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Hi there! I’m jumping in on the Generation Q Magazine blog tour! I’m very excited for my friends at GenQ, this first issue is packed full of brilliant wit and charm, great information, and a couple patterns too!

If you aren’t familiar with Generation Q yet, be sure to check out their site, and like them on facebook for all the latest. Melissa, Jake, Megan and Scott have been working non-stop to get this community backed magazine to print. They live in  different areas around the states, and connect online like so many of us do on a daily basis. They “get” the quilting community and it is reflected in their pages! They have a way of writing that feels like you are chatting with a great friend – perfect.

GenQ includes information that you want to know about people in the industry (like the cute cover couple!), tools of the trade, and a little fabric scoop too! I loved looking through all the articles, and can’t wait for the next issue.

If you would like a copy of your very own, leave me a comment, telling me what you most look forward to in a new magazine. I’ll select a winner on Wednesday, July 11, 2012.
Check out the other stops on the tour to learn more about the mag, and you can purchase a copy of GenerationQ here!

June 25–Kaye Prince, Miss Print

100 thoughts on “Generation Q :: Review & Giveaway

  1. Everything – because the quilting mags I subscribe to are lets just say, a lot of fuddy duddy! Thanks :)

  2. I love new ideas! Fresh takes on life…and dreaming about what it must be like to exist in a world where the design crew comes in and fluffs everything to look awesome. Admit it, who would want to live in a ‘magazine house’ no dust, no dirty dishes stacking up in our studios, no laundry……

  3. I love getting a new magazine! I love a variety of project from quick to a longer term.

  4. I’d especially like photos of the same quilts done in various colors and comments about what combinations do to the overall design.

  5. Like everyone else, I get inspiration from the pictures. I love looking at the different color combinations and thinking about my next quilt.

  6. Lots of pictures for inspiration and helpful reviews of sewing products.

  7. Each issue of a new magazine holds such promise! For this magazine, it holds the promise of featuring content directed right at me!! I love modern quilting and love to see the new methods, fabrics and quilting styles featured!

  8. I want to see interesting color combinations, something outside the box. I need creative inspiration.

  9. I like the photos, too…but the use of new modern fabrics in traditional pieced blocks in unique setting always catch my eye!! I would love to win a copy!! Thank you for the chance!!

  10. I love pictures of the projects. Also want a variety of items to make, with different rates of difficulty. Thanks for offering the chance to win this magazine.

  11. This looks like a fun new magazine. :) I most enjoy quilting magazines that include both easy and masterly works – something that is doable for just about anybody, and something to gasp at and aspire to.

  12. Positive words always make me feel good. There is enough doom and gloom in this world and so shedding light on creative and successful people is always a welcome read.

  13. I must be living under a rock. I have never heard of Generation Q! Would love to take a peek at it tho. I love the new gadgets and tools in quilting magazines.

  14. Lately, the projects in most quilting magazines seem to be retreads. In some cases the exact same pattern made over in different fabrics. I look forward to seeing new and different patterns and innovative techniques.

  15. Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway! I look forward to learning about classic techniques and patterns in new, modern versions.

  16. The thing I most look forward to in a quilting magazine is original patterns.

  17. I definitely look at pictures first, but also enjoy interview articles and especially tips, tricks, cool tools, etc. I can’t wait to take a look at Generation Q!

  18. So excited to see their first issue! I don’t buy a lot of quilt magazines. I find they’re full of patterns that are either too easy or if they are a bit more difficult, still uninspiring. With all the great stuff you can find on the Internet, why buy a boring mag? This looks different, though – it’s like the great stuff online but in print. Perfect!

  19. I like to see different color palettes and modern patterns. I also love any kind of tip or trick to make my work cleaner and crisper!

  20. I look for photos and instructions that will help me complete more modern quilts….I’m kinda stuck in the patchwork and applique tradition…love the modern quilts, tho. Thanks for the chance to win some inspiration!

  21. I look forward to learning something new! I live all the new ideas that are available.

  22. I like ideas on how to make sewing/crafting as environmentally sustainable as possible. And lots of pictures of bright modern quilts of course!

  23. Beautiful pics of new designs. New ideas in fabric. Practical tips for increasing success in finishing projects. Ideas for how to select colors to integrate new textiles with existing home color schemes. [Or vice versa.]

  24. In a new quilting magazine, I expect to see fresh quilting ideas, patterns, and interviews where the conversation is from a new perspective (example the couple interview AB). Thanks for the chance to try out this new magazine.

