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Posted on January 30th, by Amy in give away, work in progress. 9 comments

The winner of the ebook from Martingale is:
Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe

MBlog Winner

The winners of the Dancing Stars templates are:

Tabslot Dancing Stars TemplatesDSwinner1 DSwinner2Come back tomorrow to link up your progress, and be entered to win fabric!


Yesterday was a productive day around here.  I have been installing sleeves on my quilts, which I put off until just before shipping, of course!


Three done, and one and a half to finish. I started with the larger quilts, and watch a couple movies as I stitched.

Do you have a favorite movie(s) or TV show to watch while stitching? 

I’m always looking for suggestions!

More soon – Amy

9 thoughts on “Winners & Update

  1. Lately we’ve been watching West Wing …working our way through from the beginning! Other sentimental favorites are the Disney Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea, BBC’s Pride and Prejudice, and Sense and Sensibility. Love hearing about all the progress!

  2. I can pick up “chick flick” DVD’s at the library and watch them two times over in the week I have them. My favorites are The Other sister, Waitress, Mama Mia and, of course, Forest Gump and Anne of Green Gables. sometimes, I think I know some of the lines by heart!

  3. I like to watch shows like House Hunters International or Say Yes to the Dress while I’m stitching. Things that don’t require my full attention and that I don’t feel guilty because I’m not wasting time by watching them! Unlike Big Bang Theory…I will forget to stitch because I am focused on the TV. lol!

  4. Thanks for the templates, Amy! Really looking forward to trying them out. I’m with Nita and watch a lot of House Hunters, Top Chef, Property Brothers – I can get ideas from them but I don’t have to really tune in.

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