Giveaway Day!

Posted on December 3rd, by Amy in give away. 194 comments

Giveaway Day!


Today I’m giving away this fab pillow, made by yours truly – the pattern is Round & Round from Beginner’s Guide to Free-Motion Quilting by my quilter and friend Natalia Bonner. I love how the pillow turned out and hope that you do too!

To win, leave me a comment, telling me what, if any gifts you still plan to make this month.

I need to make a couple (5) teacher gifts, and a little something for each of my kiddos! I better get started!

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I’ll select a winner on Friday, December 7 – Good luck!

194 thoughts on “Giveaway Day!

  1. I still need to make a knitting bag, a nightdress and an apron for Christmas, better get going on that I guess! Thanks for the give away!

  2. I just finished six bed quilts, one for each of my grandkids! That’s my gift list for this year! Already thinking about next year’s which will probably be smaller items – aprons, placemats, etc. Except for at least one wedding quilt and, and …
    Quilters never stop :-)

  3. Still have teacher gifts to make, and some cookies for the neighbors (if that counts!)
    Lovely pillow!

  4. I have a wedding quilt to finish from November, I have bee blocks (gifts?) to get done that are late, and I would liek to make a ton of stuff for my baby due in February before I lose motivation. That’s a lot to do :/

  5. I am making bed style pillow cases in a bright cheery yellow and white to go with a wedding quilt I gave to my brother and his wife 3 years ago.

  6. Your cushion is lovely! Thanks for the giveaway. I’m still working on presents, everything from framed purses to hot pads!

  7. Finished the two holiday quilts I planned on for gifts….. well my part anyhow. They are with Natalia awaiting her special touch and I even have the binding made ! I have 4 pincushions I finished the sewing on last night, now for the stuffing.

  8. I’ve not started sewing for Christmas yet, need to work on some commissions first. My middle child wants a new lunch bag so I have some Lu Summers laminate to make it with…when I have time!

  9. I have about a half dozen baby quilts that I want to make. I’m getting to the age where ALL of my friends are having babies!

  10. Yet to make more Jewlery rolls (one posted about on my blog) for family members and some coin purses. Who knows what else may happen in the sewing room!

  11. Love the curves. I have a bag to finish for my son’s girlfriend. Thankfully nothing else except for my sanity quilt – what I do for my own piece of mind. I always have plans to make a bunch of stuff for people but never seem to get down to it in time.

  12. I am going to try to learn my serger and make my coworkers eyeglass cases. If I don’t have time for that then I am just going to finish my sisters tablerunner. Thank you for a wonderful site! I have learned a lot!

  13. Love this pillow!
    I am planning to sew individual placemats for each family member for this Xmas… hope i’ll be able to finish them on time!

  14. I’m making a quilt for my daughter. Makeup totes for all the women in the family, Christmas tree skirt and quilt.

  15. I am making flannel lap quilts for my family. They are fun and so easy to make. I still have 2 more to make. We have to go to a Christmas party on the 15th, so maybe I will make another one. It only takes a couple of hour sto make one lap quilt, so I still have plenty of time and not feel stressed out. I just love your pillow. I can give it to me for a Christmas present for the upstairs bedroom. Just perfect. I follow your blog and thank you for the most generous giveaway ever.

    Sandi T.

  16. Hi Amy! I’ve been a bit MIA in the quilting world lately! We moved and are still unpacking! Anyway, I’m going to make 2 pieces of initial art for my niece & nephew!

  17. I am making a Christmas quilt for my husband — he loves Christmas decorations and complains that I only make quilts to give away! But I’m trying to keep it a surprise, so I’m having to find time when he’s out of the house to work on it. I still hope to make a couple of pillows as gifts as well.

  18. love! i am planning on making a set of 3 open mouth zip bags for my sister, and a honey cowl for my mom!

  19. I’m not making teacher gifts this year, but I do need to finish a quilt for my MIL, and finish staining a chest for her as well.

  20. The pillow is absolutely gorgeous, I’d love to give it a new home.
    I am making Stockings for us all and an extra crawling blanket for the twins.

  21. I still need to make some little gifts for my coworkers. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  22. Wow this pillow is fantastic. I love the fabrics and the circular quilting.
    I am making a sewing machine cover with a paper pieced horses head and neck to go on the front for my sons girlfriend. I am making 3 diffrent table runners for three friends. And that is just strting.

  23. I need to finish an owl softie and dollie quilt for the grandnieces. My other handmade gift to-dos are done.

  24. Very cute pillow. I’m still planning on making some bags for teacher gifts and for my sister-in-law. Also, making some matching skirts for my 9 1/2 year old and 3 1/2 month daughters. Need to make a dress for my daughters too. So much to do and not enough time.

