15 Minutes of Play :: Review & Giveaway!

Posted on December 7th, by Amy in give away, review. 191 comments

Welcome to my stop on the 15 Minutes of Play book tour!  15 Minutes of Play by, my friend, Victoria Findlay Wolfe, is a keeper!

15 Minutes of Play—Improvisational Quilts

15 Minutes of Play is one of those you books you want to sit down and slowly ingest, and then hurry to the sewing machine to put the ideas into practice.  The nature of Victoria’s narrative draws you into the source of her inspiration, and she guides you to find own, and create beautiful quilts.

15 Minutes of Play—Improvisational Quilts

V shares her methods for “made-fabric”, offers block patterns to inspire quilts of your own design.  She has also included many inspirational quilts, many made by others, to give you a feel of how individual the process can be.  By playing for just 15 minutes each day, as V suggests, your creative juices are always flowing and ready to create.

15 Minutes of Play—Improvisational Quilts

V has also issued challenges within the book, which are a great way to jump start your creative process, and consider your quilting fears.  For each challenge she has a pep talk for you, and a few questions to guide your creativity.

I recommend 15 Minutes of Play for any quilter with scraps…yep, it’s a keeper!

To win a copy  of 15 Minutes of Play - leave me a comment, telling me your favorite color to use and why.

My favorite color is blue, or blue/green – I love how calm and mellow it is, and it plays so nice with other colors.

The giveaway will be open through December 12, 2012 – good luck!


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191 thoughts on “15 Minutes of Play :: Review & Giveaway!

  1. My favoritecolor to work with would be the golden fall hues. They are warm and comforting and remind me comfortable warm sunny days.

  2. I like to use Burgundy,Sage,and Cream colors. They remind me of a cozy warm place.

  3. Browns, tans, etc. are my favorites these days. I never had even one brown fabric in my stash until my son said he wanted a brown quilt. I bought browns and tans and more and more. Now I use some in each quilt I make!

    You are so right, Victoria’s book is definitely a keeper!

  4. I like to work with jewel tones and I think it is b/c they give a quilt more of a presence in a room rather than just fading into the background.


  5. Blue! Blue has always been my favourite colour, and whilst I love working with lots of colours I’m always drawn to blue :)

  6. My favorite colour is blue. Don’t ask me why? I like this cool colour, I like the winter with snow and ice. This colour make me happy and fits me. And I want to win this book: This book is not for sale in Holland, and I want to show it to my quiltfriends and tell them what you can do in 15 minutes with scraps.

  7. My favorite color to use in a quilt is blue. It reminds me of the ocean and blue skies. I grew up by the ocean, but now I am living in a city with no view of the pretty blue…

  8. I love to use orange, but I love to sneak yellow into projects, especialy when there is blue in them. It gives sparkle and glimmer!

  9. my current very favorite color to use is a cream background fabric with small dots. it works so well as back ground…im making a pillow now with lots of free piecing and lots of cream background with small pink dots. its so much fun and so versitle! thanks for a chance, i just adore Victorias work

  10. My favorite color is green…just about any shade of green but especially dark rich green like emeralds. To me it’s calming and has depth. Makes me think of nature and o walk in a forest.

  11. I too love blue. Really don’t know why, cause it’s always been my favorite color. But it goes with just about everything. Thanks for the chance to win this great book!

  12. I really like orange. I it so bright and cheerful; you can’t be sad around orange! It works with lots of colors like greens and yellows. It also looks great with blues and purples! Win!

  13. Blue is my favorite color. I use it all the time. Too much probably. Thanks for the chance to win this great book.

  14. My favorite color would have to be red, always try to
    add some even if it’s just a touch. Thanks for the
    giveaway, Veronica sure inspires people to think
    outside the box.

  15. This book looks like so much fun and just what I need to get my creative juices going (and to use up by scraps).

    I’m also a blue person as I think of blue skies and beautiful weather.

  16. My favorite color is purple, but I’ve found that my favorite colors to use in quilts are blue/greens. They just seem to play well with so many other colors! Thanks for the chance to win!

