females family members this year.

  190. I managed to make 6 gifts this year. Some bunkbed book holders for my boys and hair barrettes for my girl.Thanks!

  191. What a beautiful quilt! A generous giveaway for whoever is the lucky one to receive it. Thank you!! So far I’ve made three gifts for friends this year. Wish I’d gad time to do more, but there’s always next year.

  192. I am almost done with my daughters gift, i have been sick and have not finished anything yet, but i still have a lil time, ill get done!

  193. I have made 4 gift this year I would have liked to have made more but I just haven’t had time!

    Thank you for the lovely giveaway.


  194. Well at least I’m not the only one then! I didn’t make a darned thing by hand this Christmas…still hanging my head in shame about that but sometimes real life just gets in the way of creativity!

    Thank you for the chance to win such a cute little quilt. :)

  195. I’ve only made 2 gifts, which is not as good as 3, but better than 1 or zero, unless I really did a bad job, and then nothing WOULD be better :)

  196. I couldn’t resist to enter this giveaway!! I LOVE birds and this quilt is just so beautiful!
    My answer to the question is: two. One for my sister and one for my boyfriend. I don’t have too much time to make handcrafts! =( I would love to make more gifts
    Thanks for the chance!

  197. Well…I’m oh so close to finishing one and I have 4 more planned…maybe I should get off the computer and get to work:)
    beckymac1 at hotmail dot com

  198. I have done 0 so far but I have quite a list to make starting tomorrow…had to get all unpacked first

  199. How absolutely adorable, my granddaughter would really love it. She is always wanting new blankets etc, I know I’m always busy making something else for her, I really love doing it… I don’t let her know though.

  200. All the food gifts that needed to be shipped are complete AND mailed. Have a few sewing things to work on now, bags and purses, but am sooooo glad the items to be sent are off before the rush hits.

  201. I love this! Just started quilting this year, am 1/2 way done with my first quilt, have finished the quilt top, just need to finish it off! Haven’t made any gifts, but plan on baking presents for our neighbours!

  202. I am staring at the quilt wondering how you pieced it! Heck, it look complicated to be, like you would have Y seams…
    Beautiful though!

    I have made four presents so far, all within the last couple of days!

  203. That quilt is so cute. I’d love to have it. I’ve made about 12 items, both sewed and some paper clay/scrapbook paper projects. I plan on making two or three more.

  204. I have started some quilted coasters! I am so proud of myself to have gotten this far….am I pathetic or what….lol

  205. Oh my! That little quilt is cute!
    Well, if you mean Christmas gifts, I have only completed 3 so far this year, but many more are in progress. But if you mean gifts in general…….I don’t know. Lots! I don’t buy gifts very often anymore. It is more fun, and much cheaper, to make gifts out of my embarrassing fabric stash. :-)
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  206. this is such a wonderful giveaway .
    I have made just one git, a lovely baby quilt for my dear one.

  207. I have a few started nothing finished! EEk! Thanks for chance to win your gorgeous quilt! Good luck all!

  208. Ummmm, well, I plan on making 6 or so. But I haven’t started yet. That may be a problem! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  209. Oh my gosh ~ That is an awesome little quilt. And hand done? wow. What a great giveaway.

    I have made nothing yet. :( It makes me angry too.
    Have I bought tons of fabric for specific gifts to make? YUP! Spent all kinds of money that we really weren’t able to afford when I was buying it. That’s the part that makes me mad.

    Of course, I am just now making cookies so yea, I am way behind. Maybe I’ll get a energy spurt soon.

  210. 12 so far! But they are all the same thing so it wasn’t too hard.

    Lovely quilt, thanks for the giveaway!

  211. I have made several gifts this year. Easy ones, though. Microwave heating pads. It’s cold here.

  212. That is such a cute quilt.
    I’ve made many of them, but in a different sort of way. I’m on a trading team and I make cards/tags and I’ve traded for the majority of my stocking stuffers and some of my main gifts. I’ve got hand stamped Christmas ornaments, felt food, handmade soap, etc. Cool, eh? ;)

  213. But you HAVE made a gift! The giveaway!
    I’ve made 5 gifts and I’m on my sixth….but the first ones were easy: each were done in one day. This last one, a ukelele case, is much more complicated and I’ve worked on it for about a week!
    Love the bird theme of the quilt. (One of my made items was a stuffed bird tree decoration.)

  214. I am helping my 3 year old grandaughter make a gift for her Aunt DD.Also working on little purse party favors filled with candy..Merry Christmas!

