Modern Quilts From the Blogging Universe – Giveaway!

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ETA :: Winners – Beth & Deb Cline – Congrats!

Almost two weeks ago, I gave away a Modern Quilts From the Blogging Universe ebook, along with all the other designers in the book.  Today I have autographed copies to giveaway to two of you!

mosaic blogging

This book has 19 fun, and original patterns, all by bloggers that you know and love -

John AdamsJeni BakerAudrie BidwellNatalia BonnerKrista FleckensteinAllison HarrisLee HeinrichKate HendersonMegan JimenezHeather JonesKaty JonesJolene KlassenJessica KovachJennifer MathisAngela NashMonica Solorio-SnowKati Spencer & myself.

To win a copy, leave me a comment telling me how many quilts you have in progress at the moment, or how many projects you’ve finished so far in 2013!

I have 3 projects in progress, and I haven’t finished anything so far…I’ll keep you posted.

I’ll select winners on Friday, February 8th -

Good Luck!

190 thoughts on “Modern Quilts From the Blogging Universe – Giveaway!

  1. I have too many to count in progress!! LOL and I have completed 3 so far!! Thank for the chance , this looks like a fabulous and fun book!!! Love it!!

  2. Sounds like a great book,,thank you. I have a large ‘Bluenose’ quilt in the frames being hand quilted right now. My Road Trip QAL top is waiting to be quilted…2 scrappies waiting. I just shipped a large quilt out last week. I have made several table runners in the past month….and working on projects for blog hops….

  3. Thanks for another chance to win this book! I have 3 quilts on the go at the moment – hoping to finish one this month at least!

  4. I have two quilts in the piecing stage and more than a dozen tops ready to be quilted. Nothing finished yet this year. Guess I better get busy….

  5. I have 5 projects on the go and have not finished any during January. The book looks great and no doubt is full of inspirational projects, so why stop at 5 …

  6. Phew! I’m relieved to say I finished a quilt today that has been in the pipeline for around 5 or 6 years. Works in Progress? Well, let’s just say there are enough to keep me occupied for the time being, if I so choose :-) I can always do with a little extra inspiration, though, and this book looks fabulous!

  7. I finished one early in January and have eight in the wings. :o. I had to go buy another project after I finished the one!

  8. I have 4 BOM projects going, three tops pieced ready to be quilted and one other quilt in the making. I am trying to get my daughter interested in quilting and think your new book would have patterns that she would love!!!!

  9. I have three that I need to bind and two in progress. I will likely start a third and maybe fourth before I finish with any of the unfinished ones as per my style.

  10. Congratulations on the book – I’d love a copy.
    Ok confession time…I have one quilt basted but can’t decide how to quilt, one that needs sashing and a tin full of pieces cut ready for a scrap quilt. So that makes 3 in reality, however in my head there are a few more!
    thanks for the giveaway

  11. Currently I have four quilt tops to be quilted and bound which I’m currently avoiding, not sure why… In the mean time, I’m making quilted boxes and baskets. :D

  12. I have two big quilts truly in progress and one doll quilt, plus one quilt in “design phase”. It’s more than I’ve ever had going at once before!

  13. Only one truly in progress but many waiting to start to many to count to many pretty things to buy not enough time. I haven’t finished anything in 2013 well except I did finish buying a block of the month set does that count? Haha

  14. In Jan I finished a quilt that I started mid December and three pieced dish mats as well. I have one quilt cut right now with hopes of starting a couple more this month. I havent been brave enough to actually quilt my tops maybe one day!

  15. I have 8 in progress and 2 completed so far this year. Whoops just remembered the favorite blocks–that means 2 more in progress, as I’m doing two at once in different colors.

  16. I made a list last year and it had more than 20 works in progress – about half being quilt tops. Most only need an hour or two to finish the tops. I think I drag my feet as I find the actual quilting the most challenging. I haven’t finished anything yet this year, except paperwork for the quilting guild. Volunteering can really cut in to sewing time, but at least it’s for a good cause. I’m glad to see your book is so successful!