  17. This looks like a book that will be well used. I really like blues and will pair it with either creams, or yellows to get a vibrant effect and then add a little sparkle of red, to make it really pop! Thanks for the giveaway.

  18. Oh, I love all the colors of the rainbow, so it is hard to choose…So I guess I will pick, it is so hard, so my pick is “redorangeyellowgreenbluepurple” and all the colors inbetween

  19. I love gray because it is so grounded and it really makes the other colors pop! Thanks so much for the chance to win this book!!

  20. My favorite color to use is white, it really makes the colors pop and looks so bright and fresh.

  21. I love using Kona Espresso. Colors pop and I find it warmer than using Kona Coal. Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. I love to use bright, saturated colors and batiks in all colors. But, asked to choose one color, I have to say green. It’s so prevalent in nature, and there’s a shade that will work in almost every project.

  23. My favorite color is blue. It is the color of my first car, my eyes, my husband’s eyes, my daddy’s eyes, the sky, etc., etc. I just have always loved blue.

  24. My fave color to use is yellow as it brightens up a quilt and plays well with most other colors and neutrals! Thanks for hosting this great giveaway – I’d love to be a winner and know I’ll use this book often!

  25. Hi! Thank you for a wonderful give away! I should say orange because I obviously like to use it very much but most important is white because I love to use lots of colours but always there needs to be some white!
    Wishes from orangeful Greece!

  26. What a fantastic looking book! Right now I love orange. Prior to this year I never used orange. I did not like it. Now orange and I are friends! Thanks for the opportunity to see inside the cover!

  27. I’m always drawn to pinks…from salmon to reddish pinks … I also love greens. It’s so hard to choose a favorite!

  28. All the colors!! that’s what is so much fun about quilting. However, when I look at my stash, it is obvious that I cannot resist buying any green in sight — love them all. Thanks for the opportunity — I will certainly buy, if I don’t win a copy.
    P.S. Thanks for not having a “prove you’re not a robot” — I hate those!!

  29. Pinks! Bright, loud pinks. Kona pomegranate kind of pinks. Multicolored prints with pinks. And throw in some pastel scraps. I love to mix pinks in scrappy quilts, for some reason the non-matching looks great to me in pink. I haven’t managed to see that in other colors–at least not when it’s my project LOL.

  30. Green is a hands down favorite, but I think i want to pop some orange into things these days.

  31. My favorite color has been blue most of my life. It is a calm color and reminds me of the sky which is ever changing, with all the other beautiful colors of the rainbow.

  32. I always have scraps of green to work with from yellowy sages to the bluesy teals. And this Pantone agrees with me… Emerald green, color for 2013. Thank you for opportunity to win this book, it looks like a lot of inspiration.

  33. My favorite color is red! It always brings a celebration and a smile :) I’d LOVE to use red while playing with a copy of the book.
    Thanks~ Jeanne

  34. my favorite colors are pinks and purples. i just feel warm and fuzzy surrounded by these colors

  35. I love turquoise. It goes with everything and makes other colors pop. I add it to everything I can.

  36. I love blue, all shades of it really, but the blue that always makes me go Oooooh is the blue that leans toward a green -like the color of the Caribbean Sea on a magnificent day. I think love it because blue IS the color of sky and sea.

  37. I love gray. It blends so easy with almost every color and is a good choice for a background color when you are tired of white, cream and black.

  38. I love red, and I’m not sure why! When I was 13 and my parents let me choose how to re-decorate my room, I chose bright fire-truck RED! I loved it, though my sisters said it made them motion sick. hehe

  39. My favorite color to use is brick red. I’m trying to use eggplant in all my quilts – not going so well LOL! Thanks for sharing in such a great book.

  40. I love color – period. lol Magenta, tangerine, rose-brown, cornflower blue, lime green, celery green, chocolate brown, etc. I love reds and oranges together. Greens and purples. Tangerine and aqua/teals. Grey with gold/aqua. Butter yellow with muted pinks and celery green. :)

  41. Wow, looks like a great book! Thanks for teh chance. I love purple, but neutral colors are becoming a favorite to create with, as they go with everything!

