Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 7

Posted on May 1st, by Amy in Magazine/Featured. 308 comments

ETA : Winner is Sally, who likes to set her blocks on point!

Guess what? I’m excited to have a  block in Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 7!  I’m a part of the Blog Hop today hosted by Quiltmaker.  Join in the fun for your chance to win a copy at the end of the post.

Enchanted - 100 Blocks - AmysCreativeSide.com

My block is called Enchanted, you will find it on page 52 of the magazine.  I love watching blocks interact in a quilt top, and thought I would share a couple of options with you!

Enchanted - AmysCreativeSide.com

I love the simple, secondary elements within a full quilt top.

Enchanted Runner - AmysCreativeSide.com

And a runner  set on-point, would make a fun addition to your table!

I think the block is much more fun in a group :)  How would you set it?  Straight or on-point?

If you would like to win a of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks, on sale May 7th, leave me a comment, about your favorite quilt setting. 

Also, you can visit all the other blogs on tour by visiting Quiltmaker, for more chances to win!

I’ll select a winner on Monday, May 6.

Good Luck!


308 thoughts on “Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 7

    • Congratulations Amy!

      My favorite quilt setting is “Medallion” setting…I love designs that radiate from the center!

  1. Congratulations on having a block in this volume, Amy! One of my favorite settings is when the block is on point and then set in a zigzag with solid zigzag blocks in between.

  2. I love your table runner on point setting! I usually like a straight setting, but it depends on the block itself!! Looks like Volume 7 is the very best issue yet! Can’t wait to get a copy!!

  3. Love the pinwheels that show up in the corners! I have not tried anything other than a straight set yet, though I love the look of on point settings. Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. I often do blocks on point, but love them straight, no sashing to see what secondary patterns appear. Love your block for just that reason!!

  5. I love seeing the pinwheels as they are one of my favorite blocks. Guess I would probably do it on point. Thanks for the chance to win.

  6. Love the block and especially on point! Since I love scrappy looking blocks, this block is right up my alley!

  7. I love this block and the fabrics you picked, it looks like it’s on point without the hassles. On point is one of my favorite settings.

  8. I usually like blocks set on point but I think I like your block set straight because then the pinwheel design that forms at the corners is actually on point and gives it a neat effect. Great block!

  9. I like setting blocks on point — it totally changes the effect and makes it harder to identify. I really like your block — it has many possibilities — which is probably true of most blocks.

  10. Congrats on having your block in 100 Blocks. I love your use of modern fabrics. I am a big fan of setting blocks on point myself.Keep up the good work.

  11. I love the block both ways but if I had to choose it would be the point version because it has great visual movement.
    Congratulations, your block is a worthy contribution to a great magazine.

  12. I am often drawn to setting blocks on point, but when the block design creates such a dynamic secondary pattern like the one you presented here, I think you get all of the excitement of setting blocks on point with just a straight setting!

  13. I like both but am leaning towards setting it straight. Even straight there is a point design. I love how the “flower” print reads as a sparkle on a diamond :)

  14. I like on point and straight. I tall depends on the block and fabrics used. I do like your block on point best.

  15. I like the straight setting in the full quilt best. Congrats on being in the magazine and thanks for the chance to win!

  16. Amy – Congrats on being a marvelous magazine. I adore the block. It never ceases to amaze me how a beautiful block comes together with other blocks from the same pattern to make an even more beautiful quilt with a secondary pattern appears. I love pin wheels and was pleasantly surprised to see the pin wheel appear. I would probably set it on point. Thanks for the giveaway.

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  18. I like the idea of a quilt top that turns into a secondary element within a full quilt top. I think that is so neat and becomes more unique. Thank you for the chance to win QM 100 Blocks, Volume 7. This is a magazine that will want to keep forever. So many talented designers with their creative blocks. Absolutely amazing.

    Sandi Timmons

  19. congrats on being in the book. I really don know what setting means. But I do really like doing log cabins so far.

  20. I lean toward sashing and cornerstones but your block does best with multiplies so different designs show up – love the tablerunner!