  25. Finishing up my college daughter’s tshirt quilt and also have some teacher’s gifts to make.

    Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  26. OMG! Your pillow is incredible!!!! I still have to baste, quilt and bind my daughter’s quilt that I made her for Christmas and then work on 6 pairs of flannel pj pants! Not too bad :) Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  27. I’m hoping to whip up some kitchen towels for my Grandma, a large drawstring bag for my sons’ first fort kit, and if there’s enough time finish up a Block of the Month quilt.

  28. What a beautiful pillow – I would love to give it a home!

    I still have many things to make. I am currently trying to finish up a tree skirt for me sister.

  29. I am working on a quilt for my boyfriend. I still have to baste and quilt it but with final exams coming up it will be a tight fit!

  30. I’m not making any gifts this year–I’m giving everyone books I think they’ll like. I’ve decided not to gift quilts anymore–I just make the quilts I want to make, and if someone likes a quilt, I’ll just give it to them. People are generally thrilled to walk out the door with an unexpected quilt in their hands.

  31. I don’t have any gift sewing planned for this month – keeping it simple, not to mention I’m waiting for my machine to come back from the shop!

  32. lovely pillow! thanks for the giveaway! I still have about 5 stocking stuffers (ornaments) that need to be made and one big quilt to finish (that is also a Christmas present). Eek!

  33. I am knitting a vest for my 6 yr old nephew who is my godson. I still have to put it together and knit up the button band.

  34. I am making 4 sets of tabletoppers with placemats and 3 quilts. Sure hope I get them all done :)

  35. This is a wonderful pillow and awesome giveaway!
    Hopefully a quilt top will be arriving today from my Mom for me to pitch in and complete to a finished full sized quilt for my brother andhis new wife! Fingers crossed :o)
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  36. Sweet looking pillow. I’m hoping to get Natalia’s book for Christmas :) Still to go this month … I’m bleaching some t-shirt designs and finishing a patchwork book cover that was requested by a friend.

  37. I’m still finishing up a new Christmas quilt for our bed & a few more Victorian ornament to give away.

  38. I’m still planning on knitting a cowl and pair of gloves. I’m also planning on sewing a couple of ties and some boxer shorts

  39. Amy, that is a beautiful pillow! I like the way you did the quilting, too. Thanks for the chance to win it!

    I have customized cross-stitched names to add to mini stockings to make, as well as some snap bags and tablerunners for the craft shop where I sell some items. I also want to make a tablerunner for my daughter’s new home.

  40. I’m knitting afghans & I have some quilt tops to quilt. And there’s only 3 weeks left – oh no. Thanks for the chance to win your lovely pillow.

  41. Oh yes – I still have two ornaments to complete and a quilt… No pressure!! Wonderful giveaway – myfingers are crossed!

  42. What a great pillow. What don’t I have to finish? Still have gift bags to make, a cradle to finish and some paperdolls, too! Guess I had better get started!

  43. I work fulltime and have two kids, so my time is limited.
    I’m just sewing the Helix pattern from Emily Herrick’s book “Geared for Guys”. It’s a fantastic pattern, easy to follow and it turns out stunning, doing it twice. I have to finish that until Christmas because it’s my gift to my DH, he finally gets a quilt of his own. :-)

  44. Will be finishing off some alterations first, and then might hit the machine to make some christmas related items yet, but not sure what the next couple of weeks will bring. Thanks for the giveaway.

  45. I have a quilt I still need to piece and finish, as well as putting together a few Wide Open Bags from Noodlehead’s tutorial for just in case presents!

  46. I am making a Christmas quilt for my in-laws, a quilt for my sister-in-law and a crocheted blanket for my sister. I have been busy!

  47. Sadly, no handmade gifts from me. I am living in limbo (temporary rental) and without all my supplies. But I would be excited if this pillow could brighten up my extremely boring (rental furniture) living room.

  48. I’m still working on quilts for the nieces and 1 nephew. Thanks! ldw13010(at)gmail(dot)com

  49. What a stunning pillow! And it will look fab in my living room, by the way! Giggle!
    I’m making coin purses, table runners and placemats for prezzies….gotta get to work!

  50. Gifts?? We are supposed to be making gifts? Realistically, I hope to get my bee blocks done.

  51. I am making totes for the girls at work and coasters all around cause they are so fast to make!

  52. Thanks for the giveaway! My plans are ambitious… I need to make a lap quilt for my great aunt and quilts each for my niece & 3 children. I also plan to sew up some totes for 2 other nieces, an apron for yet another niece and crochet some amigurumi monsters for 2 nephews. And since I have never made anything for myself, I would like to squeeze in an apron and some pajama pants for myself. It sounds ridiculous when I type it out like that, huh?

