We Love Color – Blog Tour and Giveaway!

Posted on June 13th, by Amy in books. 322 comments

Hi all! Welcome to my stop on the tour! If this is your first visit, please feel free to click around and get to know me a bit.

I am so honored to be included in the fabulous group of designers in We Love Color – I hope you’ve been following the tour so far! There’s some great info to learn about each designer, along with lots of chances to win a book  and fabric.

We Love Color has 16 projects, featuring Kona Solids. The projects are varied and beautiful, offering inspiration for every quilter. The best part about working with Kona Solids, is the vast color options – any of these quilts could be replicated with your own color choices to make it uniquely yours!  

I find color inspiration all around me, in nature, photographs, my kids’ artwork, random fabrics on my shelf together even, there aren’t many places that inspiration isn’t found!   

While piecing my quilt last year, I shared a picture of my pieces in progress.

I love all the colors and the subtle movement they create in the quilt top. Strip piecing made quick work of all these units!


We are all sharing our favorite Kona color as part of the tour, picking a favorite is nearly impossible!  If I must though, I have been loving Midnight, it is a complex purple, navy color.

The swatch on the computer screen barely conveys the depth of color and complexity.  I love it! I have a recent project here with Midnight for a little more of a look.

Have you seen the new Kona colors? Kaufman is releasing 28 new colors this month, and I’m dying to get my hands on them, and a new color card! One that stood out to me right away is Alegria.

It’s fresh and reminds me of the endless blue sky in the summer here in Utah – I’m so glad for all that sunshine!


***Would you like to win a copy of We Love Color, and a fat quarter bundle of the new colors? Here’s your chance!

Leave me a comment telling me your favorite place to go for color inspiration.

I’ll announce a winner next Wednesday, June 20th.

Follow along with the tour by visiting the Swatch & Stitch for links to all the designer blogs, and information on the grand prize.

Good luck!


322 thoughts on “We Love Color – Blog Tour and Giveaway!

  1. Shoot, the first response never win. Oh, well. :)

    I love to find color inspiration in the many wonderful quilting blogs that I read, as well as browsing through fabric stores and looking at all the gorgeous handmade items on Etsy.

    Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  2. What gives me color inspiration is usually grouping and re-grouping fabrics into piles. Obviously this method is flawed, in that if I do not have it in my stash, I cannot come up with a great color combo using it! The other inspiration is simply plates of food…what appeals to me on a plate, is often what will appeal to me in a quilt!

  3. The Botanical Gardens here in Atlanta are full of all kinds of gorgeous flowers and plants. A trip there will leave my brain focused on color, for sure.

  4. I normally go out around the town and the parks for inspiration, but on rainy days Etsy and Pinterest do the trick too. :-D

  5. I love looking through fashion magazines or home design blogs for color inspiration. The designers choose such great color combinations!

  6. I agree with you, inspiration is everywhere. Sometimes, I’m not really looking for inspiration-it just finds me. It could be in the color or pattern of carpeting or wallpaper, in the flower garden or farmer’s market, in my closet or the pages of a magazine.

  7. I love to find color inspiration just about anywhere. Usually it’s this ah-ha moment where I’ll be looking at something rather ordinary and suddenly see something that I hadn’t before. Taking photos is also a great way to find color inspiration. Sometimes seeing something in person doesn’t quite trigger the same response as looking back through the photos of that same thing. Landscapes, for instance, always do that for me. :)

  8. My favorite place? Looking through my Quilts Japan magazines inspires–the quilters there seem to have very different ideas for what works, and some I find challenging! :-) Also, I like to play with the ideas of color theory to help me with combinations. Sometimes a treasured piece of fabric will give me fresh ideas to try new things, like limited palette or tonal.
    suntred02 at aol.com

  9. I love Kona, and am pretty much a loyal exclusive Kona user haha. I use photographs for inspiration. Similar to design seeds. Let’s say I have a specific theme like retro, I will search the web for retro photos and take colors from then.

  10. I love to look at the beautiful countryside outside my door! Failing that my Kona colour card is a close second!

  11. I’m a brand new quilter, and I seem to be seeing potential in colour everywhere I look right now! Quilting blogs give me great ideas about colour combinations that work well, and how small changes in placement can make a big change to a design.

  12. I love going into the garden and getting inspired by the flowers. Also, I drive to work early and the morning sky fills me with inspiration as it changes each day.

  13. My favorite place for color inspiration is an outdoor garden. Thanks for the chance to win.

  14. Inspiration depends on the weather! Sometimes it’s the park, sometimes the beach, but if it’s really wet and windy then pinterest is a great help!
    thanks for the giveaway.

  15. Design Seeds is always fun for color inspiration and I love looking at pinterest, there’s always something there that is different and inspiring.

