Fat Quarter Shop Giveaway!

Posted on August 15th, by Amy in give away. 332 comments

Giveaway is closed & the winner is::

Elizabeth Johnson from In The Boon Docks!


Today my friends at Fat Quarter Shop are giving away a new Jelly Roll!

Fat Quarter Shop has the best array of fabric! You can find any style you desire, and it always is in your mailbox quickly!  I love watching their coming soon page, week to week to see what they will have in stock next. I also love how easy the site is to navigate, all the different options to browse through…Manufacturer, Designer, Fabric Line or Theme.   Fat Quarter Shop carries all the basics too, and tons of books, patterns, and clubs. Have you joined one of those yet?  I’m always tempted to join a club, but haven’t jumped in.  The clubs include, charm packs and fat quarters to Block of the Month programs, and pattern packs!


One of the fabric collections shipping very soon, is Little Black Dress, by basicgrey for Moda.

I love the lacy neutrals, and the chevrons, in this group – so pretty!

To win, a Little Black Dress Jelly Roll, tell me which club you would love to join.

For an extra entry, sign up for the Fat Quarter Shop newsletter, or follow the Fat Quarter Shop on Twitter or Instagram @fatquartershop, and leave me an extra comment for each.

I’ll select a winner on Monday, August 20th, 2012.

Good Luck!


332 thoughts on “Fat Quarter Shop Giveaway!

  1. Oh, I love this one!
    I’ve already joined two of their clubs, the Designers Mystery BOM, and Miss Rosie’s Quilt pattern club, but I think I would like to join their Charm Pack Club too!
    Thank you for the chance to win this gorgeous jelly roll!

  2. The blogger’s choice would be THE ONE. I love the bundles prepared by my favorite bloggers.

  3. I’d like to do the Pumpkinville BOM. It would be nice to make something the kids would remember each fall. But realistically — I should join the blogger FQ bundle club. I usually love those!

  4. Thanks for introducing me to the clubs…..somehow they have slipped past me. The clubs look addicting :), just like a kid in the candy store desiring everything they see….I want to join all the clubs….Now to only pick one club to join, I would have to inlist the help of a random generator……I simply can’t choose….each one looks packed with amazing creative potential. :D

  5. I’m a traditional gal but anything Moda does is amazing. Just fun to play with it all!

  6. I would love to join the blogger’s choice club! I love seeing what my favorite bloggers pick out and put together!

  7. It’s funny you asked this question, because I’ve been on their website a lot this past week adding things to my cart (procrastinating hitting the buttons to complete my purchase!). I perused their clubs, and I think the charm pack club suites me best. I love charms and love how many small or big items you can make from them!

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway! :)

  8. It’s funny you asked this question, because I’ve been on their website a lot this past week adding things to my cart (procrastinating hitting the buttons to complete my purchase!). I perused their clubs, and I think the charm pack club suites me best. I love charms and love how many small or big items you can make from them! Many thanks for hosting this nice giveaway!

    • PLEASE remove this duplicated comment!!! I don’t want to be disqualified! For some reason WP said I had a duplicated comment when I commented the first time, so I tried again to post a comment…then both appeared! Sorry about that!

  9. I have always thought Designers Mystery BOM would be great fun.

    Thank you

    sandyb720 at gmail dot com

  10. I’m doing the Designer Mystery BOM now, but the Blogger’s Choice fat Quarter bundle looks interesting too.

  11. I am already receiving the FQS newsletter!! Thanks for another chance – I love this classy line!

  12. Well, it’s too hard to choose. I’m between the Free Spirit/Westminster and the Michael Miller Club. I would also like to be part of the Sew Emma Club. I saw a Sew Emma pattern at JoAnn’s last week!

  13. wow! that was a hard decision :) so many great clubs! My choice would be the Batik Fabric Fat Quarter Club … thanks for the chance!

  14. bloggers choice would definitely be my choice! I’m already in two other of theirs ;) but that would be my next one :)

  15. I would join the jelly roll club since I’ve never used one before. It would “make” me try something different. Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. I would love to join the Fig Tree Club Quarterly Club. I love their patterns and would love to get a new one each time!