  17. This book is a must-have on my list! I’ve finished one quilt so far in 2013, have one quilt basted and ready for quilting, another that has to be basted and quilted and 2 tops that need sashings and borders and another one that needs the back sewn together and to be basted and quilted. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  18. I started 5 projects, but haven’t completely finished any of them. 3 of the items are donation tops which I completed over Super, but they aren’t completed yet.

  19. I have finished two so far! And I have way too many in progress. I’m organizing my sewing space today and it is slightly scary to think about how many will be on my to finish list after the organizing is done.

  20. 3 quilts in progress that I need to get done! 2 are old, 1 is from last summer. 1 partly quilted, 1 needs quilting, 1 top I”m still working on.

    No quilting projects done, just sewing and crochet.

    Thanks for the chance

  21. Hi Amy and thank you for a great give away! I have two quilts on go (one ufo that doesnt’ count any more). One quilt is finished this year. Fortunately you didn’t ask about other sewing projects …
    I love your quilt pattern in the book! x Teje

  22. At last count I had 13 in progress and another 9 ready to start (OMG!)

    I’ve finished 3 projects so far *Yay me!!*

    Thank you!

  23. I’m pretty sure I have 6 in progress…and a couple table runners in addition. I’m trying to use up my scraps…and it’s working!

  24. I finished 3 quilts so far this year, 2 baby and one throw. On my cutting table I have 3 WIP’s that I want to finish this month. I have plenty more, though, that need to be finished eventually.

  25. Thank you for this chance at a great book! I’ve got 6 quilts in active progress, plus three Valentine mug rugs. I have another 28 on a UFO list, but that’s down from 49 two years ago. It’s gonna disappear eventually! I’ve finished 3 quilts so far, and have only the binding on my 4th for 2013. Hoping it’ll continue to be a good finishing year.

  26. I have 4 in progress. One is a large bed quilt that is ready for quilting, a second will also be a bed quilt, but it’s in the piecing stage. The third is a large baby blanket, pieced, but not yet sandwiched/quilted. The last is a wall hanging, also in need of finishing the appliqué, then quilting/ binding.

  27. I have completed 1 project and 1 block since the year began. All quilts and I mean _all_ are WIP, 4 to be precise. I just hope I finish my quilts soon and start a few more ;-)

  28. Thanks for the giveaway! I can only have one project going at a time or else I’d go crazy, so I am finishing up the binding on a quilt for my niece right now. Next on my list is 2 lap quilts for my parents, then 2 more for a church raffle. wonderlandbyalyce at gmail dot com

  29. I’ve finished about 8 small projects in 2013 and have 3 or 4 others going. Love the looks of this book, thanks for the chance to win!

  30. I’ve finished one quilt this year. There are 2 quilted and waiting for binding, 4 waiting to be layered and quilted and 4 quilts that I’m currently piecing. I think I’ve got ‘em all counted :)

    Oh, and I’ve made 3 pillows, one quilted and two plain.

  31. I have a large pile of UFO’s that I’m working my way through this year – at least 10 that I would like to finish. I have finished projects this year though!

  32. MANY in progress. Can you say “too many interruptions!”? I don’t know for sure how many. My mother suggested that I put my WIP in one place. As I thought about it, I realized that I don’t have a place that big. Embarrassing, I know.

    Finished this year: one (still needs binding, though)

    I’ve been eyeing this book. Looks like fun!

  33. I have 5 tops ready to be basted and quilted, 3 groups of Bee blocks ready to be “tops”, and I’m in the middle of piecing my “Dancing Stars” blocks from your QAL.
    Thanks for the giveaway–this book is on my wishlist!! :)

  34. i started this year with only ideas – no WIPs. then i got one top finished in time to start three other quilts (as wedding shower presents), but i have one other top in pieces, 1 BOM quilt started, and four more quilts in serious idea stage. LOL… what the heck happened! i am a very slow quilter, and DON’T want more than one quilt at a time in process, otherwise i’ll never finish my WIPs!

  35. I have 10 quilts in progress and no finishes as of yet. Deadline is 2/14 for one, 2/20 for another and April for a 3rd. It’s looking like I’d better get busy!

  36. I have no finishes for the year since we moved to a short term rental. Somehow we managed to misplace all the hardware to put my sewing machine table back together.