  16. thank you for the opportunity! well, sure it would be cool to win this book! :)
    about colors – I look to the sky. evening or morning. above the city or above the sea. in winter or in summer…. it’s so different, and every time it’s perfect…. I love nature colors…
    hugs from Russia,

  17. Midnight is one of my favs too! Such a great color. I get color inspiration online (Design Seeds is great or Browsing Flickr photos), but I’ve recently been trying to find more in person inspiration, too. Snapping lots of pictures of nature, cool buildings, anything I see that catches my eye that could become a great quilt.

  18. Our local park has lots of flowers and blooming trees in the spring. A great place for color inspiration!

  19. That is a tough question. I get inspiraton from so many places but most of all, I look at significant things in my life around me whether it be things in nature, objects I see together at work or the firehouse, or just a bunch of my kidlets toys all piled together.

    Once a quilter truly opens her eyes, the possibilities become endless.

  20. One place I find inspiration is the farmer’s market! Fresh produce colors are beautiful.

  21. How boring am I? It’s the fabric for me. I need the benefit of the designers art education and talent to get me going. Of course, the paint dept at Lowe’s is fun!

  22. My favorite place for color inspiration is a walk around my neighborhood when the flowers are in bloom. Unfortunately, during the winter, I have to settle for blogs and Pinterest. Thanks for the contest!

  23. My favorite thing is when I find color inspiration in completely random places you don’t expect. Like, the contrast between the stormy grey sky and the bright yellow stucco of our house! Surprise color realizations make me happy!

  24. Favorite place for color inspiration is Joen Woelfram’s blog on color. Then of course there is stained glass windows in churches.

  25. I don’t necessarily ‘go’ somewhere to find inspiration, it usually finds me! My kids tend to be fountains of inspiration.

    Thanks for a chance to win the book and some yummy fabric.

  26. i don’t know if i have a favorite place to go for inspiration. it usually just hits me when i least expect it!

  27. I think it’s changed over the last few years. I used to get color inspiration from my stash, but now I get an idea from a picture on a blog and then go to my stash!

  28. I’m still pretty new at this but I’d say I get the most inspiration from blogs and Flickr. The number of things I want to try is getting a little crazy : )

  29. I love southern utah for my color inspiration. I love the rich red-orange earth tones! Thaanks for the giveaway!

  30. I definitely find color inspiration all over. Often, it is everyday objects, like my planner or a special birthday card!

  31. My colour inspiration comes from the fabrics in themselves, mingling them, seeing the colours hiden in the prints and making them important.

  32. Hi there, my fave place to go for inspiration is definitely the bookshelf. I could sit and look at pics of quilts all day and then make myself lists of styles and color combos to try.

  33. Usually a walk thru my favorite quilt shop or an upscale furniture store gives me the color inspiration I need.

    Thanks for a chance in this great give a way.

  34. I always go to the Detroit Zoo. From the bright colors of the plants and butterflies in the butterfly house to the icy cool colors at the polar bear exhibit there is always something to inspire a quilt!

  35. Nature has gorgeous colors, flowers , grasses, leaves, and design seeds showes all theses fanastic color inspirations. Blog hopping and seeing what everyone is making is huge inspiration.

  36. My favorite place for color inspiration is the botanical gardens and Home Depot! Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  37. i find inspiration from so many places, pinterest, fabric store, quilt books, blogs and magazines however my favorite place is in nature.
    i live in an area that is very touristy in the warmer months so parks and gardens, water…rivers, falls and a lake surround my area and nature trails are plentiful. i love how in the wild of nature unexpected colours mixes just happen naturally and look so beautiful!!
    even in the winter….ice and snow and cold water…so many shades of grey, white, blue and black!

  38. I love blogs and Pinterest for inspiration. Thanks for the opportunity to win!=)

  39. I use a printed fabric that I really like. looking closely at the combination of colors in that print usually leads me to some surprising choices.

  40. Going outside at various times of the day throughout the changing seasons in the many places I have lived has been a constant inspiration for my quilting and dye projects. Spending my first fall in western PA the past year was like color sensory overload, and I loved every minute of it.
    My family and I are fond of walks at sunset because the sky is a beautiful pink with touches of blue. It quickly takes you out of the city and into a world of imagination.

  41. My favorite place to go for color inspiration are my charity quilts. Making over 100 a year, I am limited by the fabrics that are given to me. Thus, I find I’m using colors I wouldn’t normally put together…sometimes with UGH! results and sometimes with surprising results.

  42. My favorite color inspirations always come from outside. We have gorgeous pastel sunrises in winter with the barest hints of color, fiery sunsets in spring and summer, crunchy, flower filled falls… How could one not be completely inspired?

  43. Etsy and Pinterest are my favorite places to look for new quilt ideas and inspiration. I’ve never heard of design seeds but will check it now. Thanks for hosting the giveaway !

  44. I find my colour inspiration in the handfuls of coloured pencils my boys leave out on the table. Sometimes their randomness can be pretty amazing to look at. Thanks for the giveaway

  45. oh I love finding design and color inspiration just out and about as I live life! Starbucks seems to have interesting ideas…

  46. I love the subtle color gradations found in nature – tree bark, a bird feather, the veggies and berries in our garden, first light and sunset skies following a thunderstorm. Thanks for the chance to win some of the new Kona solids!