  21. I like your block on point. When making my own quilts the block usually determines if I use a straight or on point setting. Thank you for your block!

  22. Usually I would say on point. With this one, as the corner blocks make a pinwheel, I have to say it depends on the fabric and what is the dominant color. Vague statement there. I would have to play around with several blocks before I determined which way I would go.

  23. I like your fabric combinations – the runner is very pretty, too.
    I would put the blocks on point for the quilt.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win.
    Betty Domal

  24. I’m most comfortable with straight settings but have tried others including Circle of Nine which is fun.

  25. Congratulations on having your block in the magazine. I love how it looks in the quilt. My favorite setting is on point.

  26. I love seeing how different a quilt looks when changed from a straight setting to an on-point setting. I think most often I like the on-point look better.

  27. I like the straight setting the best. Love the pinwheels that emerge when the blocks are put together.

  28. My favorite quilt setting is straight, with sashing. This setting is very forgiving of slight variations in block size.

  29. I like it both ways. I like how blocks look different depending on whether they are on point or straight. Lovely block. congratulations on getting a block into this magazine. I loved the last issue and I love these hops. So much fun and so many great blogs to hop to.

  30. Quilts set on-point are fabulous. Some day I’ll be brave enough to try making one! Congrats on being included in the magazine!

  31. I’m in the middle of moving and packing up my sewing room. All I can do is live vicariously through others sewing right now. I love how the pinwheels appear. It’s definitely going on my list of future blocks. My granddaughter is traveling from Hawaii this summer to sew with me. I can’t wait.

  32. I have always loved on point quilts but have never been able to talk myself into trying one.. looks tricky… thanks

  33. What a nice block! I tend to like on-point settings but this one works really nicely straight. I’d like to experiment with it.

  34. Unfortunately, the first two pictures are not showing up for me so the only one I can see is the runner where you say it’s set on point. It makes me intrigued to get the magazine and see the block itself! Thanks for the chance to win!

  35. I love this block – so simple. I love how it interacts with itself in the quilt and the table runner. This is project I would make. I like it both on point or not – it would be a lot of fun to pick material to make this.

  36. I like quilts with the blocks set either way. It really depends on the block. Your block looks very nice both ways. The colors are very lovely.

  37. This is definitely an on point quilt. I guess I’m a movement kind of person and pin wheels are a bonus.

  38. Amy, “Congratulations!” First, I like the settings you chose for your quilt and your table runner. I would
    have to say the setting I would prefer depends on
    the block as well as the quilt size and intended use.

  39. really like the colors. the darker shade blends in so well with the other colors. thought it would be to strong. like the point. look forward to all the blocks being together.

  40. I’m really starting to like my quilts on point, it really seems to make the block move. Thanks for the opportunity to win the magazine and I love your block!

  41. I like to look at on point altho it scares me to do this unless I have a pattern. Love your block.

  42. I don’t have a favorite setting, I love to experiment! I would definitely set this one straight, love the patterns that result.

  43. I like diagonal lines in a quilt. since your block has diagonal movement; I’d use a straight set rather than a diagonal one.

  44. such a simple block that can make so many different designs. most of the time i use a straight set, but other times i much prefer on-point. takes less blocks and the edge and corner tris are usually a cinch. thanks for a chance to win. patti

  45. Nice block! I like it set side by side with a secondary pinwheel pattern. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of the magazine.

  46. I tend to lean to “on-point” but it depends on the block..this one works awesome either way! LOVE how it plays so nicely with others *grin* Congrats on being in the 100!

  47. What a great block for a fabrics you want to NOT cut up into tiny pieces. I always check to see if the quilt wants to go on-point when I’m designing on my wall. The borders and setting Triangles are a bit tricky though. Hope to Win a Copy of Volume 7 on the BLOG TOUR.

  48. I like your table runner. I love on-point settings. They are always so interesting, but I always shy away when I’m doing it and do the traditional settings.

  49. I love to set blocks with sashing and corner stones. Sometimes I use 4 or 9 patch blocks as the cornerstones. Thanks for a great giveaway. Hugs

  50. Great block! I can’t get away from setting quilt blocks on- point. It just seems to be more interesting visually to me. Since it tends to make your quilt larger as well I like the added plus of not having to make as many squares.