  215. Ooh, it’s lovely! I’ve managed to make 5 things…but I plant to stay up really late tonight and make a few more! Thanks for the chance to win, and happy holidays.

  216. Hmm, I made my 2 daughters a backpack dolly carrier each and made AG doll clothes and filled the bags. I made 7 outfits total, I believe. Still have to get my DS’s fort kit made up, though.

  217. Wow, I have started a couple and really have not finished any. Maybe that should be my New Year’s resolution… The quilt is so cute.

  218. Heh, a lot! But I also had a baby, and my way to say thank you to everyone for their gifts was to make them something. In addition I tend to make my kids friends gifts for their birthdays, and my kids of course, and then my Grandmother bought mne a new sewing machine so I felt the need to thank her by sending her a few things, and then my Motheri n law told me she didn’t have a stocking.. and my daughter then got a few naked barbies that needed clothes..

  219. Thanks for the chance to win! I’ve been admiring your doll quilt!

    I’ve made 3 quilts and about 14 potholders. Am working on some ornaments and that’s about it. :)

  220. Quite a few actually. I quick counted and it’s around 20 or so :) I can justify my hobby to my husband this way !

  221. One.

    Hopefully there will be a few more, at least that was the plan. Thanks for the chance to win.
    stephspitzer at gmail dot com

  222. Don’t know if this will count or not but I will be making about 10 gifts next Thursday & Friday – many batches of cookies and sweet breads to give away to friends and family.

  223. I think this is so cute. My daughter would love to have it for her baby doll. I cannot even count how many gifts I have made. I told myself if I am going to get a new sewing machine I HAD to use it. Well every time I am making any one any thing, my daughter says I need to make her something. Tina M yelowrozen at yahoo dot com

  224. If I can count things that I have bought and embellished, then several. If not I just finished my first mug rug. Tiny quilts are more doable for me

  225. Sorry to say..but none…except the cooked and baked ones…
    Thank you for the chance to win such a wonderful prize.
    Kind regards from Germany.

  226. One child’s quilt, and another almost finished as well as a couple of table mats!! Mmmm, there were meant to be more!! Better planning next year, I hope.

  227. I have made 7 Christmas gifts by hand…just LOVE that birdie fabric gotta get me some!! Thanks

  228. Sewn? None. But I’ve bought gifts slowly during the year for what suits each person exactly. The majority of those gifts are wrapped already. That’s a first for me!

  229. Gifts for christmas done? So far none:) But I did get birthday and Halloween presents done and gifted. Probably… 8 or so.

  230. It isn’t finished yet, but there is a Jedi robe in the works for my nephew, who was very jealous of the Yoda robe I made his brother for Halloween.
    May the Force be with me and let me finish this thing…

  231. i have only made one gift so far…a baby quilt for a friend who is due at the end of this month. it is only my second finished quilt, but i’m hoping to make more in the near future!
    thanks for the wonderful giveaway; your color choices are so vivid!

  232. If food counts, I have several gifts I’m making this weekend. Gorgeous quilt! My one year old daughter’s room has birds & those same colors.

  233. I’ve made ALL my Christmas gifts, including one I sent to your Mom! 12 wine caddies for people at work, a wall hanging each for my mother and sister, a table topper (BIG!) for my Mom, a cell phone case for my sister, a wall hanging for my niece, a wine caddy for her fiance, one pillow case each for my great niece and great nephew, a quilt for my daughter, a quilt for my grandson, and tons of stuff for my granddaughter, including a butterfly stuffed animal, a painting smock, pillow case and a pillow for her doll. I’m just finishing up 4 paper pieced dogs that will be sashed, bordered, quilted and bound to become bowl mats for my dog and my sister’s dog. I started in February. Yeah, I know, crazy! I doubt I do it again next year. . .

  234. Um. I’ve made 1 for my kids, but it was a big one. I think I’m going to be able to get another couple done before the big day.

  235. 3/4 of a quilt. I hand quilt so there may be no hope of finishing. (The lack of homemade gifts is related to the fact that none of my immediate family really appreciates handmade. Well my 8 yr old daughter does, but once something is made I can’t help but give it to her, cause it’s no longer a secret!)

  236. I only got 1 made to give away. Spent most of the year trying to finish 2 quilt tops which I can happily say I did. Hoping I can do better next year.

