One Thing, One Week Challenge :: 13

Posted on May 7th, by Amy in Challenge Week. 68 comments

What will you challenge yourself with this week?

I don’t want you to be stressed out about this challenge, but I do hope to MOTIVATE you. Finish something, start something, just don’t be overwhelmed by everything – One Thing!

You decide, what’s reasonable for you to get done in a weeks time, and tell me your goal in the comments. Next Monday, I will have a linky and you can link to your blog/flickr post, and show off your met goal!


My goal for this week is to find time to work on this pile of piecing:

600+ seams to iron...this week.

I have about 600 seams to press before I can complete the blocks, and I really want to finish!

Wish me luck


For those of you that meet your goal, you will be entered to win a collection of mini Moda charm packs, beautiful Aurifil threads, and a Delish goodie bag.

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Motivate your friends too!

Have a productive week~



One Thing, One Week Challenge is a monthly challenge, beginning the first Monday of each month.  Join us!

68 thoughts on “One Thing, One Week Challenge :: 13

  1. My goal this week is to complete 16 scrap houses. It will be a challenge setting aside sewing time this week. I am guessing I will have to cram it all into the weekend.

  2. Just in time! This week I need to get the top to my sister’s wedding quilt finished and also finish a dress that I have all the pieces cut out for! Yay!

  3. my goal is to finish the baby quilt I started two weeks ago. I have to really push myself because this is finals week and my brains are mush!

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  5. Love these challenges! My goal is to finish a baby dresden plate quilt, which means finishing the hand quilting and binding. Thanks for the extra incentive!

  6. Hi! I want to finish my Peek A Boo quilt that I must have started last year! I need to quilt the border and bind it. I got stuck on what to do with the border a while ago. I have been inspired and just need to get on with it!

  7. Alright….my goal for this week……Gosh, so many things to do! Ok, my goal is to have my sewing room cleaned out of everything that isn’t sewing/crafting. Its been a WIP for about a month and its so cluttered I can’t even sew in it! (my second goal is to start quilting the new baby quilt for my nephew due next month. Its layered and pinned, so just needs to be quilted! If I have time. After the sewing room is done!)

  8. I’m going to finish a stadium blanket I’m working on. I’m going to make it possible to roll it, tie, it and give it a handle so that it’s a nice easy carrying package while walking to and from the car. My plan is to post a tutorial showing how it’s done.

  9. I have a goal of getting two Mother’s Day presents made! I only have tomorrow to make them since I will be out of town all week!

  10. I want to finish piecing the top of my granny square quilt. Only one thing?!? So hard…I have a million things, but I won’t mention the hst that I want to finish too. ;)

  11. My goal is to baste the bed size log cabin quilt I’m working on. I also would like to start making Craftsy BOM January blocks. Wish me luck! :)

  12. This week I am finishing up binding on a lap quilt that is a wedding give for a lovely young couple. I just love doing bindings. It’s the finish of one project and the beginning thoughts of the next!

  13. My goal this week will be to get more of the Farmers Wife blocks done. I’m thinking 10 should be doable, maybe more as I tend to do these in big batches rather than the 2/wk that it started out as. Good luck to everyone on your own goals! :)

  14. This is *so* timely for me! This week, I will finish my mini Lone Star schnibble and small quilt S is for Spirals–this one was pieced back in april 2010. Time it was finished, no?

    Thank you, Amy! :-)

  15. I started my very first quilt this past week. This week I would like to finish piecing the top and back. I’m a little nervous about the size coming out right. My bonus project would be to baste a pile of fabric into hexies. thanks.

  16. This is exactly the motivation I need to finish a tiny project before I move. (packing, gearing up to go visit family to attend a nephew’s graduation and camping is taking up a lot of my time. — can’t you feel the stress coming off of me? LOL). By the way, we’re hoping to close on a house this week. :-)

    My small goal is: make the binding for a mug rug and sew that on.

  17. I’m going to finish my triangle quilt – I sewed on the binding yesterday and now I just need to sit down to an enjoyable movie and get that border sewed up. :)

  18. I’m going to set my goal with actually two things, but both are the same and both are being made at the same time, so they kinda count as one! Two rompers for my little boy, both about half finished at the moment, so I want to have them completed by next week!

