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Hi there! I was amazed to fly into Seattle last week, to clear skies!   My parents and sister met me at the airport and we made the most of the day in Seattle. We visited Quiltworks, then headed toward the water. (The question is later in the post – read on)


The Seattle/Bainbridge Ferry, and the Olympic Mountains in the distance. I always forget how much I love the water until I see it again.


Stumbled upon this shop, selling marimekko fabrics, dresses, and accessories.  Everything in the shop was beautiful, and beautifully made, but left me wishing for a fuller wallet!


On our way to dinner, my sister snapped this pic of the Space Needle, and was kind enough to share with me. Always iconic Seattle, and a fun elevator ride when you have the chance!

The event the next day was fun, but didn’t result in any pictures!  I signed books and shared them with shop owners, and a few clothing designers at the show.  Then spent the afternoon with my Martingale family – that’s really what they have become to me over the last few years.  I love working with everyone there, and it was great to put a face to a couple of email addresses I hadn’t met yet!


Returning home, I’ve been working on this pile, (and a few others!) this quilt will be in a magazine over the summer, so I am rushing to meet the deadline.  I promise, I will share it with you in a few months.


 Question for you –

What makes a quilt timeless?

I’ve been thinking this over the last week, and would love to know your thoughts too!

I’ll share some of your thoughts in a post with everyone later this week.

More soon – Amy

13 thoughts on “Catching Up & a Question –

  1. 1
    Sarah Craig says:

    Love! A well-loved quilt carries a patina with it that a show-quilt, no matter how beautifully constructed, will never have. It doesn’t really matter what pattern you use for a timeless quilt, just the love that goes into it and the loving use it gets. IMHO!

  2. 2

    That’s an interesting question. Timeless can mean so many things….but my thoughts turn to the more traditional patterns, like Amish quilts or two colour quilts with lovely hand quilting. It isn’t to say the more modern ones that are machine quilted won’t be timeless someday, but as the style of them is so new it is hard to say how they will age. That’s my initial thought anyway….

  3. 3

    A wonderful design aesthetic makes quilts by strangers timeless but a quilt made by a loved one is timeless to the owner. Skill and artistic quality notwithstanding, the love in every stitch is what makes it timeless.

  4. 4

    For me, it’s the colour – trendy colour combos date a quilt too much so it needs to have a classic colour combo. :)

  5. 5

    Timesless is a tried and true block with fabric that will last past a season. That is my defination!

  6. 6
    kelli says:

    Well loved, crinkly, and worn makes for a timeless quilt. I think that’s the draw for Gee’s Bend and turn of the century quilts is that they are beautiful AND useful. Don’t get me wrong, Baltimore Album quilts are stunning, but they don’t have the feeling of being loved by someone. In my house, the quilts that I made for naps at daycare are the timeless ones. My 15 year old still keeps her baby afgan and naptime quilt on her bed. My 8 year old wraps up in his naptime quilt on the weekend mornings to play video games. My other two (4 and 2) are jealous that their naptime quilts are at daycare :)

  7. 7
    Tisha says:

    A quilt is our connection to our past . Wrap yourself up in a quilt and remember your mother’s arms around you first thing in the morning. Snuggle under it and it brings back memories of your grandmother’s comfort when you were home sick from school. Play with it and reminisce childhood secrets you shared with your sister’ in the fort made of quilts.

  8. 8
    Nita says:

    I guess timeless is that everybody continues to choose it, generation after generation. It never goes out of fashion. Like a classic A-line sheath dress.

  9. 9
    Queenie says:

    Timeless is akin to classic – trends that become style/design that stands the test of time. A quilt that is well designed, excellently crafted, with pleasing colors/patterns are important elements. A quilt executed with great love and little extremes.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  10. 10
    Judy Currie says:

    A quilt that was made especially for you by a loved one, like my mother is very special to me .Just having it on my bed is lovely & brings me timeless joy.

  11. 11
    Shari says:

    It’s great reading the responses, and I agree with all the opinions.

    Complex question – I think the answers will trend toward how people feel about quilts as opposed to a design question.

    Timelessness – The balance between pattern, fabric and technique?

    To me, a timeless quilt is one that makes me think of the comfort of home, of love through hardship. And while pattern and fabric can speak to that, mostly timelessness is in the use of the quilt – is it cherished as an object of comfort and love? Or tucked away as too precious to use.

    Most of my quilts are blankets meant to be used and worn out. Maybe one day I’ll do an heirloom piece…

  12. 12

    What a profound, but deeply personal question :) I’m sure everyone feels the answer differently. For me, memories are what makes a quilt, both in the construction and the use of the quilt. While some patterns and types of fabrics are more a part of the tradition, it is the love that goes into construction and that that love and personal attention are felt each time the quilt is used. Well, at least that’s a good part of it for me.

  13. 13
    Becky says:

    I think a timeless quilt is one that will cover a bed, can be washed, is not too decorative or delicate that it won’t get used, and one that pleases the eye, in color and pattern. I think that’s why the traditional repeating pattern is so classic, as they are so aesthetically pleasing.

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