    As for how many projects I have in progress, the recent move rediscovered some that I had totally forgotten about. Lets just say I have more than I want to count or own up to…….

  37. I have 3 quilts in progress and a great big zero finished for 2013. Guess that’s what happens when you move states over Christmas.

  38. Ok, first I’ll say that I have finished one quilt this year and 2 tops! That makes feel like I am accomplishing something! I am currently quilting one, have one as my “tv” project, started on another top (for DD 40th BD)and HAVE to start and finish another by March! Wish me luck!
    And thanks for a chance to win!

  39. Hi. Gee I have two containers full of about 35 projects that have been started! I have one container of all the fabs and patts for new projects! I’ve finished nothing so far in 2013!!!

  40. I finished two quilts and a child’s purse, have two quilts in the process of being pieced and two that still need binding! Of course, I have several in the planning stage! Love the book…thanks for the chance to win.

  41. I have two quilts in progress, but that’s mostly because one of them is a sampler quilt-along. I’m not the kind of girl who can handle too many projects at once. I have to finish things or else I go crazy!

  42. I have 6 quilts in progress right now (I know, too many!) and one finish so far this year. I haven’t sewn a single stitch in a week, I need to get back in my studio and make some progress on those!

  43. I’ve finished two small projects–a sewing organizer for my sofa and a baby quilt. Three quilts in progress–the first is ticking along and I’ll be finished in a week, the second is being hand-quilted and moving slowly but steadily, and the third is stalled because I have no idea how to quilt it. Thank you for the great giveaway opportunity.

  44. I am embarrassed to say that I started 2013 with 10 quilts as works in progress. So far though I have completed one fully and completed two tops and one back so I am on track to completing then (all) this year – as long as I start fewer things!!!

  45. I have 1 quilt waiting to be bound, 1 that I’m hand tying, and a small birthday present to finish for a friend. So far I haven’t finished anything, but I might cut into a new stack of fabric anyway!

  46. I have 1 quilt at the longarmers… must learn to machine quilt myself! 1 finished Modern Log Cabin from your Modern Basics book…loved the pattern, sew easy! 1 WIP quilt and 5 pieced tops waiting for finishes. But I am sew lucky to be retired and have the time to sew everyday…color me happy! Thanks for the chance to win your giveaway. judie

  47. I’m a new quilter, and have two quilts in progress and one just finished. Your quilts are beautiful, and yes, I would love to win a signed copy of your book!

  48. Let’s see…I have one in progress, none completed yet in 2013, and several more in the planning stages in my mind! Would love to win one of these books, thank you!

  49. I have two quilt tops finished for 2013, my Pezzy Brick and one called Glacier. My goal is to make one top from my “stash” every month. Superbowl Sunday I made a new bag with fabric I bought last May for that purpose. So far, I am on track with using what I have – next up is to finish the last two t-shirt memory quilts I made from my husbands t-shirts (one for each of our children). One needs to be tied, and the last needs to be sashed then tied.

  50. I have one quilt in progress, and have finished one sewing project – a coffee cozy for my sister’s new mason jar, and one knitting project – an infinity scarf. This book looks awesome!

  51. I have five in progress. One is appliqué, one is blue work, one appliqué quilt ready for long arming, one needs the border, and one needs basting so I can quilt it myself.

  52. Oh my, do I really have to count them?! It must be 8, 10 maybe. I have a horrible problem of starting BOM’s and never getting them done each month!!

  53. I have a ton of in progress, and have finished 3 things. 2 Mini quilts and one twin sized quilt. Phew! Finishes are finishes no matter how small, in my opinion <3

    Would love the book. So talented!!!

  54. My works in progress isn’t too bad; probably less than 6 and that’s with 20+ years of quilting. So far I have finished one this year.

  55. I’ve got four quilts in various stages of progress and just finished my first of the year. Planning to do one a month – might not make it but I’ll give it a go :)

  56. I have finished one small lap size quilt so far this year. I have 5 quilts in progress that are getting quilted. Two are started, one is pin basted and one just a flimsy. I have also two more quilts in the piecing stage. Never can say there’s nothing to do here.