  237. Sadly, only 3. I’m running way behind this year!!! The quilt is beautiful and would look awesome on my mini-quilt wall! Have a happy holiday Amy! Jenn

  238. I have made some homemade cookies and I even had time for a Cookie Swap… I hope that counts… I am way behind on making things, but LOVE LOVE LOVE the quilt…

  239. The pile is getting bigger everyday. I am trying to give something handmade to all on the list. I may be able to do it yet…

  240. Hi, Amy: Believe it or not, I made 3 pillows for gift giving. Except I kept one because it turned out so cute. Oh and Erin did the quilting on another one of them. Well, hey, a gal has to do what a gal has to do! Merry Christmas to you and your cute family! Love, elaine

  241. I have two quilts in progress but not yet completed. Not sure when/if I will find the time but I work best under pressure. Love your great little bird quilt. So cute & sweet. I would hang on the wall where it would get lots of attention. Thanks for the giveaway.

  242. If we’re talking solely for Christmas, I made six quilts. Over the course of the year, nearly everything I make is for a gift. Love your little quilt! Birds are my favorite.

  243. this is so beautiful, thanks for offering it!
    i have managed two stockings, a tutu, a felt crown and a quilt (still needs to be quilted)- but i still need to make 2 pillow covers (and i don’t have the fabric!)

  244. Wow! Gorgeous and adorable quilt Amy!!! This year I made 7 pairs of pj pants for hubby and my girls and the rest of the stuff I have been working on is for our home (4 winter/xmas quilts, a table topper, card holder and a small winter BOM). I guess I’ve been sewing up a storm! Thanks for the chance to win!

  245. I hang my head in shame… I’ve only made one! But I do have a ton of projects on the go. Which will be my new years resolution to get them done next year!!

  246. Oh my gosh, cutest quilt/bird fabric ever! I love it.
    And I think I have managed to make…two? Maybe? And one of those was a card/comic that kind of turns into a scavenger hunt. So I guess that only counts as a half. -grin- So not very many.
    Thanks for the cute giveaway!

  247. A LOT but only because I have been in a ‘use it up’ mode during 2011. I made 12 embroidered pin cushions for my quilting group, 12 crazy quilted pin cushions for my yoga group and 7 bags for my neighborhood gals. Oh, and a travel sewing kit & covered book for a Kris Kringle gift.

  248. I’ve made a lot of knitted things. I’m working on a quilt that might or might not get done in time. Merry Christmas!

  249. I’ve made four gifts this year; some funny needlepoints and a freezer paper stencil shirt! Thanks for the giveaway!

  250. If you mean handmade Christmas gifts, then well, not that many. I sort of quit making so much for other people after my grandkids came along.
    I spend all of my sewing time on things for them. I make my granddaughter outfits, and do a lot of machine embroidered tee shirts for her and the boys.

    Thanks for a chance to win. The quilt is adorable!

  251. I’Ve knit five items for gifts and sewn three tote bags – not too shabby since i have a 4 month old and almost 4 yr old!

  252. I should have known you would have something totally cute to give away. This year I have finished 4 gifts so far and am hoping I will have 2 more wrapped up under the tree for people on Christmas morning.

  253. what an adorable little quilt! Love it! I’ve made probably about 10 gifts this year. the last one was just whipped out about 2 hours ago! way more to go though!

  254. I have started lot’s of gifts … not even this year, that are still NOT done … crazy, super icky year. None done this year. Sadly, or not, i will not be pulling any crazy all nighters to finish them. be real.
    your’s is one blog i frequent
    - may your Christmas be merry and bright!

  255. I have been working steadily since October on making gifts, so maybe around 15 to 20 (some of which are only a single ornament). I really enjoy making gifts when I have the time (maybe even more than the recipient likes receiving them!) and it helps me get into the holiday spirit. :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  256. sadly I have made none. I really didn’t notice how close it is, so it didn’t happen this year.

  257. Very cute! Don’t know if I’d give it to my daughter or keep & display as art at work in my needs-some-color cubicle : )
    I’ve made a few things this year but I’ve started lots…that still need finished (looking guilty)

  258. Thank you so much for the chance to win, such a beautiful giveaway.

    I am about four presents down, a couple more to go.. :)

  259. Gorgeous little doll quilt! (If I won it, it would be a gift for my aunt. So you could count that as one handmade gift!)

    I haven’t had time to sew any gifts yet, although I have a couple of them planned. I’ve been making earrings, lots and lots of them, so if I could each pair that is a gift I’ve made at least 20 gifts so far this year!!

  260. What a beautiful little quilt! I made quite a few runners for gifts this year and have 2 quilts made for my granddaughters. Thanks!

  261. It seems like everyone I know is having babies this year, so I have made a lot of gifts! More than 10 for sure. Mostly baby booties, mittens and play mats. :) Making things for the little ones is so much fun!