  42. I really want to win this one! My current favorite color to add to quilts is yellow/orange: from lemon to tangerine. Sunny.

  43. Its soooo hard to pick a favorite color when I love them all but I guess I’d say greens. I also like to include black and white stripes so they find a way into many quilts.

  44. I always have lime green showing up in my quilts. It always adds a pop of life that makes me happy.

  45. Blue is my favorite color, but lately I can’t stay away from lime, orange, purple, hot pink and turquoise, with black.

  46. Hello! My favorite color – generally speaking, is lime green, in all of its variation – sage, sick green, bright lime, I love them all – but lately I’ve been drawn to orange! Have a great day!

  47. I think my favorite color to quilt with lately is red–all of the shades of it. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  48. Hi…I am celebrating my “comeback” into creativeness with a new colour to me…ORANGE…and just because it makes me happy…especially with pink and purple!!!:0))

  49. My favorite color is green, just love all greens. But for the time being I am collecting reds & aquas for a quilt. They seem like such fun colors.

  50. My favorite colors are yellows and oranges. Now my favorite colors include reds and teals. This book sounds most interesting and I like the idea of challenges. Thank you for this great giveaway.

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day!

  51. My favorite color(s) is blue or that elusive blue/green sometimes called aqua or turquoise. Blue is calming to me — colors of sky and water.

  52. I love reds in all their varieties. They add zest and life to a quilt. Thanks for participating in the blog hop and giveaway.
    Nancy from joy for grace

  53. My favorite color to worl with is brown or yellow, two very traditional colors in Latvian designs.

  54. I love green – it is just so fresh and alive. It makes me feel happy and like things can be renewed and be better :)

  55. My curreny favorite quilt color is blood red. It seems to make everything pop. I love looking at these red quilts, they seem so bold and cheery.

  56. My favorite color has been blue since I was a child. Blue gives that cool, calm feel to a room and I use it a lot in my quilts.

  57. my favorite color to work with is green … the reasons vary with the project, or more particularly, the shade,or tone or hue. it’s serene, exciting, beguililng, but whatever the green is or the feeling it elicits, green has always been my favorite, compelling color, even when i was very, very young, i liked green just because it was green.

  58. Red is often in my quilts – more often as a ‘pop’ of color to give vitality to a quilt.

  59. I am always drawn to blue….can’t explain why, it has just always been my favorite color!

  60. My favorite is blue in all its glory–it’s cool, and I live in a hot climate; it’s calm–and I live in a noisy place; and it’s both sky and water. What more could I ask for in a color?

  61. i prefer bright colors, happy colors. I donate all my quilts, so I want to spread happiness someway. Thank you for the chance to win a fab book.

  62. I also like the blues & greens. Colors you see in the Tropics at the beach. Aqua, Sea Foam Green, mixed with a host of other blues & greens remind me of the relaxing times at the beach- quiet, beautiful, mesmerizing, enormous(ocean staring) and fun (making shapes out of clouds)

  63. I’m not focused on any one color because I enjoy experimenting with color interaction. Still, there’s usually at least a smidgen of some variation of yellow somewhere in each quilt.

  64. Right now it’s bright yellow. Cheerful, happy yellow. In a few weeks it will probably be tangerine. I have new favorites all the time and definitely brights for the last year or so. I am going to go nuts with this book and all of the inspiration and challenges.

  65. So hard to pick a favorite color! I think my fav color is monochromatic :) That’s what I’d probably do with all those scraps – but maybe I need the book to show me the error of my ways :)

  66. My favorite colors are bold bright colors, pinks, blues,greens. Guess I like all colors.

  67. Hi Amy,

    My favorite color is purple and I love how it reminds me of Christmas’ Advent season…purple and pink.

    Thanks for being part of this blog….Amy Lo

  68. I would have to agree with you on the blue-green, though pink is my favorite color. Some people see pink and keep moving but the teals and greens while being colorful are never offensive and yes they mellow out. This book looks like a great read and play. For me the scrappier the quilt, the better.