  19. My goal is to complete the First Communion dress I am making for my granddaughter, Isabella. I am repurposing my wedding dress from 1974 and the big day is May 19th so time is of the essence!

  20. My goal this week is to get the baby quilt for E+F basted and the quilting started. Thanks as always Amy for the one thing one week Challenge

  21. My goal for the week is to get my Retro Flowers pieces cut. This will be my first time using templates, and I’m excited but procrastinating…

  22. I’m really going to work hard to finish the last 6 bottle rainbows blocks so that I can soon begin to assemble this top. I have some my favorite colors like red, orange, and yellow to go… wish me luck. And good luck to you with your seam pressing!

  23. I had a simple block idea pop into my head last week, so my goal for this week is to piece the blocks–bright tonal polka dot prints with solid white. Frosting on the cake would be getting it assembled, but right now I’m just aiming for piecing all the blocks.

  24. My sewing table has two protective mats underneath each sewing machine. I have decided the entire surface of the table needs protecting, so I plan to make a simple pad to take the place of ones that are there now. This will be a week I do something for myself, for a change….

  25. It will be a busy week leading up to my son’s college graduation on Saturday. But I’ve really got to get some sewing time in! My sister has requested a quilt with a Harley Davidson theme. This week I need to start making blocks. My goal is to get at least 6 done.

  26. My goal is to get my granny square quilted and bound to give to my mother-in-law on Mother’s Day.

  27. this week i’d like to finish the binding on my Star Dot mini quilt. I’ve got it all quilted and ready to bind!

  28. My goal for the week is to purchase white batting, sandwich the baby quilt I am making using spray baste, and quilt at least 1/4 of it. I love the motivation that comes from these challenges.

  29. I, uh, have a mother’s day gift I’m feverishly working on – some Malka potholders and a lined drawstring bag! Obviously, really need to have these done BEFORE next Monday!

  30. My goal is to finish my Burst into Bloom quilt for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival! I need to finish piecing the back, quilt, and bind. Thanks for the challenge!

  31. I AM going to get a quilt on the new (6 months, and only 3 quilts completed) Ansley 26″ long arm I bought and, by gosh, I WILL finish it! LOL

  32. Hmm, what do I pick for this week? I think I will try to sew a curtain for my sewing room redo. I’d also like to enter it in the “my precious sew along’ since I’m using my coveted wonderland scissors fabric!

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  34. This week I need to finish 3 little boy shirts and a fabric book before I leave to visit my grandson! Can’t wait to see him as he just moved away to a new state with his mommy & daddy.

  35. I was concerned to commit to this in a week but I think I can do it, I am going to get the top of my next baby quilt pieced and finished (not sandwiched and quilted) but top completed this week. I am thinking a large lone star with sashing but have never made one before so need to play around to see if it will even work first. I hope this commitment will force it to happen. Thanks Amy!

  36. I almost missed it!!! I am hoping to get the binding on my Dr. Suess quilt. I am also putting the binding on another quilt but won’t be able to share that one because I am waiting for the BQF ;) So, just put me down for the Dr. Seuss quilt. Your pile looks lovely! Thanks for the push, Amy! Smiles~Beth,

  37. I don’t know how I’m going to fit it in, but I have to finish a quilt top this week! I have promised a finished quilt will be delivered to my niece in 2 weeks!

  38. My goal is to finally quilt a baby quilt I have had pieced for like 2 years. Found the backing to use, need the batting and then I’m ready to go. I can only sew on weekends due to work and such, so here’s hoping this is my week.

  39. My sis has a birthday Saturday and has requested an iPad case. I also have a baby/lap quilt to do but I’m thinking that’s not going to get finished yet.

  40. My grandson loves tractors! I found a piece of fabric with large tractors on it to make a pillow for him (he is almost 2). He has carried it around for a few days and even taken the fabric to bed. His mom finally got it away from him so I can get his pillow made. That’s my project.

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