  51. One of my favs is block to block that creates a secondary design; then triple border or even pieced borders to enhance the top. Thanks for the giveaway! It sounds wonderful!

  52. Fun block! I love the runner idea. On point is always fun, but the whole quilt top looks better with straight setting. The secondary design shows better, I think. Thanks!

  53. Great block Amy! Using the fabrics you have used, I like the block set straight. I think depending on other fabrics being used, I may like it on point more.

  54. I love setting traditional blocks on point. I love the all-over effect of your block when it’s used in a quilt.

  55. good block … the pinwheel shows up when the blocks are joined. i like to set blox on point, depending on the pattern. thanx for the chance to win a copy of this marvelous magazine.

  56. Thank you for sharing your blocks, I really like them both, but my favorite is the table runner set on point. it would liven up the table. keep up the great work

  57. I think the setting all depends on the block and how it will be used. Some work better on point, some don’t and sometimes it doesn’t make a big difference. Each method is interesting in it’s own way.

  58. I love patterns with a star layout – especially Hunter’s Star and Lone Star. Thanks for sharing and the giveaway.

  59. What a snazzy block! Fabric is lovely! Both options look great but I’m leaning more towards on point setting.

    Thank you and Quiltmaker for a super giveaway and a chance to win.


  60. My favorite block setting is usually On-Point, but I like your block in a straight setting. What a wonderful secondary pattern! This block has wonderful possibilities! Thanks for sharing!

  61. Your block is so interesting as it appears on point in the block itself. I would use it in the straight setting and still get the movement usually obtained from on point settings.

  62. I like just plain old straight as that is what I have done up to now. I have not yet tried on point but will soon – I promise!!!

  63. On-Point. Love working with blocks on-point, sometimes it gives a totally different look to a quilt. I would try yours with narrow sashing and cornerstones.,

  64. I love blocks that when combined make a secondary design, it’s like a Christmas present found in January!

  65. I’m not sure I could choose between the two settings. Some blocks just call for on-point, others scream “set me straight”! :)

  66. I like blocks set on point, but lately with the influence of modern quilting, I like the look of fewer blocks, assymetrical settings, and more negative space to set off the blocks,

  67. I prefer setting blocks straight. I would like to try your block’s table runner though. I have a thing for pin wheels. I love the fabric choices you showed. I wouldn’t have thought to use those. I love how they work together.

  68. I like the straight setting. I like the secondary pinwheels on point. But mostly I think I just like the larger piece. The single row in the table-runner isn’t enough to bring out the secondary patterns.

  69. This is such a fun block! I like the pinwheels formed from the straight setting. Congratulations on having your block selected for Volume 7!

  70. I love the secondary pinwheels and how they pop out and give some motion to the quilt. The larger quilt set straight is my favorite. Congrats on being published and thanks for the chance to win!

  71. I think the majority of the quilts I’ve made have been set on point, now that I actually stop to think about it. I guess that must be my favorite look!

  72. I’m becoming more comfortable with on-point settings…but I think your block is equally charming either way.

  73. I love it set on point. I’m working on a large quilt right now with secondary patterns. I haven’t quite finished all the blocks but I was so excited to see the secondary patterns that I pieced a few together. LOVE secondary patterns.

  74. I love on-point settings. Even a simple nine-patch looks so much more interesting when placed on-point!

  75. Ohhh, great block! I love “on point” blocks, they add such interest. Thanks for a chance at the give-away!

  76. Congratulations on getting a block in this issue. Love all of the issues.
    I often do blocks on point, but love them straight, no sashing to see what secondary patterns appear. Love your block for just that reason!!

  77. I like blocks on point, but I don’t think I’ve ever made a quilt with the blocks laid out that way!

  78. Congrats on having your block in Vol. 7. I really like your block plus it really looks nice in the setting. I think it will make a nice table runner too. I like setting Blocks on Point.