  25. I am most interested in the side most quilt magazines don’t cover. The life of a quilter. I am also interested in a more up-to-date magazine. *finger crossed*

  26. I always look forward to news about new fabric lines and, of course, the featured quilts! Thanks for hosting the giveaway. Hope I win!

  27. Love new magazines! I look for inspiration in new blocks and new lay-outs for old block patterns. One can hardly beat a nice cup of tea and a new glossy colored Quilt Magazine!

  28. I can’t don’t have any quilting magazines because can’t find them here in Crete. I would love to get one because I love magazines and books!

  29. I’m looking forward to seeing creative ideas and reading about new quilters. I still like the quilting magazines that are available, but something new is needed. Thanks for the chance to win.

  30. Oh this magazine looks so inspirational! Got to get my hands in it! (really Luke the cute couple on the cover ;) ).

  31. I look forward to “how to projects’ in a magazine. If I see a good project, that is how I decide to buy a magazine or not!

  32. I don’t read that many quilting magazines, but when I do, it’s because I see a quilt (or several) that I really want to make!

  33. I look forward to the quilt patterns mostly. I do like interview with famous quilters plus I love to see photos of their studios.

  34. I love to see pictures of the quilts, during and after. I love to see different color options as I’m a visual person as well as learning color and how they work together. Like reading about different designers and how they get their inspiration or ideas and do their work. Like learning about new tools, tips and shortcuts.

    Thank you for a great giveaway and a chance to win.


  35. Looks like a wonderful magazine! .I would be looking for all the modern, creative quilt ideas.

  36. Love the idea of a magazine more devoted to the modern style. What I especially would like to see are quilt pattern done more than one way.

  37. I find that I look for modern quilting designs; something different from the “same old, same old”. I bet this one is great, and can’t wait to hold my own copy!!

  38. I look forward to the new quilt designs– I love to see all those beautiful designs– and usually find one or two to add to my “One Day” list! :-)

  39. Have heard so much about this magazine before it went to print, then hearing it went to print just made me jump for joy. It sounds like something that might get what I’m looking for when I pick up a quilting magazine.

  40. In a new quilting magazine I look for an original voice with a fresh, modern approach. Several patterns, lots of photos & great interviews with designers and/or quilting bloggers are a plus as well. Thanks for the chance to win.

  41. Inspiration! I want images, patterns, etc to inspire me to create something. Plus I like to see new patterns and finished projects.

  42. Hmmm… I guess I look for projects that look like I could actually make them – not too complicated and with clear instructions and DIAGRAMS if there are no pictures/few pictures. I am a visual learner so these are important to me.

  43. In a new magazine I look forward to a fresh format and original ideas. Can’t wait to see GenQ.

  44. I look most forward to learning something new. I’m sure that I will. Thanks for the giveaway.

  45. I look forward to seeing the projects that open my eyes to new quilting perspectives. I guess that is called inspiration!

  46. I’m looking forward to the patterns and new techniques.


  47. I’m always looking for inspiration to move me out of my comfort zone and take on something new.

  48. Just learned online today about this new magazine. Do want to get a copy, sounds like something of great interest to me. Like to see fresh designs.

  49. I look forward to new projects with easy-to-follow instructions (lots of photos since I’m a visual learner). Thanks!

  50. i like profiles, and new tool and technique reviews in a magazine along with a mix of little projects and quilts. genQ looks llike a mag to have … all great reviews!

  51. I love the exposion of modern print fabrics and patterns that is going on, of which you have been a big part. I have a little quilt shop in Woodstock, NB, Canada (near the Maine border) and we are what you might call “Country” people but I, myself, have baby fever (soon to be grammie) and some of my customers are just plain “wild”. I hope that the magazine has lots of pictures, and patterns to help people cross over. By the way, some of my oldest quilters love the new fabrics because they are so pretty and fresh!

  52. I look forward to looking at finished quilts with their patterns. Love the color pictures.

  53. I look forward to an new way of seeing something or a new way of doing something–either inspiration for the next project or solution for the current task

  54. I look forward to easy affordable DIY projects and brief star-rated reviews. And of course gorgeous pictorials…the kind you want to cut out and frame because that’s the whole point of a real magazine. :)

  55. I look through the pictures and then read through articles/patterns that interest me. I especially love to see two or three versions of a single pattern — different color combos, or different arrangements of a single block, etc.

  56. I’m looking forward to pictures and refreshing ideas. Thanks for the giveaway

  57. Just now catching up with the blog tour. Can’t wait to see the mag. Look forward to fresh new ideas and articles about the industry.

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