  69. my favourite colour is blue…but i find i don’t use it in quilts very much. I’m often using reds or greens or yellows – and not MY favourite colour!

  70. My favourite color is lime green and for the only reason it makes me smile whenever I see it!

  71. Sounds like an amazing book and I’d love to learn more about color and letting go. My favorite color is a bright yellow because it makes me feel warm and happy. It’s hard to sew with such a bright yellow so this time of rhe year it’s gold that I use.

    Thank you, Victoria and C&T Publishing for a super giveaway and a chance to win.


  72. Blue must be my favorite color to use in quilts because this year I have made at least 3 quilts with a lot of blue- blue and white, red-white & blue, greens-blues & purple. Thanks for sharing. I love Victoria’s work.

  73. I love working with red, white, & blue. Just feel so very proud of the good ol’ USA!

  74. I really like to use purple. However my only way to work is scrappy. The more different prints or solids in a quilt the better

  75. I can’t wait to see this book! My favorite color to quilt with (at the moment) is naturals such as: ecru, moss, coffee, etc. I guess I am liking that they feel restful, which is nice for a quilt which is for resting! They break up and dilute the more vibrant or rich tones, as in nature, letting the eyes move in an organic way. Surprisingly, they go well with most every other palette, and I think are a more interesting “solid neutral” than plain old white or grey.

  76. My favorite colors are the autumn oranges and golds. They make me think of my favorite time of year no matter what month it is.

  77. My favorite color to throw in is red. Most of my stash is lot, muted hand me downs, and red just brightens everything up. I love how it makes everything sparkle!

  78. My favorite color to use is gray because it can be either a blender or the star.

  79. I love orange! Because it is bright, adds pop to a quilt and nobody is neutral about it! Thank you for the giveaway!

  80. My single favorite color to use is gray, because I think it really highlights the personality and character of the colors it is paired with.

  81. I love red – it adds warmth. But adding a little of teal or turquoise adds punch.
    My Nana was an artist – she always said “Add blue to a composition to bring it all together.”

  82. Currently I am loving gray & citron, to me it is soothing but modern. I also love to add a soft mustard yellow to this mix. It is fresh and … it is like adding cilantro to a recipe.

  83. I’m usually a green / maroon / cream color person, but lately I’ve also been loving the more modern aqua / gray / pale yellow combo. Thanks for the chance to win!

  84. I am hooked on latte brown/ tan, and rust. Just to see how they change depending on what color is also being used. Thank you for the review of the book. I love how it has challenges and helps you through the creative process :)

  85. I just love working with bright colours! Any colours, my favourites at the moment though are probably lime green, pink, red, purple, orange..not necessarily all together!. I am just discovering the joy of solids though so I usually use a mix of all things bold.

  86. I’m hooked on aqua, red and white right now — a Supernova made with Brrr! to be precise. It’s coming together beautifully. :) Thanks for the giveaway — this book looks so fun!

  87. I am falling in love with blue… sew many beautiful blue fabrics about in QuiltLand! And matching it with white just makes such a Crispy Quilt… yep, blue is my new favorite. Thanks for the chance to play new games with fabric with the 15 Minutes of Play book offer…fingers are crossed.


  88. I love purple. Why? It’s just so pretty, all shades. You know how mashed potatoes and gravy is a comfort food? That’s how purple is to me in a quilt.

  89. I love blues – all shades, but I really love working with bright jewel tones with black. They are just so rich looking.

  90. I am loving what everyone is saying about this book. It is now on my Christmas list. My favorite color to use is not a color–I like to add black in some way to almost every quilt. I think it allows the focus color(s) to pop. It defines. As Jane Eyre says, “the darkness is as important as the light”.

  91. I love all colors. My quilt group did a challenge where we had to use neutrals and only one color! Now that was a challenge! I had the hardest time limiting myself to only one color.

  92. Victoria’s book looks wonderful, bright, fun and inspirational. I’ve done some 15 minutes of play, but would like to do more and V’s book would be just the thing!.
    My favorite color is blue-all shades of blue especially blue green. Thanks very much.

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