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Posted on February 24th, by Amy in finished quilt, give away, Inspiration. 213 comments

Hi there!  I’ve been teasing you all week with my applique project, and it is finished and ready to share!  Pat invited five of us to put our own spin on one of her new Girls in the Garden patterns for Bigfork Bay Cotton Company.  I had so much fun selecting a pattern and then all the fabrics to work with!  Actually, I could only narrow it down to two patterns, and I had to ask one of my girls which she liked better.  She helped me decide on Amelia’s Spring Delight:

Selecting fabrics – I would usually lean toward solids in place of batiks, since I haven’t stashed those, yet. However, I forced myself to look closer at my prints, and  select a few favorite prints to work with.  I think all the prints make it really whimsical and fun!

I also decided to make a table runner, instead of the wall hanging.  If you are a regular here, you know that I’ve made a number of runners over the last year or so – I love them!  To make it a runner I eliminated the second and third borders, and made an extra wide binding to finish framing the runner.

All the pieces were clearly marked, and the instructions are super clear, which makes for a fun sewing environment here!  I took my time stitching around all the pieces, and learned lots about my new sewing machine as I worked.  It was our first applique project together, so I had fun working out her features as we sewed.

What do you think of that birdhouse?  I love it, but I’m glad my house is a bit more subdued!

Here’s a better look at all the patterns:

Now for the giveaway details!

  • Bigfork Bay Cotton Company is giving away a pattern of your choice right here!  All you have to do is leave me a comment telling me your favorite pattern (if you can pick one!).  I will select a winner on Sunday evening, 2/26/12 , via random number generator.
  • Pat is giving away an entire set of patterns, so if you can’t decide, hurry over to her site and enter!
  • The Fat Quarter Shop is also giving away five entire sets of Pat’s patterns. Visit the Jolly Jabber blog to enter.
If you haven’t been following along over at Pat’s blog, be sure to go visit and learn about her process in designing the series of quilts.  It’s fun to see how she approaches the process!
Also visit the other stops on the hop and see how the ladies used the patterns:
Michele of Quilting Gallery
Heather of Olive and Ollie
Dawn of Spring Water Designs
 Tomorrow : : Heather of a La Mode Fabric
I hope you have a great weekend~ Amy

213 thoughts on “Girls In The Garden Blog Hop

  1. Oh my, oh my, oh my Amy! I love how you turned Amelia’s Spring Delight into a tablerunner! LOVE, SWOON, LOVE for sure! I would so live in that birdhouse for sure. If I were a bird I’d be a bright red cardinal or vibrant canary so I could hang out in something so kewl!

  2. I love the Winter Flurries is my favorite! I love the red birds and winter is my favorite season! I love your version of Spring Delight! Very fun! Thanks for sharing and a chance to win!

  3. I love them all but absolute favorite is Chelsa’s Summer Garden. Love what you did with your pattern and your fabric choices really pull it all together. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  4. I am partial to the winter pattern. I love what you did with the spring pattern — your birdhouse must be for modern and stylish birds!

  5. I think that the the winter pattern is my favorite, although I like how you played with the spring pattern (and I do love your birdhouse!).

  6. If I have to pick just one, then the summer coneflower pattern would have to be my fav. I love how you switched the pattern from a wall hanging to a tablerunner. Very clever! Now you have me looking at the other patterns to see how they could also be re-worked to a tablerunner too.

  7. Amy!!! I’m squealing with delight over what you did. I have limited wall space and frequently change out what little room I have – however I love table runners and change them also. I didn’t see these in that light, and love what you did. It’s absolutely perfect! I’ve been looking at them since they came out and love each one – spring is my favorite time tho, so I may have selected it also but made my bird red – LOL!! I love how fun your flowers are!!!

  8. A table runner – what a great idea! I never would have thought of that! Thanks for sharing and thank you for the chance for the giveaway!

  9. Ummm, are you allowed to tell what brand & model of sewing machine you have? I do love that applique and would like to save up for a new maching. Could you email it to me if I promise not to tell???

    I like the Spring design best. The colors in your table runner go together well and there is a lot of pattern & color interest for the eye to explore.