  53. I have a few things for my kids to make still – pajamas for my son, doll diapers for my little girl etc.

  54. I’m still finishing up 2 pillow shams to match the sampler quilt I gave my sister.

  55. I still have some animals I want to make for my nephews and a few doll clothes for my daughter. I also need to make a wallet for my son

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  56. Oh, I have sooooo much left to do – the fabric for our grandson’s quilt came today:)

    I have bags and purses to make and some crochet to finish and I usually tend to dream up a few things in between.

    Love your pillow!!!!!

    Thank you

    sandyb720 at gmail dot com

  57. I want to make the little coin purses and some journal covers for Christmas gifts. I have a few other ideas but will see how time goes.

  58. Cute pillow! I don’t have a lot of time for gift making this year, but I’m hoping to make a His and Her pillowcase set.

  59. Your pillow is gorgeous! I’m going to make table runner for my sister-in-law–I hope I get it done!!

  60. I still have to make 1 baby quilt and quilt a 2nd one. I am getting 2 new nephews this year.

  61. I’ve been knitting a scarf (next time I will make one SHORTER than 60″) for my boyfriend. I’m looking forward to finishing it and getting back to quilting and embroidery!

  62. some fabric houses (scandinavian stitches=the best gift!), crocheted slippers and cowl, homemade granola and sweets, and some zip pouches! thanks

  63. Gorgeous pillow – I don’t know how you can part with it! I’m making infinity scarves for my daughters and a friend. In a pinch you could always do food gifts – they are always appreciated. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  64. I’m working on finishing up a baby quilt and a houndstooth quilt. My deadline is coming up soon, so I need to get busy! Love your pillow :)

  65. Amy- I still have a couple of quilts to finish but whether they get done in time is another question entirely- I have been really busy this whole fall so I have kind of lost my oomph just now. They are not really Christmas gifts- just gifts that I want to give some special family members.
    Your lucky recipient will love your pillow.
    Regards from Western Canada,

  66. I have only to complete 2 flannel sleep pants and a sleep mask for a teen girl and a two handed pot holder.. then my sewing will be completed for Christmas.I sewed all through November and completed 18 gifts.

  67. Love the colors on the pillow! I still need to make doll clothes for dd’s doll. Thanks for the giveaway.

  68. Hi, I would love to win your pillow. I am in the process of making mice for my daughter to give to her mice friends from Nutcracker.

  69. 3 maybe 4 set of placemats, quilt (not happening???), pillow, table topper and coasters. Panic. Love your pillow AND it is already done!

  70. I have a couple of pillow covers to make for gift exchanges. Sadly, none for myself. I adore your pillow. It fits my decor perfectly. wink wink!

  71. What a gorgeous pillow!

    I’ve got a bunch of Christmas stockings to complete for my family, and an apron to make for a sister-in-law.

  72. I’m going to make a Go Faster Box Bag from Tacha Bruecher’s Hex a Go Go book for a gift exchange at my sewing group.

  73. I still have some little purses and art caddies to make for my nieces, hoping to finish all the cutting tonight ready to start sewing! Have a lovely day.

  74. I’m hoping to finish 2 tea cozies, but they will have to wait until I finish my main project. I am making a small altar cloth to go in front of the tabernacle at our church.

  75. That’s a pretty pillow! Thank you for the chance to win.

    I need to finish off 3 more ornaments. I’m making the fold and pin “quilted” ornaments, the kind that are done over a styrofoam base. It’s fun to coordinate all the fabric and ribbon. :)

  76. I love the pillow! Oh I still have a good list to finish this month.

    1 twin-size space quilt (top half done)
    1 blue queen quilt in 2.5′ squares (just the top)
    1 blue string throw quilt
    2 table runners
    1 iPad case
    1 tree skirt.
    2 super hero capes
    2 floor pillows

    I better get a move on!

  77. I really need to finish a messenger bag for my boy at a minimum. Then a bag for my mom.

  78. I’m finishing quilting on a 2nd snuggle quilt. When that’s done, I’m hoping to get 2 coin purses and matching messenger bags to go with them. If I can manage to get those all done I’m sure other Christmas projects will appear but I have been focusing on what I really need to get done for the younger people on my list.

  79. Working on quilting two quilts and need to make a couple of pillows too – yours is great love the modern look!

  80. Oh gosh yes, I have far too many gifts yet to make. I need to make Christmas Stockings and a few toys for my Grandchildren yet. I also want to make some sort of cover for my husband’s tablet but am not sure what yet. I keep searching patterns and haven’t found the perfect ‘guy’ looking one yet sadly.