  47. My favorite place for color inspiration is a neat website called “Design Seeds”. Every day there are gorgeous pictures with a sample palette pulled from the image. The names of the palettes are part of the inspiration as well. Thanks for the chance to win!

  48. Usually colour inspiration happens at the quilt shop. I see one fabric I simply can’t live without and then try to figure out what I want to coordinate it with.

  49. I’m loving the new colors, especially Tulip and Regal. I’m very glad you showed us something you made using Midnight because that is a gorgeous color of purple. I may never have given that a second thought given the name of Midnight which I would assume to be a shade of black, not purple at all. Thank you.

    Almost all my inspiration right now comes from the many blogs I follow/read each day. I’m noticing lately however, that I am starting to see things more and more while hubby and I are out driving around to different places.

  50. I find color inspiration walking among the plants at our local botanical garden. Nature puts lots of colors together that you would not otherwise think about. Thank you for this giveaway.

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day.

  51. Anywhere in the great outdoors….where else is there such wonderful colors? The same landscape will look different at each hour of the day!

    I love that Alegria blue…stunning!

  52. It’s definitely the outside. I love all of the colors of nature especially in the Spring and Summer. Thanks for the chance to win!

  53. There is so much color inspiration everywhere, but my favorite is nature. Blue and white from the sky. Orange, red and green from a flower. The colors of a sunset. The sand and the ocean. Then I go paw through my fabric and pull out colors that excite me to create.

    Hey, that midnight fabric is the bomb. I have used it quite a lot lately.

  54. Hi Amy:

    So in my country if you look around you, it is posible to se the green mountains eather the volcanos too, so you can drive around 2 hours and find the beach too. Those are my favorites places for inspirations.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

    Costa Rica

  55. Thanks for a chance to win this book! My favorite places for color inspiration are a county park near here called Deep River and the shores of Lake Michigan.

  56. A walk outside and looking over flower and vegetable beds is my norm, but to find new [to me] color combinations I spend time looking over fabric bundles that others have put together on fabric and quilting blog/store sites. I love the new ‘modern’ quilting combos, but none of them would be something I would think to put together so I spend time paying attention to the work of others.

  57. My favorite place would have to be a garden. Especially now with all of the flowers that are in bloom.

  58. flickr & blog reading are where all my inspiration comes from!!! I’d love to win some of the new colors!!! My solid stash is so pitiful!

  59. I have to be honest, the majority of my inspiration for color is seeing what others are doing on the internet. I have seen color combos that I would have never put together. My LQS is also good at inspiration. It’s wonderful to have a good group of quilty friends too!

  60. Hi, Amy! Congrats on being part of this wonderful tour. I have not worked with solids alone in a quilt but have a drawer full of them and have wanted to make something great out of these piles. I get my color inspiration lots of places–primarily when shopping, either at the fabric store, department store, or even the discount store! Lots of designers and creative folks’ work is already out there to just discover. There is always my favorite color to incorporate too (green)!

  61. Walking around Park City is pure inspiration. Not just for color but lifestyle too! We have amazing contrasts between all seasons, beautiful holiday lights, wildlife in abundance, the best trail network in America, summer markets, art galleries, Historic Main St, ski fields, golf gourses and those year round Utah blue skies! I could keep going but will refrain. There is color everywhere we go.
    My 3 year olds fav saying at the moment is “What sort of color?”

  62. I find color inspiration in fabric prints, paint swatches, and the outdoors.

  63. I love to wander through the men’s ties at Macy’s or Nordstrom’s. They always pair them up with great colored shirts. The color inspiration is wonderful…..

  64. I love looking online, either blogs, pinterest to see what colors others use. Sometimes I see colors together that I never would have thought to put together but when I see them I’m like, of course that works!

    Thanks for a super giveaway and a chance to win.


  65. I like to go the market – either to the local farmer market or to one of the turkish markets in the centre of Berlin. Especially on the turkish markets, you can find, besides the wonderfully coloured vegetables and fruits, a lot of stalls where you can buy fabrics at a bargain.

  66. I actually love to browse fabric shops. I am amazed at the palettes of color that are displayed!

  67. OH! So many places inspire my love and addiction to color!! Quilt stores, book stores, Pinterest, blogland, my own stash closet, art shows, magazines…and especially out in the natural world!! life is just toooooo short to live in shades of grey!! Color makes everything better!! Thanks for the givaway!!

  68. The obvious answer is the internet, I mean, what isn’t up on it? But sometimes it’s great to get away from the computer and snuggle with a book and for that I love Kaffe Fassett’s Glorious Inspiration. It’s not one of his project books, just amazing photos from museums and life, and a complete riot of colour.

  69. I would have to say pinterest is my biggest color inspiration. It’s the only place I can go without someone distracting me these daya;)

  70. I found my new favorite color combos while driving to Hilton Head from Memphis earlier this year – the trees covered in varying purple blooms, light green early-growth leaves and gray tree trunks – was truly stunning!