  10. A wonderful job on the table runner. I love the Chelsea summer pattern. I want to change the coneflowers to black eyes Susan’s . I really do love all the patterns.

  11. I think your birdhouse table runner is a great way to display Pat’s pattern. Pretty fabric on the birdhouse and roof!

    I love the Chelsea summer pattern because of the purple coneflowers. They were outside our motel in Vermont – so pretty!

  12. Cute runner :) They all look like great patterns but I would have to choose Ava’s Winter Flurries! LOVE the cardinals! Thanks for the chance to win!

  13. A table runner! What a great idea. And wouldn’t those coneflowers look great as a round table topper?? I’m getting such wonderful ideas this week. Thank you.

  14. A table runner! What a great idea. And wouldn’t those coneflowers make a great round table topper. My list is getting longer and longer this week. Thanks!

  15. Summer Garden is so colorful and bold… favorite. I have so enjoyed seeing all the variations on this hop. Thanks for sharing and doing a great runner. So cute and fun.

  16. Oh what a cute tablerunner! I like all of the patterns, but if I had to choose, Amelia’s Spring Delight, with Chelsea’s Summer Garden a very close second.

  17. Love them all but Would love to do the winter. I have a black kitchen and have introduce a touch of red, so may have to do the red birds to go with the ‘flock’ of grand children pictures I have in the trees.

  18. Chelsea’s Summer Garden is my favorite!! But it was a difficult choice. I love your version of Spring Delight. It’s so nice to see the versatility of these adorable designs!

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  21. I love that you used a totally different idea for making the wall-hanging (into a table runner) showing what else can be accomplished with Pat’s pattern. Excellent. Thank you. I love the birdhouse print, so different and unique. Some birds may paint over it though, lol. Blessings, Janet

  22. I am getting such a wake up call with this blog hop. I have tons of patterns that I can use in different ways. Duh! I so need to start thinking outside the box!!! II love all the patterns, but the coneflower really appeals to me. That might be because of the purple, tho. I think they are all great. I’m so glad I’m learning so much about creating from designers who can think outside the box!!

  23. In LOVE with the table runner…seriously…if I lived closer I would be plotting to come and steal it. I just am not good at putting fabrics together unless they come from a collection, i.e. someone tells me what to put together.

  24. Your runner is very cute. I always like the patterns with birds or bird houses in them. My favorite is the one with the cardinals.

  25. Picking a favorite would be very difficult. I can find a reason for wanting each one! At the moment, I’m really am liking Chelsea’s Garden. The coneflowers remind me of the beauty of my own garden — now hidden under snow.

  26. I love what you did with Pat’s pattern. Great job! Love that birdhouse. It’s hard to pick one, but I think my favorite is the Summer Garden. Thanks for sharing!

  27. All the patterns are nice, but the one you did with the birdhouse get’s my vote. Love the pinecone look on the top branch. Pat Sloan is a hoot.

  28. I love the autumn pattern the best, but they are all gorgeous! Love your interpretation of the spring pattern.
    Love your blog and have it bookmarked now.

  29. I love it! What a unique way to use the pattern. I love Pat Sloan, I took a class with her once several years ago and was so impressed, that when ever I refer to her to my girls, I say ” my new best friend Pat Sloan”. They always get a kick out of that. I love everything she does and own all her books and most if not all of her patterns. This is such a great idea for using her wallhanging in a different way. Thank you!

  30. Another great idea for taking wonderful patterns and using them in great and wonderful way. I have gotten so many great ideas this week.

  31. really they are all delightful. I am having a hard time picking a favorite. I love what you have done to make amelia’s spring delight into a table runner. I guess that will be my choice for today. tomorrow…. it will probably be the one with the pumpkins. thanks for sharing. yes we love pat sloan! janita

  32. I absolutely love the way you turned this pattern into a table runner. You ladies have given us lots of options for the patterns. Thank you

  33. I’m not sure that I can pick only one. I really love the Summertime one, but the pops of the red cardinals on the Winter one grabs the eye too.

  34. Cute how you turned the wall hanging into a runner. I also make lots of runner. One of my favorites is Chelsea’s Summer Garden. Love coneflowers!