  17. Ooh! I saw this line at Market and have been waiting for it to come out. I love it’s limited color palette.

    As for the clubs, probably the blogger bundle club. Although the pre-cut clubs are tempting too!

  18. I would love to join any of the FQ clubs. I like FQ Shop, so much variety and, as you said, your order arrives quickly. Thanks for the opportunity to win your giveaway.

  19. I would love to join the It’s So Emma Pattern Club and the Batik FQ Club. Thank for the opportunity to win!=)

  20. I would want to receive the Batik Fabric Fat Quarter Club!
    I just love this collection – i can see sew many things made with it! Thanks

  21. Would love to join the Moda Fabric Fat Quarter Club as I love their fabrics and designers.
    Thanks for the opportunity for the Little Black Dress… wonderful color combination!

  22. I would love to join the Blogger’s Choice Fat Quarter Club. I see these bundles posted on blogs from time to time and they are always so beautiful!

  23. I have several jelly rolls in my shopping cart at Fat Quarter Shop, and would either join the Jelly Roll Club or the Batik Fabric Fat Quarter Club.

    Thanks so much for the give-away!

  24. Hmm I would go with Bloggers Choice.. something new and different than what I would probably choose.. Help me stretch my “box”.

    Thanks for a chance.

  25. The blogger’s choice would be my choice. I love the bundles prepared by my favorite bloggers

  26. would definitely like michael miller’s fat quarter bundle club! they’re all great, but that’s the one i’d pick–first at least! thanks for the chance and have a great day

  27. That was somewhat overwhelming! I would probably go bloggers choice but it was a hard call. I am definitely more fat quarters than charm blocks. I will sign up for the newsletter as well. I totally forgot about them after the last online quilt show and I loved that shop!

  28. I think I would join the charm pack club. I just signed up to do the 2012 Designer Mystery Block of the Month Block of the Month Program. How fun! Thanks for the heads up on these clubs.

  29. I love the Little Black Dress collection! I have been contemplating joining the mini charm pack club for a while. I love all those little squares and I figure they would go nicely into my postage stamp quilts since I have a slight obsession with all those tiny little squares.

  30. I would join the bloggers choice club. Thanks for hosting this give away. Love your blog!

  31. I’m already a member of the batik fat quarter club from FQS, but I may have to join the Moda charm pack club too. Thanks for the chance to win.

  32. If I could afford it, I think I would join the Blogger’s Bundle club because I love the different fabrics and colors everyone picks out!!!! Thanks for the chance to wiN!

  33. I like this FQS club: the Fat Quarter Shop Free Spirit Fabric and Westminster Fabric Fat Quarter Club. Of course, I also like the Bloggers’ Club and Designers’ Club too.

  34. I always love the blogger’s choice FQ’s, so I think that’s to one I’d joins – Fat Quarter Shop’s
    Blogger’s Choice Fat Quarter Club

  35. I already enjoy seeing their newsletter pop into my inbox! Love the designer interviews and when the FQS staff picks fabrics, too!

  36. I have ordered multiple times from Fat Quarter shop and love their selection and fast shipping. I would love to join the Blogger’s choice club. Thanks!

  37. I’d join the Blogger’s Choice club. There are always so many great fabrics selected for those bundles. I’ve had my eye on the Little Black Dress bundle since seeing it in the soon to be released section. Would LOVE to win.

  38. I’d love to join the Blogger’s Choice Bundle club. The bundles available so far have been fantastic. Thanks for the chance!

  39. I already receive there newsletter and it was the second one that I got when I finally got on line

  40. I already have been a member of the BOM Mystery quilt and would join another.

  41. If money wasn’t an issue, I would join the Bloggers Bundle Club. Shoot – if money wasn’t an issue, I would join them ALL!

  42. I am a subscriber to the FQS newsletter, too. Thanks for the extra chance to win!

  43. Moda Jelly Roll Club. Wish they had a honey bun club, currently using mostly 1.5 inch strips

  44. I would probably go with the Blogger’s Choice Fat Quarter Club, followed by the Jelly Roll Club! I love the fatquartershop! Thank you for the chance to win!

