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Hi there! With just a couple of weeks of summer left, in these parts – I’ve been doing my best to live it up, and have fun with my kiddos. Last week we spent most of a day at a water park, and came home entirely exhausted, but full of excitement to go again – they are all at the perfect age to really enjoy going places like that, and actually have fun! No pictures though – water and electronics don’t mix, and I’m accident prone enough that it could be a problem :)


I’ve been working on this hexie table topper in the evenings. I started with the solid in the center, but I’m thinking it needs to come out, and eliminate the solid plans that I had. I love the “value” hexies, and plan to continue growing it for a while. I have the next round of deep hexies ready to stitch around already. Would you take out the solid?


I’m also collecting inspiration right now, looking ahead to a design heavy week once school is in session. I can feel my creative juices building :)

Next month, I’m speaking at the Wisconsin Quilt Expo – I’m excited and nervous to share my experiences, but really hope to encourage and excite the audience. Any chance you’re planning to be there? I’d love to know a few people before arriving!

Hope your week is off to a great start!

20 thoughts on “Happenings

  1. Love the hexies and I think a solid is fine, just maybe a little darker color …maybe a jade green? And I, too, can’t trust myself with a camera at the water park…:)

  2. I don’t love the solid. I think it is the color and not the solid though. It’s such a long stretch from the value of the ones around it. Maybe swap it for a different color?

    Cool project!

  3. I’m going against the grain of the other comments, here. I like the solid, just because it gives a restful spot with the other movement you have going on. Love the differences in value – looking forward to seeing more!

  4. I’ll be there! I’ve signed up as one of the presentation volunteers. They needed four and they filled up within an hour! Quilt Expo is a wonderful event and Madison is a beautiful city, especially in the summer. Looking forward to your talk!

  5. I like the white center. Your hexie table topper will be so pretty. Enjoy your time with your children now. They’ll be off on their own before you know it.

  6. I like the solid, it will draw the eye. I’m making a hexie table topper too, it’s a great, lightweight, no stress project for the summer holidays! :o)

  7. I think the solid is fine but maybe a different colour. Or a low volume print instead of the solid.

  8. I really like the solid and I think it ties in with the lighter values really well and anchors them. Without knowing what your other solid plans are, I think it could work in really nicely with a mixture of other solid tones.

  9. I agree with two suggestions:

    I like the solid idea. It gives a place for the eye to rest and “kicks it up a notch.” However, I think I’d like a different color.

    I also like the idea of stitching a motif on it.

    Love the colors!

  10. Love your project. The solid really is nice as it helps rest the eye. If you change it I’d go with a color although solft or maybe black.

  11. Love your hexies! Seems like the middle hexi needs something else – possibly some embroidery or a bolder color to go with the rest of the hexies. Thanks for sharing!

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