  262. I have made 5 so far with another 5 or so on my cutting table. Thanks for the giveaway! love the design :)

  263. I’ve made 3 so far, apron, oven gloves and some bath creamers!

    thanks for the chance to win.

  264. This little quilt is just gorgeous, I cannot believe you want to give it away!

    I am so proud to say that I actually made most of my christmas gift this year, I did purses for my female relatives and hotpads and homemade canning for all the guys.

  265. how beautiful is this doll quilt! Thanks for the giveaway :)

    Until now, I managed to have only 2 handmade gifts, which are 2 pendants with an illustration on it. I hope I find enough time to make another 10 ones! ( basically, zipper pouches, so, should be quick to make :P ) :D

  266. I love your giveaway! I sadly have only gotten 3 gifts finished and have a pile more to go. I’d better get busy.

  267. This is lovely! I’ve probably made around 10 gifts…some pillowcases, zip pouches, a chef’s hat, a tote, and a carrying case for some scissors. :)

  268. I have made five gifts this year: two photo albums- one for my mum and one for my mother-in-law, a baby quilt for my niece, a scarf for my husband and a scarf for my younger sister and finally a dress for my older sister. But I still have pile of half made gifts which hopefully will be finished in time for next Christmas :-).

  269. I should be in there finishing the red/green plaid 9″ hot pads (6 of them) to go along with the finished red/green plaid dish towels (6 of them) and the finished red/green plaid trimmed placemats with forest green gingerbread (boy or girl) for the grandkids (7 of these). Then I have started several quilts (blocks), and completed several more as gifts through 2011.
    The doll quilt would be perfect for one of my grand daughters.
    Thanks for the opportunity of the give-away!

  270. I have made 12 & really proud of myself for getting that many done!
    Thank you for the opportunity, my dolls would look adorable under this cutie!

  271. Oh I love your quilt so much! I did manage to make a few gifts this year, but I sort of cheated.. I made lots of stuff for a Christmas Craft Market and usually after markets I don’t feel like sewing for a while so I will be giving away some of the things that I originally made for the market. That’s not terrible, is it..?

  272. I’ve made 3 washcloths this year and have 3 more to do. I usually sew a few presents, but I’ve been learning to knit and it is taking up all my time!

  273. This little quilt is beautiful. I love the birds. With a twinge a guilt I have to admit none. But the year is not yet over. :) Thanks for sharing your creativity.

  274. I made quite a few gifts! A couple tutus, a photoframe, some hats and gloves! I was very impressed with myself. lol

    Shannon F.

  275. I have – well I should say I WILL have made 7 gifts by Christmas day. Just needing to give some finishing touches (to all of them)

  276. I have made one gift this holiday season so far. There will be cookie trays given out this next week though! ;) Thanks for participating in this wonderful event. I am having so much fun finding new blogs to follow! :)

  277. What a lovely quilt! I have yet to make any handmade gifts, but I have plans to make 3! Yes, I’ve left it to the last minute, as usual! Thanks for the chance. :)

  278. I have made 5 presents this year, but four of them are “you’re having a baby” gift rather than christmas gifts.

  279. I’ll get some homemade baked goods made this weekend, and only that because my mom will come to watch the baby!

  280. I’ve made a lot. Can’t really count. Pocket tissue holders, doll bedding, afghans, scarves, hats, zip pouches and key fobs. I love doing little things.

  281. I’ve made 1- an 80″ x 84″ tree skirt for my mom. That pretty much does it for me this year.

  282. My goal this year has been homemade gifts. For Christmas there is at least 20 things alone, and I’ve done a lot of baby quilts for gifts (10?) and birthday quilts (another 5?) Hm… add some pillows…

    Let’s just say it’s been so much I need to cut down.

  283. I’m still working on making 2 Christmas dresses for my daughters!!
    sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

  284. I’ve made a fair few, but bulk made. Chutneys and pickles, Jamie Olivers hot chocolate mix with a few additions to make it snow man soup.
    I’ve not sewn any, but there is still time.

  285. ohmygoodness, this quilt is so lovely! the little birds are so sweet. it would be such a cheerful piece to look up from your sewing machine and see hanging above you.

    i haven’t made any presents this year, cause i’ve been staying with my grandma to deal with some health stuff, and that pretty much messed up my holiday plans, but even so, only certain members of my family really like handmade gifts.

    every year i threaten to make my brother something with “my sister made this, so i hate it, cause i’m a jerk” embroidered on it!

    thank you so much for a chance to win, what a generous giveaway!

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