My Quilted Tote

Posted on May 31st, by Amy in finished project. 23 comments

Last week, in the midst of all the Bloggers’ Quilt Festival emails, I finished this tote up for myself on my birthday! I had been working on the panels here and there while other projects came and went the few weeks prior.

BTW – Today is the last day to vote here and here! There’s been a good turn out for voting – Thanks for taking the time!

I was inspired by Penny and her tote, but of course had to make it my own.

That’s the beauty of this type of work, each piece is as different as the scraps in your bin.

I’ve been using the bag for a week now, of course it’s full of¬†receipts, and coupons, but the pocket is one of my favorite parts!

It measures about 15″ x 12″

I quilted it as I went, adding scraps to batting, and quilting each piece individually. Penny did a quilt-along if you want more info. Really it’s just a ton of fun, and a great use of favorite scraps!

It makes me smile every time I pick it up to run to school or the grocery store – perfect!

Hope you are having a great day -


23 thoughts on “My Quilted Tote

  1. I love your bag! You need great fabrics – like you have – to make a scrappy bag look great. BUT….
    I noticed the neat zipper insert you did. I have seen that before, but my tote bag patterns do not have that type of application. Any chance for a (drop in??) tote bag zipper insert tutorial??? Thanks for everything and happy quilting.


  2. I agree, I love the tote bag. Do you have a tutorial on the how to’s? Would love to make one for myself and one to donate to our church bizaar. Thanks for sharing the beautiful bag.

  3. Hello! I am so sad that I missed the quilters blog fest this year!…I am loving this bag though. :)
    p.s. a quick question for you. Maybe you could email me…I know you used to have a blogspot and switched to typepad. Just wondering how easy it was, how much easier or different typepad is, and if you are glad you did it. SInce it costs a bit of money I was just curious if I may ask. thanks. :)

  4. You have great scraps. Which makes a totally darling tote!

    I would luv a tute for that wonderful zipper application. The way it sits down in there is wonderful.

  5. You are so famous and loved! You do precise work and it pays back in all kinds of dividends! You are my favorite oldest daughter! Love, Mom

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