  81. I am making some coffee sleeves that use sticky back canvas that I have decorated over the cardboard sleeve you can get at Starbucks or other coffee shops. I have also made homemade Christmas cards and some simple jewelry pieces. I hope one of these helps to inspire you in your gift making,

    This pillow is adorable and I thank you for offering it as a giveaway.

    Merry Christmas!

  82. I still need to make two quilts for Christmas. With a 10 week old son, this has been quite difficult!

  83. I am working on some scarves for my son’s preschool teacher and day care provider! Thanks for the giveaway! Amy @ gasudimack(at)sbcglobal(dot)net

  84. I’m making travel accessories, some stockings and [maybe] a sewing machine cover…

  85. I made a queen size quilt for a dear friend (from your Modern Cabin Pattern in your Modern Basics book) and 4 Jelly Roll throw sized quilts with Christmas fabrics…ALL from my stash. I also made 3 Infinity scarves and 4 Flirty Skirts for my two granddaughters. I am now making mittens from recycled, felted woolen sweaters… too cute.

    Your pillow is sew adorable…thanks for the possibility of winning it. Judie

  86. no making gifts for me this year, since I’m not going home for christmas. Definitely cuts down on the stress!

  87. I would love that pretty pillow (really, it would be so loved!) I plan to make a weekender and a few ipad cases. Wish me luck!

  88. I’m busy filling orders from my Etsy shop, so there’s no time left for handmade gifts.

    pinkscissorsdesign @gmail .com

  89. Gorgeous Pillow! I am making quilts for both of my sons for the holidays this year! This is my only gift to them this holiday season…It will be like a loving, warm hug all year round from me! Thank you for a chance to win!

  90. I’m knitting ruffle scarves. I can finish one in about an hour…there are tutorials on youtube…very easy. =)

    Thanks for a chance to win…love those orange stripes.

  91. I think I am done making gifts, but I have LOTS of cards that still need making before Christmas! This is beautiful! Thank you for the chance to win! jinglesells at gmail dot com

  92. Love your tutorials. Your pillow is lovely. All I have left to make is some Christmas morning jammies for my 2 peanuts.

  93. Hi Amy, I am working on an applique bunny runner. It is so darn cute. There are 4 brown bunny faces with bow ties. Very colorful. Lots of buttons involved! I can machine quilt this because it’s small, so I will be able to get this done in time for Christmas!!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  94. I’m making bookmarks right now, crocheted and beaded
    I think your pillow would be a favorite in our family, sort of Christmas standard for the years to come

  95. All of November either my preschooler or I (or both) were sick, so I didn’t get like any sewing done and am way behind. So I still have like 6 throw pillow covers to make (not as intricate as yours though!) and some hand towels to embroider (luckily just a monogram, nothing complicated), and am hoping to have time to make my son and husband matching flannel PJ pants! I may have some late nights-thank goodness for cocoa and cookies!!

  96. I’m making accordion folded memory books for my siblings and their family. The pillow is so fresh and lovely.

  97. I am making 2 things this month and both are for my son. I am making him a hungry caterpillar quilt. I’m almost done just have to finish quilting and bind it. I’m also making him a quiet book full of monsters. I think he’ll get a kick out of it. By the way, I loved reading what other people are making!

  98. I am sewing some bibs for my toddling grandsons. and I don’t know what else I will get done.

  99. I’m a knitter, and I always start to late knitting the gifts… In the end, I often knit a couple of Korknisse : they are so quick and cute !

  100. I’m hoping to make an apron for my sister. And I’m going to make 11 ornaments for an ornament swap I’m in. And I’m knitting a baby hat. I better get started!

  101. I am making quilts and scarfs. I would like to have time to make a bag or something but doesn’t look good.

  102. Too many to think about! Ornaments, kitchen towels, some felt reindeer. I want to knit a headband for my daughter. I doubt I will get everything done but I’m trying not to stress about it.

  103. Love this pillow!! I’m working on a valance for my newphew, and then onto some pillowcases & a table runner. Thanks for a chance to win! :)

  104. I love your pillow, what a design. It would really add punch to a room.
    I’m working on some ufo’s . I don’t have a large gift list. I just enjoy quilting for any reason.

  105. I haven’t made any of my Christmas presents yet; I’ve been on vacation with little crafting stuff. So I still have to pump out most of it in the next few weeks. Thanks for the giveaway!

  106. I need to finish the Sock Monkey quilt for my little guy and something for my Secret Santa swap.

  107. i have pillows on the agenda this month too!
    love the push of Christmas to be creative!
    and quick!

  108. I am still making pot holders from orphan blocks and scrap material. I love the look of them and I have gifts for friends who stop by.

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