  71. The beach. I love the blue-green shades of the water, combined with the pale tan of beach sand, pops of color in swimsuits and kites….perfection!

  72. photos on blogs and of course nature with all her wonderful subtleties and/or unexpected color combos

  73. My garden and of course art and quilt books. I am not always very adventuresome in my choices so seeing how others have stepped out is very inspiring.

  74. Everywhere, is the short answer! Most recently driving through the mountains. The greens of the trees, especially the new brilliant greens of the Aspen trees, mixed with the deep green of the pines and the reds, grays, and browns of the mountains topped with dirty white snowcaps, and the colors of fast rushing streams from the snowmelt. Thank you!

  75. Inspiration for colour?
    The mediteranean blue sky, azure seas, the illuminating sheen on the feathers of a mallard ducks neck, the strawberry blonde hair of a toddler, the lush greens in a hedgerow, the patches and marls in tortoiseshell cats fur…..the chocolate, coffee and vanilla of ice cream…..how long have you got?
    I could list sooooo many more creatively inspiring gems……..but there’d be no room for any one elses comments!

  76. Fave place to go for inspiration is my sewing room. I have my fabric, my books, the computer, out the window are birds and flowers. It’s all I need to get me started.

  77. I’m a West Coast outdoor kinda gal, and I find the colours of nature so amazing. Photos of scenery, gardens, even sand on the beach are a great inspiration.

  78. I get my color inspiration from walking up and down the isle at the fabric store till I find a focal fabric and then I start adding my other fabrics. I usually have some idea of what I am looking for and go on that. I love these colors. Bright is good. Its happy and uplifting.

  79. My favorite place to find color inspiration is in my folks back yard. My mom is an avid gardener and all the beautiful color on a sea of green … Well it is hard to not be inspired!

  80. I don’t have a particular place I go for color inspiration – it can be magazines, blogs, nature, etc. I just try to find it in everything. Usually the most inspirational things come from unxpected places.

  81. I have Joen Wolfrom’s Studio Color Wheel hanging in my quilt room, and am finding lot’s of inspiration from that, I also live close to three National Parks and take lots of photos and use them as my inspiration for my quilts.

  82. I take a walk when I need colour inspiration, not necessarily in nature, also window shopping is quite inspiring. ;-)
    I use books, paintings, even graffittis, whatever comes along is inspiring.

  83. I am in love with Kona Cotton Solids and can’t wait to get my hands on this book. The “progress” photo posted above looks like ikat. love love.

  84. For color inspiration I like to collect the paint brochures that offer full color room-design schemes. The book sounds wonderful!

  85. For color inspiration, my top 3 choices are:
    1. Old Fashioned candy shops
    2. Aviary at the Zoo
    3. Paint splats on the floor in my art studio

  86. Color inspiration most of the time comes unexpectantly for me. Outside or inside it always amazes me when I suddenly feel that ‘click’ of inspiration. Who knew that I would look at a bowl of Froot Loops and know that those were the colors I was waiting for!

  87. My favorite place to go for color inspiration is outside in nature, especially “Mama’s Garden.” This is where my mother plants flowering shrubs, plants and trees that she either grew from seed or cuttings, or is a “pass along” plant. Something is always blooming in Mama’s Garden. Thanks for the photos of your quilty contribution to the book, and the chance to win. mlwright29(at)hotmail(dot)com

    • Hi Amy,
      Your work is color inspiration! I do like all the modern new way of using colors. Now as for the new RK colors, I’m really liking the wisteria … oh, dang, I love them all! So bright and sunny!

  88. I just walk into a quilt store and get my color inspiration. I am loving all the new fabrics coming out and I have always loved Kona cotton. Wouldn’t that be a nice surprise to win this wonderful book!

    • Congratulations Mary Ann! Your number came up as the winner – please email me your mailing address!


  89. I sit at my large kitchen window, or out on my deck, and watch nature take her course through the seasons across our back yard, and the pastures and woodlands beyond…the whites, blues and blacks of winter, the pale greens and bursts of pastels in the spring, the deep greens and jewel tones of the summer, the bright swaths of brilliant color in the autumn, and always the colors of the western sky at dusk. Often have a quilt book or magazine in my lap; never fails to inspire either an urge to begin another quilt, or to relax and enjoy an old one (or at least a another picture of one I’d like to make)!

  90. I like to look through magazines like Sunset and see the color combinations in the food and gardening pages.

    • The best place to be inspired by color is in nature…the sky, sea, most especially gardens. This past weekend I spent some time on my daughter’s college campus and the flowers and greenery there is such so, so beautiful!
      So I must not forget “nature”!

  91. I look at the mountains, in any season. With the changing skies, at various times of day, all hues are shown in glorious array.

  92. I go to the sky for my color inspiration. From sunrises to sunsets to cloudy days to bright blue skies with the sun and the trees, it’s a practically perfect place to look.