  79. I like it straight, but that’s only because I’ve never attempted to do anything on point. Thanks for the chance to win! Love your block!!

  80. Congratulations on your block! Not just for being published but what a fun block so full of possibilities! Thank you!!
    ~Christina in Cleveland.

  81. I’m terrible at setting blocks on point, so if it were my quilt I’d be putting it in straight. Your block is great because even a straight setting results in an interesting quilt.

  82. fabulous block and I love it on point – I’ve only done straight setting before but seeing your layout will make me think in future :)

  83. This is so simple but very effective, Love it. Have already decided this is the block I need to do into a quilt for my friend’s 50th Birthday Present

  84. I like both settings, but my favorite is on point. Your block is lovely. I look forward to seeing it in the book.

  85. I like it on point and like how the blocks make pinwheels when they are set next to each other.
    i usually do a straight setting woth sashing. I haven’t tried an on-point setting before, but its on my list!

  86. I think I started making quilt tops set on the diagonal, so I have not been intimidated by the on-point designs, and your block certainly looks great set that way. Keep up the good work.

  87. Hi, I don’t have a particular way that I have to set my blocks in, it all depends. I like to try new things. Rows on point with lattice, medallion, all are good for me.

  88. I like the block set the way it is in the quilt. Congrats on having it in the magazine. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  89. I like this block particular block on point. It would make a great table runner for my table. The colors and movement when grouped together is very nice.

  90. Well, generally I love the on-point setting. It seems like there is more movement and interest. I don’t even really mind the setting triangles. Altho I will say that there are some quilts that are just better in the straight setting. However, your block just BEGS for an on-point setting! Can’t wait to try it!

  91. Great block . . . makes a lovely quilt. I used to do a lot of on-point layouts but now more straight set without borders or no set at all but more modern.

  92. Love your blocks. Thanks for sharing with us.
    I prefer blocks that are straight set. Thanks for the
    chance to win!

  93. I think it depends on the individual quilt, but it seems that I usually set my quilts “straight”. Thanks for the chance to win! And congrats on Enchanted ;)

  94. It depends on the block–some really benefit from an on-point setting, but I prefer others straight set–I prefer Churn Dash blocks straight set, for instance. Most can go either way!

  95. Blogs are so much fun. I love to piece my blocks and I like to have a pattern of some sort come out of the fabric choices.

  96. Beautiful block! I really like your block with the straight setting because of the secondary pinwheel block that is created. I always love that when I see it in a quilt. With the right quilt blocks an on point setting is my favorite.

  97. I love the table runner on Point , Even the colours you chose are close to what I would use for my summer table runner.Thanks for the great design.

  98. The block is really effective when placed with others. I am a sucker for pinwheels , and love how yours are created.

  99. I like the way your block makes a secondary pattern. I like the look of on point quilts, but so far I have only made quilts with straight blocks. Thank you for a chance to win.

  100. Set on point for drama, straight to let the block rest and give the subject space. I see the position as a creative decision and dependant on the mood you want to convey Playing about until the quilt speaks back to you is the fun part of quilt design. Am I on the right track in thinking you had plenty of fun with your lovely design?

  101. Like on point settings best; gives most quilts a lot of movement. Your block is very deceptive. Looks fairly ordinary by itself, but when made into a quilt, it’s a wowser. Congrats!

  102. I like the appearance on on point block settings, albeit I cannot accurately make quilts on point. Your block is so very pretty. Thanks for the giveaway and congratulations on your block being published in Volume 7 of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks! alternate email mlwright29(at)hotmail(dot)com

  103. I love to put my blocks on point. It makes them look like a different quilt. Thanks for the chance to win a wonderful prize.

  104. I like blocks set on point but most of the quilts i have made are set straight. Great block in the book. Thanks for a chance to win. Janita

  105. Honestly I like both settings. It reallly depends on the block I’m making and the fabrics. Your block is great and I’d love to have a copy of this magazine to add to the others that I already have. Thanks for the chance to win.

  106. I agree – set on point it would be a fantastic addition to a dining table. I’m going to have to put this on my “to do” list. Thanks. And congratulations.

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