  35. I love all of Pat’s patterns but Amelia’s Spring Delight is my favorite. I’m nutz about tablerunners too so thanks for the great idea.

  36. Table runner is a great idea – the fall pattern is my favorite – perhaps if started soon I too could have a table runner by Oct.

  37. What a darling table runner! Your bright and perky fabric makes it so fun! All 4 of Pat’s patterns are darling. It would be difficult to choose the one to make – might have to consider all of them.

  38. It’s so hard to choose a favorite….so I’ll choose spring. I love it when the birds are singing and the flowers are blooming…and I love Pat’s pattern of spring.

  39. Nicole’s Autumn Pumpkin Patch is my favorite today. Yesterday it was Chelsea’s Summer Garden. It really is difficult to choose just one. I think it would be fun to take the elements from the autumn pattern to make a tablecloth for Thanksgiving.

  40. I love your idea of a table runner! I need to think outside the box more when I see things I like! And my favorite pattern??? Hard to choose, but I love the red cardinals so I think the winter pattern would be my favorite! :)

  41. It has taken me forever to decide on one, and it is Amelia’s Spring Delight. I would love to make all four to hang in my sewing room. (Which is also the guest room – won’t guest love them?)

  42. I like them all but since I have to pick, I will choose Summer garden. thanks for a chance to win them.
    Your table runner is great and I do like the bird house a lot. Well done.

  43. love how you spilt the design in your runner! I think I love the summer garden with coneflowers, gonna have to plant some of those!

  44. It’s hard to pick a favorite. I love birds and birdhouses so I will pick the Spring Pattern. I am also into tablerunners lately so I was happy to see how you adapted the pattern into one.

  45. Nicole’s Autumn Pumpkin Patch is my favorite. Autumn is also my favorite season. Thanks for offering the giveaway.

    Chester NY

  46. What a wonderful idea to make a runner! Awesome job! Thanks for your “spin” on it LOL. I am loving seeing everyones creation this week.

  47. Hello!
    I love the Spring pattern – same cutie that you chose! I love the fabrics, especially the print inside the birdhouse! and I especially love that you refer to your new machine in the feminine – enjoy!

  48. I like the Autumn one best since I am partial to houses and berries. Perfect blend and my favorite season to boot!
    You did a great job and were ever so creative with turning it into a runner. I wouldn’t have thought to do that. :P

  49. WOW!!!! I love the table runner, that is just so creative. Love the fabrics you chose also, they are really different from the pattern. Will have to look around your site because I really like what you do. It’s nice to find new people to read about for quilting and see what they do. it gives me ideas and inspiration to try more different types of patterns and quilting. Thanks so much.

  50. I so love your runner – because it is so bright and colorful. I would definitely go with Spring and Summer, just because I am really pretty tired of winter LoL – Thanks for the great opportunity. Judy C

  51. Wow, turning the pattern around and making a table runner. That’s creative and then some. If I have to end up buying all the patterns, I’ll probably start with Autumn – I love fall colors.

  52. I seem to be drawn to autumn quilts, I’m going with the Pumpkin Patch as my favorite. I also love the Romancing Red pattern you have on Big Fork – very cute!

  53. Chelsea’s Summer Garden a.k.a. the purple coneflower

    I like the innovative use of the pattern as a tablerunner.
    Thanks for the chance.

  54. I really like what you did with the pattern. I find I am making more table runners instead of wall hangnings. They are really fun to use on my kitchen table and to have a variety of them to select from. Your choice of the bright, cheerful fabric works perfectly with the pattern. Tahnks for the chance to win a pattern.

  55. Love the idea of using pattern for a runner. Something I never thought of doing. The birdhouse is so cute. Love the way the zigzag lines look. Love Pat’s patterns.

  56. love the way you turned this, the flowers coming from the side. out of the box adorable. love blog tours, and meeting new(to me) quilt artist. :>)

  57. How clever to rearrange the motifs to make a table runner! Because I love birds, spring, and your table runner design, I choose Amelia’s Spring Delight as my favorite pattern.