  93. I get color inspiration everywhere…magazines, the outdoors, my favorite blogs. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  94. I’a have to say just about any place online has color “juice”, but really love looking at quilt blogs and pinterest…colorful world, that’s for sure. My hubby has a birds board on pinterest and wow! Talk about color. Thanks for the opportunity and have a colorful day

  95. When I need inspiration, I go outdoors. I’m always amazed at how the many shades of green “go together”. I tend to be rather rigid about what matches or harmonizes, but nature isn’t so limited.

  96. I go to my garden! A riot of colour, eye catching combinations – heaven. Thanks for the chance, Dianne

  97. I get my colour inspiration from Pinterest… if you aren’t doing this you simpy have to check it out (it is as addictive as collecting fabric!!).

  98. For color inspiration I am attracted to all things green then add other Colors. Nature combines every Colorado with greens.

  99. My inspiration comes from magazines and books. Thank you for the chance – the book looks amazing!

  100. I love to go to yarn stores for color inspiration… all those yummy shades stacked up together are a visual delight.

  101. I love to get inspiration from nature. I was a florist before I had my kids and I loved anything with green. Nature is the perfect pallet of colors!

  102. I like to look to nature combos and modern art. Blogs are also great for inspiration! Thanks for the chance to win!

  103. Living in New Orleans, all I have to do is take a walk down the block. The color combinations people choose for their shotguns are, at times, stunning. Whenever I see a beautifully painted, bright house I think – “Quilt!”

  104. I find inspiration from everywhere I go be it our local Farmer’s Market or a trip to my mom’s ranch. I’m always fascinated by the color that surrounds my day.

  105. A lot of my inspiration comes from nature and macro photography, seeing things in patterns, shapes and textures.

  106. Favorite place to go for color inspiration? Farmer’s markets are good – the nice ones with good displays. Love libraries too.

  107. I love to pull colors from magazines, especially home magazines. You can get all shades of colors and the beautiful colors inspire me to select exactly what I want.


  108. I too look at Pinterest for color inspiration. It is so convenient. accessible and vastly variable!

  109. I am inspired by both our local botanic gardens and my children’s coloring. Beautiful colors, thank you.

  110. most definitely the best place is outside! i love the colors of the water (river, lake), sky, mountains. so awesome.

  111. I love going to the Huntington Library and Gardens. They always have something in bloom and the colors are marvelous. Thanks for the chance!

  112. I love using the seasons to find color inspiration, but if all else fails – the Kona card sparks some definite options. :)

  113. I go to my favorite quilt bloggers for inspiration. While other people may take a coffee break or a stretch at work, I click onto a quilting site and see the beautiful color combinations the quilters come up with. It’s truly refreshing and inspiring.

  114. Midnight is so versatile, I can see why it is your favorite. I love purples so this color would be wonderful to incorporate in my quilts. This tour is expanding my quilting world. Thank you for an opportunity to win the book and fabric….wonderful combinations.

  115. so, i’ve been blog hopping for awhile now, enjoying each blog, being inspired by their crafting, their projects, their color choices.

  116. I have some awesome views on my property – and it’s gorgeous in the spring – all shades of green. It inspires me!

  117. I use designseeds.com, magazine ads, blogs, and rainbows for color inspiration. Of course my husband and two girls are always willing to give me their 2 cents! Thanks for the chance to win.

  118. I get my inspiration from the quilt store when I see the many hues of color.

  119. I find colour insiration in my everyday life & online at Design Seeds colour swatch combinations. Thanks for the chance to win, this book looks amazing!

  120. I’ve been noticing peoples’ clothes – when I was out for lunch today, I couldn’t keep my eyes off the lady’s blouse next to me . . . the oranges and blues were beautiful together.

  121. I find lots of inspiration by all the time I spend looking at quilts on line! So many pretty combinations.

  122. i like going to the botanical gardens and the zoo for a lot of my color inspirtation

  123. My first thought was to say quilting blogs, however, I found myself taking photos of towels the other day!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  124. I see colour inspiration and ideas just about everywhere; blogland is wonderful for this but when out and about shopping or just for walks I can find it.

  125. I like going outside! Southern California has lots of places to look for inspiration, the beach and ocean, the flowers and trees, the mountains.

  126. I get a lot of inspiration in the outdoors especially this time of year with all the flower blooms and greens.

  127. My favorite place for inspiration is nature, in the spring or summer when everything is new and fresh.

  128. I find it mostly in the clothing my family & I wear. I am also inspired by the many talented bloggers I follow. Thanks for the chance. Smiles~Beth

  129. Hi Amy!actually I get the inspiration from my 4 year old kids school, it is always so refreshing and inspiring to see small kids in new colors (they wear)

    I think you mush have heard of this for the first time, I was actually embarrassed to share it!

  130. Every day my commute gives me inspiration. Suburban homes, forested parkland, downtown, all provude interesting palates.

