One Thing, One Week Challenge :: 16

Posted on September 3rd, by Amy in Challenge Week. 38 comments

Happy Labor Day to my Stateside friends! Even with the holiday, I thought a challenge was in order!

What will you challenge yourself with this week?

I don’t want you to be stressed out about this challenge, but I do hope to MOTIVATE you. Finish something, start something, just don’t be overwhelmed by everything – One Thing!

You decide, what’s reasonable for you to get done in a weeks time, and tell me your goal in the comments. Next Monday, I will have a linky and you can link to your blog/flickr post, and show off your met goal!


My goal for this week is to finally sew these blocks into a quilt top!

These blocks have been patiently waiting since May, and must be a quilt top…this week!


If you meet your goal, you will be entered to win a copy of  The Rose of Sharon Block Book.

This book is full of beautiful applique blocks, and instructions for the novice to experienced quilter.  I love how simple geometric shapes can be transformed into stunning blocks – definitely a book to check out if you haven’t yet!


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Motivate your friends too!

Have a productive week~



One Thing, One Week Challenge is a monthly challenge, beginning the first Monday of each month.  Join us!

38 thoughts on “One Thing, One Week Challenge :: 16

  1. My goal – which has to happen today due to big teaching week – is to get one quilt top pinned and maybe start quilting it! Have a bunch of tops to finish!

  2. My resolution for the year was to make a bed sized quilt for each of our six grandchildren for Christmas. My “one thing” is to complete piecing the top for number 6, so I can get on with layering and FMQ’ing the last three beginning next week!

  3. Thanks Amy, I may need some extra motivation this week! I have a fall/halloween apron in mind….I’d like to get it worked on this week. Any work, even just a little, will make me happy :)

  4. I have a oilcloth beach bag I need to finish. Despite the fact that it won’t get used as a beach bag, I don’t want the rolls of oilcloth in my way all winter.

  5. My one thing doesn’t have anything to do with sewing, unfortunately. But my goal is to have the entire other house hopped, knocked down, primed and painted before the weekend. This is something I will get done, I am determined!!!!!

  6. My goal this week is to get at least one pattern written up for our quilt ministry manual, along with the kitting instructions for that pattern. Hopefully I can get more than one done!

  7. My goal this week is to turn my 4th grader’s ripped-knee school uniform pants (always the right knee) into school uniform shorts. There are at least 3 pair–I need to check his drawer for more.

    I would much rather be quilting, but this is what needs to be done! It has been so hot, he actually wore the 1 pair of shorts he has, and discovered he liked them. (Just like his mother said he would!)

  8. My goal is to cut and piece the secret christmas challenge my neighbors and I are doing. but, firstly to decide what I’m making.

  9. Perfect timing. I know, you’ve probably been doing the one thing a week all year, but I’m just now paying attention. A few years (yes, years, not months) my new quilting group was making the Eleanor Burns’ Underground Railroad Sampler Quilt. I bought the book, and the fabric, and stopped. A friend and I recently agreed that if I finished a block a week, by the end of the year I’d have the blocks for the quilt top and then I could have the quilt in our local show. So this week I’ll make a block for that quilt, I also will finish my grandson’s quilt, and make an apron. I can do this. Thanks.

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  11. Today I cut out the fabric for a quilt I will be sewing together at a retreat I am going to this weekend so that is my goal is to get that top done. I am also taking along a couple of other projects so I will see how far I get with those. Enjoying your blog.

  12. My goal is to finish 4 Christmas stockings, so I can finally move on to something else! They are all very close to being finished, but my time has been short lately!

  13. My goal is to actually start the Grooves quilt. I’ve had the fabric for a while now – I’ve planned it all out, but for some reason I keep putting it off. Enough! :)

  14. Hello ; and thanks again for doing this ! My goal is to get some blocks done for some charity quilts and get them sent out to the lady that is collecting them !
    thanks for the motivation , Amy !

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