  57. I finished a large lap quilt today, but I have waaaay too many more tops that need to be layered and quilted. I’m between active piecing projects, so I will go back to an older UFO. I don’t know which one. Thanks for the giveaway.

  58. Funny you ask about how many projects are in progress – I just made a list today!! I am making 13 little v-day quilted door knob hangers, 1 mini-quilt wall hanging, blocks for the sugar block club, and am slowly designing two bed quilts, which will be my first bed quilts ever! Thanks for asking!

  59. I have 3 WIP (but that doesn’t include those projects that I seriously will never ever consider picking up again!!) hehehe

  60. I have way too many that need to be finished but that is my goal for 2013………taking one at a time and getting the quilting done on it. I have made 2 small wall hangings for 2013 so am happy with those. I have already started to quilt a quilt for my sister that has been finished for quite sometime but then I couldn’t find the backing fabric, then I moved and still couldn’t find the backing fabric until one day lo and behold there it was!! It would be so much fun to win that book.

  61. I have 2 in the process and 22 little finishes in 2013. Now about that book it is so wonderful to see a creation in print! I am very excited to read and do some projects from it! Oh and to get a signed copy would be so awesome! Congratulations to you and the others! It is sure to be a hit! Oh heck, pick me! Yes that’s it pick me!

  62. I have some drawstring bags in progress along with 2 quilts in progress. I did manage to finish a few drawstring bags this month. Great giveaway! Thanks.

  63. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to win a copy of this great book!
    I have 3 big quilts in progress, about 5 half-forgotten quilts-to-be in a tub under the desk, probably a dozen bits of embroidery in various stages of completion, and at least 76 projects in my mind, ha!! As for finished things so far this year, can I claim the 24 aprons I just finished (at 3am this morning, yawn) for my twins’ class at school? Phew!

  64. I quit counting. Most have been for fun projects that lost the fun along the way and become frustrations in one way or another. I will complete some of them this year though! :0)

  65. You just had to make me count ‘em … okay … 11 in progress including one swap and two quiltalongs, and two challenges … ::sheepish grin::

    … well … um … and there might be a “few” old ghost UFOs buried in the closet … ::sigh::

    On the plus side, I have 4 finishes for the year so far …

    … hmmmmm … ::thinking::

    … I am okay with this … :)

    … going back to my quilting now … Pat

  66. In 2013, I’ve finished 2 quilts so far and have 2 in progress. Sounds like I’m doing pretty well. But when I count the pre-2013 quilts still waiting for their backing, quilting or binding, that would be 5 more unfinished. ugh.

  67. I have two quilts in progress, they’re a set of identical quilts. I still have to piece the backs, layer them and quilt them, I hope to get it done next week during school holidays. I’ll keep you posted on my blog.
    Thanks for the chance!

  68. I have 4 quilt tops finished, and 2 more in the waiting to be put into quilt tops. Really need to quilt and bind them so we can use them! lol Thanks for the chance.

  69. I have finished one quilt so far and am keeping up with a couple BOMs. As for WIP, I have about six to complete and several new patterns on my shelf just waiting on me.

  70. I currently have 2 BOM’s and Leah Day’s Goddess FMQ project in process and am about to start the February Dragon Threads Sassaman Recipe challenge. I did finish the Quilt top for their January challenge. That was quite a feat for me since it was only the second pieced quilt top I have ever done! Nothing like diving right in.

    BTW, I just attended my first meeting of our Modern Quilt Guild. They passed around the book – it’s really nice!

  71. I have 7 quilts in progress and have finished 1 so far. One is 10 years in the making and I’m determined to finished it this year :) I would really like to win this book. Thanks for the give-a-way

  72. I have four completed quilt tops that are ready to be basted, quilted and bound – they are priority #1! I also have two long-term projects: making 3/4-inch EPP hexies with a scrap of every fabric I use and I am collecting 2.5-inch squares for Scrap Vomit quilt #3. Thanks for the chance to win – I really like this book!!