  131. The place I get inspiration fom is nature. It is just beautiful this time of year.

  132. My inspiration comes from the paint section at the local home improvement stores….

  133. Colour is everywhere, natural or man made.
    Triggering me most are ‘wrong’ combinations, daring me to think outside the box.
    Try it, very refreshing.

  134. I look for inspiration in flowers and on websites of fabric shops and blogs. Also dream land, I had a dream this week about an amazing wall hanging I made for my bedroom, and I saw the colours and patterns together in close up. Thank you for a great giveaway.

  135. Believe it or not I love farmers markets and bakeries for quilt inspiration! Thanks for the chance to win such an awesome giveaway!

  136. I responded to one comment but did not leave my own “source” of color inspiration. When I really think about it, I believe that I am drawn to colors that are in some way connected to my emotions. The colors are all around, but the combinations or concentrations that stand out for me on any given day seem to be those that my mood attaches to.

  137. I cruise blogland and my local quilt shops. I usually just go with any colors that take my fancy. Usually not so traditional but usually very bright and cheerful.

  138. I’m looking forward to reading this book one way or another! Thank you for the giveaway. I get my inspiration from interior design magazines, if there’s a room I love it’s usually because of the beautiful color combos in it!

  139. I think color inspiration finds me more than I find it! Every now and then I will see something in magazines or online that inspires me, and often Nature shows me beautiful color combinations I may never have thought of.

  140. Honestly, it is usually a fabric combination on a blog that I might not have considered. Thanks for participating in the tour.

  141. I like to find color inspiration in flowers and candy. Yes, candy. I like to stand in the candy isle and just take in all the colors. Especially at a candy store.

  142. I am grateful for all the color inspiration from your, and so many other, wonderful blogs. Design Seeds is another fabulous resource. Thank you for inspiring me!

  143. I head to my Google Reader for color inspiration! I follow so many blogs written by great quilters that it’s hard not to want to emulate them! ;) Thanks for the chance to win!

  144. vacation! that’s a good one for a lot of reasons, but i think getting out of my routine makes me look more closely at fun details like color.

  145. I look at nature/natural setting. Sometimes I “cheat” and look at the produce section of the grocery store!

  146. Well I’m an interior decorator by education so I tend to look to home decor mags/blogs for my color inspiration. But I’ve definitely been known to find it in a million other places as well.

  147. Awesome giveaway! My favorite new color is Water. :) I go outside to look for color inspiration. :)

  148. I like going to Pinterest. It’s easy to search through projects that other people have done to get an idea of something that I want to do. It’s nice to see how their project turned out to see if I would like colors together too. Thanks!

  149. Well, I certainly love getting color inspiration from other blogs but I also like to get inspiration from my garden and all the flowers I have growing.

  150. Food magazines and cooking shows. Watching the palate of colors they use each day has me taking notes and pictures of the tv screen. thanks

  151. I love to look at art, especially modern art, in museums when I travel and online when I don’t. They inspire me.

  152. my favorite place for color inspiration is the park. I love to go outside and see the wonderful color combos in nature.

  153. Thank you for the wonderful inspirations that I found while on your site.

  154. Oh, that is a good question… Certainly nature, sometimes paintings or print ads. Sometimes I just fly by the seat of my pants :) Thanks!

  155. I’d have to say Italy is the place where I am most inspired by color. We recently took a trip to Lake Como and Tuscany…beautiful.

  156. I go out my back door and see color blooming everywhere, and then look to the sky and see beautiful colorful sunsets.

  157. Lake Michigan is a huge source of color inspiration – the water, waves, sand, stones, sunsets, clouds, sails …..

  158. For me i get my insperation when I recieve the new books I purchase and am amazed at so many colour mixtures, today I recieved my Modern Patchwork and combine this with We love Colour and you get ideas poping out of your mind, it’s like when I took my grandaughter yesterday into the toy store for the 1st time and she is only just turning 1 her little face lit up and her eyes were everywhere, the colours were everywhere, she did’nt know where to look and colour just comes at you, its about putting it all together, like a long adventure that you hope you thouroughly enjou

  159. I get inspiration from daily life. Whenever I see a color combo I like I note it and think of how it would look best in a quilt.

  160. My favorite place to go is just outside specifically when the sunsets. It’s amazing how different the sky can be on a different day. I also live in Utah and we do have some amazing skies here especially against the mountains!

  161. There is so much inspiration in this book! I can’t wait to get my hands on it and some of the new Kona colours! Thank you for the giveaway!

  162. Pinterest has become my favorite source of color inspiration. Love having it organized right at my fingertips!

  163. I do go to one exact place for inspiration of color. I just know what I want to use, or I go by my mood. I love a lot of different looks, but I usually have an idea of what I want even before I start making something. Thank you, so much, for the chance to win.

  164. I love to look at Pinterest! There is wonderful inspiration and extreme eye candy to be found there. I also have my favorite Blogs!!!

  165. I normally find all kinds of inspiration online. But also anywhere else! you never know when a good idea will come to mind.