  45. And I already follow their newsletter, on twitter and instagram! I love FQS!! Their service is AMAZING! Fast shipping and turnaround time!

  46. I would love to join the Fat Quarter Shop’s
    Moda Layer Cake Club!

    Thanks for a chance to win.

  47. I would choose the batik club as they are my favorite kind of fabrics. Thanks to the Fat quarter shop and to you Amy for hosting such a lovely giveaway.
    I do love the basic grey and do not have much grey fabric in my collection.
    Regards from Western Canada,

  48. I’ve decided to rearrange some of the framed art in my home and make room on a wall for hanging quilts. I’d love to do different holiday themed quilts, so my club pick would be the Christmas Favorites BOM or the Freedom Rings BOM club.

  49. If this were a “money is no object” time in my budget, I’d hop on the Blogger’s Bundles club.

  50. A lot of the clubs look great, but I would definitely choose the Blogger’s Choice club. Thank you for the chance to win – I think this “little black dress” collection looks great!

  51. So many choices, but it would be the Free Spirt and Westminster club (followed by Bloggers choice).

    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  52. If money were no object I would join the moda fat quarter club and jelly roll club! And maybe Miss Rosies pattern club.

  53. I receive the Fat Quarter Shop email newsletter. Thx for the chance – great giveaway!

  54. I would love to join all clubs if possible, if time wasn’t an issue….but my favourite would be the fat quarter club. I already receive the Fat Quarter Shop’s newletter. I love it.

    Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  55. I’d probably go for moda layer cake, although the mini charm packs are a cute idea for lots of variety!

  56. I’d join the 2012 Block of the Month Designer Mystery club. love the fabric selection! :)

  57. I would love to have 1 of those clubs arrive each month! Maybe the FQ bundle the most.

  58. I’ve joined several but I’m very tempted by the batiks! However, I do seem to buy lots of jelly rolls and this one is gorgeous.

  59. I’m signed up for twitter updates! If you aren’t, you should try it. Kimberly always sends out fun tidbits!

  60. I am finishing a batik quilt right now that I just love, so, I’d have to say the Fat Quarter Batik club

  61. I think that the designer club looks like a great way to see new things – but I love Westminster & Free Spirit fabrics.. tough choice. I didn’t know the clubs existed. Definitely joining one soon!

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  63. I think the charms club is for me..and i get the newsletter..thanks!
    Boppiesgirl at gmail dot com

  64. I love Fat Quarter shop. I’ve ordered from them tons of times and am always satisfied. I would sign up for the Blogger’s Choice FQ bundle of the month club. I wish!

  65. Such a pretty line and a lovely name as well. If I could, I’d love to join the Blogger’s Choice FQ Bundle each month. So much personality and great choices.

    Thank you and FQS for a great giveaway and a chance to win.


  66. I already follow FQS on Twitter. (@usairdoll)

    Thanks again for a chance to win.


  67. I already receive the newsletter from FQS.

    Thank you and FQS for a great giveaway and a chance to win a gorgeous jelly roll.


  68. Moda Jelly Roll club or Layer Cake Club, would be nice it money were not object. shuttermom77 at gmail dot com

  69. I am doing the Merry, Merry Snowman BOM, but have contemplated the Mystery Block and/or the Blogger’s Choice. So tough!

  70. I’d love to join one of more of their clubs but I’m trying hard to behave spending wise for a little bit longer. If I did join, it would be hard to pick just one…the layer cake club, the jelly roll club and the bloggers choice bundles are all my picks.

  71. I would love to join the Blogger’s Choice bundle Club. The new Mini Charm Club looks fabulous, too. I could have mason jars of minis all over the sewing room. Thanks!

  72. I think the bloggers choice would make the most sense for me. But the Block of the Month might be interesting too.

  73. I would join the Batik Fat Quarter Club. I love quilting with batiks. Thanks for the opportunity to win. I also love the Little Black Dress line.


  74. I would join (if I was able to) the Moda mini charm pack club. I think that would make charming lap quilts.

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