Two Steps Forward….

Posted on October 2nd, by Amy in work in progress. 14 comments

…one step back!

I finally decided how to quilt my Button Box quilt, and messed it up!

I spent last night picking stitches until my finger tips hurt, hopefully tomorrow I can resume my efforts.

Have you ever picked out quilting?

Hope that’s not what you are doing today!


14 thoughts on “Two Steps Forward….

  1. Sometime I have to say and repeat to myself “my seam ripper in my friend”. Been there, not much fun un-sewing!

    In the end though, it is worth it. You can only make it once. I’d rather un-sew and fix instead of saying why didn’t I fix or change this. It still isn’t fun though!

  2. lol, That is exactly what I am doing today (I wrote a post about it), how funny. Its not my favorite thing to do, that is for certain! I wish you well and hope it turns out okay for you in the end.

  3. The dance itself is a walking dance, which has its roots in American foxtrot and swing. More complex forms of the Texas two-step include lots of spins and turns with your partner.

  4. OH yes, many times! Usually because I call my quilting style I.T.I.S. (I’ll Try It and See)….which can mean several false starts before I like what I’m doing. Practice pieces just aren’t “the real thing” and you never really know what is going to happen!

    I always tell people who ask about my love of sewing that one shouldn’t sew unless one is willing to rip!

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