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Posted on May 10th, by Amy in books. 12 comments

A little over a year ago, I was approached about contributing to a book featuring Kona Cottons. I immediately responded with a “yes” and happily submitted ideas and made my quilt. Fast forward, and I have copies of We Love Color in my possession!

I spent a few hours yesterday looking through all the quilts, there’s so much great company in the book. I’ve been a little impatient, wanting to know what everyone else made.  There is a wide variety of quilts, and so much inspiration!

I will have to share more pictures later, the quilt is on the way to Market, (without me) to promote the book. But here’s a quick peek -

A picture, of a picture, of a quilt isn’t the same at all, but hopefully you get a good idea of my piecing and the fab quilting that Natalia did for me.

We Love Color: 16 Iconic Quilt Designers Create With Kona Solids is set to be released next month, but you can pre-order it now on Amazon! For me it’s a must have for all the inspiration and broadening my horizons in quilting. I hope you’ll think so too!

Happy Quilting ~


PS – There will be a tour, with more info about all the quilts, once the book has been released.

12 thoughts on “We Love Color

  1. Hi Amy…

    Wow! I took a look at the book and that is really a great group of quilts! Say! I’ve been following your career and you are definitely made a footprint on the quilting map, for sure. Congratulations!
    Oh, I do love your quilt!!!!

  2. Gorgeous quilt….can’t wait for it to be released! Congratulations on being published yet again. I enjoy seeing your creations, and I’ve been inspired to try new things, so thank you for sharing!

  3. Congratulations of the publishing of We Love Color. I love love love color too and will have to put this book on my wish list.
    Here’s to much success!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  4. I just looked at the book on Amazon and it’s definitely going on my wishlist! I love your quilt in it and I love the way they show the colors that were used!

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