  58. Amy, Love your tablerunner! If I had to choose just one, I’d probably choose Chelsea’s Summer Garden. Both spring and summer are my favorite seasons!

  59. Love your use of the lively prints! I, too, tend to stick with batiks which are more like your solids. I have a hard time putting different prints together, but you did a good job!

    My favorite season is Summer, and my favorite color is purple, and I love flowers, so that Coneflower pattern has my name all over it!

    Thanks for sharing your process!

  60. You are right, how can you pick only one favorite? hehe. I love the fall pattern, Nicole’s Autumn Pumpkin Patch. Then again, Amelia’s Spring Delight is calling me as well. I really would love to make all four.

    Thank you and Bigfork Bay Cotton Company for your giveaway and a chance to win.


  61. What a good idea…I agree Pat’s patterns are awesome…and I do like your birdhouse especially since it will be sitting on a table…

  62. There are sooooo many that I love!
    Blue Paint, Dancing Chickens, Earth Wind and Fire, Out to Lunch!, The Quilters, and Spring Storm ReDesign.
    My favorite is definitely Blue Paint though. I would make it for my mother-in-law who is also my best friend :)

  63. Wonderful! I am so blown away by what you have done!
    This blog hop is smashing and all you gals are so very talented!
    By the way, I work for BBCC so please do not enter me in the drawing!
    Can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow!
    :) Traci

  64. Oh dear, do I have to pick just 1 pattern? I love them all. Well, if I must, I would pick the Summer Garden. Your table runner was a great adaptation, thanks for the idea.

  65. Amy–I love your tablerunner. It gave me a different approach to the patterns. An “Aha” moment!! Tablerunners sew up more quickly than a full size quilt, which is great for me.

    My favorite pattern is the Fall. I love pumpkins.

  66. I love all the patterns but as this blog hop has gone along my favourite keeps changing. Today I think it is Amelia’s Spring Delight. I love the versatility of these patterns and the inspiration from everyone on the blog hop is amazing.

  67. II love “Ava’s Winter Flurries”. I love cardinals so I couldn’t help but to pick this one. The colors are beautiful. Thanks for having this terrific giveaway.

  68. I love “Ava’s Winter Flurries”. I just love cardinals. The colors are just beautiful. Thanks for having this terrific giveaway!

  69. Your table runner turned out great! It is difficult to choose just one pattern! I really love the Spring Delight–because I lvoe the birdhouse. That said, I also really like the fall one with the pumpkins, also!

  70. My favorite pattern is the fall one “Pumpkin Patch”…so far, no one’s done that one…maybe on Saturday! Love that you made a runner with your pattern…great idea! Will have to try that.

  71. I love all of the patterns but if I had to choose just one I would pick the Winter Flurries as I love the red cardinals.

  72. I LOVE what you did with Amelia’s spring delight and what you did with it as a table runner ! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  73. My fav is Amelia’s Spring Delight. After a long winter there’s nothing like a burst a colour to make you think gardens and outside dining. Love your table runner, very sweet.

  74. I love the spring flowers. They are all so pretty and look like a great pattern to try out for someone like me who hasn’t done a lot of applique.

  75. I really love the coneflowers pattern best, but you sure did up a cute table runner with the bird house! I love the cardinals too! I’d love to win a pattern (or a whole set)!

  76. I like each of the patterns, but my favorite would be Chelsea’s Summer Garden, thanks for the opportunity to win one of the patterns.

  77. I love table runners, birds and birdhouses and since this pattern has all of them, I love, love, love this pattern and application the bestest!!

  78. I love that you used the pattern to make a table runner. It turned out so cute! I love to applique and would love to have one of these patterns. Thank you for the chance to win one.

  79. What a cute table runner. I see so many I want to make but really don’t have anywhere to display them since my dining room table is ALWAYS covered in craft stuff. So much so that whenever it’s my turn to host dinners, we all go out!!

  80. I absolutely love the Spring design. Maybe it’s my desire for it to be here soon. Your work is beautiful and I love the tablerunner.

  81. I’m late, I’m late, for a very important post!!! My granddaughter came to visit and I got sidetracked!! Love what you did with the pattern!!!

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