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Posted on September 5th, by Amy in give away. 265 comments

Today, I’d like to introduce you to my newest sponsor, Jennifer of Tactile Fabrics!

Tactile Modern is a small independent quilt & specialty fabric shop that specializes in modern 100% organic and premium cotton fabrics for sewing, crafting and quilting. Jennifer has come from a long line of seamstresses and has always loved fabric and sewing. Also, coming from the corporate world of interior architecture Jennifer is inspired by modern art and enjoys the process of designing and creating patterns through modern quilting.
Her shop offers a selection of bundles and organic yardage from Cloud 9 and Birch fabrics. She also offers premium cottons. Today’s giveaway features fabrics from Birch Organics and Anthology Fabrics.
Aren’t they great? Such fresh colors and prints!
Enter to win this fat quarter bundle by leaving a comment here on this post.
Tell me which of the bundles in Tactile Fabrics‘ shop most inspires you!
For an extra chance, you may like Tactile Fabrics on Facebook, and leave an extra comment to let me know.
I’ll select a winner on Monday, September 10, 2012.
Learn more about Tactile Fabrics here, and follow Jennifer’s tumblr.

Also, use this coupon to save 15% (enter COUPON15 at checkout).

Good luck ~ Amy

265 thoughts on “Tactile Fabrics Giveaway

  1. Hi Amy,

    Congratulations (!) – on all of the babies in school now. You’ll have some more time to design and make quilts OR more babies…laughing out loud! I am really missing my “babies”. Darling son is 500+ miles away in his freshman year of college (!) He is the baby (!) Boy do I miss them all something fierce. Anyhoo, about those wonderful fabrics and wishing I could get into my car later this morning and take a ride to the “Tactile Modern” Shop to pick up that gorgeous group of “FRESH BLUES”. They are simply wonderful and does inspire a “BLUES” bag (!)
    Have a lovely day (!)

  2. I really like the orange and sage bundle. It is not a combo I use much, but it looks very fresh! Thanks for the introduction to this new-to-me shop.

  3. That’s tricky! But I think the coral bundle, because I am in love with the bicycles… :-)

    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  4. Orange and Sage, I never would have thought of that color combo, but it looks amazing. Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. Can’t I have this bundle??? Drat. No more of this one in the shop. I guess I’ll have to go with the coral trio bundle, then. I love the bikes and need to flesh out my pink stash. Lovely shop!

  6. What beautiful fabrics! Although it was very close between two of the bundles, the orange and sage comes out on top, slightly ahead of the corals. And now back to look at the many fabrics again. Very nice

  7. My favorite is the fresh blues! Although when you look at my stash, blue and pink are the most common colors. So it’s no surprise I liked the coral bundle as well:)

  8. i really like the orange/sage bundle! and jazzed to see they have some of Happy Drawing! my favorite fabric at the moment!

  9. What wonderfully modern fabric. Congrats on a new sponsor. I like the Fresh Blues Bundle and Coral Trio Bundle. Thanks for a chance to win.

  10. The instant I finish this comment, I am going back to Jennifer’s etsy shop to buy up the Anthology fabrics. Any I don’t already have — it’s so hard to find, I’m so pleased you featured her shop!

  11. I like the Sun Surf Turf bundle – great colors, and a nice mix of patterns and solids. That said, I like the bundle that is included in this giveaway even more! Thanks for the chance.

  12. These are all so fresh looking.. Sherbet on a hot day fresh! I guess I would choose the pink trio bundle.

    Thanks for a chance.

  13. I like the Fresh Blues pack the most. I need to make a quilt for my friend who is having a boy so I’m looking for some blues to include with some orange prints I have.

  14. I like the coral trio, mostly because of the bikes. But the pink bundle is a close second, I love the designs on these prints.

  15. Surprisingly I like the coral trio! It’s not usually a color I’m drawn to but I like those colors together. :) Thanks for the chance!

  16. I love them all, but the blue bundle is calling to me!
    Thanks for the chance to win.

    Mary Malone

  17. Orange is my favorite color so the bundle you are giving away is my absolute favorite – the closest on the website would be the orange and sage.