  166. I get inspiration while walking the dog in the beautiful countryside around my home and in lots of great blogs. Thanks for giveaway

  167. Everywhere – nature, magazines, the fabric store, the computer (pinterest, blogs, design seeds). Thanks!

  168. Lovely new colors, and the book looks like so much fun!

    I get much of my inspiration for color from the flowers in my garden.

  169. It’s so easy to head to a garden or nature area, but one of my favorite places to go is a huge historical cemetery not too far from here.

    I know that sounds odd, but the texture of limestone and granite, the shades of green in the trees and landscaping, the artistic elements of the older markers brings it all together for me.

  170. I get most of my color inspiration from fabric. Sometimes I chose colors that are either in or coordinate with a specific fabric, but mostly I just pull a bunch of different fabric together and see what happens. I go in binges where I am drawn to certain colors and combos subconsciously, which generally means I am onto something! Not all of my experiments work, but I love the process (and I love fabric).

  171. My inspiration for quilts usually comes from looking at websites and blogs. Sometimes it is a technique, sometimes a pattern or a colour combination that catches my eye. Now when to follow through…

  172. I find color inspiration everywhere. The candy racks at the store, Pier 1 Imports, World Market, Pottery Barn, Land of Nod, my garden, google image searches, museum websites, and french clothing websites just to name a few.

  173. i see lovely patterns and colour combinations wherever i look :) but truth comes only when i start digging in my fabric stash !
    thank you

  174. That is a lot of piecing!!

    Recently I have been noticing that I like the color combos in some classic children’s books. Caps For Sale and Green Eggs and Ham have some great color combos. Let’s just call looking for color inspiration while reading my kidos books multitasking, not obsession. ;)

  175. I agree that inspiration can be anywhere and everywhere! I get a lot of inspiration from the different quilt blogs I visit.

  176. It’s everywhere! I never know when a group of colors will just jump out at me and grab my attention – a shop window, a greeting card, even a printed fabric :-) Isn’t it great that we have materials in every imaginable color to create from?

  177. I didn’t use so far Midnight and when I looked at your quilt I was surprised how great this colors is! Thank you for a hint:)

  178. Midnight sounds like a great color! I gather most of my inspiration from art books especially abstract painters.

  179. The nature inspire me,flowers,clouds,sunshine…there are huge inspiration and also looking other quilts and fabrics.Thanks for tthe chance!!

  180. My favorite place to go for color inspiration is the aquarium. I love the colors of the fish and their environment. Seeing them together is amazing.

  181. My favorite inspiration is nature We are fortunate enough to live on a piece of land and it is very inspiring. Also Pinterest and blogs.

  182. Hmmm. this is a hard one, I guess I would have to say the mall. I love seeing all the young kids and how they are dressing these days…talk about color inspiration!

  183. I really like looking at clothing for color inspiration. So often I see combinations that I never would’ve thought of. This is such a great giveaway. I’m practically giddy at the thought of winning. Thanks for the chance!

  184. to be honest, I scour blogland for color inspiration! I love the creativity of some of the bloggers out there!

  185. My favorite places are: outside in nature, looking at photographs, and going to the quilt store and looking at the fabrics as they are categorized by color.

  186. I’d love to win this book. I have always liked working with solids!
    Lately, my favorite place to go for color inspiration has been the produce section of the supermarket! Crazy I know, but it’s almost like the florist this time of year! Every bright color imaginable, and every shade in between.

  187. I get colour inspiration from fabrics. There are so many bright colourful ones to choose from and I have mostly that kind in my stash.

  188. My color inspirations usually come from nature and all of it’s beauty.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  189. My favorite place for color inspiration is a botanical garden down the road from us called Tower Hill. They have a lovely orangerie, hiking trails, and so many types of gardens.

  190. I love modern quilting and Robert Kaufman Solids just seem to go hand in hand with many of my projects! I find inspiration through the world around me. The boldness in modern architecture, subtleties in color ranges, light and dark contrasts that pop unexpectedly from a project. I also love to study Modern Artists who paint in different mediums. Thank you for the opportunity to enter!

  191. I love looking at quilter’s blogs for color inspiration and Pinterest and Flickr. I usually spend more time dreaming of ideas than I do actually making things! :)

  192. I can find inspiration for a quilt just about anywhere but most the time a fabric color will catch my eye and I will have to buy it and come up with a pattern to use it in.

  193. For color inspiration, I head to the quilt store…funny as it sounds, I love to see what jumps off the shelves at me. From there, I coordinate with other solids, less bold prints, etc.

  194. If I’m feeling particularly “color challenged” I check out Design-seeds.com. Their site is always good for some new color inspiration.

  195. Lately, for me, walking through the grocery store will do it, I especailly love the ‘retro’ packaging.

  196. My favorite place for color inspiration is in the woods. This time of year all the wildflowers are in bloom. Right now my hillside is alive in yellow and white daisies. Different flowers come up and bloom from spring until late fall. Up in the woods there are so many colors of green. I love it. I would love to win the new colors and the book with all the talented Modern Artists in Quilting. Thank you for your continued inspiration and the wonderful giveaway.