  73. I started and finished one quilt in January – a lap size log cabin – the whole front was 1 log cabin made of strips of batiks. I added on applique animals and a sun…mmm…let’s just say i had a blast making it. for a friend with cancer. I have a dresser topper on the go for my husband – quilting right now. I have an old block quilt that i just need to bind – it’s going to be a couch quilt for the dog to lay on. I’m designing a quilt for my mom’s birthday later this summer, and 2 more birthday quilts for August. designs picked, nothing else done yet. would love a copy of this book!

  74. I have two twin size quilts finished for granddaughters in the ‘granny square’ pattern. Also, have started a bunch of donation baby quilts for the hospital. Thanks for the giveaway.

  75. This looks like a great book! I have 3 “serious” quilts in progress, and many more in the “planning” stage (stacks of fabrics, patterns half chosen, etc…). :) I know, a new book is the last thing I need! Thanks for the chance!

  76. Oh my, I don’t think I can count that high!! I am working on 3 baby quilts now. I have already made 3. Our extended family added 6 grandchildren this past year! I also have a Christmas quilt in the cutting stage. I loved your first book, have made some of the patterns. Looking forward to getting the second book also.

  77. Goodness…I currently have 2 quilt WIPs and several others just waiting to be started on. Unfortunately, no quilt completions yet in 2013. Unless mini’s count. If so, then I’ve got 2 under my belt so far this year!

  78. I have finished 3 projects so far and have several in the works. I am so happy to start the year out sewing, it is a good omen. I’d love to win the book to help keep me motivated.

    thank you for the chance to win!


  79. I haven’t finished any quilts yet this year. I have three projects that I am actively working on right now, including your wonderful Dancing Stars pattern.

  80. What a wonderful giveaway! I have no finishes for 2013. I am always starting projects, why is that? I probably have ten or so WIPs!

  81. I have 5 large pieced quilt tops, working on a sixth, but waiting until I buy the new Bernina 750 qe to quilt them rather then struggle with quilting them on my “little” sewing machine! Thanks for the chance to win this book.

  82. I currently have three quilts in progress, and with amylouwho, we’ve almost finished three quilts this year. I’m feeling pretty good about this :)

  83. I have one finish, have one cut out for me and the fabric for another for my youngest daughter who is graduating from High School this year and going away to Bible School in the fall. Thanks for the chance to win!
    kcneiman (@) gmail (dot) com

  84. I always have a ton of WIPs, but currently just one I am really working on. For finishes, I have three small sewing projects and one baby quilt done so far this year…but I had done most of the work on the quilt in Dec, just finally finished it in Jan!

  85. I have two baby quilts nearly finished (just need to finish the binding), one lap quilt top folded up and put away, and enough blocks for a king-sized quilt (needs trimming and sashing)! Oh, and a big ole pile o’ hexies that I keep in my travel bag for down time! :)

  86. Hmm, I think there are three finishes for the year: 2 doll quilts and one baby quilt. WIPs are a bit more difficult, though I can think of at least six right now. One queen size quilt top that ‘just’ needs FMQ’ing, and the rest are smaller projects. Thanks for hosting this giveaway, the book looks mighty interesting!

  87. I have two in progress, and one quilt and one blanket that needs binding. I hope to finish all of these by the end of the month. Thanks for the chance to win. This book looks SO GOOD!!!

  88. Thanks for the chance to win – there are definitely some projects in the book that I would like to work on. I currently have 2 projects in progress. I like to finish before I move to the next but I have a back-up of ideas and fabric bundles ready to go. I have finished 4 big projects so far this year – some were pretty far along though but it feels good!

  89. I have 5 quilts in process right now. I am going to a quilting retreat this weekend. Hopefully, I will be able to finish at least 2 of these! Thanks for the chance to win!

  90. I have three quilts I’m working on right now. One is cut out. One has all the blocks done so now I need to get sashing sewn on the blocks. I have a lot of unsewing to do on the third one and I just keep putting it aside. I have finished 12 placemats to give to Meals on Wheels.

  91. oh man, i have about a baker’s dozen in-progress projects or quilt tops waiting to be finished at the moment. my goal is to finish up a decent portion of these this year!

  92. I have 2 baby quilts in progress with 3rd that will start as soon as the fabric arrives. I have until the 18th to complete all 3. I have completed 2 projects so far this year, a bag, a table topper and a pillow.

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