  18. The fabrics that inspire me most are from the Anthology collection, like bringing the outside indoors. Love it! (sorry, I don’t see any of these in a bundle)

  19. The Fresh Blues bundle is my favorite. Lately I love using aqua and/or pale blue because they look good with so many other colors. Thanks for introducing me to this shop!

  20. Oooh — great little fabric shop!!! the Coral Trio bundle looks wonderful – i can already see it incorporated into my projects!

  21. Love the Coral Trio – FAT QUARTER Fabric Bundle – (3) Pcs Total – 100% Premium Cotton. bicycles and orange, two of my loves!

  22. ooooh, I love the Fresh Blues…or the Cloud 9 yumminess! Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. Orange & Sage Bundle – 4-Pack, would make a really nice tote, but I really like the colors you chose above also.

  24. Her shop is great, the prices are really good for organic fabric. I like all the bundles, but would have to pick the coral trio bundle as I don’t have a lot of that color. Thanks!

  25. The fresh blue bundle most inspires me – I’d love to make a quilt just using prints in that series of colours.

  26. i love the anthology prints in the giveaway! really i like all of the fabric, cloud 9, art gallery…all of them. what i really like about the selection in the giveaway is the orange and blue. lovely.

  27. I love the fabrics in her shop! There’s so many that are a little different that what you see all over blogland… I love that Desert Seeds Mustard fabric.

  28. I love the Fresh Blues bundle! I also loved the
    Cloud 9 Fabrics Nature Walk Collection by Michelle Engel Bencsko – Moss in Earth and bought a couple of yards — thanks for introducing us to this great place to find fabric!

  29. Hmm, I can’t decide between the blues because of the cute smaller scale prints or the gorgeous colours of the orange and sage bundle!

  30. I looked around and do think she has nice taste in which fabric collections she carries. I like the coral trio bundle best of what I saw offered in her shop, but I think the giveaway bundle is NICER still. Thanks for the introduction and the giveaway.

  31. That Coral Trio really caught my eye. I haven’t been big on orange in the past but some of the new ones have me changing my tune a bit.

  32. Definitely the Coral Trio. I have a thing for bicycle prints. Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity.

  33. I like the fabrics in the featured bundle. From Tactile Fabrics etsy shop, this is a favorite
    Fresh Blues Fabric 8-Pack – FAT QUARTER Bundle – 100% Premium Cotton

  34. I like he “fresh Blues Bundle”. Throw in some white and you would have a beautiful baby boy quilt. I maybe needing one soon with a new grandbaby on the way. Thanks Amy for making these giveaways happen, I really enjoy them. Plus seeing who has the best stuff! We have a winner here! I mean the store, maybe me too!

  35. these are great prints! i like the fresh blues bundle best, though the sun, surf & turf was a close second!

  36. I like the Fresh Blues Fabric 8-Pack – FAT QUARTER Bundle – 100% Premium Cotton! Especially the top fabric – I love all those abstract triangles. Thanks for a chance to win! :)

  37. Oh the Blues Bundle is my favorite…but love the Corals Trio too! Hard to pick just one…

    Thanks for chance to win this Oranges bundle tho!!

  38. Definitely crushing on the gorgeous Sun, Surf, Turf Bundle–awesome!! Thanks for the gorgeous giveaway :)

  39. I am most inspired by the “Fresh Blues” fabric bundle – my favorite color! Thanks for a new fabric source, and for the giveaway!

  40. I love all of these colors. Wouldn’t they make not only a beautiful quilt but also beautiful clothes for one lucky little girl..

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  42. Sun Surf Turf is my favorite bundle. Crossing my fingers that I am the winner because I love fresh oranges.

  43. The orange and sage bundle is really interesting as I wouldn’t have thought of that combination as working so well together!

  44. I love the Anthology woodlands collection! The trees in cream are sooo cute!!! Thanks for this giveaway!

  45. The Fresh Blues bundle is my favorite…blue is my favorite color and always reminds me of the ocean.

  46. I love the fresh blues bundle. I have 2 boys and I can think of lots of projects i can make.

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