  197. My favorite place for color inspiration is just to step outside my front door! I see the green trees and the pops of color the flowers give, I see the sky with clouds, and I see the grey rocks of the driveway with the grasses. It takes my breath away. :)

  198. I like to go in my garden for color inspiration. So, do I like green because there is so much in my garden, or do I have green in my garden because I like that color so much?

  199. My favorite place to go is to travel along the backroads of the Ozarks and see all the BEAUTIFUL wildflowers growing here, there and everywhere. We like to take walks and see all the little beauties tucked under trees, behind rocks, growing OUT of rocks… the most obscure places. Thanks for the chance to win such a FAB prize!

  200. I love to get inspiration from the outdoors and all of the beautiful flowers!

  201. Thank you for sponsoring this giveaway. For color inspiration I often look at magazines and not just quilting magazines. I’ll look at magazines like Country Living, Cottage Style, and HGTV. When I see a room I particularly like, I’ll make note of the color cominations used in the room. If they work in a room, they’ll work in a quilt!

  202. My inspiration tends to come from the fabrics themselves and pairing them up with various solids. I cut up my Kona color card into swatches, and I love to play around with different color combinations.

  203. Someone mentioned a box of crayons…so true! and my addiction to paint chips and my children’s fearless use of colour in the artwork!!

  204. My favorite place for inspiration is on the internet! I love all the quilt blogs and all the places they take me to. I am always seeing something new!

  205. My favorite color inspiration is always nature. I have coneflowers, marigolds and a pink-red rose blooming together right now that keeps catching my eye.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  206. A Fabric Store is probably my favorite place though being out in nature is a close second!

  207. I love to browse quilt shops and blogs and get color inspiration mostly from other quilts-thanks for the giveaway! Jude

  208. I love looking at quilts and quilt blocks on flickr. I often see color combos I love, but that I never would have thought to try!

  209. I have always used nature as an inspiration, however lately blogland has also been wonderful. There are so many talented people out there!


  210. I find that I get the best color choices from nature. We live in the farming community outside of town. I love to drink a cup of coffee while looking at the view of the mountains with the beautiful colors in it, the sky, clouds, cows next to us, our chickens, the cherry orchard across the street from us, and the golden valleys all around us. There is soo much to get inspired in color around us. Thank you for the giveaway. I liked the sky blue you have up.

  211. Nature most definitely provides some of the best inspiration!! I live in Vermont and I can’t stop using greens, and yellows!

  212. I look for color inspiration in all the great quilting blogs that I follow! Thank you for the giveaway!

  213. I get my inspiration from nature, fashion, blogs and flickr groups. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  214. Walking around my yard and neighborhood is my place for color inspiration and my color choices change with the seasons.

  215. I find inspiration in cothing and when I see colors together on others quilts I like I want to do the same. I love kona cottons. I would love to win this book. thanks for a chance. janita

  216. I usually just have the person I’m making the quilt for choose some fabrics from my stash, and then I might pick up a few more to fill it out. I guess I find inspiration in favorite colors!

  217. Our local botanical garden has annual orchid and bromeliad shows – explosions of color!

  218. My favorite place is Camano Island State Park. Especially at sunset. Different colors surprise me every time I’m there.

  219. I find inspiration in all of my quilt books. So many ideas and endless color combinations. Thanks so much for a chance to win.

  220. I suppose out in nature, whether that’s my yard, a garden, etc. Thanks for chance to win!

  221. Nature is a big inspiration – nothing ever clashes! For indoor fun I like a big whirly of paint chips, pendleton blankets, antique quilts, vintage paint by number paintings!

  222. I like big bodies of water … light changes are so dramatic! But paint fandecks are a good second when that’s not available. ;)

  223. @Melissa Corry — you said it well!

    My two color inspirations are food ingredients and fabric stores. I love to see the interplay of fruit and vegetable colors against the assorted green shades in a grocery store produce department.

    To keep my sense of what’s “now” with color up to date, I link to Women’s tops and Home accessories in the upscale department stores websites ;)

  224. The book looks great and I like the new Alegria shade as well. Thanks so much!

  225. I find color inspiration all around me, esp. in nature. I’ve always been drawn to the multitude of colors found in the changing moods of all bodies of water.

  226. My favorite place to go for color inspiration is on a walk where I can see the flowers and grasses growing.

  227. Color inspiration for me is a flower garden, or a walk in my woods – at any time of year. Right now though, its lunch time and I’m inspired by my bowl of blueberry granola .. thinking of a tan, blue-purple quilt!

  228. My inspiration is usually in nature, I love autumn! I also just experiment a lot with the color wheel concepts

  229. I love the garden! The way flowers and the greenery work together, and seeing the subtle changes in color as the flowers age. That is my inspiration.

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